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Clinton on Syria: Astounding Lies, Zero Legitimacy

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Bangkok, Thailand June 18, 2011 - Out of either desperation, or immeasurable hubris, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just attempted to rewrite the last 3 months of history, contradicting her own department's statements made during the onset of the Syrian unrest.

Within the pages of the London-based, Saudi-funded Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Hillary Clinton joined Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy, and David Cameron in the bizarre trend of Western leaders writing newspaper editorials in an attempt to reinforce the ever-changing, ever-contradicting official narrative. Clinton's article titled, "There is no going back in Syria," oafishly parrots month-old corporate-funded think-tank talking points with the addition of hamfisted reversals on the US State Department's own narratives.

Lie #1: Syrian protests are not the work of foreign instigators.

One paragraph in particular is so astoundingly dishonest and contradictory it almost defies explanation. Clinton states, "If President Assad believes that the protests are the work of foreign instigators -- as his government has claimed -- he is wrong. It is true that some Syrian soldiers have been killed, and we regret the loss of those lives too. But the vast majority of casualties have been unarmed civilians."

However, it was Hilary Clinton's own State Department according to an April 2011 AFP report, that said the "US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments." The report went on to explain that the US "organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there. They went back and there's a ripple effect." Quite obviously the "ripple effect" the State Department is referring to is the destabilization occurring throughout the region, including across Syria.

Additionally, after the Washington Post released cables indicating the US had been funding Syrian opposition groups since at least 2005 and continued until today, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner defended the funding which started under the Bush regime when Syria was added to the "Axis of Evil." Toner stated, "we're not working to undermine that [Syrian] government. What we are trying to do in Syria, through our civil society support, is to build the kind of democratic institutions, frankly, that we're trying to do in countries around the globe. What's different, I think, in this situation is that the Syrian government perceives this kind of assistance as a threat to its control over the Syrian people."

Unfortunately for Toner, funding foreign opposition groups and inciting political upheaval is far from a benign act, and more akin to an act of war. It would be unimaginable for another nation to engineer a certain variety of government within the United States because it felt it was more "proper." Such meddling is a direct violation of a nation's sovereignty and those within the target nation assisting such meddling are universally known as "traitors."

Lie #2: The protesters are peaceful.

Extraordinarily, Clinton manages to both confirm and deny the violent nature of the protests by stating that while Syrian troops have died, the vast majority of the deaths (according to unverified reports by the protesters themselves) were "unarmed civilians."

With the number of dead security forces now in the hundreds, the corporate-owned media is no longer able to credibly call Syria's protesters "unarmed civilians." ....

Clinton's own admission that Syrian soldiers have died indicates that indeed there are armed groups amongst the protesters. Just as in Bangkok in 2010, during another foreign-funded color revolution, militant gunmen are attempting to escalate the violence intentionally, targeting both protesters and security forces. This is in hopes of reaching a critical mass of violence sufficient for justifying a wider use of overt violence or possibly foreign intervention.

We will protect your privacy...guaranteed!

The inability of the US State Department to verify any of the claims coming out of the mostly London-based Syrian opposition is coupled with the impossibility of knowing which Kalashnikov on which side killed who. It is more likely that the Syrian government, knowing full well the consequences of wanton violence, is being as careful as possible when engaging the armed elements even Secretary Clinton concedes are operating amongst the protesters. The Syrian government has been reporting mysterious gunmen since as early as late April, opening fire on protesters and security forces from rooftops. While the corporate-owned media attempted to play this off as Syrian propaganda, the rising death toll of government troops certainly cannot be attributed to "unarmed civilians." Articles like Christian Science Monitor's "Has Syria's peaceful uprising turned into an insurrection?" are attempting to now create the illusion that some sort of justified transition is occurring despite the fact that arsonists and gunmen had been ravaging Syria since the unrest started several months ago.

Similar claims were made in Libya; both that seasoned rebels, driving tanks and manning warplanes with 30 years of foreign-backing for their militant activities were "peaceful protesters," and that Qaddafi was purposefully targeting civilians. The latter claims were made despite even the corporate-funded think-tanks engineering the conflict stating that Qaddafi was most likely making a point of avoiding civilian casualties.

Further compromising the fantastical paradigm Secretary Clinton is attempting to foist upon the public is the corporate-funded Brookings Institution's "Which Path to Persia?" report which amounts to a brazen conspiracy to aid and abet terrorist organizations to violently overthrow sovereign nations in tandem with the very same foreign-funded popular revolutions we see now across the Arab world, all with "forms" of US military support on standby if necessary.

The report explicitly states in regards to neighboring Iran, "Consequently, if the United States ever succeeds in sparking a revolt against the clerical regime, Washington may have to consider whether to provide it with some form of military support to prevent Tehran from crushing it. This requirement means that a popular revolution in Iran does not seem to fit the model of the “velvet revolutions” that occurred elsewhere. The point is that the Iranian regime may not be willing to go gently into that good night; instead, and unlike so many Eastern European regimes, it may choose to fight to the death. In those circumstances, if there is not external military assistance to the revolutionaries, they might not just fail but be massacred."

Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?" report: a signed confession that indeed the US does conspire to fund, arm, and abet terrorists, sedition, popular revolutions, and even provoke unnecessary wars all for their "regional interests."

"Consequently," the report continues, "if the United States is to pursue this policy, Washington must take this possibility into consideration. It adds some very important requirements to the list: either the policy must include ways to weaken the Iranian military or weaken the willingness of the regime’s leaders to call on the military, or else the United States must be ready to intervene to defeat it." After identical methods have been employed in Libya, Syria is currently suffering under a similarly prescribed, admittedly foreign-funded, plot backed by armed militants and possibly "some form of military support" from the United States, Israel, or Saudi Arabia. Certainly after several attempts to pass UN Security Council resolutions against Syria, the prospect of wider intervention is also "on the table."

The Brookings Institution report also boastfully celebrates past exploits and regional manipulations including the arming and backing of the Kurds against Iraq. The report nostalgically recalls, " When the Shah of Iran, the United States, and Israel began to back Iraqi Kurds against Baghdad, it took only a few years for the Ba’thist regime to move against it—and only a matter of months of unsuccessful military campaigning to convince Saddam Husayn to cut a deal with the Shah to persuade him to cut his ties with the Kurds." With this admission in hand, we have a historical precedent backing the assertions of the Syrian government that indeed foreign meddlers are at work, both behind the protesters and the armed militants battling the government. 

Throughout Hillary Clinton's lengthy diatribe, she failed to even once condemn the violence she hinted at amongst the opposition. Just as in Libya, these shadowy militants will be denied until the very first NATO bombs strike Syrian soil, where they will then transform into citizen-soldiers nobly fighting for their freedom. In reality they are nothing more than the same ethnic minority groups manipulated and backed for decades against the global elite's long list of targets throughout the region. 

Lie #3: There is no going back in Syria.

The global-elite themselves admit they have neither the logistical means nor the political capital to conduct even a single war in the region, let alone campaigns against multiple nations at once. That is, barring a false-flag attack magnitudes larger than 9/11 and the mobilization of America for total war. Resistance in both Libya and Syria, as well as assistance from Iran, and any other nation disinterested in subjugation under the reincarnated Anglo-American empire could bleed these global elitists to death.

Capitulation under the perception of superiority would be unfortunate indeed. Clinton's need to pen an op-ed in a London-based Arab newspaper claiming "there is no going back in Syria" only reaffirms the fact that it is far from a foregone conclusion. Such a desperate act of propagandizing is indicative of weakness, not strength. When foisting massive fraud upon the planet, it will always be more people over time realizing it is a hoax than continuing to fall for it. Time is working against the global-elite.


Once again, on the pages of the corporate-funded Brookings Institution report we see months, even years in advance the ploys and gambits that are to play out. Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?" was the virtual playbook from which objectives and strategies regarding Libya and Syria were and are being drawn from. Understanding that these corporations and the think-tanks they fund are the true architects of Western foreign policy is the first step in ending these heinous crimes being committed in our name and ultimately at our expense.

Hillary Clinton's brazen lies, unmitigated deception, and her crass insolence is irrefutable evidence that she and the government she works within have abdicated all of their legitimacy. Their open contempt for America's Constitution while they promote "universal rights" and the will of the "international community" means that we no longer bound to obey them as they are no longer bound to the laws that truly govern our land. The next step of course is undermining these corporations and the puppet institutions that serve them through full-spectrum boycotts and replacing them entirely on a local level.

Tony Cartalucci's articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at 
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Anonymous said...

One thing everyone seeks in their intellectual curiosity -throughout their entire life- is legitimacy. We seek legitimacy internally as well as we seek a continual re-issuance of that internal substantiation of our own legitimacy from external sources.

We can derive that re-issued personal reassurance from people we admire, people like the Russian pianist Vladimir Horowitz, or the American writer-philosopher of the first order worldwide, Mark Twain.

We also can derive our necessary reassurance of our legitimacy from people we utterly despise, in a negative sense, from people like (the slobbering look-at-us-too couple) Hillary and Bill Clinton, or the mass-murdering multi-billionaire Larry Silverstein -who was in on the destruction of the buildings he owned in NYC that came down in a controlled demolition on 9-11.

But there is ultimately something distasteful in this article.

It seems so cheap to say these creeps in office are right now intending to expand what we already know as the Third World War, and kill millions and even more likely billions of people worldwide.

I do not care about the billions of people who are going to die. It is only the lack of legitimacy with which these creeps are continuously doing it that bothers me.

And those creeps killing all these many people include, the obfuscating Tony Cartalucci who writes this crap without proposing any solution.

The article offers nothing but a news story about a crescendo of madness -with no solution proffered -morally or otherwise-.

We are left entirely de-legitimized by the article.

It's a cheap way for Cartalucci to say, "Look at me."

I don't want to look at you, Cartalucci.

You seem to me -as much part of the problem- the way you obfuscate with your portrayals of your articulate and well-researched outrage.

You are as much part of the problem, as those uniformed creeps who rape Iraqi girls and murder them and sometimes their whole families to cover up the crime.

The desensitizing of our moral sense by repeatedly writing such stories, without drawing the obvious logical conclusion about what to to about these problems, is simply offensive to me.

I often find myself having to tell people what to do after reading such a banal display of infantile humanitarianism.

What to do is not humanitarian at all. Turning the other cheek is not what is required.

Each and every one of us has one human right.

1) You can run away as fast as you can.

If that is not good enough for your particular tastes, the either kill or be killed.

THAT is the human condition today.

Don Robertson
Limestone, Maine

Anonymous said...

...tic,tic,tic..... is almost like waiting for a building to implode or a bomb to go off,....I'm fifty-one years old and have been aware, in some sense, of the corrupt nature of our lives since I was a five year old child. Between personal corruption and a lack of ethics in our general society, along with the institutionalized corrution of governments, top-to-bottom,...our baby-bomming culture has been waiting for a spark for some time.

From the moment they blew Kennedy's head off, through 911 and into our future, these people have a plan and they are sticking to it. Do you think peoples with the balls to do 911 have not thought through the entire plan? Do you think they care about what you think, or all the philosophical discussions about empire and what not? They know power, and they know they have power, the kind of power that comes from the barrel of a nuclear nightmare, and the will use it on anyone, including Americans. How's the Bill of Rights and Constitution working for you right now? Are you beginning to feel that slipery-slope we have been warning about for 35 years? Can we let all of "the conspiracy theorists" out of their cells now?


RJ O'Guillory

Anonymous said...

Who is this ugly, arrogant, self-serving piece of refuse that posts across so many blogs with his No-talent crap pushed at us via some pretentious mediocre website? Don Robertson? shut up you loser scum. You've done zero with your life, have no talent and so must rip down others. Get lost you scum and take your trash heap 'artwork' with you. Sick of seeing your link-to-nowhere on various boards.
Limestone, Maine

Very good piece Tony. Thank you for syaing what few are saying. We appreciate someone staying on top of this issue and being a lone voice against MSM talking points on Syria.

Anonymous said...

A little glimpse at history is needed to bring our senseless sense about this matter to its proper perspective.

The people who read this sort of tacky and tasteless story -and say- "Very good piece, Tony." Are the very same sort of people who voted Barack Obama into office on the premise he was going to end the wars.

Obfuscation of the issues is a heinous act no less criminal than treason.

Each of you are much more part of the problem than you have the capacity to comprehend.

People called "Anonymous" on all these very public boards, people who let their holier-than-thou condescension define their personality limitations - are like houseflies in August.

Like Cartalucci, they offer no solution either.

From just another human being -an ugly, arrogant, self-serving piece of refuse...

Don Robertson
Limestone, Maine

Anonymous said...

Wow, Don Robertson is quite the prejudiced person eh? Hey Don, it's ignorance like yours that allows for the global oligarchs to run amok like they've done for thousands of years. Just because you can't extrapolate from Toni's article and start to create a solution to the dilemmas mentioned in this article doesn't mean that the rest of us readers can't. Would you please provide us with a proper method to get in contact with you, an email address or a PO Box? Of course you won't, you're cointel and it's obvious by your approach on this forum, and apparently other similar forums too. As to the article...I have some close friends in Yemen and two days ago I was able to talk to them for the first time in several months; they too make claims of snipers firing indiscriminately from rooftops, Western Moles etc., exactly what Toni and David Icke and so many others are revealing as the methods of a select group of financial terrorists (for whom sheeple like Don Robertson are shills and sycophants.) Peace!

Anonymous said...


Another delusional Obama voter with voter's-remorse for their common mistake -lashing out at me -like I made all this happen... LoL.

I'm an easy target. There's a name. Woo-hoo! A web site. Woo-hoo! There's even a picture. Triple-woo-hoo!

What if I were anonymous? You would hardly bother. You don't measure up.

You are acting like a nearly infantile, acting-out adolescent.

These kids today are nearly all dumb-ass drug addicts, popping Big Pharma's synthetic heroin pills for kicks, because they've fallen prey to people who write insignificant garbage like Tony Cartalucci.

Yea, you know your stuff alright.

You people are paranoid-delusional. LoL

You're nothing but professional crybabies is more like it, adolescents on the prowl and lets you post here.

Tony's story points out what this human reality is really like. Get ready. You're on the raw end of the stick and headed for the flame.

This world is not humanitarian by any stretch of the imagination. And you will be eaten alive over the next few years.

You live like bums now, bad lifestyle, poor health, addictions coming out your ears, terrible teeth and fatter-than-hell women all around you. PU!

The life expectancy of these people is dropping off a cliff.

And this vicarious commiseration with the victims of your President's war-mongering is pathetic and Sunday-school.

These anonymous people are just like flies.

Shoo shoo fly! I'm so bothered.

They slay imaginary dragons, and walk in packs like teenagers on a Friday night texting all their idiot-friends, "What's up?"

I should extrapolate what? This sort of stuff has been going on as long, and longer than I have been on the planet.

And these patented humanitarian fame-seekers -like Tony Cartalucci- -Bob Chapman- and -Michael Rivero- have been writing about it obfuscating the real reality for -just as long. They are walking apologists for the status quo, -peace.

Do you know who Lincolns Steffens was?

You know, kiddies, twits and con-combatants, innocents, civilians casualties, colateral damagettes, the American Indian didn't make a good slave. They were not dumbed-down by all the obfuscation you are enfeebled with.

The American Indian tended to go nuts and kill people, or die from being penned up. So, they weren't made slaves.

The lesson is, stop going along with all the woe-is-me slave-mentality of the Tony Cartalucci's, Bob Chapman, and Michael Rivero's of the world.

Stop singing SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT, and let the inner barbarian in you lead you away from this modern slavery inherent to these suck-it-up peace-freak humanitarianisms.

You people are lightweights, and you are ripening for exactly what is being planned for the slave class.

That's you, Boy, the slave class, no rights, and absolutely no sense about which way might be up. You're one of those "been down so long, looks like up to me..." types.

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went "Wah-Wah-Wah!"
all the way home.

Good night wah-wah.

Don Robertson

Dean M Smith said...

Well Don you should not assume what everyone does. I myself despise both parties they are useless to me and my children. How exactly does trolling solve any problems? Its seems obvious to me that neither party represents the vast majority of Americans and our no good for solving any problems for the majority of Americans. Are you a Republican sir? Did you vote for McCain? Its kind of difficult for people to make good choices when the press is controlled by large corporations and the news is pr. If you think that one party is better than the other, you are ignorant.

BTW. I did not vote for Obama or Mccain or Bush or Kerry or Gore or Clinton or any of the pr men in chiefs that have served since my 18th birthday. Keep bitching like the little girl pretending to be a man that you are Donny boy, from your posts its seems you are a total waste of sperm and not going to do a damn thing about any problem.

Kindly go fuck yourself:D

Dean M Smith

Howard T. Lewis III said...

I met Hillary Clinton in 1983. She's a natural for Mona Desmond in 77 Sunset Blvd. or Hitchcock movies. America will rue the day they let her set foot in the White House. Three felonies in one day without batting an eye leading to a fourth felony. Our girl moves too fast. Innocent people get killed because of her, and it goes back to Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Pure twaddle here.


Howard T. Lewis III said...

Too bad you folks never spent time around Hillary. You would know how terribly unsuited she is for her Sec. of State post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, did you click on any of the links? I'm sure if you did you'd find the solutions you claim are lacking in the article, along with the evidence you seem ignorant of.

You are obviously as lousy at reading as you are at being an "Maine artist."

Activist said...

Please folks, can we keep the comments relevant to the article itself and avoid the personal attacks? The point here is to debate and hopefully learn. We appreciate your consideration.

Steve De'ak said...

It just goes to show you there are agents provocateurs in Syria, Libya, Yemen and on every blog spot where real news might be found.

Anonymous said...

While the article exposes the western and Israeli intent and agenda in the Medilleast, it fail to understand the reality of the people of that part of the world, and their hope and aspiration to contribute to the world more than oil, they have had enough with dictators who are puppets for the Western power, the plot to abort and manipulate these revolts should not mean by any stratch of imagination, that these powers are behend the scene, the shock in the western capitals was noticed after the removal of their thugs Ben Ali, Mubarak, and Abdullah Saleh, in their attempt of damage control, although they manged to prolong the process, have their hand on the media,and activate the capitalist in the area, but the people broke their fear and it will be hard to put that fear back in them. yeas these were peaceful demonstrators even if this fact was so obvious to the point that Clinton had to admit it, yeas military people are being killed but only those who refused order to shoot at their own people, so they are being killed by the army. finally I can assure you that people in that part of the world have enough experience with colonialism to know that Sarkozy and the rest of NATO's leaders are not really in love with them, rather it is their interest they are serving, that's why they are uncomfortable with their participation to say the leas.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 19, 1049: The West is on record working on these revolutions for years. There was no shock or surprise in the "Western capital" but what was feigned to manipulate well-intentioned people like yourself into believing these are "spontaneous" and "indigenous" movements. Please read Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?" report for a full signed confession of their methodology. There is no debate, they themselves admit a reality contrary to your statement.

Please present a single shred of evidence to back up your statement about those military casualties being killed for not shooting their own - even the protesters themselves now admit to taking up arms.

Anonymous said...

"Astounding Lies, Zero Legitimacy"...... NO SH*T.IT'S A CLINTON

Anonymous said...

you are talking about record, which record? I don't think your record made it beyond yourself, the West have been very comfortable in our region for the past sixty years, and now they are behind these revolutions?!!!!!!!, to get what? better servants than Mubark, Salah and Ben Ali? that is almost hysterical, there is not a single regime beside Sudan( which also has some limit to how far they can go ) who doesn't do what the west tells them to do, I don't need to read any freaking book that tells me other than the life we live under these traitors and their corruption, seeing the wealth of our nation has been handed down to our enemy, our family member disappear in the middle of the night and never make it back, blockade our people in Gaza to to starve them so Israel can be happy with them, you remind me of the tactic the Ba'ath regime used to scare the Syrians, they mad them believe that every one is watched, and it could be your brother who is watching you, so you can't even express your self, because the whole population is mukhabrat (secret service). according to your thinking we are manipulated to the point that we are doomed and we can't do a thing except watch in despair until we die.
you ask me for some evidence, I'm the one who should ask you for evidence other than the government lies, all these thugs have used the same lines, which are( Al Qaeda is behind this work or the Muslim extremest are coming to chop hands and behead people, and force women to wear Burqa) sound familiar? these are the same lines used in the western capitals and USA, as for evidence go search online the statements of these solders who manged to get out, or better yet go to the refugees camps in Turkey and listen to what people have to say.

Mevan said...

It is tragic that the US has appointed the most un-diplomatic of persons as their foreign secretary. The lies are all pasted on her face for all to see. She herself has probably realized this as we are told she now wants to go the World Bank

Anonymous said...

Anon June 20, 2011 10:22- all your evidence comes directly from the corporate-owned media, the very government lies you claim you don't believe. I don't know where to begin with someone who brushes aside open admissions from the activists themselves that they trained in the US with US-funded organizations. Egypt's April 6 Movement is one of many groups that have made open admissions, not to mention ElBaradei leading them is literally working across the table from George Soros. That's the facts. It's a little late in the game to be peddling the denial you're sporting here.

Anonymous said...

I'm really confused where did you come up with idea that my evidence come from corporate media, one of my cousins was killed during this revolution in Egypt, why would you need to watch any media when you live it, and then you bring to me some name like Baradei who has nothing to do with it, in fact this man is third on US and Israel's wish list, their 1st was Omer Soliman the former directer of Egypt's Secret Service, when he was appointed by Mubark to relapse him following US and Israel's advice, it was only the demand of people that send him home, the 2nd on their list is Amro Musa, and they figured his chances are very slim since his considered to be part of the old regime, and people don't trust him, now they are relying on Baradei, which I think by hock by crock will be the next president of Egypt, the diplomatic war in the Arab world is ugly and viscose, they might win this round, but things are never going to be the same, and they know it, for them it's damage control, the sleeping giant started to move, and it is only the beginning, by the way I most likely stopped watching corporate media before you went to school

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