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10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

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Many readers will expect to see Matt Drudge or Arianna Huffington on this list.  Although they both indeed have leading Internet news websites that cover some fringe stories and report on systematic injustices more so than the mainstream media, they primarily aggregate mainline news.  Therefore, they are excluded from our "alternative media" label.

The criteria we've chosen to base these rankings of the most influential alternative media figures are the following;
  • people that have the courage to seek the truth no matter where the information leads them; 
  • those with the courage to question 9/11; 
  • those who don't buy into the false left-right political paradigm;
  • those who are grounded in peace and liberty;
  • those with the communication skills and platform to affect real change.
Significantly, each of the people who made our list is clearly driven by unyielding passion.  Despite some natural disagreements, they each provide a unique bridge to forbidden knowledge and they all deserve high praise for their efforts and commitment to inform the public. Sincerely, it is very encouraging to have so many talented voices leading the stampede for truth, liberty, justice, and peace.

With so many people doing great work in the real alternative media, we are sure that some deserving reporters will be left off the list. Although Activist Post has forged relationships with some of the people on this list, we've tried to remain as non-biased as possible in our observations.  At the end, we've also included a list of those who deserve honorable mention for their tireless work and talent providing the truth.

10. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  Paul Craig Roberts is one of the most respected columnists in the alternative media.  His syndicated articles can be seen on many leading alternative news websites including Lew Rockwell, Infowars, Counterpunch, InformationClearingHouse and countless others. Roberts scores huge points in the credibility department having been the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury under Reagan, and the editor of the Wall Street Journal -- among a long list of other accolades.  His research is impeccable and his vision of how the world really operates is second to none.  He knows why and when the global chess pieces are moving, and has the incredible talent to communicate difficult concepts to the general public.  He has written several books including The Tyranny of Good Intentions, and How the Economy was Lost. His many interviews can be seen on Russia Today and Prison Planet TV.  Roberts is also a recent contributor to Gerald Celente's esteemed Trends Journal.  There is no one better at reporting the reality of geo-political events and the workings of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

9. Gary Franchi: Franchi is a longtime researcher and liberty activist.  His essays and reports have been published all over the Internet and in the book Songs of Freedom: Tales From the Revolution.  He's also the producer of several documentaries like Camp FEMA and Don't Tread on Me.  Because of his tenacious work, he now has one of the best alternative media platforms on the Internet.  His liberty social network, (Restore the Republic) has over 32,000 members and is growing quickly.  The quality of his Reality Report newscasts rival the multi-million dollar productions at any cable news outfit -- except he reports TRUTH news.  Franchi does an excellent job aggregating the most important stories in the alternative news and presenting them in a concise and visually appealing newscast.  We've found each of Franchi's recent Reality Reports to be must-see TV, and only expect this up-and-comer's influence to continue to grow.

8. Adam Kokesh: Kokesh is a former Iraq war veteran turned peace activist, a former Libertarian congressional candidate, and the current host of Russia Today's Adam Vs. The Man nightly cable TV show.  He recently gained recognition when he was brutally arrested for silently dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial with other activists.  The video of the alarming arrest went absolutely viral and surely brought many new viewers to his TV show and to the truth movement.  Kokesh is well-informed, well-spoken, committed to individual liberty and peace, and has the legitimacy of having served his country in combat. Kokesh recently received high praise from a fellow journalist who details his appeal here.  Watch for Kokesh's influence to grow as more people become aware that a genuine truther has an entertaining and informative TV show.  The establishment is in big trouble with the likes of Kokesh on the airwaves.

7. Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux may be perhaps the most eloquent "red pill" in the alternative media. A self-described philosopher, Molyneux has a strong knowledge of history and a core compass reading of freedom and non-violence.  He hosts a popular radio broadcast on his FreedomainRadio; his Youtube uploads have been viewed over 6 million times on his channel alone, and his site claims over 25 million downloads making his ideas the "largest and most popular philosophical conversation in the world."  His articles can be seen on mega-sites like Lew Rockwell and others; he has published several books on the philosophy of liberty and non-violence (many of which are offered FREE from his site) and how they apply in today's world, and he is a frequent guest on RT's Adam Vs. The Man  and the Keiser Report.  Despite his overwhelming knowledge of the corrupt system, Molyneux always remains optimistic in his presentation, which is quite refreshing among all the doom-and-gloom.  Molyneux remains authentic in that he survives solely from donations and book sales --so please support his efforts.  We expect Molyneux to end up as one of the most important voices of our time.

6. Max Keiser: Max Keiser is perhaps the fastest rising star in the alternative media.  He is a literal boy genius having invented the virtual specialist technology / prediction markets, Hollywood Stock Exchange,  Karmabanque, and PirateMyFilm.  His economic and geo-political analysis has appeared on the BBC, in documentary movies, and on sites like Huffington Post and Zero Hedge.  Traffic on his personal website,, has nearly doubled since April according to Alexa.  He is currently the host of the must-see Keiser Report on Russia Today in addition to several other projects.  He is arguably the most powerful anti-bankster voice in the world, openly and relentlessly referring to them appropriately as "terrorists and rapists" and having helped drive silver purchases to new heights with his viral "Crash the Bankers" campaign.  He is also emerging as a leading anti-austerity voice for global citizens, having visited and spoken to growing protest groups in Ireland, Egypt, and soon Greece. He has an uncanny ability to boil down complicated economic "problems" for easy consumption by the general public.  In short, Max Keiser has deservedly become the most influential voice of the "Resistance" to bankster tyranny.

5. David Icke: David Icke is most appropriately called a researcher and presenter of knowledge.  In addition to his voluminous writing of in-depth books, his main platform is his all-day stage performance that still leave audiences wanting more. These performances are regularly sold out in large venues across the planet. Significantly, he is the only presenter in the alternative media arena to consistently draw crowds in the thousands to hear him speak.  His research goes "beyond the cutting edge" of the alternative news and his popular website has become a valuable news aggregator.  Besides brilliantly dissecting the "5 sense reality", as he calls it, Icke also dives head first down the rabbit hole and provides historical evidence of some very bizarre and thought-provoking phenomena. In turn, this makes him one of the most courageous and interesting figures of our time.  David Icke may be one of the most dangerous people to the establishment, because he has the ability to convince organizational leadership masters of their immense power to affect positive change.

4. Jeff Rense: Jeff Rense has built a massive audience of those seeking the truth inside and outside of the Matrix. His website,, has been by far the best news aggregator covering the Gulf oil disaster and the current Fukushima nuclear meltdown.  His website is the 2101st most-viewed in the United States on Alexa -- a powerful ranking indeed.  Agree with him or not, Rense deserves credit for venturing down the rabbit hole of reality which brings a unique perspective to alternative news.  He is one of the only sources attempting to responsibly cover the metaphysical and extra-planetary nature of the Matrix.  He is quietly building a strong radio presence with talented voices like Mike Rivero and Charlie McGrath being added to his network.  Look for Rense's influence to continue to escalate as we have not heard the end of the Fukushima nuclear holocaust of the Northern Hemisphere which he's so brilliantly covering.

3. Lew Rockwell:  Lew Rockwell is a liberty icon.  Rockwell has immense credibility having served as Ron Paul's chief of staff and his presidential campaign manager, as a scholar of Austrian School of economics, and as the chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. It's telling how powerful Rockwell's platform is when others on this list include being published at as a benchmark of their success. His website is visited by millions each month, his radio show contains high-brow intellectual discussions with other great minds, and his books The Left, The Right and The State and Speaking of Liberty are worth their weight in gold.  As the 2012 presidential race approaches, look for Rockwell's loud megaphone to propel Ron Paul's message of peace, liberty and economic sanity to the masses.  Rockwell brings much-needed legitimacy to controversial issues like ending the Fed, ending the wars, and bringing about a system of non-coercive Anarchy.  He has indeed paved the way for many others, while also remaining a growing influence.

2. Mike Adams: Mike Adams, known as the "Health Ranger", is a consumer health advocate and independent journalist.  Mike Adams is young, authentic, well-spoken, and a savvy businessman.  He is the founder and editor of the very popular website (ranked 1,184 overall in the U.S.) and NaturalNews.TV.  His articles have been republished all over the Internet, and his radio show and short films are viewed by millions. Through his unyielding passion, he has built a team of respected contributors to his flagship news site which offer some of the best natural health and freedom news on the Web.  He never ceases to improve his platform for his expanding audience and knows how to monetize his business with products he genuinely believes in.  The sky is the limit for the Health Ranger's influence in the alternative media.

1. Alex Jones: Love or hate his style, Alex Jones is the King of alternative news.  His radio show reaches millions per day; his movies like Fall of the Republic and The Obama Deception have been seen by tens of millions the world over on Youtube and elsewhere; his website rankings for Infowars and PrisonPlanet are off the charts with many investigative articles frequently supported by Drudge, and many on his staff are nearly deserving of being in the top-10 in their own right.  The quality of his production has improved every year and is easily the best in the alternative media.  Jones gets the most informative expert guests who expose a wide variety of inconvenient truths.  He is a pioneer in encouraging fans to make copies of his material and give them away for free to help awaken more minds.  Anyone who follows Alex Jones knows that he is driven by intense passion for humanity and never stops working.  It's hard to believe that Jones is still only in his thirties, given his 15 years of dedicated reporting.

There is one person that is not on this list, but should be a major footnote on all of the above media figures, as his work has pioneered much of what is discussed in today's alternative media:  G. Edward Griffin.  Griffin is widely considered one of the most brilliant researchers and writers of actual history.  He exemplifies the notion of following the evidence no matter where it leads him. But he is so much more than that to the group above in terms of his philosophy of individual liberty and non-aggression. His book, The Creature From Jekyll Island is one of the most powerful indictments of the Federal Reserve and is still a bestseller. His many other books, websites at and his foundation, with movies like his recent documentary What in the World Are They Spraying are all ground-breaking in their own right.  This is not meant to be a runner-up award, but more of a lifetime influence shout out to a true pioneer.  We're all indebted to Griffin's hard work.

Honorable Mention
Many in this group are deserving of far more praise than this format allows, but we'd be remiss not to mention the following names.  Here are some of the rising stars and the unsung heroes of the alternative media in no particular order:
  • Shepard Ambellas, Alex Thomas:  True investigative reporters who share their knowledge at They are fearless journalists who utilize the full range of the Internet to release their intel.  
  • Cassandra Anderson: Writer and editor for, as well as G. Edward Griffin's news editor and research assistant.  She is one of the leading experts on Agenda 21 and the globalist plan of collectivization.
  • James Corbett: Terrific analyst, researcher, writer, web TV presenter and founder of
  • Rady Ananda: Brilliant investigative journalist and editor for blogs Food Freedom and COTO Report whose work has been published across the Internet on all major alternative media news sites.
  • Doug Owen: Oracle Radio personality and producer and operator of
  • Global Research: Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall and staff brilliantly report on global events and have a fast-growing Internet presence.
  • Bob Tuskin: Terrific interviewer and fearless investigator who has worked extensively with The Intel Hub, and has his own radio show and website at
  • Bill Ryan: His website and forum at Project Avalon are terrific resources, as well as his interviews with alternative media personalities and government insiders.
  • George Noory: Huge Internet presence and the most-listened-to overnight radio show in America at Coast to Coast AM.
  • Alan Watt: Consummate researcher into the history of elite control, and frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show.  His website and his own radio show can be found at Cutting Through The Matrix.
  • Jim Marrs: Author of many books on conspiracy truth, and one of the foremost experts on the JFK assassination.  His work can be found at and has influenced many of the above.


This article may be re-posted in full with attribution.


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Ernest said...

I'm shocked that Mike Rivero of didn't make the list. Mike doesn't hold back punches for those that deserve it, including Jewish racists who kill innocent Palestinians, and push us into wars for Israel. Who else on that list has the courage to address that third rail issue as much as Rivero?

I like most of the people on that list, however, leaving out the 800lb gorilla in the room when talking about US government policy is deliberately misleading people.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one of the greatest who should be in the 10: Persecuted by Michael Collin Piper & Lane, Hufschmid, and others. Who else but Christopher Bollyn at with the greatest expose on 9-11.
You're right about downplaying Pentacon missile-denier (Where are the videos?) & missile "pod-people"-ridiculer & explosion-flash on special airplanes denier, and foremost Anti-Christ gatekeeper Rivero.

Very few "salon activists" grasp how the so-called "Zion deniers" actually evade that Banker-obscuring quicksand, in order to reach millions more people than the miniscule fringe who already thinks they know it all.

Max Keiser the great economic radical(who is also CO2 Warmista and Peak Oiler), Ron Paul, Edward Griffin, Lyndon Larouche, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph & other British shit-sheets under auspices of New Ager Jeff Rense! :) Alex Jones is def. not the only "Z-denier"!

But what are you, Activist Post, doing on Google's Now we are all IP known! Why not use Wordpress until they go down? :) Great blog though!

Anonymous said...

"And what about Farah and Corsi from ? seriously, these guys have been leading the charge on many issues and their Whistleblower magazine has got to be the most mindblowing example of real, honest journalism! "

Really? Farah and Corsi are neo-con trolls. You might as well endorse Sarah Palin's FB page as an example of alternative media.

Activist said...

Mike Rivero and Charlie McGrath are both listed as important voices who are now on the Rense network (Rense #4), but people seem to be missing this, so we apologize if it seems like an oversight. We have written other articles specifically highlighting Whatreallyhappened and we include Mike's comments on our site. It is great to see how many loyal readers he has -- he is certainly at the top of his game.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible not on the list makes this list look stupid.

Our of all your heroes, it is only Les Visible and David Icke and maybe Rense that expose the most evil criminals, the Rothschilds!

If your heroes are not exposing the Rothschilds then they are working for them!

Anonymous said...

Rivero got my vote for sure - # one with a bullet - love Richard Gage for his 911 investigations.

Wood is unfortunatley either a complete albiet well educated loon or simply a sophisicated poisoned pill with her silliness that can be disproved easily.

Jones remains a force because he will not see the whole picture.

How 'bout Ex Gov Ventura.

In Kanada we got some real heroes as well - Barrie Zwicker - Graeme McQueen and I suspect tons in the UK, Australia and other pockets of rational thought.

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin said...

Honesty compassion intelligence guts?
We thank everyone and anyone,
that puts out good information.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised i have Not seen Daniel Estulin mentioned for his years of work running behind the Bilderberg Group. He is worthy of an honorable mention.

My favourite, nevertheless is David Icke. For the critics of him, you have to go beneath the suface (of what he says) to understand him. He is DEEP...deeper than Reptillian comments (which most associate him with and then discredit the rest of what he says).

Also, the names listed are here for a reason s we should not discredit because of a few things we disagree with. Respect the fact that each of the listed are giving us all Awareness (from their perspective) and remember that each of us have been drawn to this Article because of a commom interest....THE TRUTH.
Do not fall for the Divide and Conquer tactics that separate us thru ie. race, gender, religion, nationality, etc. If we can be divided by destroying each others idles or heroes, We will Never Win!

Anonymous said...

mike rivero - what really happened
james lloyd - christian media network
john galt - just measures radio network
stan deyo - millenien
steve quayle -

Anonymous said...

And not including David Duke on that list seems to say that the Zionazis have made this list, espescially after Alex Jones is number 1 on the list!

Me smells a big smelly RAT!

Anonymous said...

Adam Austin from Subverted Nation says it like it is, the truth no holds barred!

Anonymous said...

Your list is a very good one ; I'd add a great physicist and a great guy : jim mccanney .
jim .
Pierre Monplaisir from Bordeaux .

totallymangled said...

I`d like to add my own name at number 1 on the list as i`m the only person I know who tells the truth

Anonymous said...

Steve McIntyre. Purveyor of, revealing skullduggery in climate science.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is an immature man who is easily controlled by the Jewish and zionists. He is a traitor by supporting Israel, even though they are blatantly behind 9/11 and 7/7. He exclaims that anyone who criticises Israel are SCUM and that anyone who criticises the Jewish religion is 'mentally ill' (a tactic very often used by Jews to shame anyone who sees the evil of their religion to shame them into silence). Here is a quote from the main Jewish scripture, the Talmud, that Alex Jones supports "Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed". Still think Alex Jones is a good guy? Even though the people he works for would be happy to see you all dead? Typically, as an agent of the Jews, he denies that Israel had anything to do with 9/11 and the following wars. Alex Jones sees bad things happening alright, and then he tells you OMG!, did you just see that happen, well I can certainly tell you right now that the Jews had nothing to do with it. See the full version of 911missinglinks 2 hours 5 minutes or so, and see the Israelis dancing in the streets of New York celebrating after the murder of 3,000 people, after they had travelled there specifically to 'document the event', see the Israeli tv clip. But Alex Jones has a Jewish wife and has attempted in the past to get Israeli citizenship (and been denied-probably part of his 'deep' cover).

Anonymous said...

E.A. Blayre III and his banned book, "America Deceived II", which covers 9/11 and Israel, here:

ChristineV said...

I think John Stadtmiller and his RepublicBroadcasting Network is deserving of an honorable mention.

James Woroble Jr said...

It is absolutely incredible and stupefying that Mike Rivero of is not on this list. Had Jeff Rense not made the list as well, I would have concluded that this was a strictly co-opted [K]osher affair.

guntommy08 said...

IMO all the listed are good places to find what your looking for, just keep in mind;Don't believe everything you read or hear, and only half of what you see, do your own research and don't be so dependent on any of these places, you can find the truth if you dig deep enough, all the places listed are only truth gateways. I would also like to mention one of my favorites for a good laugh at least; Deek Jackson and the FKN News and also Ron Paul for his unwavering stance in support of the US Constitution.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see many of my faves added in comments: Rayelan Allen/Rumormillnews; Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot; Michael Tsarion/(the MAN!); Henrik Palmgren/Redicecreations; Jesse Ventura (!); and many others named, whom I respect.

I, too, think Alex Jones is very "iffy."

Didn't see:
--Stuart Swerdlow/ or
--Alfred Labremont Webre/
--David Hawkins & Field McConnell/
--Freeman/The Freeman Perspective/

Darren said...

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Anonymous said...

More like PAYtriotards.Outside of Rense and maybe Roberts, few anti-zionists in the mix and mostly Israeli firsters. Not good.

Anonymous said...

A terrific Link-List is provided by :

Anon said...

The very best sites refer to such people as Major Charles McKee, Michel Nihoul, Erol Mütercimler and Djaja Suparman.

Most American sites (kennysideshow.blogspot is a noble exception) are pretty ignorant of what goes on in the world.

Anonymous said...

worth the Attention

Anonymous said...

Anti-zionists are a religion? After reading this I think not:

Who Controls America?

Anonymous said...

Prof. Michael Hudson on the Financial Takeover

Anonymous said...

Also good :
& The Meria Heller Show
Must see on youtube :
Meria Heller Hosts 9/11 Whistleblower Richard Grove Part 1/13

Anonymous said...

Peter Brimelow on immigration at
Like Paul Craig Roberts, Peter was fired from his MSM job in the financial press for his views on immigration and became persona non grata after publication of his true book on the effects of US immigration policy, Alien Nation. He has sacrificed much. I consider him a hero, in the real sense.

Steve Greenhut on public unions and pensions.

Anonymous said...

Mish Shedlock on economics.

Anonymous said...

I think any of the listed news sources is worth investigating, but always, always, always Caveat Lector! (Reader beware.)

My regular reads are Rense and WRH.

However, I just cannot avoid observing that some people have settled on a fixation and any source that does not cater to their particular prejudices is "obviously" bad.

I don't like Alex Jones not so much because he paints over Israeli criminality but because his bombastic apocalyptic style wears thin very quickly. Rampaging egomaniac is the term that comes readily to mind. And for you Jones loyalists a good disinformation outlet will spend years building credibility until it is time to start catapulting the propaganda. Rush Limbaugh is a great example - he spent all of the years of broadcasting his national show up until 1998 building credibility, and then when "Poppy Bush" "activated him" as a disinfo source he has been very reliable in providing false rationales for current events ever since.

David Ick presents a lot of good information mixed in with just enough way out there stuff to discredit the valid data. So, he appears to be a false opposition whose schtick is to discredit the good information through association with nuttery.

As much as I like Mike Rivero he is blinded to some extent by his atheism and thus a materialist world view. As well he is blinded to some degree by prejudice and his continued anger at being persecuted by ZOG for noticing the Vince Foster murder photos were phony.

Another blind spot I see in people's analysis is to blame everything on the Zionists without ever making the connection between Zionism and the House of Rothschild. Zionism was a dead end movement rejected by Orthodox Judaism until the Rothschilds took it over and built it up with their money. Most Zionists, particularly the more fervent, are being played for suckers in a game they cannot even see. The Rothschilds did not finance and take over Zionism because they are benevolent or devout. They did it to create a tool to further their power and influence. Just as modern Israel is nothing more than an extension of Rothschild power as it is a wholly owned subsidiary.

However, rarely mentioned are the perverted "Philospher Kings" of Materialism Psychiatry and Psychology who are responsible for formulating the mind control regime as well as the perverse philosophies which preach pedophelia and homosexuality as "normal". Their war against the family and religion can be found in their own words. A proper analysis would also include a savage indictment of their cruel and unusual treatment of people placed under the "tender mercies" (Frontal Lobotomy anyone? Maybe a nice relaxing bout of electroshock - and I've seen first hand what it does to people and it is not pretty). Additionally you can, by actually reading what the leaders of organized Psychiatry have written (do a Google on G. Brock Chisholm - one of the co-founders of the World Federation of Mental Hellth for a good snoot full) gain a better understanding of their agenda.

There are a lot of truth tellers but always be cautious and think for yourself. Sift analyze and compare the data against the real world and ask if it does in fact provide a sound explanation for events.

Anonymous said...

This vast territory deserves more public attention

Anonymous said...


Could someone explain or prove to me why Alex Jones should not be number 1, with facts please - I'm not from America so I don't know or understand what the dislike of him is for - (not the diatribe of mass CIAsteria stuff that always comes out from any critic of truth seekers) - but genuine proof that he is , well as you guys call it - "a shill" - that's a hideous expression by the way!. He has clearly done a lot of work, groundbreaking work with Bohemian Grove, why the hate, never objective critique, just the word "shill" - crikey I hate that word!!!! grrrr!!!

What I'm trying to say, badly I know, is that I think a lot of you who are not paid or computerised reply agents have picked on Alex Jones for not being as Anti Zionist as you would like him to be!

Thats not his bag, his thing, he's talking about what he knows. His part of the truth - is what I understand.

OK Spot Quiz - How many of you criticisers know of the Hindu Cults. So what if everyone criticised you for not talking about the Hindu Cults - And this gives people the right to call you a SHILL - you're disgusting people but I still love all for the greater good.

Peace Out, Simon x

robertsgt40 said...

My only rub with Alex Jones is he won't touch Israel, which to me is at the center of what's wrong with the world today. Not exclusively, but proportionally, none have done more to put the world on the brink of WWIII. Hat's off to Rivero. Don't always agree, but he's consistant. Hats off Mike.

Ed said...

Truther, you sure have a way of putting words into others' mouths and you sure become unhinged easily.

Funny how you are actually describing yourself to a 'T' by accusing me of attacking. Read my post again and tell me where my attack begins.

You, on the other hand, are passionate with your blind racism that is actually only based on aggression. By the way I'm a christian.

Your attacks only expose you further as the fraud that you are.

Anonymous said...

Nick Belgivich (spelling?) Nicks work at exposing HAARP & dark technology is right up there. Nobody has mentioned him!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Nobody mentioned Officer Jack McLamb ??

Anonymous said...

Tyler Durden @
Mogambo Guru @
Bill Bonner @
Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate you omitted the brilliant Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, who shines with diligent research, clear-headed analysis, and good-natured presentation. I'll take research, clarity, and intellect over screaming, arm-waving, and hyperbole any day. :)

Anonymous said...

No mention of Radley Balko or the Blogfather? Glenn Reynolds was the reason I started reading Lew Rockwell, and Balko's site,, is a consistently excellent source for libertarian news and analysis.

apeman2502 said...

All the guys mentioned above are class acts. Rivero #1 top priority news with positive insight and openess.Roberts as #1 is not far off the mark. Anthony Sutton and John Kaminski tick off a lot of real bad people.

Sherman Skolnick for bloggers Hall of Fame. does the best job of showing what everyone else swept under the rug from Chicago to D.C. for the past 40 years.I got to talk to Mr. Skolnick twice by phone. He was very gruff and he sent me two Leonard Bernstein postage stamps. He even knew where the rug came from that they rolled up a dead Vince Foster with to carry him out of the White House to dump him in Marcey Park, 700 feet down a dirt path. Foster was found with an old Colt .38 revolver in his hand with no fingerprints on it. Skolnick knew where it was purchased in 1983 in Seattle. And who was in Seattle to take possession of it. There are 6 witnesses to this. No other blogger has been brave enough to participate in publishing this over the past ten years. That makes Skolnick the King. Bravery with integrity. No bravery, no honor.

Anonymous said...

In case it hasn't been mentioned

Sibyl Edmonds:

Boiling Frog Post.

Jenna said...
Immortal Technique
Vinnie Paz
Tony Moon
Chris Geo
Jordan Page
Sweatshop Union
Street Sweeper Social Club
Pharoahe Monch
Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Anonymous said... is doing a decent job as a news aggregator for all kinds of alternative news. Good job for someone doing this this out of passion alongside the everyday commitments of job and family

Anonymous said...

i think the list is quite accurate.

Tom Horn "raidersnewsupdate"

Dave Flynn "watcher/cydonia" is what i type to get to his site

and "antichristconspiracy" are all top notch as well...

InkyA said...

Almost all of them are conspiritards. Sad, really.

apeman2502 said...

If you all hide behind 'Anonymous', the bad guys will KNOW you are afraid to act. Barking is not biting. Hiding behind the dog house and barking is even more lame.

Sheila Samples said...

Mike Malloy. When you look for the light of truth in this dark world, the guy holding the torch is...Mike Malloy!

Anonymous said...

What about Anthony Wile and the Staffers at the! I can't believe they are not listed here...

Anonymous said...

I thought Eustace Mullins would have been well worth a posthumous mention.

Anonymous said...

Mike Rivero not mentioned???? Throw this list in the trash!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, which ever one you are, they all have great things to say, and Rivero is very good, but anything out there at all, and he never prints it. There are many places he doesn't go. I do read him more than most, and yet he has oh so many articles I couldn't care less about. He rarely gets out there at all and rarely sees the unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

not mentioned above:

Anonymous said...

No Mike Rivero, no Mike Piper, and no Eustace Mullins. Who ever made this list up and did not include these three names needs to go find another job. Perhaps one that they understand.

Lily said...

All I can say is thank you, thank you for all the comments about more obscure researchers/bloggers and other newsworthy influences. Makes my life easier to search out the best of the best!

Not sure if any that follows were mentioned previously:
Brandon Smith:
David DeGraw:
Mark Glenn:
Patrick Timpone:
marti oakley, barb peterson:

Anonymous said...

Christopher Bollyn, the bravest and best real journalist investigating 9/11 and the 9/11 coverup.

Its time to get a grip. There are are real journalists working in the alternative media and real specialists and then there are full spectrum conspiracy theorists (with blind spots) and full spectrum gatekeepers and full spectrum lunes. There is no point in producing a hotchpotch which neither acknowledges those whose contribution for what it is is brilliant and those who make no contribution beyond entertaining and diverting morons.

Anonymous said...

No Horus the Avenger? Follow the white rabbit is the single most important website on the internet.

Jeff Weinhaus said...

Bulletinman, local news from Jefferson County Missouri

Anonymous said...

And what about Justin Raimondo - of - and Ernest Hancock - of FreedomsPhoenix?

Anonymous said...

Plenty of worth honorable mentions listed in this thread. I would include:

Mike Ruppert (single biggest early influence)
Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge
Steve Quayle
Stan & Holly Deyo
Karl Denniger
Mike Vanderburg / Sipsey Street Irregulars

Anonymous said...

Jordan Maxwell is completely missing.

Anonymous said...

The websites I visit on a regular basis:

whatrealyhappened (Mike Rivero)
information clearinghouse (Tom Feeley)
activist post

The litmus test is 911 was a false flag operation.
The second litmus test is a realizaton that god and religion are man-made.

Steve Schwartz said...

Good lord, man. Great list... But drop what you're doing and listen to Dan Carlin. He's a big number 1 in both intellect and production value.

Dan Carlin's Common Sense:

Anonymous said...

The People have spoken in writing, you need to re-write the article and include " by Mike Rivero, as the #1 source of true reporting of the Truth!

Anonymous said...

for advanced:
and for beginners/average iq: alex-me-me-me-jones show

nota said...

"How can you have a Top 10 list without Mike Rivero from"

Indeed! If it wasn't for Mike, I wouldn't know about most others...

Special thanks to the commentators for adding greatly to the 'list'.

John Friend said...

Alex Jones leads people in the wrong direction...

Here are my favorite sites:

This guy is great!!

And of course, my blog:

Anonymous said...

people protesting on the streets are the most influential.
americans are pussies! how many radio shows do you need to take action

once a couch potato......always a couch potato,
goodbye america, keep listening to reality tv & radio,and pay your taxes.

you're a complete joke!
laughinstock of the world, get it ! you're still human !

apeman2502 said...

Sherman Skolnick and Chris Bollyn have all the above as devotees, not the other way around. Rivero is the best broad-spectrum news editor in the world. Even though he probably can't run very fast.

Anonymous said...

Great to see so MANY we can list! Applause all around. Yah for CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero definitely deserves to be on this list. I go to everyday. Also Stephen Lendman who by rights should have a wider sphere of influence ought to be on this list. He is an outstanding advocate for truth. -- M. Rocknest

Anonymous said...

les visible is a mushroom eating lunatic. arrogant and out of his mind.

Anonymous said...

Charlie McGrath has only one song, and he sings it every show. He reports the obvious, has no solutions and is basically a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

To ascertain which alternative media sites peddle dis-information, you simply pick a current "sensitive" story like the one below and see who has ignored it.

Was 3/11 (Fukishima) an inside job? (1 of 6) (summary)

To me, this story has the ring of truth to it. And if it is true, it may be the biggest story since 9/11. Whatever the "truth" may be, the story seems to have been shoved down the memory-hole already - the silence is deafening from the "alternative media". Logically, this puts almost every site listed in this article (and its associated comments) into the disinformation category IMO.

Henry Makow did a story with an internal link to the piece, Alfred Lambremont Webre (with Leuron Moret) did some similar research, Benjamin Fulford pointed out the suspicious ship - the Chikyugo and (the new boys on the block) featured a spin-off story that is quite good. All the regular players have shunned this story, as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

i like to vote for non english alternative media people

one i like to mention is...micha kat

dutch only afaik but still like to point it out as micha is one hel of a fighter the man doesnt only talk he acts as well(he has a YT channel JDTV) his fight against the bilterbergers, elitists and pedo's(those of the elitist are who he is after)

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero
David Duke
Michael Ruppert
David Irving
Peter Ernst Zundel
Gerald Celente

These are people committed truth.

Anonymous said...

....Alex Jones avoids illuminating the Jesuit/Zion connections all together..even his sister goes to a Jesuit university.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Austin Fitts belongs to the List DEFINTELY !

She worked under Bush sen. und tells it all first- hand

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America 1/4

Anonymous said...

Always Spot on.....Always Great !

The Meria Heller Show

Anonymous said...

Dr.Judy Wood must be on the List DEFINITELY !
She does not speculate, nor theorize, but simply looks up the Evidence, that 99% of the People have overlooked. That is world-class serious Reporting !

Anonymous said...

Some really heart warming comments on here and some not so. The list is good and don't forget the researchers and investigators are growing in number daily. David Icke was not the first to write about what is really happening but, IMHO it was Mr. Icke who pushed the doors open wider so that many more people could view, hear and at least be exposed to this information. He is - as far as I know - the only researcher to have been put through an international media ridiculing and crucifixion lasting years (this should not be thought of as taking anything away from those researchers who have been murdered in pursuit of the truth). He has stuck to his guns, brought out book after book, presented on tour and is probably the only researcher that has the most complete picture of what is really going on, on planet Earth. Finally, his courage is inspiring, his headline aggregated news site is brilliant and he says that we are all one and love is the answer. Yes, I'm a supporter!

Anonymous said...

What Jimi Hendrix was to the electric Guitar, was Eustace Mullins to investigative Journalism: An Originator

Like Jimi : Nobody is on his Floor, though Some are in the same House.

Great E.Mullins-Vids on youtube and one of his ultra-important books for Free

RIP Eustace Mullins....A true american Hero !

Anonymous said...

How about Eric Hufschmid, Mike Delaney of, and Hesham Tillawi of

Anonymous said...

A great Guy when it comes to Education in Finance and Economics is Mike Maloney.

In this Vid from 8:30 Min.on Mike Maloney beautifully explanes how our Banking-Systems works.

FED-Base Money + Fractional Reserve Lending heat up the Planet....not CO2.
$10 Oil? Mike Maloney Schools russian Bankers on Deflation, Gold and Silver (Part 1 of 2)

"Wow... you had to teach BANKERS the nature of our monetary system? No wonder we're f*cked":-)

Anonymous said...

Google: The Astucia Report---Mae Brussell---Alex Constantine---Jon Rappoport--- they would not tell you that, most probably, on CNN-FOX-NBC.

Anonymous said...

I think people are suggesting themselves here.

Lois Rain said...

Activist Post tops the list in my book

Anonymous said...

How about Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque?

Anonymous said...

My regular list is:What Really Happened, Information Clearing House, Northern Truthseeker (deserves more attention),The Truthseeker, Snippits and Snappits, Kenny's Sideshow,SOTT,Veterans Today,The Ugly Truth, Aangirfan (info about secret services),Antiwar,Desert Peace (about the Palestinian problem).
Alex Jones is not a gatekeeper but has some restictions.You can easily connect the (Jewish) dots from other sites.He still has solid information,good for starters.David Icke is good for everything except the dubious "reptilians".

Anonymous said...

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: The following alternative media people should be REMOVED from the

list for the following reasons:
Max Keiser: Although this Jewish guy is very articulate, I once saw him saying something

to the effect where where he believed the official fiction that '19 hijackers' were

involved on 9/11. Every informed truther knows that 9/11 was an inside job.

David Icke: Although this British truther is very interesting and likeable, he propagates

the nonsense that the British royal family are the descendants 'Reptilians'

Jeff Rense: when the popular anti-zionist truther Mark Glenn asked this person to remove

anti-Muslim articles froim his website, he responded wiht the threat that he would call

the police against him. This incident revealed the possiblity that Rense might be a false

'anti-zionist' because he tolerated Islamophobic material.

ALex Jones: Although some aspects of Alex Jones investigations are admirable, he does not

give critisize Israel and Zionists.

Remember: There are 2 kinds of alternative news media:
1. alternative media
2. controlled alternative media

Good sources for alternative are:
- Corbet report
- Information Clearing House
- Global Research Ca
- Veterans Today
- Aangirfan
- The Ugly Truth
- Iamthewitness
- whatreallyhappened

Anonymous said...

Surprised that no one mentioned Black Op Radio, Len Osanic's tried and true program for news and interviews mainly about JFK assassination.

Also Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett have excellent programs.

Genie said...

my 2 cents, everyone should have a look. Well informed, intelligent, educated, good writer!

Genie said...

Oh I forgot to mention his name--James Laffrey of everyone should have a look!

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck meets your Alternative Criteria and since he is divorcing himself from Fox this summer and going his own way, he should meet your criteria across-the-board

apeman2502 said...

Sherman Skolnick. These other people pick issues that suit them. Skolnick went for it and made a difference from Chicago to D.C..
Rivero & Co. for daily news.

Anonymous said...

Charles Hugh Smith:

Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque:

Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone:

Jim of Desdemona Despair:

John at Survival Acres:


Mike Whitney:
(Frequently publishes at Counterpunch and has his own blog)

If you're not reading these brilliant people, you're missing out.

Truther said...

Ed, you're throwing out another popular Jewish tool of "racism", plus I can see how you're incapable of logical thinking.

Everything I said is fact. Real truth lies in being able to admit uncomfortable facts.

To Anon you suggested that b/c Rense posts TRUTHFUL material about Islam & Muslim behaviour he should be removed, are you insane?

No wonder the elite is winning. Truth is truth, & Muslims & Islam aren't immune to it.

Truth isn't what you like to hear.

Actually, Rense doesn't post one word on the Musim rape & crime epidemic across Europe, so he is quite accommodating to Islam & their intolerant apologists.

There is NO such thing as Islamophobia: Christians are the most persecuted ppl in BOTH their own nations & where they're the minority, like in Muslim nations.

RATIONAL criticism of Islam isn't Islamophobia, & Rense has every damn right to post about it.

I question whether ppl really want the truth or not. That comment is typical Muslim rhetoric- demand tolerance of everyone & show none themselves.

It is Mark Glenn who was in the wrong, acting like the ZIonists themselves by demanding that Rense NOT report facts he didn't like.

Who's the real enemy of truth here? Not Rense.

Anonymous said...

what about dr. tarpley? webster's books are great and highly informative. i don't agree with his economic perspective all the time as he still somehow thinks the free market is to blame for our economic woes, but he is highly credible in every other aspect; especially, in regards to the intelligence operations of the global elite

Anonymous said..., Sign of the Times. While they do aggregate from other sites, they also publish their own material, and do very thorough research.

UmanMike said...

Impressive and confidence-inspiring list! Thank you!

And to all those lo-brainers that attack Alex Jones, David Icke or any of the other great truth-seekers and apostels: They all have done terrific work in spreading awareness - ask yourself what are YOU doing in these times of challenge - before trying to discredit others!

Any of the above might not suit your style or hit your taste - but they have their legitimate role in the truth-movement!

As for David Icke: If you can´t follow his findings and reasoning (yet) you might just have to do some more research - improve your logical thinking - open your mind some more.

After all David Icke is the more advanced guide into the rabbit-hole - not really suitable for your average main-stream-victim.... (;-)>>

Ed said...

Truther, you are a LIAR!

YOU are the one throwing the racism tool around. I have said nothing of the nonsense you say I said. Go back to all my post and you and everyone reading this will clearly see it!

You are the one who without personally or intellectually knowing anyone, including myself, you throw the insults around as if people are stupid and believe you just because you say it. Aggression only works on people that are scared and you're simply barking up the wrong tree.

I don't know what on earth you mean when you say: "To Anon you suggested that b/c Rense posts TRUTHFUL material about Islam & Muslim behaviour he should be removed"

I haven't talked to anyone on this list about Rense or islam, etc! Aren't YOU the one who's insane??! You are confusing me for someone else! You are one confused individual! Aren't YOU the one incapable of logical thinking??! - In fact, I don't even think you know what logical thinking is!

How can a christian (me) promoting a jew (Makow) be a racist?? Maybe you should accuse Makow of being racist against his own people because he sure dishes out incriminating stuff on the jews.

Your psychopathic aggression does not impress me. If you want to prove yourself a man or woman you should work only with facts.

Anonymous said...

How about's Justin Raimondo? I don't know of anyone consistent enough in being against war and Zionism as he is.

who+dares+wings said...

Les Visible
David Duke Ph.D
Alex Linder
Graig Cobb
Michael C. Piper
Deanna Spingola
Niki Raapana
Deudonne´ M'bala M'bala
Carolyn Yeager
Rick Adams
Chris Hinkley
Peter Schaenk
Dr. Peter Beter
Daryl Bradford Smith
Mike Delaney
Tom Metzger
Anthony Lawson
Maud'dib (John Anthony Hill)
Dr.William Pierce
Matthew Raphael Johnson Ph.D
Mark Weber
Eric Hunt
Brian Akira
Christogenea Mein Kampf Project
Brother Nathaniel

Anonymous said...

This Guy brings a new Flavour to the Party

Anonymous said...

Dr. Stanley Monteith at The best.

Anonymous said...

What Others Say:

"Fintan Dunne is well-spoken, with what seems to be an expansive, nuanced view of world politics."
-- Village Voice, Kareem Fahim ( NYTimes), May 25, 2004

"There are reporters, and then there are reporters. Fintan Dunne is the real thing.
In a sane world, he would have collected a few heavy journalistic prizes by now.
But in a sane world, he would be doing other things."
-- John Rappoport, April 28, 2003

"Fintan Dunne was one of the most demanding interviews I’ve done recently
but also one of the most rewarding."
-- Prof. Scott Lucas, July 1, 2009

"I did an interview yesterday with the fascinating Fintan Dunne."
I loved it! The interviewer was excellent and you were up for the task - Chris.
-- Prof. Jodi Dean, May 5, 2005

Anonymous said...

This list is pretty bad. I notice a lack of real critics of Israel/zionism. How typical. No Grec Bacon? No Michael Collins Piper? Not surprised. This is more controlled opposition. Especially when you put obvioud fraud Alex Jones on your list.

Anonymous said...

What about Kevin Trudeau?

Anonymous said...

And what about Wes Penre

Anonymous said...

Not to be missed is Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (and others) at

Also for the "war" on drugs etc.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is entertaining. But he's bought and paid for by Zionists. It's obvious when you start digging. He would NEVER be allowed in mass media channels if he wasn't a shill.

Anonymous said...

Shout out for Charlie Veitch :)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Joseph Mercola

truth soup said...

It was really rank of you to not rank Mike Rivero in the top 5.I too, have used his site as my home page for many moons. Get real.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Gates is author Guilt By Association ­ How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. See

Anonymous said...

Well, I have mixed Opinion on
But EIR Archive has terrific Information for Those who want to dig deeper.
For Instance : When 9/11 happened, the very same Day Mr. LaRouche knew why: Saving the Financial System from Collapsing,and robbing the american People blind..Phase I....we are in Phase III now.

veritas6464 said...

Hey BigMactivist Post,...How many shills and sheeple does it take to create an "Alternative media" site: Who cares?! You are the other $ide of the two media paradigm coin!
Stop wasting bandwidth on the Net and go get a job in D.C. hawking pro-pharma policies!


Anonymous said...

Tina Foster - exposing the hidden world of doubles & impostor-replacements at

Petr Buben said...

911 controlled demolition therefore an inside. This is the issue.
I know its the old news, but who recognises it anyway?

Rich said...

There's some great calls on here;
John Pilger
Chistoper Story
Ian R Crane
Max Igan
Kerry Cassidy
Bill Still
Plus many many more,the amount of Info all of the people on this page have is huge, if they could just join together under one umbrella group then the sheeple would have no choice but to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Austin Fitts

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about David Wilcock. He endorses Obama.
Others could be Graham Hancock and Benjamin Fulford.

Anonymous said...

I have followed (Leading Edge International Research Group) for many years and found them to be without peer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Marc Stevens deserves honorable mention for the No State Project.

Noah said...

Kevin Trudeau!!!!

Raj said...

Two of the greatest that should be in the top ten -

1. John Pilger -
He's the Australian documentarian and writer who's 50+ award winning films have exposed imperial aggression and exploitation worldwide. His latest is titled The War You Don't See.

2. Amy Goodman -
She's one very brave reporter who's often walked her talk in the streets. Her show is legend.

Anonymous said...

I'd have liked to have seen Kerry Cassidy on your list.

Nelson said...

Vigilant Citizen

He gets my vote for exposing the sinister truth within the entertainment, music and film industries.

Anonymous said...

Christ! What a bunch of whackos...

Anonymous said...

Many good names on the list, but George Ure is the one I read every day, in addition to Mike Adams' Natural News. His blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Dr Deagle

Miriam Delicado

Jessica Schab

Anonymous said...

William Cooper that is all!!

Anonymous said...

Rick Wiles at

Anonymous said...

My comment did not get posted.


Activist said...

Sorry, what was your comment?

goldylocksuk said...

Bill Cooper, not on the list! And barely a mention of him in the comments thread. Surely the biggest liberty hero of all time and someone who has probably influenced many of the others.

Anonymous said...

Phil Schneider R.I.P. true patriot and survivor of the Dulce Underground Alien Firefight

Anonymous said...

The Government Rag is also a great alternative media outlet

Anonymous said...

3 prominent omissions:
Tony Cartalucci @ landdestroyer
Giordano Bruno/Brandon Smith @
Tyler Durden @ zerohedge

Anonymous said...

Where are the women?

AfterAmerica said...

Wow, great article. If anyone had told me in 1977 at the age of 20 that I would board an air New Zealand flight 3 weeks after my 50th birthday, to move to New Zealand and never go back to America -- I would have said your nuts.

My rude awakening was that everything that is come on in America is going on here in New Zealand.

Yes, we have 1 Alternative Media Company here called Guerilla News.

You can visit their web site at:

Vinny Eastwood is syndicated through American Freedom Radio.

The web site for the show is:

The radio network is at:

Vinny's you tube channel is:

Vinny's You Tube Channel


Anonymous said...

The Top 50 Survival Blogs!

Ken Adachi

Anonymous said...

I guess since I'm a Christian and believe that we should protect Israel, that I'm a zionist like Alex Jones? Alex Jones is the best in Alternative Media. PERIOD.

Asavari said...

How come no one's mentioned

This one is one of the oldest, and is a virtual library of alternative news, and reading material.

Anonymous said...

This discussion has great potential to help everyone to "up their game" with better news sources and better analyses. The original post was an intersting selection of people who cluster around one perspective. Valuable, but not complete. Some very intersting names, new to me, in the comments. Thank you for adding names _and_ explaining something about them. Those of you with frivolous comments, please don't come back here. Let me add some very important names.

Alexander Cockburn
Aggregation of essays; 10% are must-reads.

Tyler Durden I read it
daily and closely. Tons of hard facts there.

Dr. Hudson, economist

Gabriele Zamparini
Best Middle East news site, not a gatekeeper

Naomi Klein book: "Disaster Capitalism"
Ellen Brown book: "Web Of Debt" The solution!

Webster G. Tarpley Especially his older essays before he became a celebrity. He has the only serious explanation of 1929, for example. How could you not ?

Henry C.K. Liu, economics, in That's an on-line paper with good writers and not-good ones (e.g. Jamestown Foundation).

Why a top 10 ??? How about clusters of writers who converge on various topics. A horse-race isn't the point. We need tools for serious diggers, and this is a very useful web page.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, me thinks this list is just a wee bit sexist

Anonymous said...

WHR - missing
cryptome (the real wikileaks)

Tony Cartalucchi (because thailand will enter the news)

Anonymous said...

What about Bob Livingston at

Anonymous said...

Zephyr Global Report. They have been kicked off the web regularly for the last 10 years. Hopefully they will be able to stay in their new location in iceland for awhile. on . alex jones and jeff rense read it, but never mention it largely as they are exposed as controlled illuminati 'indy' sources.

Tony said...

You're missing the REAL ACTIVISTS. You know, the one's who went to prison for YEARS for standing up to the machine ... like none of your "TOP 10" clowns ever did... Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and many others.

Anonymous said...

Not to be missed :
Because you can handle the Truth

Anonymous said...

It does say "Most Influential" not the most accurate. Fox News would be the most influential, since it has the highest ratings.

But ratings doesn't equate to truth/correct

anthony7 said...

Some were kind of a shock.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones once said Arabs control Hollywood. As someone who has come to find out that "the Jewish question" MUST be addressed, I find Jones to be disinfo. He does not belong on any such list.

The demographics of heinous events of large scope throughout history compellingly points to a Jewish problem. The Babylonian Talmud does as well. As just one example, consider the ~66 million Russians killed via the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution.

Of course, this is not an indictment of an entire people so spare me the antisemite canard. That would be tantamount to some anti-Italian accusation if a mafia was identified.

Mike Rivero belongs and I think John Kaminski and Michael Piper at least deserve mention.


Anonymous said...

The entirety of the federal government for at least the past 50 years should be on the list of genuine revelators. It was necessary only to behold them. Just watching them in everyday action woke me up. Thus, they should get a lot of credit for awakening those that are awake, for without their bumbling atrocities acted out in public view, who could know what is created in backrooms and kept under tarps?

In the above context, Barack Obama would be the crown jewel of all revelators and should be #1 on the list.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I read the whole think and no one mentioned Dave McGowan.

A huge missing piece is author/writer:

Dave McGowan and his "Center for an Informed America"

He has written many well researched books on the following topics.

He was

- one of the first on 9-11 irregularities writing immediately the day after,

- writing on historical lies of the U.S. government (like the moon landings), ["Wagging the Moondoggie" posts]

- America's ongoing fascist turn in the book:
Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don't Want You to See by David McGowan (2000)

- discussions of the occult "missing" time and unknown backgrounds of most U.S. Presidents instead of just Obama (major section of his book book _Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Delusion_ (2001);

- discussion of the part played by the intelligence services in expanding the discipline of psychology for the purposes of mass control in the USA (same book above)

- his major important work on the international pedophile networks (in Programmed to Kill: the Politics of Serial Murder (2004))

- and his work on the scare tactics used by evil elites in their media to sell 'serial killers' that turn out to be government MKULTRA plots to turn U.S. into a police state or just a scapegoat way to remove unsolved crimes that really lead back to the pedophile, satanic elite networks (same book above)

- his work on uncovering how coopted by the U.S. military and how deeply murderously Satanic and depoliticized were many promoted 'rock stars' of the 1960s (in his "Laurel Canyon" series of posts: "Inside The LC
The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation")

more information at:

jonak said...

hey Activist:::what about

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Paul Drockton, who has a larger listening audience than even Mike Rivero or Charlie McGrath is also on the Rense Radio Network.

Rense publishes his articles all the time and they are republished all over the place. The guy names names and documents his stuff, better than anyone I know of.

archivesDave said...

WHAT? No recognition of Dr Nicholas Hagger?
Gimme a BREAK! PRESCIENT PAR EXCELLENTE! His book, THE SYNDICATE, written sev. yrs ago is a MUST READ.
Two More:
Jesus Christ.
Albert Pike, Author of 1871 MORALS AND DOGMA and BLUEPRINT FOR THREE WORLD WARS....Arguably, next to Christ, the most influential man of the 19th and 20th Century. (Perhaps the 21st Century as well).

archivesDave said...

One more who should be in the top twenty:
Craig B Hulet

Anaughty Mouser said...

Les Visible
Kenny's Sideshow
Michael Rivero
Jeff Rense
Deak Jackson
Daily Bail
Tim Howdarei
Greg Bacon
John Friend
Gordon Duff
Chuckyman Floggingdeadhorses
Veritas 6464
Mantis al-Tayr
Kevin Boyle
Noor al Halqiqa
Lavender Lu
+ many more

Anaughty Mouser said...

Henri Makow
Ryan Dawson
Anthony Lawson
Mike James
Charlie McGrath
David Corbett
+ many more

Anaughty Mouser said...

Max Kieser

Anaughty Mouser said...

Brther Nathaniel
David Duke
Christopher Bollyn

Anaughty Mouser said...

Gerald Celente

Anaughty Mouser said...

Post hum.
Aaron Russo
Eustace Mullins
George Orwell
John Lennon
Martin Luther King jr
Mahatma Gandhi
Jesus Christ

Lavender Luck said...

hey....someone put me on there. Unless there is a Lavender Lu? (-:

I think it's silly how many people are here called 'Dr. this' or so and so Ph.D. ..Sounds too informercial for my taste.

May I suggest a website I enjoy which does indeed review news in an alternative way, but not what you are after now: am pretty sure these ladies are pure hearted and legit, unlike most NWO shill anti-feminists.

Lavender Luck said...


Anaughty Mouser said...

Rixon Stewart

Anaughty Mouser said...

Webster Tarpley

Anaughty Mouser said...

Post hum.
George Carlin

Anonymous said...

Paul Drockton is on the Rense network. The best of the best.

FootballLunatic1959 said...

How about Jordan Maxwell, Devvy Kidd, and Gerald Celente. These three are also giants within each individual's sphere.

Anonymous said...

Great start with 10 people but needs to be longer. I nominate Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.Com who was former assistant Secretary of Housing to George H W Bush. Also, financial advisor Jim Rogers and comedian/commentator George Carlin.

Anonymous said...

Henry Makow should indeed have been up there.

But I also sorely miss Rixon Stewart (

The above list is depending a little too much on ratings. I think advanced truthseekers ( the ones who know about money, spirituality, health, chemtrails, hidden history, institutionalized pedophilia, depopulation etc) will only look at Rense as really influential in the above list. He is the only one with a truly integral outlook on the problem. Integral does not mean correct, but we must look at the entire spectrum and people like Jones, Rivero, let alone Rockwell simply don't have what it takes to look really hard at the really hard things.

Lew Rockwell is the Gold Adept par excellence, and the Gold Bugs will be disgraced only a little while after the Fractional Reserve Banking crowd have been done away with.

Steve said...

10: John Stadtmiller
9: Lee Rogers
8: Alex Ansary
7: Micheal Tsarion
6: David Icke
5: Freeman
4: Jeff Rense
3: Alan Watt
2: Henrik Palmgren
1: Alex Jones

Anonymous said...

Alex is the man! I listen almost daily to him with his pertinent guests & info on my sw radio. I woke up to the New World Order Illuminati etc. by reading books like 'None Dare Call it... etc. and JBS stuff and old Ralph Epperson and listening to the late Bill Cooper and his 'Mystery Babylon' series years ago when Alex was still in high school. Joyce Riley should have been on the list and also stupidly not mentioned is *Dr. Stan Montieth* who is better than em all sometimes, esp when he has guests like Dennis Cuddy on-*he's on We should all rebuke David Icke or anyone who says such crazy crapola about "shape-shifting reptilians" etc.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention Coast to Coast AM. Granted they don't delve too deeply on the radio program but they have a much larger following then Alex Jones. I mean really, the guy has some great researchers working for him but I really doubt he spends much time checking his facts. I lost faith in him when he told me Fox news bought PBS. I mean really? #1? c'mon.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Mike Rivero is he straight said the Obama birth certificate was a non -issue, and that obamma was born in Hawaii. And this was when mike was broadcasting from there. So no credibility.
Alex jones has always stated that isreal is corrupt. Granted he does not concentrate enough on the Palestinian genocide, but he gets major kudos for hammering home GMO, vaccines, fluorinated water, and the corrupt banking system.
So sorry, brother Nathaniel got it wrong, but I do love Jeff rense.

Go G Edward Griffin!! And much to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hal Lindsey

Anonymous said...

anyone making it to this list has to be a shill.
the real dudes are dead or little known.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones? Yeah right!! How about Michael Collins Piper, Jamie Kelso, Ernest Hancock and Phillip Tourney. These people are waaaay off.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most of the ones mentioned have such high exposure because they are propelled by commercial sponsorship. I always question those who have to submit themselves to the agenda of the sponsors. There is one person who remains on the top of my list for this efforts in bringing the truth unlike any other. That is Mel Fabregas from The Veritas Show.

Check out Mel at

We need more people like Mel who do not censor guests and goes where others don't even dare.

Anonymous said...

Mel Fabregas
The Veritas Show

Anonymous said...

Not a single woman. Not one. Well, there you go.

(And I'm signing in as anonymous only because I don't want to create yet another online account to reply to a blog I doubt I'll bother to look at again.)

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero

Anonymous said...

You ALL forgot

- LEE ROGERS of Oracle Broadcasting on line, and his news site "Blacklisted News." What a firebrand!


-Freeman of Freeman Perspective
he's also on Oracle Broadcasting -
Saturday from 9 - 11 PM.

What the heck!

All the Alternate Media Hosts at Oracle Broadcasting are GREAT!

Anonymous said...

People are so apathetic and stupid that the alternative media is effectively null and void.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are sick of Mike Rivero crying poor-mouth all the time. Christ, he's got to be pulling in a TON of money from all of his gigs, adverts, etc., yet he is constantly grousing about needing more money to keep what basically amounts to a news aggregator site going. Give me a break!

He's also highly suspect. The guy has worked for NASA, McDonald Douglas and Hollywood, yet he claims to be an "outsider"...yeah, right.

I like Mike's site, he does offer a lot of good, aggregated info, but I swear that he doesn't read a lot of it as you read the article he's linked to and many times, it is actually the OPPOSITE of what he thinks it says.

Like with most of these guys, you have have a little good info sprinkled in with junk. How long now has Alex Jones been claiming we're all going to be put into FEMA camps? How long has Rivero been claiming the "evil Joos" were going to start WWIII?

Rivero grouses about the most innocuous things, yet he doesn't find it the least bit odd that NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS of flight 77 hitting the Pentagon? I think the whole Chemtrail thing is a joke, too, but I would never be so rude to people on my radio show. Mike is a jerk. No one likes him. He has a HUGE ego and is constantly telling everyone how great he is.

Oh, another BIG problem with Rivero. He is supposed to be some sort of Hollywood graphics wizard (though no one I know in the industry has ever heard of him) yet he knows nothing about graphics as can be witnessed by examining his website. Also, have you ever seen a more ugly website? Seriously??? This guy is a GRAPHICS DESIGNER??? For who, the old Soviet Union?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i didnt read all of the comments but i didnt see one person say anything about william bill cooper. He is my hero . I think he should have been number one.

Anonymous said...

William Cooper -RIP- HOTT

Anonymous said...

Fabregas is just another ego maniacal retread who stole the name of his show from Bill Cooper's newspaper(also in use by Dr. Len Horowitz- for a medical review). Cooper, a real pioneer was doing the work decades ago when Fabregas was figuring out how to come to this country to leach off our system!

Anonymous said...

I'm flabbergasted you haven't mentioned Amy Goodman from one the leading alternative media outlets on +900 channels, Democracy Now!

Lynne Gordon said...

Do we so easily forget our fallen heroes? William "Bill" Cooper (Author of Behold A Pale Horse) should have a place of honor at this table.

Anonymous said...

I think when it comes to these "purveyors of truth" one can certainly find enough criticism of each and every one of them for one or more reasons, but I think this "lynch mob" attitude has done more harm than good. Nowadays everyone is suspecting everyone of being a shill. While disinformation is alive and well, paranoia benefits no-one.

Disinformation is certainly alive and well, and should be in the back of one's mind when traversing these sites.

Mention has been made of the hyper-dimensional influence. The most profound material I have come across regarding this matter (and much more) is the Ra Material:

It will put all else into perspective. That's a guarantee ;)

Able Freeman said...

Nobody likes Ernie Hancock?

He's got the right now, be free now and if it's not fun you must be doing it wrong approach. Puts in cutting edge newtech positive stories along with all the important liberty stories of the day, unfortunately not all that positive. I've been reading and listening to Ernie for many years and love his perspective.

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