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Agenda 21 Indoctrination Going Global at Warp Speed

For those not familiar with Agenda 21 and “sustainable development”, I urge you to take a crash course and visit some of the leading researcher’s on the subject: Michael Shaw at Freedom Advocates, Cassandra Anderson at Morph City, key reports such as "UN Agenda 21 Will Rule the US Waves" from organizations like the Science & Public Policy Institute as well as take a look at the numerous lectures archived by Dr. Stanley Monteith over at Radio Liberty.

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Jorge Mascarillo
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It is time to sound the alarm yet again on Agenda 21. Much of the focus of critical LA21 discussion has centered on its progress in the United States, but it too has been making rapid inroads into México, as to the rest of the planet. 

Background - Regionalization
As we all know (or should be aware of), México is purported ground zero for the testing and total implementation of iris-scanning biometric identification technology according to Hoyos Group (formerly Global Rainmakers), which is set to eventually encompass the globe (their estimate is ten years).[1] Youth here will soon be obligated to receive national biometric ID cards with a view of moving on to the general population. This is all for our safety. Please try to ignore the fact the US agency, ATF, has been arming drug cartels with heavy weaponry.[2] Please also make an attempt to pretend you never heard drug cartels have been moving massive amounts of cocaine and heroin into the U.S. with the oversight of the DOJ, FBI, DEA and ICE.[3]

Harper and Obama’s recent agreement on the common security perimeter has stated the move to work “toward common technical standards for the collection, transmission, and matching of biometrics that enable the sharing of information on travellers in real time.”[4] We know that the 1980 Bilderberg report stated the goal of working toward a “North American common bloc” and that the 1989 US-CAN bilateral trade agreement added México into the mix in 1994 with NAFTA.[5] One can assume that the 2011 US-CAN common security perimeter will eventually add in a bit of Méxican spice to spruce things up. These developments also mirror the 2005 Council on Foreign Relations Task Force objectives.[6]

Agenda 21 Indoctrination

Some private schools south of the border have now begun replacing traditional courses on society and economics with courses on “Environment and Sustainability”. The replacement of the economics social studies course with an environmental course is de facto giveaway to the nature of this new doctrine, one seeking to supplant traditional economic and societal structure. Based on pseudo-science, the green global warming movement seeks to serve as an excuse to restructure society as a whole, establish a (global) centrally planned economy and a political structure (the “planetary regime”) working through regional government. Remember, the failed 2010 Cancun UN Climate Change Conference stated the possibility of forced relocation of endangered parts of the Méxican population, based on UN dictate to be executed by the national government, as part of the environmental agenda.[7]

It is humorous how they changed the name from global warming to "climate change", because the planet may not be warming after all and nobody can deny that the climate...changes. The climate changes just as the sun rises. "Fighting" climate change would be like fighting the rising of the sun. Maybe we should nuke the sun?

In this new course, the topics include: “ecosystems, environment, society, development and sustainability.” If focuses heavily on the importance of the environment and understanding it from a “global perspective”, not beginning from a local perspective!

Furthermore, there is a heavy focus on resource availability, demand and population growth. The underlying thread of the eugenics nature of the environmental movement and their utter obsession with human population and the eradication of the cancer known as man is clearly evident here.

Under the final topic of “sustainable development”, students examine the concept “economically, socially, environmentally, politically and technologically”. If this isn’t a viewpoint of totally restructuring our society, I don’t know what is. Finally, students are to “Analyze the characteristics and the application of Agenda 21: México in the international context and the actions at a regional and local level.”

How is this program implemented exactly? Take a cue from the Bilderberg syndicate structure. The heads of academia, as with any other field, attend the World Economic Forum and so forth. It's easy: go back to your institution and out of peer pressure or inside knowledge, implement the agenda!

The teachers that then go ahead and put it to use in the classroom, generally, have no idea of the true nature of the material they are teaching and merely superficially study the material themselves before passing it on to the unsuspecting populace.

The green culture has already been created by academia, via the policy making networks and institutes, government which has accepted this doctrine from the think tanks without question, manufactured media consent and ultimately the social pressure this all creates. To question is kooky! To defy is heresy!

It was only a few months back that the high priest of the Gaia religious cult, Al Gore, came to bless this country.[8] He reportedly received anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars for issuance of the rite. The glitz and glamour of this celebrity bowled over the crowd. In a private after session, a brainwashed university student even asked His Highness, in very serious manner, as to how this would all improve the new world order. In fact, a month later, the international relations conference was titled, wouldn’t you believe it, “New World Order”!

Congress of International Relations -- The New World Order: Reconfiguring "Scenarios", "Settings", or "the stage"

A Green World Religion

As documented in a recent series of reports, the sustainability doctrine is infesting all of higher education. "It emphasizes maximal conservation of resources and government regulation to the near exclusion of other approaches."[9] Every single student must be knowledgable and engaged in sustainability.
The analysis there of the movement emphasized its economic and political imperatives. At one level this is largely accurate. The sustainability movement is heir to the disappointments of European socialists and ex-communists. It sprang into existence in 1987 with the report of the UN Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Norwegian prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. The connection to land-use planning, the commitment to extra-territorial regulation, and the readiness to by-pass democratic procedure are in the DNA of the sustainability movement. A great deal of its mischief, as in the persistently misleading pronouncements from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stems from the grounding of the sustainability movement in attitudes far removed from American political and cultural traditions.
But the traction that the movement has gained in the United States doesn’t have much to do with spontaneous admiration for UNESCO bureaucrats or international elites who jet around the world promoting massive transfers of wealth to impoverished nations. Those  ideas eventually find welcome in the minds of students who have worked their way deep inside the concept that they are now 'citizens of the world.' The movement’s mass appeal lies elsewhere.
Sustainability is first of all an emotional summons—one that combines elemental fears with hopes of salvation. It draws heavily on Judeo-Christian imagery and a secularized, but not very deeply disguised, Christian narrative of a good creation corrupted by human sin and headed for disaster, which might be staved off through sufficient acts of penitence—like giving up the internal combustion engine, not to mention bottled water and cafeteria trays.
The religious narrative is interwoven with other strands of Western mythology. It isn’t hard to find Rousseau’s imaginary picture of man uncorrected by civilization filtering into the dreams of sustainatopians. The movement expresses a longing for lost innocence, for the “re-enchantment” of nature as one of its proponents puts it, and for an easily captured high ground on which alienation from mass consumerism can be played out as though it had positive content. Somehow we can feel better about ourselves if we believe the world is going to wrack and ruin because of the heedlessness and greed of others.
 And it thrives because it is a substitute religion that demands a manageable degree of expiation, self-sacrifice, and guilt.[10]

Not that any of this is anything new. The ancient agenda has always been, and will always be, the vie for total global domination. The only thing that changes is the excuse used to put fear into the population, in that they would go along.

The Darwinist eugenicist and brother of “Brave New World” Aldous, Julian Huxley, in a parting 1948 speech, told us we must look at our problems “as part of a single world problem, where the several nations must learn to make adjustments in the interest of the whole body of nations.” That he “thinks of such problems as over-population.” Furthermore, he stressed the need to develop “citizens of the One World of the human mind” as he welcomed the inauguration of a prominent Mexican politician as the next Director General of UNESCO, Jaime Torres Bodet.[11]

One key dilemma I come to over and over again is: if nation states have failed and are run by corrupt agents (as almost all are), what in the world makes them think that a single world state will function any better? It defies logic!

If you can hear this, you are the resistance. Please send out your stories, write of your experiences, put them in the comment sections. 

P.S. Is this still crazy talk for you? Well, don't take it from me, here is Joe Deiss, a cog in the UN machine discussing the need for "global governance" and Agenda 21 (as part of the nation state takeover, timeline 2050) in dull, read-between-the-lines bureaucrat-o-speak. I am forced merely to link to the website as embedding YouTube material may soon mean you are a terrorist. 

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Find more excellent analysis please visit Global Governance Archive, an information war desk which seeks to aid researchers both new and old in sifting through the most important material on everything from economy to the architecture of global government which is now being built. 

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Anonymous said...

Wake up people. The NWO is on full speed ahead. They are already eliminating us according to plan.

Fascism, communism and eugenics are all in place and operating as designed.

Microbes in the Gulf of Mexico, fungus in Joplin, e-coli in Germany, chemtrails daily destroying our bodies, to say nothing of the planned destruction of Fukushima and US nuclear power plants to spread radiation into the toxic mix.

I guess they plan to live on Mars after killing Earth and all of its inhabitants.
How did we let this go this far?

Anonymous said...


If you are still alive, then I believe that your life purpose has not been completed.

I would hope that most would believe that the reason for their life is to help and contribute to the well-being of humanity on this earth, and be neither a usurper, nor a victim of evil.


Anonymous said...

LOL. glad to hear others notice the change from global warming to climate change.
I think this view is already adopted in science community.
eg. Some people see evolution as "bible" already.

Anonymous said...

what a load of egotistic drivel

Anonymous said...

Old "news". This is the world you were asking for but now act as if you had nothing to do with it. You could change it but you won't. You will diagnose others as narcissistic personalities or maybe "psychopaths", but that is just to avoid understanding these disorders in yourselves, so the prognosis is not favorable for bringing about that for which you only have hints, a realistic paradise.

Anonymous said...

How did we let this go this far, you ask. Well, when it was only black people or poor people or gay people that the eugenicists were forcibly sterilizing or murdering "for their own good" or for that of "humanity", you had no problem with it. When AIDS came out you rejoiced. Religious leaders pandered to your ignorance and got your votes for their politicians. When farmers were committing suicide or starving, where were you? When people tried to introduce real alternatives to nuclear power and got killed for it, where were you? When those horrible "lefties" were trying to stop the waste of money and the deficit spending needed to keep multi-trillion dollar wars and "defense" spending going, where were you? Did you fall for the stuff about how we have to cut "entitlements" that people paid for with their work i.e. real money, so that politicians could continue to borrow from Social Security and Medicare to pay for the very poor and anti-productive "investments" in bombs, missiles drones, cyber-spies, chemical and biological warfare and all the rest? Fukushima is the product of U.S. (and some other now much smaller defense spenders) "defense" spending requiring plutonium and uranium for weapons. Did you think that other means of power generation, even of nuclear power, such as thorium-fluoride, did not exist? Japan had it's own technology, like magnetohydrodynamic gas power stations, shoved aside to accommodate the U.S. (primarily) and French nuclear industries. Why don't you know these things? All humans have both the pleasure and responsibility to seek knowledge themselves and not just accept whatever is handed to them. So there's too much to say about how did "we" let this go this far. Some of us have been fighting the ignorant for more than fifty years and could tell dreary long stories about all our efforts to make a better world, but at this point we may as well be silent, so the stupid can hear the echoes in their skulls.

Entity said...

Eugenics is smth normal and necessary, u brainwashed morons and panic spreaders. Nature is the biggest eugenicist of all. At a subconscious level all of us are. U like to see useless pain and suffering all over the place? Life at any price, right? Quantity over quality, no problem. The more idiots, more slaves, the better.

nick-ynysmon said...

as I have said on infowars, th key to defeating the encroaching evil, called the new world order, lies primarily in the hands of the individual. it is precisely because most are so asleep, often only ten to thirty percent conscious, and not grounded in the real world, , it is this that makes most of us so easy to brainwash and manipulate. I confess it has taken me over forty years before i saw what is happening to us. we are being conquered by stealth, our so called normality is merely the sheep dogs of the elite herding us slowly into the coral of enslavement. And we go happily, into the enclosure. How stupid we are.
Yet it is only a matter of a few sharp shocks before the majority will wake up. I hope!!!!! This i suggest is what is about to happen. We are sadly, divided into those who follow the dictates of the elite, those who prefer to hide in the delusion all is well even as the sky collapses around them and finally those who by choice or some deep personal shock, finally, wake up and take control of their own destiny. I hope the last are the vast majority, if not God help us all.

Anonymous said...

How will Agenda 21 be worse than BP (Gulf of Mexico), TEPCO (Fujishima), Monsanto (RoundUp), HAAP (Weather), and so on? This article makes numerous conclusions, without citing any specific citations to Agenda 21. Moreover, what, if any, are the alternative proposals to address population dynamics? War? That's happening now and it is a clandestine aim of Bilderberg. Starvation? Happening now. Genetically modified plants? Happening now. Exponential growth means a 10% increase of anything doubles in less than 5 years. Yet, incredibly, in the absence of plausible solutions, one must, by inference, assume the author approves of the status quo as a solution? (War, famine, disease). God help us? Is that your final answer? This is not only rediculous, it is defeatest.

Bilderbergs meet in secret, by invitation only. The U.N. publishes its reports (transparency). Bildgerbergs have few, if any, U.N. representation. What seems to me to be the case is that the Bilderbergs are infiltrating the U.N. to do their bidding (U.S., U.K. corporate agendas) rather than the U.N. using the Bilderbergs. Nor is there any credible evidence the two are synonymous.

All choices are based on their relative value. You offer few, if any in this article but go on and on about sustainablity, iris scanning and the NWO. Perhaps the opposite of sustainability is non-sustainability? And what is your suggestion for the readers of your plan for sustainability? Or, as I suspect, by default, you are advocating non-sustainable (status quo) approach to population issues?

Climate change or global warming? Again, so what? Whether or not the climate is changing from natural or man-made issues is academic. Perhaps we will never know because of such ambiguous variables such as HAARP. Regardless, the "free-market" solution is not always in people's best interests. For one thing, there is no such thing as a "free market" (name one). Second, the alternative to planned, intelligent attempts to preempt future disasters is to simply let them happen. Natural selection will take care of all problems in the long run, so why do anything? Any scientist will tell you that ALL infectious diseases are self-limiting...so why treat any of them at all?

I will tell you why. Because do nothing...or allowing the status quo (Bilderbergs) continue with their plans is barbaric and elitist. Agenda 21 may or may not be the sinister NWO plan this article suggests. But, in the absence of proof (remember...the U.N. publishes its reports) and in the absence of any alternatives, what is the point of this article? God help us all? I sure hope not because now you're off into another topic altogether.

Anonymous said...

How about making your page PRINTABLE!

Activist said...

At the bottom of each article is a share button -- scroll over this, then scroll to the bottom (click down arrow if necessary) of the list. Near the bottom, you will see a selection for "print friendly." That should work. Thanks for the question and let us know if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys. We have to stop bickering amongst ourselves and make a choice. It is us or them, now, who is it going to be? Are we with them? Or is it us? if it's us, then when the heck do we start to take them down? Stop going to war, stop putting on a uniform, stop paying tax, don't buy from the corporations, and don't take the meds!!! OK?

Anonymous said...

Footnote: In re: U.N. & NWO. The U.S. is a democratic republic. It has and continues to be the foreign policy of the U.S. to "spread" their form of philosophical governance around the globe (whether in fact, this is true is irrelevant for this argument's purposes...we all know this is b.s.). Thus, if (in theory if not in fact), representative government is acceptible, then, by extension, so must the U.N. be acceptible because its members represent the global community in a democratic representative format. Not so for Bilderberg. If one examines the U.N. Resolutions, I often wonder how many Americans would agree with the U.N. only to find that the U.S. with its veto power has obstructed the democratic process?

How can one say, on the one hand, that democratic, representative government be "good" and acceptible, while in the next breath beat it down when scaled up to to global proportions?

The problem isn't the U.N. The problem is "due process" within the context of the U.N. Currently, "due process" is a monolithic and monopolistic control of the U.N. by the U.S. and its cohorts through the power of its veto. This is not democratic. Strike one. So that leaves the issue of representation. In the current U.S. system, the forum of grievance are the courts for the average citizen. This avenue of due process seems to me to be the crux of the matter of discontent.

For instance, can a individual bring forth litigation within the confines of the U.N.? Specifically, how are Agenda 21 issues adjudicated? In the U.S., the government has the power of eminent domain (with, in theory, just compensation). What difference does it make if the U.N. eminant-domains your property or the if the U.S. or state governments does the same thing? Moreover, Agenda 21 could, as it is currently written, stop large corporations from conducting environmentally damaging events or behaviors that are politcally impossible to do without the U.N. If the U.S. allows BP to destroy the entire gulf of Mexico, who, I ask, is to stop them? Is it fair to Mexico and to those other countries who rely upon the gulf to let the U.S. and corporate cabals destroy their share of the Gulf? Remember, the current Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) has ruled that "speech" = money. Therefore, under American law, corporations have more "speech" and hence representation than individual citizens....simple arithmetic. However, the U.N. (Agenda 21) stands as the only credible and sizeable balance to such economies of scale and deep pockets.

Finally, in re: Mexico and Iris Scanning. Having lived and worked in Mexico, I have never (knowingly) had my eyes scanned. However, I have had my body subjected, against my will, to radiation in U.S. airports where the persons who advocate these scans were the architects of Homeland Security (eg. Michael Chertoff).

As we have seen with the Bush W. Administration, the real threat is from the U.S. corrupting the U.N. (remember Colin Powell's speech, with John Negroponte sitting behind him with George Tenant?). False testimony in any U.S. Court alike to what Powell & Co. did in front of cameras at the U.N. would (or should) result in criminal charges. Moreover, it wasn't the U.N. that invaded Iraq...it was the U.S./U.K. cabal. If you go back and read the U.N. reports on Iraq, they were right...the U.S. wrong.

Before condeming the U.N., take care of your own dirty laundry. The evidentiary record for the U.N. makes it a client I would rather defend over the U.S.

Jorge said...

Comparing Agenda 21 to Fukushima is like comparing the US Constitution to Fukushima. Agenda 21 is a policy, not an event.

The point of view of the article is established at the outset with reference to Michael Shaw and his clear exposition of how Agenda 21 is a complete UN takeover of land/resources from the international level to the regional to the national and local levels. In other words = BAD.

The point of the article was to demonstrate how Mexican youth are now being BRAINWASHED into accepting this doctrine as well as the global warming THEORY, which is not proven.

As for eugenics, Tarpley does a real good explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Eo2YTQUr8

P.S. Me too, I choose the UN:

U.N. Sex Crimes in Congo

UN Katanga atrocities:

UN betrayal in the Yugoslav war...

UN sanctioned humanitarian bombing of universities and civilians in Libya...

Anonymous said...

Part I.

For the reader's information, the primary "thrust" against the United Nations began, in an organized sense, with the John Birch Society and its organization, "Get Us Out" (www.getusout.org). I don't mean to chance the subject here so I won't excpet to say that the John Birch Society, as with all societies in general, "lock in" their ideology at the expense of reason and logic. I suspect, but cannot prove, that the Bircher's efforts to tranish the U.N., with a broad brush, have infiltrated throughout the mainstream media and politics (Ron Paul is the John Birch Society candidate in the up-coming POTUS election).

Here is the rub: We have been (wrongly) conditioned to argue "positions" over "interests" in society (more so in the U.S. than in Europe). This is a serious trap and all Americans would be wise to cease this self-defeating mentality. It is often noted, with good cause, that Americans often "vote against their interests". Assuming this is true, it begs the question, "why?" This is because Americans, by-and-large, adhere to positions instead of interests, often times chosing a self-defeating position. Silly. Pitiful.

Consider the matter like this. A typical grocery store contains healthy foods, junk foods, and poisons. Yet, incredibly, Americans do not label grocery stores as peddler for death and disease because they are smart enough to know they are free to chose what items are in their best interests for whatever purpose they happen to be shopping. For nutrition, they buy fruits and vegetables. For cleaning, toxic chemicals, plastic bags. They don't close down grocery stores...and so it is that Americans would be better served to change their thinking of considering, above all, their interests over positions. Your government does...why not you? Do you think your government refuses to finance brutal dictators abroad...over principles? No way. It considers its (whose?) interests. But for the average Amercian, this is something to be avoided.

You are part of the biggest psy-ops experiment in human history (with perhaps the Chinese being an exception as bigger). Your mainstream media encourages you to adopt positions even if they work against your interests. Stop it. Do not drink the Kool-Aid. How many seniors I have interviewed who have voted against Social Security and Medicare, only to rely on these for their sole income and health care respectively. How could this be? It is because they stop thinking and began acting like sheep....slaves...without their awareness. How sad it is that someone who has voted against SS and Medicare all their lives wind up surviving because of these programs.

see Part II, below

Anonymous said...

Part II.

Back to the U.N. Americans are against the U.N. because in large part because of positions already determined for them, by others who operate in a contractory fashion. No system is perfect..that is a given. So, to condemn the U.N. because of this-or-that line item is like condemning a grocery store for selling bleach...which can kill. Is it necessary to dispose of the baby with the bath water? What good does that do? Yet, the Birchers and those who (without critically examining the facts first-hand) do just that...dispose of the U.N. summarily. How many people have actually read Agenda 21 who comment on blogs like these, criticizing it or merely echoing the author's unsubstantiated conclusions? It is tempting I assure you...but it is not smart nor prudent.

Before you "jump on the band wagon", I urge you to use your brain...do your due-diligence and ask those who publish conclusionary statements to prove to your satisfaction that what they say or conclude is in line with your better judgement, not your fears (fear is often used to destroy reason...it works!).

Not one reference in this article is made to the specific language of Agenda 21, rather, to other conclusionary authors and articles. This is the same failed logic Colin Powell used to feat U.N. inspectors in Iraq who said there were no weapons of mass destruction. Yet, nothing seems to have been learned by this blatant and tragic failure of the human mind. God help us......

Anonymous said...

From the website, "Get Us Out (of the U.N.)", www.getusout.org (John Birch Society).

"World government through the United Nations is a serious threat to the freedom of all Americans. Imagine being held prisoner in a foreign land and tried in an international court with judges from such countries as Afghanistan, China, or Iraq.

The United Nations (financed by American taxpayers!) has long been a safe harbor for terrorist and oppressive regimes which target America as the enemy.

Even more alarming, the United Nations is beginning to take aim at the God-given rights enjoyed by Americans since our great nation was founded. The right to self defense, use your own property, or even the right to have children may all be trampled if the United Nations is allowed to have the power it seeks."

Who poses a threat to American freedom? I don't recall the U.N. imposing the Patriot Act upon Amercia. Or, the lifting of Posse Comatatus (Senator John Warner and Congress did that, democratically).

Held prisoner in a foreign land? How many prisoners has the U.N. taken again?? And held in captivity? I know that the U.S. does this through "extraordinary rendition", without due process or even filing charges or even right to counsel.

Safe harbor for terrorist regimes? What trial court determined who is harboring whom for what? You mean the international criminals Henry Kissenger and Donald Rumsfeld? And what court would you suggest you bring them to? A U.S. court? The Hague?

The right to self-defense is not the right of preemptive wars of aggression on pretext of "security". The right to have children? The U.N. did that? When? I missed it. I did get the message that the Arizona wildfires were started by illegal aliens from Mexico. LOL. Cutting welfare benefits, immigration and Medicare coverage will do more to stop the increase in the birth rate. More so than the U.N.

The U.S. is on the verge of economic collapse. It is a police state now. It has spread economic terror across the globe (see documentary, "Inside Job"). I think there should be a website that advocates the U.N.TO manage the U.S. since it is abundantly clear, from the FACTS, that it cannot manage itself, behave in a civilized fashion, and for supporitng repressive regimes. The argument for this seems more plausible than the reverse.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to killing the blue helmets of the UN and blue state socialists on the US coasts.

Push them into the sea.

Let it begin.

Anonymous said...

@ Jorge, in re: Fukushima. Good point. My point, which I admit wasn't made (but will now), is that nuclear power is not sustainable. In the attempt to make it appear as "more" sustainable, the real costs are hidden or completely dismissed. The events in Japan and now in Nebraska illustrate this....and Germany to its credit has abandoned nuclear altogether. Futhermore, the radiation from Fukushima is being purposely hidded by Cananda and the U.S. (references available upon request).

Agenda 21 policy would stop governments from future disasters such as those in Japan. What right does Japan have to pollute with radioactive poison the peoples of Canada and the U.S. (to name a few). Hypothetically, I would have thought it in our collective interests if Japan had been stopped by the U.N. BEFORE current events. But then...maybe my Microwave oven or Panasonic big-screen tv would cost more. The birth defects and infant mortality from this one event have yet to be determined......isn't that preventing the right to have children (and free from radiation-related birth defects?).


A: These were U.N. employees....not U.N. policy. Like comparing the U.N. employees to the U.S. Constitution.

Q: Congolese independence and Katangan secession
Boy...this one would take an entire Blog...but suffice to say..."ugh!". Good example of "shit happens" combined with political assasination. See, Wikipedia, section....Congolese independence and Katangan secession. Not the best example but an interesting story nonetheless, including the mysterious "plane crash" of Sec. General. Very complex set of circumstance....not good example for current discussion.

Q: UN sanctioned humanitarian bombing of universities and civilians in Libya
A: ?? (no sources given...overruled)

Q: UN betrayal in the Yugoslav war...
A: see, U.N. Resolution 1244, UNMIC, Wikipedia (Serbia, Kosovo, ect.)
Again, this subject is overly broad and would consume an entire Blog of its own. Suffice to say, NATO interests were obviously in conflict with the U.N.'s and it is academic, depending on whose POV you take. I have heard Serbian and Bosnian POV's. Not a good example because of the complexity of the subject matter.

Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Eo2YTQUr8
A: watching this now....

Not saying the U.N. is utopian...just the lesser of evils, considering the choices, based on the facts/evidence/records. At least there is a record..and the U.N. can't hide behind "national security"

davol said...

Globalization is like trickle down economics since it's based on BS, and won't do a thing for regular people trying to take care of their local world. Nothing is going to trickle down to those making all the sacrifice for the New World Order. Ironically the opposite seems to hold the solution. If we start working out how to feed and cloth ourselves locally we'll eat better and build local economies to fix unemployment problems. Americans are not just taking this financially, but are also having the American Constitution, values, and way of life also sacrificed on the alter of the New World Order. Think about it, let’s abolish the 14th Amendment so Immigrants will quit coming here to have babies, let’s make citizens of dark skin color carry papers that they have to show when police pull them over, let’s not let religious people be free to build a mosque 3 blocks away from 9/11’s Ground zero, let’s get rid of habeas corpus and disappear thousands of people around the world into gulags of torture and interrogation with no way to defend their innocence, let’s have the President lie his ass off to start an illegal war for no justifiable reason, hell let’s just have the President start a war of bomb hostility without any consent to Congress based on the BS that he says it’s not a war, gawwwwwwwwd I could go on till I wrote a book, let’s dumb Americans down so they can believe the official story of 9/11. It should become obvious to the American people that they are the sacrifice for this pipe dream of the rich, elite world citizen types.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

Agenda 21 is even worse than forcing humanity to purchase Yugo automobiles for daily use.

To even the most receptive, they were cute for about a month. Then it was a mercy killing out behind the barn.

They made some money for the producers until word got around.

Anonymous said...

Stop defending the UN. You're nothing but a shill.

THE 14TH AMENDMENT: Revise it. It was meant for FREED slaves, NOT utomatic citizenship of those born to ILLEGAL ALIENS or BIRTH TOURISM.

Anonymous said...

see, Dr. Albert A. Bartlett's presentation on "Arithmetic, Population, and Resources", University of Colorado, Dept. of Physics. About 8 parts on YouTube. Excellent!!

Americans sure seem to be paranoid. In one post there is reference to the U.N. Troops botching matters in the Congo, while another is ready for them to invade the U.S. LOL. Better loo closely at your neighbors....they may be secretly reporting your failure to recyle to the U,N. high command. LOLL.

Keep on consuming U.S.A. despite the truth. What does the math matter? Spider Man is going to save you...or some Hollywood Super Hero (maybe dig up Reagan and run him again...or forge Arnold's birth certificate and the Terminator will destroy the evil U.N.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mexico! Guess Mexico is a place to invest in and why the U.S. is shipping guns to destabilize the place. Not to mention if the next generation of Mexican children master sustainable population and resource issues, no need to have the NWO U.N. issue sanctions against them.

That lecture series from U of CO is spot-on. The math speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

I am licensed to sell real estate in both Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. When I renewed my work permit for Mexico this year, I had to go to Hermosillo to register for Hacienda( equivilant of the IRS) and I had to have an eye scan as well as all 10 of my fingerprints taken. Everything is on Computer now, My accountant now has all my info entered into the Mexican system via computer. There is no where to run!

Anonymous said...

I am MONTGOMERY SCOTT, not 'Anonymous'.

The most pertinent statement regarding this posting is this:
"If you can hear this, you are the resistance."

"Who poses a threat to American freedom? I don't recall the U.N. imposing the Patriot Act upon Amercia. Or, the lifting of Posse Comatatus (Senator John Warner and Congress did that, democratically)."

How are the 'Democrats' dealing with this fact, dicotomically?

Keep posting (transmitting the truth) for as long as you can, Jorge.
..."for someday, sons and daughters...will RISE UP and fight, while we 'sit still'..."

"Keep on consuming U.S.A. despite the truth. What does the math matter? Spider Man is going to save you...or some Hollywood Super Hero (maybe dig up Reagan and run him again...or forge Arnold's birth certificate and the Terminator will destroy the evil U.N."
(June 22, 2011 4:42 PM )

The sad part is, they are correct, mathematically.
Back in the 1890's, the British Empire saw that the populace of China was numerically overwhelming. They devised a plan, whereby the populace would be saddled with the issues regarding HEROIN from AFGHANISTAN. THIS is the genesis of the Hong kong and Shanghai Banking Cartel (HSBC).
What's in YOUR WALLET?

"I am licensed to sell real estate in both Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. When I renewed my work permit for Mexico this year, I had to go to Hermosillo to register for Hacienda( equivilant of the IRS) and I had to have an eye scan as well as all 10 of my fingerprints taken. Everything is on Computer now, My accountant now has all my info entered into the Mexican system via computer. There is no where to run!

June 22, 2011 7:42 PM"

Rick Perry is the boi that SINOPEC backs as president in 2012, huh?

Dr. L. said...

The UN is a big boring bureaucracy started by a snobby "do-gooder" section of the US elite, primarily Ivy League Anglos. The big deal then, for snobby American "Progressives" (basically well-heeled anti-Populists) was blaming population for problems that the wrong kind of rich people had created. It is interesting how some Californians are so proud that the UN first met in the Bay Area and, as it turns out, not very far from the Bohemian Grove, the former San Francisco journalists' property notable to some for its Summer Encampment. Of course trimming population by means of eugenics until it formed a nice orchard for the elite to pluck was part of that population blame game, particularly coming from California racists descended from slave breeding planters fleeing the Old South to establish orchards and other properties in their new South i.e. California. Note: the UC Berkeley science department was started by a "Confederate Scientist" after the Civil War. His most notable "scientific" work involved dire predictions for any society permitting "miscegenation", or "race-mixing", predictions on which many of his Yankee colleagues concurred. Also, thanks to scholarly work concluding in favor of state control of reproduction, many have become aware again in the past twenty years or so of beloved California's Progressives having pioneered programs of forced sterilization for the poor or others determined to be "genetically" inferior, like gay people ("Homosexuals") for example or other "mentally unfit" or "defective", especially if Black or non-Anglo non-Protestant (e.g. Slavic, Catholic, Jew, etc), not to mention their work with Nazi Germany regarding "eugenics" (more properly called "racism") and promoting forced sterilization and involuntary "euthanasia", particularly for increasing economic efficiency. It is a sign of the success of such elitist do-gooder snobs at convincing the population that people are the problem, not the solution, that the lives of a mere six billion individuals, most of them capable of living quite well on an infinitesimal fraction of what the top half percent of the world kills to preserve, causes all kinds of people from anti-immigrant types on the right to politically correct ecology insane pseudo-"realist" and scientistic anti-population types on the left to ignore the devastation wrought by the poor management done by our ignorant elites.

Instead, just blame everything on immigrants or "over"population, it seems so mathematical, so logical and "reasonable" from the view of those hypnotized by the ubiquitous popular culture industry, businesses and academics guided by the ill gotten financing of the sine("without")noble. Remember that famous Twain quote about damned lies and statistics.

Even the Rockefeller Foundation's research showed, to their surprise, that the strongest correlate for reduced birthrate and smaller family size was not family planning access or birth control availability or any of their other assumptions. It was, in the less "developed" countries studied, primarily women's literacy that correlated most with reduced birthrate, followed by increased educational levels, and the level of prosperity the country was able to retain, notably in the face of foreign (colonial, post-colonial, multinational, corporate) exploitation. It was found that literacy first, and then reasonable prosperity, reduced birthrates, not the other way around (i.e. greater birthrates causing illiteracy and poverty). For those in the trance of a different logic, this must seem illogical. Sorry, or perhaps one can feel sorry for them if their efforts were less pernicious, but the hypnotized are experiencing the cognitive dissonance between their culturally or socially suggested beliefs and, as best as it can be understood, facts.

Dr. L. said...

The best kind of "eugenics" is romance and love of one individual for another, selecting each other for qualities that cannot always be planned for or programmed into a statistical computation. The best population "control" is no control, it is freedom to learn, to read, to get educated and to prosper without being robbed by state created or government supported and subsidized "imperial" corporations, or the military of the "military industrial complex". It is not freedom to starve, to be health-less or homeless or without good access to learning and to real education and to meaningful work. Freedom from destitute need and from enforced ignorance are better ways to slow and even reverse population growth if such a conceit is any kind of respectable aim. Part of what is needed to accomplish such a world is to drop this crazy people phobia (humanphobia, humaphobia?, or, truly, "homo"phobia) and realize that for every "ecological" problem there is at least one person, if not millions and billions of people, who can solve it, given the educational access and meaningful opportunities to do so. Also, immigrants have been seen as assets to a country at one time or other. America was always trying to bring more in, often over the very understandable objections of the long established natives resident for thousands of years. People are the solution, not the problem. The UN is a creature of a particular kind of US or American elite. As such the UN embodied the beliefs of snobby "Progressives" (like Mrs. Roosevelt) that their problems with the world were caused not by their own wicked("realistic") and clueless policies but by too many "third world" others and poor people dirtying up their view. It, the UN, practically belongs to the US as a tool for "world domination" or hegemony. Maybe Americans in general, not elite leftovers, can apply the UN to some good but who knows. That may be expecting too much out of a country "gone wild" for about three decades with a Narcissistic National Persona Disorder manipulated by America's chosen leaders in politics, religion, and so on, much to the benefit of "the wrong kind of rich people".

Anonymous said...

The first task is population control at home. How do we go about it? Many of my colleagues feel that some sort of compulsory birth regulation would be necessary to achieve such control. One plan often mentioned involves the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of the antidote would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired population size."
- Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb (p.130-131).

For a quick PHD on Globalism and as guide to help you resist it go to: http://www.nwosurvivalguide.com

Anonymous said...

Why bother debating such a load of old pony ?
flags and nationalities are a thin disguise
Human is the real equasion here , one nation over another pointless ,History is History leave it in the history books , create your future without war without weapons share what you have with those who dont have anything ,
swap this for that food for food etc etc , selflessness is th way forward anything else is retarded thinking, you only have to read history to grasp that concept , eg ;got too much property and land that you cant get an income from? yeah well thats the result of beeing greedy you see , so now those who might have paid dont have the finances to up your bank balances, maybe theyre just gonna take it all away from you with too much ,why ? because the real people are much greater in number than the tiny minded few , and yes i have read the un agenda 21, you either see what is coming or remain blinded by the greed installed in your minds, it will get you no where fast, what you gonna do when fuel drys up then eh? what go ask the poor who survived it all for help? ha ha hah
wake up dumbfolk your riches will be worthless and your tickets to the underworld are already registered,poetic license invoked.

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