Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alternative Media Rankings Surge After bin Laden Assassination Spectacle

Updated: May 9th 
This marks the end of the 7-day period since the announcement of the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  Thank you to all of those who continue to follow alternative media, as well as those who are just tuning in -- Liberty, Love, and Peace Will Prevail.

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A story like the assassination of "public enemy #1" is naturally going to drive people toward all news sources.  However, we in the alternative news media have been particularly busy since the announcement late Sunday night, as indicated by Alexa website rankings.

For those of us covering the government and mainstream media lies, distortions, and pure propaganda, it has been nearly overwhelming to attend to every facet of this professional wrestling-style spectacle.  As a result, traffic to alternative news sites has surged dramatically.  This is very encouraging, as it indicates that people are not immediately rushing only to the comfort and security of the official story, which is largely framed by appeals to emotion -- rather, people appear to be hungry for facts.  Given that alternative media generally does not have even a fraction of the budget of corporate media, the ranking increases are doubly satisfying.  We are honored to be included with the true news sources below as a reliable indicator of the search for truth and justice amid the miasma of the current official coverage of the bin Laden Assassination Show being peddled for obviously corporate and political reasons.

Alternative News 7-day change according to Alexa; listed in order of overall ranking:
Drudge Report --  Rank: 324  Change:109
Infowars -- Rank: 1,238 Change:126
Prison Planet --  Rank: 2,456  Change: 2,377
Rense -- Rank: 5,021 Change: down 187 (increase month-over-month 138; yesterday 411)
David Icke -- Rank: 4,767 Change: 1,313
Lew Rockwell -- Rank: 4,883  Change: 1,570
Global Research -- Rank: 7,316  Change:7,736
What Really Happened --  Rank: 4,012 Change: 12,426   Special hat tip to Mike Rivero who suffered a hack that effectively shut down his site just as the announcement came in.  He bounced back stronger than ever with the highest increase that we could find.
Activist Post -- Rank: 14,607  Change: 6,417
The Intel Hub -- Rank: 35,935 Change: 903
Reality Zone -- Rank: 81,872  Change: 14,104

* We realize that there are many great sites and blogs, news aggregators such as Before It's News, Rumormill News, Blacklisted News, Stan Deyo and Steve Quayle,  and YouTubers like Charlie McGrath from Wide Awake News and James Corbett from The Corbett Report that we omitted, due principally to the lack of available 7-day data.  We also chose to focus on those sites with original commentary that covered the bin Laden debacle in depth, as opposed to the many great cross-over sites from the health field such as Natural News and Food Freedom that have supported many other areas of alternative news.  Nearly all hardworking alternative media has increased across the board.

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Anonymous said...

great article!

mlbs said...

With every attempt to hide the truth more people will seek the truth out. I had a very good feeling this would happen because of his death. We all need to do our part to continue to spread these websites to our friends through social networking. We each have the power to fuel a paradigm shift in news coverage.

Anonymous said...

If they hadn't been so blatant in their lies handling this one, this wouldn't have happened. PEOPLE ARE AWAKENING!! IT IS HAPPENING!!

Activist said...

Yes, people are awakening and in so doing are forcing desperate acts like this one. But, anyway, thanks to the corporate media for continuing to provide such poor coverage of events. -- M.E.

Anonymous said...

Kick ass.

This showdown is/was avaited, soner or later the MSM and the main corporate goverments, would attack the independent media, nothing new under the sun.
And a good reason for the MSM loosess is, like the hasbara comunety, they actualy belive their own rubbish, the rubbish thats been served for decades.
The awaited infowar is just begunn, and its already shownig itsselfs in areas like Al-Jazeera(Syria and spec. Libyan bloggs).
But then again they underestemate their readers, as always, and they are easy to spott and moust of the people is infact aware of them.

Even this sudden escalating in warretoric and trying to paint Pakistan as the nexst target is also obvious.
Just think back a couple of years, when nobody said nothing about Pakistan, and now a war between USA/NATO and Pakistan looms in the background. Suddenly Pakistan is a terror threat and a evil muslim empire.
This is the prelude to WW3, the escalating into the main muslim areas, this is endeed worrysome, but our MSM happyli states everything USA says and shows, without a single comment or something remotly connected to questioning anything,
its Patethic.
Thats way the MSM is slowly eroding their own base, us as readers.
Credibility, is the essence.
The MSM have forgotten that.
We all must help one and another, and spread the different sites around the world.
Its been a steadily growth for some years, but it takes time, and right now people are learning, that there actualy is serious altebnativ news and historys.

He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression.
-- Thomas Paine

Activist said...

Comment from The Intel Hub:

Intel Hub Note: It is clear that the people of the world are going to the alternative media for real news in record numbers. This just goes to show the effect the alternative media can have on worldwide events. We thank all our viewers and listeners for their continued support.

We are proud to be included in a list filled with outstanding alternative media outlets!

Anonymous said...

What great news for the truth of the nation and what wonderful comments. I wonder how soon the "powers that be" take down our internet?

If they do that, I truly believe that we will all find a way to communicate, regardless of their stunts.

Yes, people are truly waking up!

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the loss of the internet by investing in ham radio equipment for your own wireless net.

cross posting these sources to social sites helps the progressive movement ... http:/ has a bunch of show with commentators that speak truth to power.

there are tools available to help cross post to multiple sites at one time, which reduces the effort needed to share the real news.

The g*vt is now using social network software which allows the operator to masquerade as ten separate identities. As the article said, people will see thru it.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones from Prison planet is a zionist agent so this site is probably another zionist agent.

You forgot to mention Eric Hufschmid.

1984 said...

The awakening needs to happen on all spheres, socio,ecno,techno,political and spiritual.

Today in this age of DARK-NESS who-so-every is in-charge and in-control (authorities) are only mis-leading and mis-guiding masses. While HAARP (tesla tech is mis-used), we need to overturn with collective power of united positives thoughts POWER.

Nations like india are corrupt (scam-fraud-ridden) down to the core from TOP are adding to growing misery of POOR while RICH are getting RICHER using corruption,frauds,scams as their WMD (Weapon of Mass Deception). Awaken people before WMD gets us!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the most intelligent and insightful of all bloggers: LameCherry whom everyone should check out.

Anonymous said...

Bah, lets see if it stays up, otherwise it's just a spike and nothing to get excited about.

Activist said...

Alternative media has been trending upward for some time now . . . numbers are up again today.

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

Right Wing Left Wing Parakeet Wing
we thank everyone with the guts to expose the truth

Anonymous said...

I like Mike.

And Les Visible's "Smoking Mirrors."

Rady said...

Great news... And for some anecdotal support, my conservative ("DU is okay cuz it penetrates armor") brother sent me links regarding OBL - he looked at AboveTopSecret and InfoWars.

I was shocked, shocked, I tell you.

My site, COTO Report, went down in hits this week, altho my original piece on OBL spiked (Medical Miracle: Dialysis man survives 11 years on the run in mountainous terrain) thru the roof - just not enough to carry the whole week's downsurge.

But, other members of my family are convinced Obama got Osama...

I think we are reaching thru the fog, tho. At least my dad at least momentarily wonders if he's hearing b.s.

Rady said...

hey, and thanks for mentioning Food Freedom.


Michael Cecil said...

The alternative media has been doing a stellar job in publicizing the lies of the *political* establishment for quite some time.

What I am wondering is when the alternative media is going to get *really* serious...

That is, by publicizing the lies of the RELIGIOUS establishment.

Only *then* will I begin to believe that there is any real *hope* for this civilization.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Zen Gardner said...

Great post! This piece is hearty encouragement for many and once again great reporting! You guys are doing a terrific job and are greatly appreciated by many!
Hats off to all out there working hard to get the truth out--keep on keeping on!!

Anonymous said...

beware of disinfo agents monitoring and blogging who are bumping up ratings. At the same time such behaviour does increase ranking and bring more favourable results of searches. Bit of a double edged sword for the such monkeys.
As someone else said let's see once propaganda over OBL lessens.

Anonymous said...

re "Be prepared for the loss of the internet by investing in ham radio equipment for your own wireless net." - the PLC/PLT devices that are being pushed as mains networking devices affect Shortwave reception and even though ham radio allocations are protectively notched it still allows the noise floor to rise on ham bands.

This makes weaker signals less easily copied.
In UK the 'regulator' responsible is permitting these devices to spread among the technically unaware while, along with the EU, targetting radio hams technical and justified objections to such obviously wireless telegraphy devices.

The result is that the shortwave is being rendered useless for the ordinary shortwave listener. Peoples choice to listen to news out-with mainstream media is being restricted. The latest devices now use frequencies from 2 MHz up to over 320 MHz. NATO, BBC, EBU and the CAA all have concerns but the regulator, OfCom still decry knowledgeable radio hams.

Please stop using the PLC/PLT devices and educate your friends about the danger affecting radio caused by these devices.
see and for more info.



MaKaElectric said...

Awesome, thank you!

Anonymous said...

The look alike OBL is good but his eyes and facial hair is not right! This is no doubt another psych- opp with really bad choreography1
The alternative media are the real check on this tyrannical government!!

Anonymous said...

If they do unplug the internets it will leave most of you totally powerless and living in darkness. That's what you get for being so incredibly haven't lifted a finger to get yourselves organized; you have no competent leadership whatsoever...nor have you ever demanded any (you will follow any jackoff who says he agrees with you); you don't even have the power to boycott the most obvious disinformation agents!

It's true, the internets have given us a very powerful tool for shining the light of truth into the dark places of our societies...but, so what? Now that you're armed with the knowledge that you have you still can do nothing about the criminal actions taking place right before your eyes because you lack effective/competent leadership.

GeoBear said...

we don't need leaders; we're making changes where it counts... albeit one community at a time, but that's where it counts.

oh, it would be so easy for the PTB if we had leaders! but that won't win the game -- look at the past 40 years of government infiltration.

change happens in your neighborhood and you don't need leaders to get it going on.

be the leader you are waiting for, anon

Activist said...

Well said GeoBear. And I would add that it is important to celebrate victory even more strongly than we rage against defeat. -- M.E.

Activist said...

Just saw your post Rady. Great first-hand account. I also have seen "hopeless" family and friends begin to wonder if this wasn't just a bit too . . . convenient. -- M.E.

Thanks for all you do. Everyone NEEDS to visit Food Freedom and COTO Report

Activist said...

Thanks Zen! (Before It's News -- keep pushing the boundaries!

Anonymous said...

8 days of coverage by the MSM. I stopped listening after the first day. More interest in alternative media sites is encouraging. Unfortunately too many people can't get enough pseudo news.

refuge2012 said...

7 years ago I turned off the the TV, and now when I travel and stay at a hotel and turn on the PROGRAMING BOX it makes me feel anxious. I can watch a few minutes and that's all I can take.
Stop complying, turn off the PROGRAMING BOX, programing being the key word. Why be programed?

placeofrefuge2012 dot com

Anonymous said...

@ GeoBear: You misread what I wrote. I don't need a leader...and I'm not waiting on a leader. I am the leader...just not your leader.

I already know how this will turn out...Civil War 2.0 is inevitable now, and it's building up energy as we speak. The Banksters only have to drop that final straw and it's on.

In the first year of the Obama administration there were nearly 15 million individual firearms sold in the US (that's more small arms firepower than all of the standing armies on earth combined). Since that time, ammunition sales have been so high (1.5 BILLION rds per month, average)that many manufacturers were forced to build new plants and add hundreds of new hires to their payrolls.

We didn't buy all that firepower to look at it...we intend to take this country back from the criminals who have seized control of it. Yes, millions of you will die...but that's what happens when you fail to learn from history.

Marc Reid said...

you guys are forgetting one thing, those numbers do not even closely compare to anything that the mass media has. there are more people in a 15 block radius in my city then view those sites. we ARE NOT doing ENOUGH. we have to do more, hold press confrences, more youtube videos, make sure you ACTUALLY post those videos to your facebook pages, feel free to add me i update videos and photos and speechs on my PERSONAL facebook page, im not scared of anyone the illuminati can suck my hairy balls for all i care im not a religious jew and i will not be a subject of american holocaust. MAKE SURE YOU STREAM VIDEOS TO YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK, THATS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO REVEAL IT TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL COMMUNITY. we still, are not doing enough to spreak this word, and frankly it might be too late, there has been so much programming and conditioning through television already for the past century, that its almost irriversable. im not saying give up at all, im saying FIGHT HARDER. this message will now self destruct.

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