Saturday, April 9, 2011

US to delay China currency report

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WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Treasury Department on Friday said it would delay a report that could label China a currency manipulator until at least May, after a series of top level meetings.

The semi-annual report, which was next due on April 15, has become a focal point for critics who accuse Beijing of unfairly keeping the yuan weak against the dollar to boost Chinese exports.

The US government said it would wait until a meeting of the G20 finance ministers and the IMF's annual spring meetings this month and a bilateral meeting in May before publishing the document.

The last report -- which also deals with the currency policies of other trade partners -- was published in February, after a delay of four months.

The report stopped short of labeling China a manipulator, a move which could have resulted in punitive sanctions on Chinese trade.

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Anonymous said...

Nonsense they aren't the ones to blame. While we should start limiting trade with most other nations. We just need to start making stuff again and buying usa...
Not german,japanese korean....and especially china..

Anonymous said...

every year same BS, delay report, report comes out, not a currency manipulator. Why don't news report that. They will never declare that China is manipulating it's currency.

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