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10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" -- Lord Acton

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For a people to be free, they must first be honest with themselves, their government, and the world at large.  History is filled with stories of free nations that fell under the spell cast by their governments who exploited the threat of terror.

In fact, numerous presidents in American history already have used various specific threats to sidestep their Constitutional restraints.  Today we are entering a nebulous world where our "enemy" cannot be defined, has no particular allegiance to one country, and is able to adopt new leaders at will.  Rather than encourage a sense of resilience and independence in its citizens, America has chosen to amplify the terror threat in order to concentrate power in the hands of the State.  The very first signpost on this historically familiar road to tyranny is an atmosphere of hate, suspicion, and vindictiveness.  It first begins as an outwardly directed aggression and then rather abruptly turns inward upon itself. 

The good news is that freedom is won and lost in our hearts and minds.  It is for this reason that we must state the obvious:  we have clearly passed through the first "atmospheric" stage of approaching dictatorship, and have now entered the second -- the open behavior of a dictatorship in the United States.

It will never be announced on the evening news, and it is not likely to continue under an authoritarian leader in the mold of a Stalin, Hitler, or Mao.  Likewise, it is not to say that Barack Obama is the first dictator of The United States, but rather is part of a continued expansion of executive power that is now so great that by all measures America can no longer be called a Land of the Free ruled by We the People.  We stand no chance of reversing this forced march by false democracy until we understand where we are headed, who is leading us there, and for what purpose.

1. Rule by force, not by law: This is where it all begins; when the legal framework that serves to define a country and its behavior is dismantled and intimidation tactics take over.  In the most extreme case, drone bombings and assassinations have begun of non-citizens, as well as U.S. citizens, leading only to a debate over whether U.S. citizens should be stripped of citizenship before assassination.  Governmental assassinations are in complete opposition to the laws of America and all international laws and agreements.  In the last week we have also seen the official elimination of the 4th Amendment in Indiana, which is a clear precedent-setting ruling to say that the State now believes that it owns the property and person of its citizens.  As a result, the militarized police have been granted unlimited access, which will only cause an escalation in cases of police brutality and misconduct.  This is yet another addition to the precedent set by TSA groping and sexual harassment in airports, Child Protective Services kidnapping children of activists in pro-liberty causes, public school surveillance, and the lawless detention of activists who videotape the police.  All areas of society are now ruled top-down through state legislation adopted to justify federal grants that have installed a police state apparatus in America.  And these federal agencies such as the TSA actually believe they rule supreme over the states.  We now live in a country where CIA abductions, overseas detention, torture and assassinations can be carried out against anyone without due process and without recourse if later cleared; in fact, the Supreme Court has just ended the legal debate by refusing to even consider appeals.  Consequently, an atmosphere has been created where the government is permitted to break countless laws, like warrantless GPS tracking of activists by the FBI, while average citizens are guilty of pre-crimes.  The increase in executive power under the aegis of National Security is our greatest threat and has led to all that follows.

2. Crushing peaceful protest:  Despite the current mission to defend protesters living in dictatorships overseas, when George Bush brought "free speech zones" to America it effectively spelled the end of peaceful, lawful street protest.  Now the full force of brutality and surveillance has been unleashed upon the very people intent in stopping it through peaceful means.  It is as sure a sign as any about totalitarian intentions, when anti-war activists have become one of the targets.  The activist is beginning to equal terrorist in the all-seeing eye of the State, and any street gathering is a sure sign to let loose all of the riot weapons that were formerly used against insurgents on foreign battlefields.  One look at the G20 protest in Pittsburgh,  a recent Illinois University event, and the ongoing travesty of the torture and incarceration of Bradley Manning, and we can begin to see through the propaganda of White House officials when they talk about terrible dictators in other nations crushing dissent.

3. Checkpoints: The slow acclimation of the populace to military-style checkpoints began first as border control operations up to 100 miles inland in what the ACLU calls the Constitution Free Zone.  However, this has rather quickly morphed into local traffic stops across the country for "unsavory" characters such as those targeted by the Amber Alert system and DUI checkpoints.   Though apparently well meaning, we are now far beyond even loosely suspected criminal activity, as VIPR teams have been introduced to take over public transportation and events.  The TSA tyranny has hit the streets of America, now forming a de facto internal passport system straight out of the totalitarian playbook.  The expanding checkpoint system dovetails with new initiatives such as the No Ride List proposal of Chuck Schumer, building upon the No Fly List already in place.  These no-travel lists are extrajudicial, secret, and form a guilty-until-proven innocent framework that subverts freedom instead of protecting it.  Incidentally, this element of constant suspicion is exactly what leads to a citizen spy network.

4. Citizen spy network:  Dictatorships know how difficult it is to rule over large populations with only the relatively small numbers of military and police. Despite the lessons of terror created by citizen surveillance that the East German Stasi files left us to examine, just such a network has been openly introduced to present-day America -- and now it's even more high-tech and populated.  Secret black budget projects organized through the NSA like Perfect Citizen is just one among many.  Our head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano -- in partnership with retailer Wal-Mart -- kicked off the See Something, Say Something program, which goes beyond the already high-tech surveillance apparatus of the NSA and turns each of us into an unpaid employee of the police state.  Similarly, the web of cameras and data mining is far too massive for even the well-funded NSA, but with gadgets at our disposal we can now download apps to enable spying on our neighbors.  Most dangerous of all, though, is new legislation introduced by Peter King that enshrines Janet Napolitano's program and would provide immunity for accusers "acting in good faith" while reporting suspicious activities.  This is guaranteed to lead to false arrests and disappearances, just as it has on every occasion throughout history when a society's fear becomes self-directed.

5. Executive Orders:  This is the means by which a dictator can come to power in the United States, despite a framework of checks and balances.  Any time a country has centralized its power to the executive branch by erasing the checks and balances of separate legislative and judicial bodies, the result has been dictatorship.  And this normally happens when national security is “threatened.”  The Constitution is clear, however: only the legislature (Congress) can make laws.  Yet, the use of Executive Orders has increased, beginning with President Clinton who came under fire for his abuse of this power, becoming one of only two presidents (the other was Truman’s E.O. 12954) to have an Executive Order struck down by the courts.   His successors seem only to have been encouraged. Clinton issued 14, George W. issued over 60, and Obama is at 26 with many more to be expected if he wins a second term. Among the most egregious of Obama's orders is the ability to hold detainees indefinitely even after a court has found them not guilty.  Executive Orders also form the basis for control over regulatory agencies, which then impose the directives.  While it seems multi-layered with potential checks and balances, all directives can now be issued top-down in dictatorial fashion. 

6. Control of regulatory agencies: This is the more insidious and, ultimately, dangerous tactic used by dictatorships.  Dictatorship through regulation invades every facet of society without relying only upon overt violence.  As mentioned above, only the legislature can make laws.  However, the legislature has created “regulatory bodies” which make de facto laws through “violations” that rob us of freedom.  There is no clearer example at the moment than the FDA, which has brought in near-total food control.  The FDA is working in concert with a global agenda being foisted upon us through the Codex Alimentarius commission in Europe which essentially renders anything healthy as toxic, and all that is toxic as healthy.   Regulatory agencies in the United States have engendered a system where the corporate-government revolving door leads to corruption and consolidation -- not free markets.  The current regulations are opposed to the principles of freedom and independence, and favor only those in positions to make money from more control; so more control and less freedom is what we can expect under these federal directives controlling the states. 

7. President declares war unilaterally: Despite the parade of lies that led to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it pales in comparison with the new war in Libya and other interventions and sanctions throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  Through Executive Orders, outlined above, the President can declare war so long as there is a resolution passed by Congress.  This has been dispensed with through Obama's illegal wars, and it appears that Congress could go even further by ceding its power completely to the president.  The disregard for Congressional approval is already dictatorial, but if this last step is taken we will effectively be living in a permanent state of war tantamount to WWIII that will be controlled at the sole discretion of the current and future presidents.  This unilateral power to drag nations into war without checks and balances is a hallmark of dictatorships where entire countries are swept along purely by the ideology of their leader. As Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell have stated, "We have a dictatorship when it comes to foreign policy."  With the latest development, it is actually a dictatorship when it comes to domestic policy as well, since America's espionage network has turned inward, and this new presidential power would not be limited to overseas actions.

8. Torture:  Torture has long been a tactic used by America. In fact it runs the leading school on its methods.  The School of the Americas (now called WHINSEC) has been responsible for training Latin American dictators and their thugs on how to intimidate the local population and rule with an iron fist.  However, the torture debate has hit mainstream media in a serious discussion about its effectiveness, especially following the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  Aside from the despicable morals involved, torture doesn't work for intelligence gathering, according to experts.  Furthermore, the legalization of torture was what really brought the dreaded Russian secret police out into the open.  When such a declaration is made, it is literally a recruiting strategy to find the criminals and sadists who would love to be part of such a system.  Torture is not normal work for normal people; it is the work of psychopaths such as Dick Cheney who loves the tactic of waterboarding so much that he has stated it should be brought back and used more widely.  No nation that uses torture to obtain confessions can be called legitimate. It is only used as a tool of intimidation and oppression by totalitarian regimes.

9. Forced labor camps (gulags): This is when we know that a totalitarian society has arrived in full and our society is run completely by coercion.  As Naomi Wolf has illustrated, "With its jails in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, of course, Guantánamo in Cuba, where detainees are abused, and kept indefinitely without trial and without access to the due process of the law, America certainly has its gulag now."  Additionally, a silent gulag has already been created inside America, starting with the nation's prisoners who are increasingly locked up within a for-profit prison-industrial system that makes money both on the construction of prisons as well as the cheap labor force.  The Defense Department itself pays prisoners 23 cents per hour to build its weapons systems, which is clearly a type of slave labor.  One might immediately argue that there is a huge difference between real prisoners and innocent people swept off the streets as they were in Stalinist Russia, for example, or in modern day North Korea and China.  That is to presume, however, that everyone in prison is guilty; and, if they are, that the crimes which have sent them there really constitute offenses worthy of prison sentences.   America has the world's largest prison population and the highest incarceration rate precisely because nearly everything is a jail-time crime, and there is money to be made by the growing corporate prison system.  The War on Drugs alone has led to a disproportionate number of inmates for non-violent offenses among the already 2.4 million in jail and the 5 million on probation.  With the economy imploding, even debtors prisons have made a comeback.  Although FEMA camps are still relegated to fringe conspiracy theory, we should be wary of the potential endgame for such a proven system of oppression.  Through Continuity of Government, national emergency directives would openly suspend the Constitution and could possibly lead once again to internment camps in America. 

10. Control over all communications (propaganda):  Once the physical framework of dictatorial control has been set up, then the justification for its continued presence can commence.  The type of high-tech control grid now put into place in The United States to this point has only been explored in works of fiction such as 1984, which has led Paul Craig Roberts to draw a correct parallel.  A public emergency announcement system has in fact been in place since the '50s, whereby the president can interrupt television and radio to deliver critical messages.  However, this has been recently expanded even beyond the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as the FCC voted to mandate (PDF) "the first-ever Presidential alert to be aired across the United States on the Nation’s Emergency Alert System (EAS).”  Now, with the arrival of the trackable smartphone that can be hijacked to bring government messages (emergency or not) we find ourselves "willing" participants in a scenario reaching far beyond 1984.  Using the bin Laden assassination and the threat of guaranteed reprisal, the government has announced that the president will break into these private networks to carry PLAN government messages and warnings; and there is no opt-out. This is slated to go even further, as Infowars has reported: "All smart devices have federally-mandated control and kill switches added. This will give the government total control over incoming information to all smart phones regardless of manufacturer. These policies dovetail with the roll out of Smart Meters and the new Google controlled smart homes which will send messages over the power-lines to your appliances to control power consumption or simply cut the power. In addition, new 'green' lighting systems are being installed in government buildings which send and receive data through controlled pulses of light. And now the Pentagon wants the authority to run it all." At the same time, we have seen the buildup in rhetoric leading toward Internet control.  As always, an unsavory element of society (pirating) has been used as one of the pretexts to introduce government control over private industry, while cybersecurity lays claim to total control over the infrastructure for national emergencies.  Ideologically, Obama advisor, Cass Sunstein, has proposed a fairness doctrine for the Internet that would enable a government overlay on private websites that would offer counter opinions to anti-establishment content.  We are approaching a situation worse than China, where both mental intrusion via propaganda and physical intrusion via systems control are merging.  It is not comforting to know, also, that the president made a shocking claim recently that he can censor unclassified documents.  There is clearly a concerted effort to take over all forms of information, permitting the government to alter it or censor it before consumption by its citizens.  In any other country we would call this a dictatorship.

It would appear that the United States should be a called a dictatorship based on the above criteria. Once the atmosphere is established, average participants need not be part of a conspiracy, as they tend to unquestioningly go with the flow.  However, we must acknowledge that the U.S. is in a vastly different position than totalitarian regimes of the past, as well as her contemporaries. America has a history that is built upon the foundation of resistance to dictators.  This memory needs to be invoked by following the protections outlined in our founding documents, particularly the power of the states to resist Federal tyranny.  The protections therein can be restored once we have the courage to admit how much freedom we have lost, then refuse to succumb to a fear-based perception of reality.  Only then will Liberty, Love and Peace prevail!

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This guy really did an excellent job backing up and citing his evidence. Only a moron would swallow the Palbum they're fed by the corporate media and believe that America is a free country. Try signing a petition or protesting and see how hard they'll come on you.

Activist said...

SPECIAL NOTE: Already we are seeing comments coming in that suggest that violence is the way to restore freedom. We want to be clear: we are 100% dedicated to peace and to the pen, not the sword. We will delete comments calling for violent revolution as it does not represent our worldview. The world is quite violent enough as it is -- the last thing we need is more of it. We abhor the idea of censorship, but it is incredibly irresponsible to fan the flames of hate, and we will not endorse that in any way, shape, or form.

Anonymous said...

Evil needs two to tango. But in America's case, most are fat, lazy, totally ignorant of the world around them and these (I'd say around 70%) are the one's the Neo-Commies need.

The media and it's massive backstabbing'Killing for Christ!!'inbred Sunday christian manages to keep it's twisted Anti-Christ building mutated fanatsy alive. Ever since September 2001, America's hi-jacked Corpo-Christian church as a whole fervently believes it can torture and kill anyone on this world and keep Jesus happy.

Will vengeful American one day be satisfied thinking enough Muslims have finally died?

Sure. Only because America found a new race of peoples to kill enmasse. China, and maybe even Canada beware.

Wiliam G.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you say. This country is clearly headed towards a police state and destruction. I'm sure you will censor this as you oppose violence as stated above. But I guess it's okay to trash Christians. Typical liberal you are. You might recognize some of the below text, although I wouldn't be surprised if you don't.

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

It comes from our constitution in case you're wondering.

Anonymous said...

The pen is not mightier than the sword. And all these peace-creeps who espouse non-violence are simply wasting space and air on a planet run entirely by violence.

That is the way it is.

Violence is headed your way. Violence is going to come kick down your door looking for precious metals, something to eat, and maybe your wife or children too.

Your less than meaningless, pacifist lives will quickly pass -rightly unnoticed-.

The next generation will be more gravely enslaved.

The next generation will live in an environment more precarious debased.

The future of the next generation will be gambled away at another crap-shoot of pacifist-dreamers who write like shit and think like howling Gibbons.

Get with the program -or soon- human beings will live in crap filled cages.

No wait!

On second thought, looking more closely at the nearby cities, smelling the urine in the doorways and seeing the shit strewn helter skelter in the alleys along with the junkies and the homeless, I have probably missed my queue on that one.

The pacifists are -in fact- showing every sign of becoming what Aldous Huxley in -Brave New World- termed an Epsilon-Minus Semi-Moron.

Good luck. You will need it.

The Third World War has already begun, and YOU are in the strike zone.

They say, they got Osama bin Laden. A TOTAL FANTASY.

They say, we have economic recovery. A TOTAL FANTASY.

They say, Fukushima is nothing to worry about. A very dangerous fantasy.

They say, BP is a gift from heaven for the Gulf of Mexico.

All hail -Emperor Cuckoo!

It is not the dictatorship of the proletariat.

It is the dictatorship OVER the Epsilon-Minus Semi-Moron peace-freaks.

Count yourself among them, citizen.

Don Robertson
Limestone, Maine

Pitchman said...

It is a state of Marshal Law being implemented while the public votes for their favorite American Idol.


treach•er•ous (trchr-s) adj.

- Marked by betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust; perfidious. See Synonyms at faithless.
- Not to be relied on; not dependable or trustworthy.
- Marked by unforeseen hazards; dangerous or deceptive

See minutes 7:00 to 14:00 of “Behind the Veil” Here ( ). While the film’s left slant is swayed by the two party narrative; Larry Pinkney’s insight on the Obama brand at 20:40 and “The Republicrats” at 1:39:22 cracks this myth and speaks to the heart of a failed system. If you watch nothing else, see the Chris Hedges speech on hope at 1:45:00.

Uncovered; is a system that affords three wars and tax cuts for the wealthiest few but can’t afford to maintain our national parks or vital services for the most vulnerable among us. While insightful, we cannot endorse the notion that free market capitalism is a failure. It, like our beloved democratic republic and the rule of law has been hijacked and subverted for the benefit of a powerful few. No mater the system or it’s rhetoric; human evolution is marked by man’s struggle for sovereignty and self rule against the tyranny of power and control. “Behind the Veil” exposes a treacherous ploy purchased through, and implemented by, those we trust to represent us….

In March of 2009 Bloomberg reported the Government and Federal Reserve had spent, lent, or committed $12.8 Trillion on the bailouts. Today you can add to this; our continual support of Fanny and Freddy, the Federal Reserve’s ‘Quantitative Easing’ programs at about $100 billion per month and that figure stands near $16 Trillion or higher. Regardless; it is the largest transfer of wealth in human history and it continues unabated and wholly unchallenged.

Meanwhile the Obama administration

* Increases secrecy, blocking more Freedom of Information Act request in 2009 than the Bush administration in 2008. – Huffington Post, March 16, 2010
* Fights for Government immunity in prosecutions for domestic spying . – Electronic Frontier Foundation April 7, 2009
* Extends the Patriot Act without any reforms. – CS Monitor, March, 1, 2010

Read the rest here:

“by their fruits ye shall know them” – Mathew 7:16

Anonymous said...

Right on, activist! I am very, very frustrated by the immediate jump to a place of violence by those who question the status quo. Would you really be so quick to shoot people begging for food? for medicine? For water?
Everywhere I see statements such as "Invest in lead", and it frightens me to think that this is the normal attitude in the United States.
Here's a clue- if someone has nothing, they aren't the problem, they aren't the ones who caused the problem, and they certainly aren't the one's who put you in this situation.
All my life I've been told certain neighborhoods aren't safe, then ventured into those same neighborhoods without encountering the least hostility. I expect the scaredy people will be just as accurate about the post- collapse world.
just withdraw from it- grow your own food, make your own furniture, be as distant as you can from anyone else who profits from your labor.
Fame Bestia.
The only way to win their game is not to play.

Anonymous said...

I too am all for peace, but what do you do when you just want to be left alone and not bullied? What do you do when selling milk is a crime? When growing food in your own garden becomes a crime? When driving your vehicle becomes a crime? When everyday life and the business of living becomes a crime? At what point does one fight back because there is nowhere to back up since your back is already against the wall? Even the most blind can see we have reached that point already, at least those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear.

whatbox? said...

The US is nothing as commonly understood by it's citizens or the world. That is the first bitter truth to be swallowed. Everything that has happened, is happening in this list as an example is merely the tightening of the screws.

There is only the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And every CITIZEN is tax-slave. It is really that simple.

Most nation-states are bogus entities.


SummerRain said...

Excellent article with precise timing of what is finally showing what is really happening in America.

Also, there is a book just out about average Americans finally taking a stand against federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

It's so real as to what is happening. We have lost our freedoms by just sitting in front of our TV's over the past 2 decades.

Let us resolve the tyranny now so that our children can live in peace & freedom

Anonymous said...

My question is this: At what point does predicting violent uprising become ENDORSING violent uprising? Because, although I do NOT endorse it,I have a hard time seeing how this tide can possibly be turned without it. If not in this generation, then in the next; because the fascist dictator state always falls, eventually.

Anonymous said...

The big rock started rolling down the hill in 1913 and it's been picking up speed ever since. We lost control of our wealth thus, we lost control of our country. The privately owned Federal Reserve dictates the actions of America, period....Not "We The People."

If you still believe it's "We The People" in control then, why would "We The People" be fighting in 4 wars, allow American families to be made homeless, send our jobs to China, on and on and on....
If these are the desires of "We The People" then, Wow is this country cooked!

War is not a natural event. War is caused by someone wanting what another possess. Global stealing of resources is the American Corporate objective and bottom line.

Real Patriots do not steal from another country. Our Freedom does not require us to destroy another country's society for us to be free. Our military is not protecting America if, they are fighting and killing citizens of another country who has not tried to invade us!

The American Way of Life has changed from hard work and cooperation into, lies and deception like common criminals.

The American Public has been fooled for years. They play the political game, the investment game, the education game, the news media game, the corporate game...they play games that they will never win! Hoping that this time, things will be more fair and just. Pitiful thinking at best.

Americans should heed this old saying...."He who lives by the sword, will die by one, too."

refuge2012 said...

I agree with non violence, but I support

That's all it takes
is for more people to stop
complying with the masters.


JonaC7 said...

I don't, and would never, call for violent revolution. I do call for revolution though, a nationwide work and spending strike. Their power is an illusion and based upon our unconditional obedience. Their wealth is our labor, our work product and our addiction to consumerism. It’s time to say, no. No to dictating our time, no to dictating our wealth, and no to dictating what we can and cannot do, short of harming others, with our own bodies. If we don’t work and spend, EVERYTHING STOPS. First, we will be punished. Services will be shutdown. We will have to step up and care for ourselves and our family and neighbors. It won’t take long. Then, they will approach some “leaders of the movement” and offer bribes and power to “get them back to work.” Finally, they will wake up, back off, grow up and come to know that the power is in the individual, in freedom and in true liberty. It’s time to walk like an Egyptian.

Anonymous said...

I feel that individually and collectively we generate a certain energy or Karma. Our leaders are a mirror of ourselves. ie Generally we never minded when our government oppressed other people in the world ie. Vietnam, South America, Middle East, our own Native population, etc. We don't mind to eat tortured animal flesh or to treat our own bodies as garbage disposals. It's only Karma that we are now treated as animals at the airport. We ourselves created this. First we must change our minds then the world around us will bend to our selfless efforts. Karma is a real force that is administered only by our Mind. Human Beings are capable of enormous compassionate selfless action. We are living far beneath our potential. The powers that be know that they need to expend great effort to subdue our minds through the media, through the seduction of lust and icon worship, of exotic food additives, of blood lust in sport or war etc. This does not happen by chance and we let it happen. Our minds have great power and the oppressor must expend this effort for fear that We will wake up to become the selfless compassionate Beings that we truly are. I feel that this will happen after we pay our Karmic price. Unfortunately we are paying it now. Even the earth is unhappy with us.
In an ideal society the word "Government" would be a negative expression. Lets start off on the right foot and first acknowledge that We are the creators of good and evil. And then build a selfless compassionate realm from the inside out. This is possible.

Activist said...

Thanks to all for taking the time to read and comment. It is our feeling that the cycle of violence has to stop in order to achieve a lasting peace. The emotional response to oppression is to strike back, but we believe that there has to be a more intelligent, strategic plan to move the country and the world toward increasing peace, rather than escalating violence. Let's try to think about what we want to build, rather than what we want to destroy. Get involved in your local community and help spread independence within an area where you can have a direct effect. Nothing is more effective at spreading freedom than providing a concrete example for others to follow.

Anonymous said...

I can see the point of those that call for violent means, its usually the last recourse of the clue less. however; We are beyond that with today's technology. Never before have we had the capability of total electronic remote control as we do today. Most people have no idea the stuff that's out there, or that is being cooked up in a board room somewhere.If they did they would run for a cave some where, though it would do no good. Believe me when I say, its over!! Your little rifle is no match even en masse to the stuff that our tax dollars paid for. They already have total control!!! Most folks just don't know it yet.What you think you see or know is just a RUSE.
ADVICE: Just live your life and take care of your own the best you can. Try to build friendships or alliances around you, that's the only protection from whats coming we can hope for. Lastly,Pray that there is a GOD that can rescue us from what we have so stupidly allowed to occur.

Josh said...

Refuge2012 is right. Non-compliance along with peaceful dissention is the answer. Simply stop playing the game. Violence will only breed more violence. If enough people simply stop playing the game, then things will change, but you have to have the courage of your conviction. I think the best way to start is to get off the credit merry-go-round paying cash if possible. Stop using banks as much as possible. Why not use a Credit Union or S&L? That's where all the money and power is funneled to anyway...BoA..Citi...Chase...Fargo...Sachs. If they have no customers, they get no money and they lose their power over us.

Anonymous said...

Many commentors here see the fact that if they did their Constututional duty and enforced the encarseration of domestic enemys that have stolen power, they would be met with force.
If evil men have stolen power and promote tranny, they are not going to stop without a fight, no matter what the law demands. They feel they are above the laws. I too wish for peaceful change but we (the typical american), are not the ones using deadly force.
Your basically given a choice by your aggressors, give up all rights or die. Most people will fight at that point. Ther'es nothing to lose at that point.
One thing you must remember, thay always read from the same broken playbook. Know the playbook and know their future moves. They have already shown you what that is in past examples.
Beat them to the punch.

Anonymous said...

"Stop complying with the masters"??

It doesn't exactly happen that way under Fascist regimes.

You WILL eat GMO foods or you will starve. You WILL vaccinate your children or they will be taken from you. You WILL be treated with pharma drugs - no alternatives allowed. You WILL show your papers or you will go to jail.

You can't "stop complying" against chemtrails or drones or radioactivity or engineered weather, or lab-created viruses. These thugs don't mess around.

Anonymous said...

if 2 million UNARMED Americans came to DC and swarmed the capitol, inside and out, and just took it over...the govt would bring the violence to us. I feel that is the only solution, a million people crash the gates of the White House, a million crash the Capitol, and let the people reclaim what is ours

Bruce Hayden said...

Those ignorant pacifists who will not accept the fact that there is no other way to reclaim our
country and the original freedoms our Founders
fought for need to stay in their houses when the shooting war starts. I'm sure those houses are nice and comfy with several armchairs and pictures of Gandhi all around. Sadly, these types
don't realize that it's 2001, not 1951.

Anonymous said...

If it looks like a pig, acts like a pig, squeals like a pig, then it is a pig!

Anonymous said...

In response to "You WILL eat GMO foods or you will starve."... You can grow your own food and/or buy organic.
"You WILL vaccinate your children or they will be taken from you."... There are "alternative doctors" who have "MD" behind their name. You could probably utilize them to get around this problem.
"You WILL be treated with pharma drugs - no alternatives allowed." There are alternatives out there. Do a Google search for alternative medicine. Dr. Mercola is a good source of information.

Anonymous said...

I saw on this morning's news that the Supreme Court has decided that police can enter (force-ably if necessary) any premises without a warrant if they believe evidence is being destroyed inside the premises. Goodbye Fourth Amendment!

Rady said...

Well laid out, AP. Bravo.

I would caution you to refrain from sexist language, which is a form of oppression. Sexist ideology smacks of authoritarianism, and many would argue that we are in the spot we're in today because women have been mostly excluded from the halls of power in government, institutions and corporations.

"The good news is that freedom is won and lost in the hearts and minds of men."

I assure you, no paradigm shift or velvet revolution will proceed without women. Not even violent revolution can be sustained without women.

I'd rephrase that as:

"The good news is that freedom is won and lost in our hearts and minds."

I've produced a Guide to help:

Nonsexist Alternative Language: Handbook for Conscious Writers

I'm sure you know that most of the world's poor is female. Most of the world's farmers are female. And nearly all that is good about society is held together by familial bonds.

The human species is not a single gender. Sexist language reinforces authoritarianism, which leads to economic disparity and worse. Injustice for one is injustice for all.

One more technical point: SOA is now called WHINSEC.

Otherwise, this is an excellent piece. Thanks for writing it.

Anonymous said...

Quotation by FAGTATORSHIPAMERIKA (oh look, he spelled America with a "K" How original and clever):

"This guy really did an excellent job backing up and citing his evidence. Only a moron would swallow the Palbum [sic] they're fed by the corporate media..."

And only a sheep, Pavlovian, brainwashed lemming moron like you would swallow the pablum fed to him by some propagandist website like this one.

Anonymous said...

"Your comment will be visible after approval."

You fucking censoring Nazis. You're worse than the tyranny you claim you're opposing.

Activist said...

Thanks so much Rady. And, of course you are quite correct that we are all in this together -- have to "Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming" ourselves at times! Much appreciated -- changes made to the language as well as the update of SOA to WHINSEC.

Be well...

Anonymous said...

Quotation by Anonymous:

"I saw on this morning's news that the Supreme Court has decided that police can enter (force-ably if necessary) any premises without a warrant if they believe evidence is being destroyed inside the premises. Goodbye Fourth Amendment!"

Nothing has changed. Law enforcement has always had legal permission to enter (forcibly if necessary and without warrant) any premises they suspected exigent circumstances occurring; and law enforcement has always had the burden of demonstrating to a jury that such exigent circumstances existed. If police suspect a crime of immediacy is occurring, like rape, assault, murder, or destruction of possible evidence, it's always been permissible for them to enter a domicile without warrant.

Don't they teach civics in high school anymore? Or did you skip those classes? You should review your American jurisprudence.

Activist said...

To anon -- well there you go; there's your comment for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Quotation by Activist(Everyone with a keyboard and computer chair is an activist):

"To anon -- well there you go; there's your comment for all to see."

Why did you feel the need to say that? Isn't it quite obvious you published the posts? What was your purpose making a post to announce you posted the readily observable posts? Do you want a shower of accolades?

Anonymous said...

And I didn't claim you wouldn't publish the posts (that is incorrect and illogical presumption on your part). It's the fact that you have to APPROVE the posts that make you hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

The group mentality you display is also abhorring, Activist: Including the extraneous term "...for all to see."

You expect your herd to mass-align against the dissenting pariah? A group-think, brute-force exclusion tactic? How Pavlovian.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a full blown Communist Marxist, but then again, so is the Democratic Party of these united States. The same type of 'commie' that we fought and died against in Korea and VietNam. It's time to start calling them all COMMUNISTS!!

GeoBear said...

okay, at the risk of jackboot thugs arresting me, and in the interest of pure intellectual speculation, anon made a good point in favor of violent revolution.

You can't not comply with "chemtrails or drones or radioactivity or engineered weather, or lab-created viruses."

True. And we can't not comply with governmental agencies allowing corporations to poison our land, air and water.

Birthing a new child is bloody and painful and many would argue that squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a grapefruit is violent.

All national borders are created thru violence. Even this one. Especially this one. Our founders had no illusions in this regard, and few would call them "clue less" as another anon said.

It's true that the dearth of weaponry that will be used to stifle rebellion will wipe out tens of millions of us, and certainly, the psychopaths in charge would be happy with that amount of population reduction (and more).

But they plan to wipe most of us out anyway. Do you want to die on your knees living your life quietly and trying to stay out of the way for as long as you can, or do you want die on your feet?

Frankly, given my age, I choose the former, while supporting the latter.

GeoBear said...

btw, I know of a little old lady who spiked logger roads in a national forest to delay the clearcuts.

Imagine if all of us did something to prevent the ongoing ecocide. Imagine if tens of millions of us did these things.

I bet that would lead to a positive outcome for the environment.

Anonymous said...

Rady you're kidding right?
You're repeating MSM garbage hook line & sinker amongst a room discussing matters of gravest importance, & you want to register your protest at how the dialogue is excluding wiimenz? GTFO! This is how I know most Westerners still dont get whats happening, they are still like children demanding their 'rights', even while the house burns down around them. Go turn on Sex and the City little girl, adults are talking

'Women are friendly to tyrants, since under them they have a good time.' - Aristotle

Anonymous said...

Pls dont encourage entitled housewives like Rady with their Politically correct nonsense on this otherwise fine website

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't George W. Bush and Cheney usher this bullshit in - oh, and the Republicans and their head's up their bunghole Dimocrats?

WayfaringStranger said...

Apparently Mr. Anonymous favors the word "Pavlovian" because his buttons are so easily pushed. Another silly, pseudo-intellectual pretentious prig out for a troll.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that we are becoming a facist country. But, keep in mind that facism comes from the right wing, not the left when the corporations and industrialists control the government. This is the Italian definition.

What is happening here is very similar to Germany in the 30's. Remember, Hitler was elected to power through the propaganda machine. Americans like Preston Bush, the walkers and harriman families and charles lindberg supported Hitler and wanted a facist govenment for American Prescott Bush went so far as to launder money for Hitler. Only when it became apparrent that he was nuts did they support the war against him.

Obama is not a communist or true socialist. He is a centrist. We do not have a real communist or socialist party in this country despite what the right thinks. Now, in Canada and europe, they have real socialist and communist parties. Obama going for health care for all is only an attempt to bring our health system into what other countries have done for years in providing for their own people. Perhaps if we have a war on our land and see people die in the streets as Europe has for thousands of years, we will understand the preciousness of life. For now, we are selfish, self-centered people who can't see how we are being destroyed by the very people we vote in.

Anonymous said...

When has peace and the pen changed society for the better?

me said...

All three arms of U.S. Government are malfunctioning. How can we change that? Even if it was possible to get 10 million Americans away from ball games and computers and movies etc. long enough to get them into the streets, with whom do we replace the people we oust?

Anonymous said...

The10 signs are openly visible for all to see.
but whatis notis the reason for them .
America is now totally and utterly banrupted .
Before thec riminal elements running America fall they will start WW3.
the war will entail America being nuked into oblivion so that there can be no possibility
OFAmerica ever rising again to challenge the One world govt.
Make no mistake about this .
The betrayal ofAmericans hasbeen so calculating ,so all encompassing that no man,womaor child will escape the fate that has been manufactured in USA for Americans.
So corrupted and evil has the nation become none shall escape the coming war on America.
For there is no way to change course now as the hour is later than most think and the people are in a deathly slumber

PaulMagillSmith said...

This article is an updated version of

The links of proof on the above link still work, but the photos have been censored out, probably by the Bushies trying to re-write history. The original article by Dr. Britt was published in 2003, but not much has changed except for the worse.

Only cowards post as Anonymous. Since being detained twice at the Pentagon anti-war demonstration about 40 years ago they've had a file on me, but they (and I) know I'm small potatoes, since then disabled, however the power of my pen grows stronger every day. I'll continue to spread truthful information regarding fascist lies until the internet becomes completely corrupted or the jack-booted thugs kick my door in and haul me away to one of their 800+ 'detention' (read: concentration) camps already built. What choice is left for the patriots with sense, vision of how things can be, and will to continue the 'good' fight?

Anonymous said...

Alternative medicine is already under attack, the EU has banned alternative medicine...look it up. It is here in many forms, the FDA is banning many alternative medicines, soon we will have no options, also as for food, they break in to farmers markets armed, rifles drawn to confiscate MILK products from farmers...think again Sheeple...bad stuff is going down

Ishmael said...

I look at the BIG picture here. In a world fast approaching 10 billon people and a rapidly decreasing resource base, increasing environmental degradation and inxreasing climate change, we are transitioning from the Economics of Abundance to the Economics of Scarcity.

The reason for both the increasing concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, the global push for privatization of public resources, our current round of resource wars and the increasing use of private, corporate mercenary condotierri are all geared to control critical resources FOR the Corporate Elite and ensure THEIR survival, NOT OURS.

As for what any of us can do to prevent this, I offer John Trudell's take here:

Watch his presentation to the US Social Forum on Coherent Thought and Non-Cooperation.

Anonymous said...

W/re to #6 - regulatory "capture" (esp. by corporations) is hardly an argument AGAINST

The Q arises - What kind of dictatorship is the Activistpost describing?
I think the most obvious answer is to be found in the TARP "bailout."
No matter what "spin" the Koch Bros and the Tea Party try to put on it, the bailout of the largest banks was NOT "socialist"
in the sense of a left/democratic socialism,
but, rather, was a clear instance of NATIONAL SOCIALISM.
That is, (a) "dictatorship" of the corporations, by the corporations and
FOR the corporations!

Re: #8. Torture is (quite) effective at eliciting false confessions -
is support of a phony "war on terror."

Re: #9 Patriots and civil-libertarians should be acutely sensitive
to the way "anti-immigrant sentiment" is being manipulated in the furtherance of the construction of a police state.
(Anti-immigrant in quotes because I think one can be legitimately
concerned about illegal immigration without being xenophobic or

Overall, I tend to agree with Activistpost's run-down.
I'm pleased that Naomi Wolf was mentioned
(see "Fascist America, in 10 easy steps,"
I'd be remiss if I failed to also mention Lawrence Britt's 14 "Defining Characteristics"

Finally, I'd encourage readers to check out Andrew Kolin's new book,
State Power and Democracy
Though Kolin's book takes us to Bush43, in interviews it is clear that Kolin feels,
as do I, that civil-libertarians are more than justified in describing the current state of
our "democracy" (so-called) as the Cheney-Bush-Obama regime...

Anonymous said...

Josh, that is a great start but it is not that easy. You would literally need to have millions of people (sheeple) ditch their credit cards and go to straight cash. And at this point with inflation and the devalue of the dollar America would see a new level of poverty. For six years I have used straight cash and had no bank accounts and it has really not done much at all to the banks as the last and current president with their thugs tim geithner and bernanke just keep printing more money to prop the banks up. Who do you think then has to pay for that extra printed money? Thats right, it come back to the taxpayer again. So they continue to win and keep citizens enslaved to their disgusting system.

Try peaceful resistance and you will still be met with force, maybe not deadly force but you will be met with tasers, mace, the LRD (gigantic megaphones emitting brain numbing frequencies), and batons. After that, you will be cuffed, brought down tot he station, booked, go before a judge to which they will then make you pay a fine (going back to money again because thats all these sickos care about) or go to jail. Your peaceful protest didn't really proove anything or change any politicians mind to become a more compassionate person who gives two poops about you.

"Your basically given a choice by your aggressors, give up all rights or die. Most people will fight at that point. Ther'es nothing to lose at that point.
One thing you must remember, thay always read from the same broken playbook. Know the playbook and know their future moves. They have already shown you what that is in past examples.
Beat them to the punch."


Activist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The U.S. is not a dictatorship, it is a Fascist state, and here I paraphrase Benito Mussolini: 'Fascism is a corporate capitalist political economy supported by state militarism'. In other words, the melding of corporate and state power. What you describe in your article are the policies of the Nazis, the single political ruling party of "Fascist Germany". While the foreign and domestic policies of Nazi Germany are rapidly becoming the policies of 'corporate/political' America, the emerging Nazi policies are actually facilitated by the Fascist structure of the system. It is critical, in my opinion, that people understand this.

Anonymous said...

And to add: I see the executive branch of government as the executive branch of corporate power that resides behind the scenes, and disporportionately influences government decision making, in all branches of government, and along with the 'revolving door' system, the near complete private campaign funding for elected offices, secures government for the wealthy and powerful interests of the ruling oligarchy. Fascist states are oligarchies.

Throughout history, monarchs, dictators, and other rulers only ruled by 'consent', that is the consent of the ruling oligarchy around them.

The American electoral system, is a grand illusion that provides the populace with the semblance of a representative system, and while some representation is acheived, representation is most relevant for the wealthy oligrachy, and growing more in favor of the wealthy classes in general.

As there has never been 'purel' democratic, socialist, or communist regimes, so there has never been a 'true' dictatorship, in that all power resides in 'the' dictator; not even in Nazi Germany. By insisting on calling the structure of our system Fascist, which it is according to Mussolini's definition, I am trying to alert all those I communicate with to the very real dangers that we face, especially as this fascist system more and more adopts the domestic and foreign policies that we associate with the Nazi party. I am often surprised to hear other people not accepting the fact that fascism can be part of a 'representative' system. While very complicated, and not even a 'pure' fascist state', we must nevertheless try to understand the structure which rules us.

Contrary to expectations, Nazi Germany was a system totally regulated by the rule of law, it just depends on who is making the law, and for whom the law favors. Most laws are not written because they are 'right', they are written in favor of one faction or another.

Activist said...

Great points, and I would agree with your analysis of the system. There are many words to describe what is happening. And here is one according to the World English Dictionary which, within the greater context is still applicable:


a. a ruler who is not effectively restricted by a constitution, laws, recognized opposition, etc
b. an absolute, esp tyrannical, ruler
2. (in ancient Rome) a person appointed during a crisis to exercise supreme authority
3. a person who makes pronouncements, as on conduct, fashion, etc, which are regarded as authoritative
4. a person who behaves in an authoritarian or tyrannical manner

That said -- we specifically stated that this is not about Obama or Bush or Clinton or the next and the next in line, but power is being ceded that allows for dictatorial behavior.

Thank you VERY much for reading, and for your very well presented criticism.

Rady said...

Israel and Palestine: Here comes your non-violent resistance

A friend who sent me this link wrote, "What will it take to make Americans recognise that the real Martin Luther King-style non-violent Palestinian protestors have arrived, and that Israeli soldiers are shooting them with real bullets?"

As to the misogynists who still don't get why sexist language indicates authoritarianism, all I can say is, WTFU.

To demean half the population and call it unimportant (in view of other issues so much more pressing), I repeat, is to ignore that the reason all these other pressing issues are upon us is BECAUSE only men (and usually white) have been policy makers.

I know it's hard to think outside your frame of superiority, but if you don't, you'll just replace the new system with the same system.

no thanks.

Activist said...

Thank you for the link to this important article Rady

economic collapse said...

Non-violent resistance is the only way we can win. Using violence (besides being immoral) will only lead to the criminals in government having an excuse to crack down on us.

Anonymous said...

@economic collapse: Do you live in a cave? Government doesn't need an excuse to use violence. Look up the famous "Battle of Seattle", in 1999. Police thugs and National Guardsmen *initiated* the violence.

You need to revise your beliefs about how the government operates. There is an attitude of faith among the left. Faith that our dictators really mean to do the right thing, and what we're observing are mistakes on their part. Accidents. They couldn't have *meant* to impose a dictatorship, people believe, so if we just peacefully show them our dissatisfaction by marching with picket signs, without breaking any laws, they'll be made aware of the error so they can correct it.

Believing something like that is the only way you can advocate a continuation of the tactics that have consistently failed, over and over again, for decades. (It failed in Egypt, too. That country will be ruled by Mubarak's second-in-command, and nothing will change.)

Wake up: The government, in obedience to their corporate masters, are doing this on purpose. It's not a mistake. They already know you're dissatisfied. Their knowledge of your dissatisfaction doesn't even give them cognitive dissonance.

madranger said...

The flag lapel pins are beginning to remind me of the swastika arm bands that were worn so patriotically from another era.

As Americans who really love this Land, we must be brave enough to study facts that this corporate government stands for, from any source we can find in order to make good judgments.

The primary problem is that the masses regard government acts in a 'religious' way; by accepting its propaganda with unquestioning faith.

Anonymous said...

Forclosed, empty and and falling apart suburbs and spoiled but often college educated modern woman instead of man having go out and do the 9 to 5 job routines. I see alot of good changes in this country . Rot and decay aren't bad things you know, ever heard of Compost? I think government out of control spending is hilarious and things like raising the debt limit provide a little extra in the gut busting dept. How are we going to fit Leviathan state in the compost bin when it finally drowns itself in magical monopoly money??? It used to pain me to see good farmland and woods get turned into housing developments and strip malls. Guess what? It's been nipped in the BUD!! My beloved south was getting polluted with northerners who had escaped the north in search of freedom and jobs. Now they can't afford the gas and no jobs!!! I guess I'm a glass is half full kinda confederate!!!

Anonymous said...

He forgot one: If you’re a foreign born individual but a legal resident of US or US born but have foreign born parents that live overseas you are also denyed rights.

Example you were married and now divorced and have kids. You owe child support. Here in Colorado they can deny you a driver license and the Feds can deny you a passport to leave the country to visit your parents overseas. Never mind your making the payments. They just need to think that you might leave. How you like that.

Yes we live in a KGB, JACKBOOT NAZI SOCIETY, and THE BILL OF RIGHTS IS DEAD UNLESS YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONIES. Who are these people, FBI, Local SWAT Teams, local police, local sheriffs, District attorneys, Judges who ignore our bill of rights?

Morgan said...

I just finished reading this online article and I'm so glad that someone had the courage and the ability to voice what so many people already know. I personally happen to know that what is contained in this article is true, because I am actually living this nightmare. I spoke out years ago and blew the whistle on someone. The Feds went after me, destroyed my name and reputation and career, and ultimately drove me into bankruptcy and homelessness. There is way too much power consolidated in the Executive branch of the Federal government. I can't be the only person that they are doing this to.

Anonymous said...

White House site only accepts "positive comments" !!!

Joseph Goldberg said...

This site reeks of the filth of dissident trash. I'm reporting you ass-holes to the FBI. Enjoy prison, scum!

Activist said...

I suppose you are being sarcastic, Joseph, but if you are not: thank you for the compliment!

"There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them" -- Andre Gide

Activist said...

Thank you for your first-hand account, Morgan. The war on whistleblowers is only escalating of course. Sorry to hear about what you have gone through. And, yet, it is a time where tremendous courage is required, so thank you for doing your part. MORE people need to speak out; they are trying to intimidate people as a last resort. Never shut up.

tomaidh said...

Anonymous said...
Quote: Typical liberal you are. You might recognize some of the below text, although I wouldn't be surprised if you don't.
"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
It comes from our constitution in case you're wondering.
Typical conservative dummy you are, It comes from the Declaration of Indepedence.



That's cute, you caught my typo. You should try reading the article before spewing your hate.

Anonymous said...

I would not call our system a dictatorship, because the powers of the president are limited by the courts, the Congress, and the need for electability. That said, the state is certainly authoritarian for the reasons given below and because the people's voice has given way in a systemic fashion to the authority of the corporations and an imperial military. To speak of the US as a democracy is a joke. It is in fact properly described as crypto-fascist: an up to date corporate state and empire with a popular anti-fascist ideology which hides the fascist character of the system in democratic rhetoric which fails of valid application although the population generally believes it.

Anonymous said...


!!!!!!!MARK MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The powers of the president are actually NOT limited when national security is invoked.

Anonymous said...

911weknow henrymakow infowars youmespp wearechange

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether you think it's a democracy or a dictatorship. What matters is that the government is corrupt and needs to be fixed. If the president started taking military action in his country and extended his term to 30 more years, like some of arab countries have done, then that would be a dictatorship. But it doesn't matter how you call. This whole article could be about "why america is democracy" and still have the same problems. It's just a corrupt democracy. And I'm very sure that it's impossible to vote for a dictatorship, unless it was a democracy that turned into a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Communism guys. It has its pros and cons.

Anonymous said...

I say fight, drop out, protest, speak out, go clandestino, whatever might help. Yet in the long run the best we can hope for is more space. The gov't is exceptionally pro-natalist. The more population increases the more control the system (seeks to) exercise(s) over citizen lives. Don't make new humans. We as a species are a corrosive mess. No other organism exists as a threat to the rest. The individual needs space. We don't need your bloodline to continue, you don't need mine. Don't breed.

Anonymous said...

Terrorists have won. Look at all these posts. Look at what happened-terror and Bush created a climate of fear, hate, and distrust-and all you sheep bought it. By posting your paranoia, you are making all of them very happy. I'd love to help by offering therapy, but I am already overloaded. None are so blind-as those who refuse to see. I really agree with the last post-Don't breed!

Anonymous said...

Acton is usually misquoted. What he actually said was, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all great men are evil." His words are particularly apropos today...

Jeffrey TG said...

You're gling to delete posts that advocate violence? There may be no other option. What do you propose, people vote for the right politicians? They control the media and the money, and they count the votes in secret. Or vote with gyiur wallet? The government already owns your wallet before you try to vote with it. It owns the establishments you turn to when you tru to vote with your wallet. It prevents people from farming, so you can't even vote with your wallet because there's nothing you can vote for that they don't control. Protest? They don't care. Write to Congress? They won't give a shit. Mass fastin? They'll be glad because they want us to die. What peaceful means do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

It was an interesting article and at face value makes out that the US are edging toward a dictatorship. Obviously this is far from reality, for example comparing the gulags to the US prison system or the US internet restrictions are getting as bad as China. Sure, these are only "10 indications" but the author has to admit that the government has to have some control to run a successful society. The very fact this article is allowed to posted and people allowed to comment freely surely undermines the articles main point?

Anonymous said...

Just face it everyone this country has been going down a bad path since the 60s let's send your kid to war let's make your kid go into debt for school let's make your kid die for oil but my kid can go to school for free my kid don't have to die for oil my kid can do anything money can buy cause why??? I'm a senator or I'm a mayor or I'm in government or last but not least I'm rich get it yet??????

Duarte Oliveira Joaquim said...

what's next? kidnap women and force pregnancy to raise their children government style?

Anonymous said...

Yet again the Kenyan usurper will be signed in again behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Sorry? George W. only signed 60 executive orders? Try 291.

Anonymous said...

Opinions are like assholes and all of you assholes have one. Unfortunately, not one of you knows what you are talking about. You each just believe the propaganda that you choose to believe based on your own particular world view, upbringing, situation, status, financial stability, family stability, friends, surroundings, etc.

Anonymous said...

BTW people, the United States of America is NOT a democracy. It never was and never will be. It is a democratic republic. There is a difference. Look it up and understand.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't want to resort to using force either, but its hard not to when they redefine it to include both logical arguments and group prayer.

Michael Helenhouse said...

I wouldn't like to use force but if thats what we have to do then the american people need to know that and Obama in the last few years has started to change our government from a representative democracy into a dictatorship

Anonymous said...

My name's Aaron and I'm canadian. We've been studying dictators in school. They are, according to the textbook, marked by:
Use of Force
Controlled Participation (Non-choices)
Cult of Personality (Idolatry)
Direction of Popular Discontent (Scapegoats)

Normally, dictators function on a governmental scale. America is a dictatorship on the societal scale;
It uses force to solve nearly every problem and police/military brutality is common.
Propaganda is frequent and denounces 'terrorists'. I will concede that america doesn't crush independent media and business.
Indoctrination; it happens in schools down south, and the universities serve as the gateway to the elite.
Controlled Participation: unlike a dictator, wherein the choice is only him/her, america does so by having two parties. It's similar to the classic manipulation of making a child eat by giving them the option of what to eat and bypasses the option of refusal.
Cult of Personality: the President. Here in Canada, we barely give our leaders a second glance unless they do something stupid.
Direction of Popular Discontent:
America basically denounces foreign nations when it needs control, saying "those damn terrorists. Let's protect ourselves! (And justify privacy infringement)"

America is unique in that it has successfully created a dictatorship which runs itself; it doesn't matter who's running the country or what the people do with their free time, as long as they don't oppose the mechanical regime which results from American culture.

The most successful way to oust a regime has been non-violent revolution; gather in groups to peacefully protest the regime and don't riot. The lost money, manpower, and potency of having people revolting and peacefully standing their ground even in the face of violence essentially forces the government to concede to the wishes of the people. It worked in the Phillipines, it worked in Bahrain, it worked in Poland. It even worked to an extent in America with the Civil Rights Movement.

America is entering a state of paranoia, and it seems the solution is to tear down the 'democracy' and start woth democracy again. Thankfully, America isn't as oppressive of citizens because of the nebulous scale of the tyranny which is mostly oppressive of nations.

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