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The Perfect (Radiation) Storm is Brewing

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Brandon Turbeville

Ever since March 11, 2011, when the Japanese earthquake rattled the Asian country, there have been increasing numbers of strange coincidences involving nuclear power plants, natural disasters, and mismanagement of facilities. I say strange coincidences, because it now appears that nuclear power plants fall into the same category as the recent earthquakes that seem to be increasing in frequency and proximity to highly populated areas, as well as tornadoes that seem to be doing the same.

As for the Japanese situation, after months of claims by both the Japanese and American “authorities,” as well as the mainstream media that the situation in Japan was not as serious as “conspiracy theorists” were making it out to be, the Japanese Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters has finally been forced to admit that at least three of the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant had, indeed, melted down.

Of course, these admissions came well after the mainstream media had long since stopped reporting on the Japanese crisis. But the fact that the Japanese reactors had melted down is not news to those of us who no longer follow the mainstream media. Indeed, most readers of the independent media were well aware of the nuclear meltdowns in what was virtually real time.

Yet the Japanese crisis is not the only nuclear emergency that has occurred since March. Nor is it the only one to be ignored by the corporate media.

Just a week after Fukushima, I wrote an article regarding a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that Canada’s Ontario Power Generation had released radioactive water into Lake Ontario via a leak in the Pickering A nuclear generating station. Like the Japanese, the Canadian government deemed this accident to be of little consequence, even though Lake Ontario is the main source of drinking water for millions of people. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Canadian government even began using the term “demineralized” in place of “radioactive” when discussing the leak.

Fast forward to June and we now have three more nuclear power plants under threat from “natural” disasters. Ft. Calhoun, while receiving scant coverage by the mainstream media, is now surrounded by flood water from the Missouri river. The facility is a storage site for 20 years worth of nuclear waste material; specifically, spent fuel rods from different plants in the state as well at its own.

When asked about the safety concerns regarding the facility, Gary Gates, CEO of the Ft. Calhoun facility, said, “There is no water inside the plant. The reactor is covered with borated water. The spent fuel is covered with borated water, which we want it to be. That’s intentional. That’s where it should be. The floodwaters are outside Fort Calhoun, not inside.”

At this time, there is no concrete evidence that there has been a meltdown or radioactive leakage from the Ft. Calhoun plant. However, there are some suspicious occurrences at the facility. First, there was a fire in the switch room, but it is maintained that this fire was contained to the switch room and that it was not flood related. The fire did shut down the cooling pumps for about 90 minutes but the backup generators were quickly used to return power to the pumps.

Later, one of the berms holding back the flood waters mysteriously collapsed. Unfortunately, with the weather in Nebraska still wet and nasty, levees are still being breached and dams are still overflowing. Under these conditions, a damaged berm is something that Ft. Calhoun can ill afford.

Strangely, even though the “switch room fire” occurred on June 7th, the FAA had imposed a flight ban within a two mile radius of the nuclear plant. The FAA claims the flight ban is a result of the Missouri flooding; but, as Ricky Kreitner of the Business Insider points out, “[But] the FAA ban specifically lists the Forth Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant as the location for the flight plan.”

Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) spokesman Jeff Hanson stated that the flight ban is due to power lines and “security reasons that we can’t reveal.” Of course, the real reasons for the ban are unknown, but it is highly suspect that water and power lines on the ground have prompted a ban on traffic in the air. 

Not only that, but the Red Cross shelter next to the Fort Calhoun facility has been closed, an odd thing to do in the event of an emergency. Particularly when the Red Cross is on location as a result of an emergency in the first place.

Regarding the Ft. Calhoun plant, Marvin Wolf, editor of Local Talk News writes:
The government is telling us not to panic. All is under control, just like in Japan. But here are a few troubling inconsistencies. One, the Red Cross shelter next to the Fort Calhoun plant has been closed. They claim it was due to “decreased need.” During a flood? Now there is a no-fly zone around the plant. Then there is the disturbing news that the spent fuel rod pool was so full that they store the surplus fuel rods in a dry storage area outside the safety of the pool. How long will that area stay dry and what happens if it gets wet? One reporter claims the dry storage bunker is now half-submerged. One of the intake structures is prone to flooding that could affect the water pumps. Non-functional water pumps? Does that sound familiar?
Wolf goes on to suggest that the Russians are claiming that there was a nuclear accident at the plant due to flooding and that the Obama administration has ordered a news blackout.

In addition to Ft. Calhoun, the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownsville, Nebraska is also under a state of alert. Much like the Ft. Calhoun station, the Cooper Nuclear Station is under threat of being flooded out. This comes just days after two tornadoes ripped through the area.

We are also watching as a raging fire threatens the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The fire apparently started on Saturday in the Santa Fe National Forest and is now bearing down on the town and the lab. Not only are nuclear weapons tested in the lab, but there are approximately 20,000 barrels of discarded plutonium-related nuclear waste at the facility. A fire of this level at this particular facility could unleash devastating amounts of radioactive pollution. Even a loss of power to the facility could trigger a full-fledged emergency.

Naturally, one hopes that the Japanese and Canadians manage to get control over their power plant malfunctions. One also hopes that the floods recede and the fire goes out.

Yet, amid these hopes, one also begins to wonder if all this is more than just coincidence. After all, the first tell-tale signs of treachery is an attempt to cover it up.

Consider the track record of the corporate media, government agencies, and private facility owners just over the last few months.

We know that after the earthquake in Japan and the subsequent damage at Fukushima, the Japanese government actively covered up the extent of the damage from the international community, the press, and the Japanese people. In fact, the media and foreign governments, particularly the United States, aided them in doing so. The US government even went so far as to discourage Americans from purchasing potassium iodide supplements to protect themselves from the radiation coming across the ocean.

We also know that the Canadian government has been even more successful in covering up the pollution in Lake Ontario.

So, given this reputation, one would be justified in taking anything their government says with a grain of salt.

However, it is also true that an attempt to cover up an accident, mistake, or incompetence does not necessarily mean that the individual or agency attempting the cover up actually caused the incident. Even if the cover up is of a monumental scale.

But it certainly doesn’t help. And the fact that in the last few months so many nuclear facilities have come under threat from so-called natural disasters is starting to look a bit funny. After all, much of the flooding at Ft. Calhoun was caused by the government itself, in an apparent attempt to protect reservoirs.

As Wolf writes, “Keep in mind that some flooding was deliberately caused by the Army releasing water from reservoirs to protect them from failing. This has flooded levees. The Army has in the past dynamited levees to direct the water elsewhere – like where poor people live and work – to protect where rich people live and work.”

But the real question is whether or not this done as a necessity, an afterthought, or for a more sinister purpose altogether. Considering the fact that many governments now possess HAARP and similar technology that is capable of creating earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes as well as the fact that these governments rarely have the best interest of their citizens at heart, the idea of intentional destruction of nuclear facilities is not so far-fetched. It would certainly contribute to population reduction if all of this radiation combined with the Fukushima fallout and spread across the US. It would also provide an emergency situation that some would use to justify an even bigger police state and perhaps forced relocation.

It’s also interesting to note that, in the new Super 8 movie, there is a scene in which the US government deliberately sets a forest fire in order to force citizens out of the town and into military evacuation centers. In the movie, it was for the purpose of hiding secret government research. Was this predictive programming or just yet another coincidence?

Let me be clear – I’m not saying “the government did Fukushima” or “the government flooded Nebraska or set the fires in New Mexico.” But I am saying I don’t put it past them. I am saying it’s entirely physically possible. And I am saying these recent events have become a bit too coincidental to be ignored. Considering the track record, I don’t think we can afford to be naive.

View nuclear expert Arnold Gunderson’s take on the Nebraska situation here:

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom  and 7 Real Conspiracies.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard and firmly believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Great and extremely informative Article Activist Post!

Anonymous said...

this haarp thing is a bit too far out for me. i'm not saying either way. i'm just not able to "sort of" understand it. wiki says it's a sort of EM wave enhancer but people say it can induces quakes. So they figured out how to couple EM to gravitation now, much like E and M fields? anyways, that's science as being taught. I don't claim it as superior or whatever. i'll keep trying hard to imagine haarp

Gerald said...

Those who want to rule the world would fry their mother if it would help accomplish their diabolical goals. What is a little collateral damage when it allows them to cull the herd without getting caught ? Expect many more catastrophes as the financial system and their NWO dreams collapse in a heap of ashes. And all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put the NWO together again. May all your plans come upon your own head.

Steve said...

I currently live in Omaha and have been awake and aware for the last three years. As a twenty three year old I can honestly say that living in the Midwest, with its humble but unyielding values, that the people of Omaha are some of the most asleep I have ever met. (I am originally from a very small town in Iowa so this may not be saying much. You all get the idea.) It is a city of "small town and small minded" individuals living directly in line with the 21st century culture which embodies none of the attributes of a true Midwesterner. Most are walking oxy morons. There is nothing new or special here barring the ever increasing expansion of Masonic symbolism throughout the city’s newest construction projects. Just more cultural clones surrounded by farm land but still unaware and uneducated about subjects as simple as Monsanto’s monopoly on Agribusiness/Agriculture. It is all “sir rah sir rah.” No one is even batting an eye. I am proud to say that I had invested in KI well before the false flag that befell Japan and am continuing to stock pile more, but what good does it do me if an entire city cares more for the unfolding College World Series than their future health, livelihood, and existence. Rest assured, unless there is a massive public outcry for more information and substantiated data indicating positively/potentially a leak of nuclear waste, no one – myself included – will be aware of exposure as there will indeed be no warning just as in Fukushima. I intend to purchase a radiation detector, but until more money finds its way in my pocket I will just have to continue following the few websites that display readings from monitor stations throughout the U.S.

Concerned said...

Being pregnant, I am freaked the hell out about Fukushima and the other nuclear events we are facing right now and scour the internet everyday for any piece of information that will help me make the best decisions for my baby. Moreover, I suspect many of us are in the same boat, being friends and family think we've gone mad and there is "nothing to worry about." Shouldn't we be doing more to get this information out? It is strange noone is petitioning the federal or state governments to Pay Attention! What about bombarding the media, rallying for attention? Is this normalacy bias at its finest or what? Of course some want this under the rug, but we are allowing this silence from the media to happen!!!

Anonymous said...

asking questions? free book, free shipping for connects the dots and was written a few years ago. 2008 gods final witness by ronald weinland.........what have you got to lose by reading it? love, sandi

Anonymous said...

@Steve in Omaha:

I admire you for doing your own due diligence and having the initiative to seek to inform yourself as well as think for yourself. That is very refreshing to hear.

Please don't dimiss that you are 23 years old! You have a whole life to live! Have you even seen much of the world yet? Have you been to Europe or Asia yet? You have a lot of life to look forward to as well as a lot more learning.

When I look back and consider how I viewed the world as a 23 year old soldier in 1992 v.s. a 42 year old civilian in 2011 - I am first struck at how incredibly fast time passed! Second, I now chuckle at what I thought I knew!

Generaly speaking, I was very similar to you in that I grew up in a small but growing midwestern city but I couldn't wait to see what else was out there. I completed two years of college, at a local university, right out of high school before joining the army and going to boot camp in May 1990.

Little did I suspect how much my life would change and what experiences I was going to have in less then nine months but, at least I was leaving my "sleepy home town".

In the subsequent time I met many different people and lived in a big city on the east coast. I was surprised that the people really weren't any more or less "aware" then the people back home.
Some of them were actually less aware of the world outside their "Big City" or the northeast coast region.

I began to realize that the people in "the Big City" weren't a lot different then any where else - some good, some bad, just a lot more of them. They proved to be no smarter then the "hay seeds" I left behind.

Within eight months of truly leaving home for the first time, I saw what, for me, was the worst humans can inflict on humans - Iraqi evil on Kuwatii men, women, children, and babies; U.S. technology & firepower on the Iraqi enemy; Saudi Arabian treatment of women & children; and the U.S. Government's total disregard for the longterm health and welfare of those who volunteered to serve their country.

In less then nine months a part of me was longing for my forever lost innocence as well as to be back in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

Steve, please consider that others have had different experiences then you, against which they weigh the level of risk and severity of events they are faced with. On top of that, each person responds differently to various perceived threats - real or imaginary.

I have been fortunate to see some of the world in my 42 years of life - so far. It has been my experience that all-in-all, excepting for cultural differences, people are very much the same. Some are smart, some are dumb. Some are so full of nothing but cold evil that you can feel a very real and cold, eerie, sickening "vibe" off of them. Others you'd swear are true angels walking among us. Some are calm, cool, and collected while withstanding a hail of enemy bullets and waiting to return fire, while others paracticaly lose complete control of their temper and bodily functions if the bakery is out of their favorite donuts.

It really doesn't matter whether we're from York, England; New York City; or York, Nebraska. We're really all on the same trip, just at different stages in time and experiences.

Be careful when you make such general, subjective, and baseless claims. Many more of us then you realize and are unfairly categorizing have been - in your words - "awake and aware" for a lot longer then just the "last three years".

Matt in west Omaha

Anonymous said...

Regarding the TFR over the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Station: the plant is located just north an east of the approach / departure route for Omaha's Epply Airport and is within FAA regulated class 'C' airspace.

Class 'C' airspace must be entered, transited, and cleared as safely and quickly as possible in order to facilitate safe and efficient flow of air traffic into and out of the nearby towered airports.

If aircraft were allowed to site see over the Ft.Calhoun Nuclear Station, the risk of numerous aircraft straying into Class 'C' airspace and colliding with other aircraft approaching or departing Omaha's airport would rise considerably.

Additionaly, the added load placed on Epply Airport's ATCs just to track sight seeing aircraft and maintain required seperation with approaching and departing commercial air transports would be unbearable.

For those concerned that you are not going to have any advance warning of a "non-catastrophic" release of radiation, I suggest using the same environmental indicators that the military teaches to use / observe when functioning monitors and alarms are abscent - that is to observe vegetation and more specificly small wild life.

Small wild life has a much lower tolerance to rapid radiation exposure / accumulation. If those in the potentially affected areas (mainly east and northeast downwind i.e. Logan,IA Sloan,IA Onawa,IA Harlan,IA etc. could very possibly see a much larger number of birds, rabbits, even small pets displaying unusual behavior or getting sick at nearly the same time.

More severe circumstances would be indicated by large and / or concentrated die-offs of birds, rabbits, etc. over a relatively short period of time.

Observing local vegetation for indications of possible exposure to high levels of radiation can be a little more difficult but if recently healthy medium to large groves or wind breaks of trees that lie in the path downwind of the radiation source, suddenly appear sick and / or drop their leaves suddenly and nearly at the same time, it MAY be an indicator of radiation contamination.

For those that are very concerned and wish to monitor the air for radioactive fall out in the event of a catastophic release, this webite sells a cheap but very effective monitor: The monitor is called a Kearny Fallout Meter. It is low tech, low cost, but highly effective.

The Kearny Fallout Meter may also be constructed very easily from numerous and readily available directions and material lists, found on the internet. Material costs are approx. $55.00. Some of us may have made them back in our Junior High Science class.

~On the banks of the Missouri at 41 Degs. N Lat.
"How high's the water now, Moma?"(J.Cash & June Carter)

Michael Cecil said...

Has anyone thought that, just perhaps, God is punishing this civilization for the cost of nuclear weapons?

Tens of thousands have been slaughtered by nuclear weapons; billions and billions more have lived under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation for more than 60 years; and trillions upon trillions of dollars have been used to produce these tools of human sacrifice...

...while people continue to *starve* to death.

Perhaps He has had quite enough of this evil.

Anonymous said...

god? NO its called FREE WILL and WE have chosen lethargy, slothfulness, greed and apathy against a VERY organized evil. please watch the ring of power videos on youtube asap and that will help to define the evil. love and light will always win out in the long run but we let the evil get to close and now have to let it run its course. buckle your seatbelts!

Anonymous said...

My name is Gerry Hiles ... not sure how to activate maybe WordPress ... well I am 68 and quite ill.

In all my years I have never seen/heard such a confluence of happenings as now, e.g. nuclear reactor melt-downs, financial "melt-downs", wars without end, total environmental despoilation ... everything going wrong, all at once.

Unlike Michael, I do not believe in a god, but I know what he means.

I have sure had enough of our species, in which I am ineluctably complicit; though I have done little harm, compared with Kissinger, the Bliar and the Obomber (or the people behind all such fronts for a "World Empire").

If I was god, then I would pull the plug too, on this failed experiment of "intelligent life-forms".

Weird. It is at least as though a god has given up here.

Pity that the totally innocent (children), the partly innocent (like myself) and others of little consequence are going to die.

This god - shall we call it Nature - does not give a stuff about this planet and its people. If it has a purpose, e.g. of more intelligent life-forms who do not f*** everything up, then it has an infinite number of other planets to choose from.

Yes the Universe is infinite and has always been.

Big Bang is a hoax.

AGW is a hoax.

The whole ideas that we puny humans have an influence on anything is a hoax of hubris of, now, epic proportions.

Fu(c)kushima really says it all or, take your pick, the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya.

Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

You are SO wrong Anon.

You have NO "free will".

You are, apparently, born in the USA.

Every aspect of your life s shaped by that.

Anonymous said...

Remember Depleted Uranium weapons? They are made out of spent nuclear fuel ... nuclear waste. They are essentially "dirty bombs" and a horribly evil weapon. We need to stop doing nuclear at every level ... energy, bombs, munitions, medicine. There are better solutions. Seek them.

Anonymous said...

After Fukushima and Chernobyl, nuclear energy looks neither safe nor cheap.

Bruce Hayden said...

There is one detail to the rubberized berm being "mysteriously collapsed" that I find suspicious. The first article or two I read said that it was punctured by a fork lift. Since that time I've read about a dozen articles like this one that don't mention how it "mysteriously" collapsed. Any ideas why? It does seem that these yokels are bound and determined to get a level 7 event out of this, does it not?

Italics Mine said...

Not a problem. We can add hundreds of millions more to the U.S. population. Make it a cool billion!
Plenty of food, plenty of fresh clean water, plenty of everything. Give us your wretched refuse; we'll even PAY you to! Always room for one more.

Anonymous said...

Race, Age, Gender are all irrelevant.
One is now either 'Aware (and positively, actively evolving)' or 'Not Aware'.

Quite a few commentors have sprinkled wisdom throughout and Jerry Giles everything you said is right on except: "The whole ideas that we puny humans have an influence on anything is a hoax of hubris of, now, epic proportions".

This society has completely mis-educated people so that we don't know what our purpose is and/or our true power/wisdom.

Being 'Aware' is only the first step. Actively pursuing (positive) evolution is the key, and it's a personal matter that contributes to our collective wellbeing.

Anonymous said...

Is it also a coincidence that helicopters have crashed following both the disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima, and that now one has "landed on its side" a week ago at Fort Calhoun?

whatbox? said...

Excellent article.

For a related but slightly esoteric look at the same general scheme of things unfolding, nuclear et. al... please see:

Watch July 16th this year.....


Anonymous said...

Spot on about the Super 8 movie. I suggest a viewing of "The Crazies", a movie that appeared to be about zombies but wasn't. Also look up the episodes from the '90's TV show Millennium, specifically "The Fourth Horseman" and "Skull and Bones", BOTH alluding to HAARP in 1998!

P Duncan said...

Yesterday we went to the beach in San Francisco Ca. I was noticing a very unusual occurence. While walking on the beach with my children they noticed that everywhere we looked there were dead crab remnants along the water line. The further we walked the more we saw.They were picking these up and they were relatively intact but dead. The predominate shells were the sand crabs that feed on microscopic nutrients directly out of the water and hide under the surface. They werent eaten by a predator they died intact. I told my kids to not go in the water and dont pick up any dead crabs. This is highly irregular so many crabs died at once and about the same time by the decomposition. Avoid the Ocean something is going on.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I both noticed in our garden in northern california that very healthy young plants have very suddenly turned black as ink, shriveled and died. I have never seen such a thing. There is a strange correlation in timing with fallout patterns.Please let me know if this has happpened to you.

Gordon Logan said...

I have been studying Fukushima for a course I've been teaching at a Chinese University. It is undoubtedly a HAARP event, probably backed up by nuclear charges drilled into the sea bed. All this is covert environmental warfare which is to be explained away by 'global warming'. The globalists are attacking America, China and Japan evenhandedly. World government is impossible without breaking the most powerful countries. Check out Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka and Benjamin Fulford on youtube. Also Leuren Moret and some videos with Brooks Agnew and Nick Begich. They understand the science. It's all about resonant frequency and the release of a huge amount of potential energy. That's the secret and the energy that can be released is collosal, much greater than a nuclear bomb.

Anonymous said...

Terrible article.
Maybe you should take a course in nuclear engineering before writing an article on nuclear power plants. Or at least google it.

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