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Soros and Brzezinski Talking Thai: International Crisis Group shines spotlight on Thailand

Soros speaking in the region, 2009 - Wiki Commons
Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Bangkok, Thailand April 12, 2011 - As International Crisis Group (ICG) member Mohamed ElBaradei wrestles with 80 million Egyptians for control of their country, stooping as low as to threaten war with Israel in a feeble attempt to score political points - his fellow trustees are expressing their ambitions elsewhere, including helping IMF operative Alassane Ouattara butcher his way into office via international armed intervention in the Ivory Coast. They are also fixated on the power struggle disguised as a "democracy movement" in Thailand.

To understand why it is important to consider what the ICG is saying it is important to note that within the ICG, globalist banker George Soros sits as a trustee along with Wesley Clark and Kenneth Adelman, while geopolitical manipulator Zbiginiew Brzezinski and Neo-Conservative Richard Armitage sit in as advisers among many others.

Behind this unsavory convergence of ambition are equally unsavory corporate and foundation sponsors including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Open Society Institute, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank Group, Soros Fund Management LLC, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell. In Thailand's case in particular the political upheaval centers around one multinational corporate-backed billionaire, Thaksin Shinwatra who tried and failed to ramrod through a US-Thai FTA before being ushered out of power in 2006. Many of the corporations that stood to gain from the US-Thai FTA (listed here on page 8) are also well involved in the many groups not only still supporting Thaksin's bid for power, but an entire global agenda of military and economic hegemony.

Thaksin Shinwatra, a former adviser to the Carlyle Group, was literally standing in front of the CFR in NYC on the eve of his ousting from power in 2006. Since 2006, he has been represented by fellow Carlyle man James Baker and his Baker Botts law firm, International Crisis Group's Kenneth Adelman and his Edelman Public Relations firm (also a corporate sponsor of the "color revolution college" Movements.org), Belfer Center adviser Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, and now Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff, a major corporate member of the globalist Chatham House.

Much to the embarrassment of the "red shirt" intelligentsia who insist the
mobs have moved beyond billionaire cleptocrat Thaksin
and his crusade to
seize back power, Thaksin to this day calls in as
the grand finale of each
"red shirt rally." He has just nominated his
own sister as a candidate to lead
the reds' political party, "Peua Thai."

To say Thaksin has the support of multinational corporate interests is an understatement - in particular, Kenneth Adelman not only was Thaksin's lobbyist, but also sits on the ICG board of trustees and the board of directors of Freedom House - both of which have tirelessly meddled in Thailand's internal affairs since 2006. Freedom House's "Freedom in the World" report downgraded Thailand from free under the globalist-friendly cleptocratic Thaksin regime, to partly free under the current Thai government which has been steadily distancing itself from free-trade with the US, ignoring US calls to enforce "intellectual property," and pursuing a more protectionist policy in regards to the West and its unraveling economy. Freedom House has also nominated National Endowment for Democracy funded "Prachatai" for one of the many contrived awards given to lend agents of the globalist agenda legitimacy. Prachatai of course, is a propaganda clearing house for Thaksin's "red" movement.

Freedom House nominates a "red shirt" propaganda clearinghouse
for yet another superficial award designed to lend it legitimacy.

The ICG Report

ICG's April 11, 2011 report, "Thailand: The Calm Before Another Storm?" attempts to encapsulate the political turmoil by deeming Thaksin's "red shirt" mob as "anti-establishment demonstrators." It continues by conceding that indeed the red shirts have employed "amateurish bomb attacks" but downplays their significance. It should be noted that these "amateurish bomb attacks" have maimed and even killed people. In fact, both BBC and the ICG had preceded the bombing campaigns with warnings to Thailand, not to the terrorists working for Thaksin, but to the government to act carefully so as to not provoke the "red shirts."

The ICG report goes on to claim that the political turmoil is between the Thai establisment, including the military, the monarchy, and the judiciary verses Thaksin. It concludes that the elections, regardless of whether they are fair and free, will be unsatisfactory to Thaksin and his red mob if they are not the winners.

When considering who is backing Thaksin, it would be more accurate to state that it is really a power struggle between Thailand as a nation and the foreign-backed billionaire Thaksin Shinwatra, who now resides in Dubai and regularly phones into the "red shirt rallies." His last phone-in was just on April 10, 2011, to commemorate the bloodbath they themselves instigated last April 10. He has also announced that his own sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, will be running for PM in the upcoming elections. Thaksin's brother-in-law Somchai Wongsawat had also been PM temporarily until he was dislodged from power. When asking why Thaksin himself will not run, it is because he has been tried, convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for corruption - charges from which has fled abroad to escape. It will be difficult for even the ICG and its army of media pundits to spin this as anything but an illegitimate nepotistic dictator clawing his way back into power with an army of duped farmers, lied to and exploited - and quite literally indoctrinated in political education camps.

Political indoctrination camps are being use to teach impressionable
rural folks the tenants of "democracy" as told by cleptocratic, globalist-
backed Thaksin Shinawatra. The school is led by Maoist, Weng Tojirakarn.

While the ICG and the corporate interests it represents are intent on continuing to meddle in Thailand's affairs and attempting to lend credibility to a political faction lead by a man one of ICG's own trustees had lobbied for and who they themselves admit is engaged in at least "amateurish" terrorism, it is uncertain how their ambitions toward Thailand will manifest themselves. A repeat of the 2009 and 2010 bloody street demonstrations was averted this year through the government's calling for elections, releasing Thaksin's red mob leaders on bail, and a suspiciously convenient border skirmish with Cambodia that stole the headlines away from the red shirt leaders.

However, considering events unfolding in Libya, where a militant uprising by Al Qaeda, armed and backed by the West was reinvented as a humanitarian crisis necessitating foreign military intervention, and a similar conflicts developing in Syria and in the Ivory Coast, anything at all is possible.

April 10, 2010: Thai soldiers attempt to disperse Thaksin's "red shirts."
Mercenaries called "men in black" show up firing assault rifles and M-79

grenade launchers into the riot troops. Violent crossfire ensues.
Red shirt
security adviser "Seh Daeng" would go on to admit 300 armed men were
under his command
in the Australian newspaper "The Age."

Greater Implications
Last year in Bangkok, beginning in April, 2010 the red shirt leaders had mobilized an estimated 300 mercenaries carrying M-79 grenade launchers and a variety of assault rifles. The bloodbath and arson that ensued until late May has now been entirely pinned on the Thai government by both the red shirts as they attempt to rewrite history and the foreign media who is purposefully obfuscating the events that transpired starting April 10 onward. Now, similar "mystery gunmen" have turned up in Yemen, sniping protesters from rooftops, in Syria gunning down protesters and police alike, and of course the not-so-mysterious gunmen that have been leading the uprising in Libya since it started on February 17, 2011.

We will protect your privacy...guaranteed!

Indeed, this is not an "Arab Spring," this is a global blitzkrieg extending from the Middle East through the bordering nations of Russia, across China's "String of Pearls" (including Bangkok) and to Beijing itself.

With Hilary Clinton and the US State Department now admitting to funding subversion worldwide, along with organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy on record supporting NGOs and "independent media" throughout these targeted regions, we are looking at a covert war for world domination. With blood flowing sporadically from nation to nation as the foreign-backed revolutionaries make their bids to unseat standing governments, war has all but been declared. China has even recently gone as far as responding to this increasingly apparent fact, telling the United States to stop using the issue of human rights reports to interfere in other countries' internal affairs. Such "reports" come from entirely corporate-funded, disingenuous organizations, and have just recently allowed the West to bring war upon Libya at the cost of truly abhorrent humanitarian crises.

We are already in the middle of World War III - with the winners being either a Wall Street-London centric unipolar global government, or a multi-polar world where nations, just as people, need to barter, trade, and compromise for what they want while respecting the property and the sovereignty of one another. In order to ensure the unwarranted influence wielded by corporate interests is ended, we must begin to boycott and replace them in our everyday lives. As this is war, it will not be won overnight, it will be difficult, replete with danger, failure, but eventually success. Our only other choice is to bend to the will of these antiquated, blood thirsty unyielding tyrants that have mismanaged our respective nations into a mired web of interdependency and crippling economic disparity.

From Thailand to Europe and even in the United States there is a backlash against globalization taking place on a local level - at your local farmer's market and through innovative collaborative projects developing and sharing technological knowledge and progress. While security forces fight on the streets with contrived revolutions, we must ceaselessly work to undermine the corporations and financial interests that are truly powering this chaos.

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Anonymous said...

rip ass footage amazing and horrifying soldiers vs "shirts"

Anonymous said...

My wife is Thai and she says that life in Thailand was much better during the period that Taksin was in charge.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #2.

Life was NOT much better for Thais while Taksin was in charge. Not at all. Of course, Anonymous #2 does not explain what "better" means in this context. For example, there was an economic recession (at least in and around Bangkok) during the 2003 to 2005 period.

It is thanks to Taksin that parts of Bangkok have recently begun to look like a refuge for young African males, whose economic means remain a mystery: strange how they can somehow afford the air-ticket cost and their accommodation post arrival. Why they are in Bangkok nobody seems to know. I am quite sure Taksin and his faggot Western sponsors will know why.

And anyone with just moderate intelligence would be able to work out that if Taksin is being supported / sponsored by powerful New York City and London-based Corporates and Conspirators then surely it would be a simple thing to fool a nation into thinking all was well (or "better") simply by manipulating the foreign exchanges, or promoting some temporary trade deals to artificially enhance the Thai economy for cynical political purposes.

As I write, traditional rice farming is slowly being killed off by the combined criminal actions of the Carlisle Group, the CFR, the "Jew-esS State Department", and organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy. One of the changes these Illuminati sponsored Imperial organizations want to engineer is the Corporate takeover of Rice Farming in Thailand, which would definitely reduce the genetic variety of rice being grown (a very dangerous thing to do) and also open the door for Monsanto to enter with their copyrighted seeds ... as has already happened in India.

We ARE at war, and all decent people should be ready to help defend Thailand and the Thai people from these filthy predators, including exacting mortal damage upon any of these predators, and their representatives, whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

I support anonymous #2.

I have followed red shirt revolt last year in NY times... why they seem to be better behaved?

And if they want to take on rice farming then it is very easy if they work with yellow shirts... loan sharks under "yellow" shirt change 100% interest... whereas Thaksin made interest very low at 2%. who is blood sucker here? also, thaksin made medical close to free whereas previously people were enslaved for life if they ever met with accidents (that are quite common on Thai new years)

Anonymous said...

Thaksin rode the wave a of a global economic boom. He handed out fist fulls of state money to provinces that consistently voted him and his people into power - and instituted other socialist policies like 30 baht medical care which didn't work btw - all the doctors quit and went into private practices. Socialism is buying off people - not progress.

Red shirts themselves admit they brought gunmen to the rally. New York Times is a reliable source? Even they admit gunmen were on the streets though!

Anonymous said...

Thaksin didn't start handing out loans to the farmers until after their land had been surveyed and full-title (chanote) had been granted, at which point their farms could be put up for collateral.

The plan from the beginning was to offer loans in excess of the farmers ability to pay back with the farms output in order to foreclose and sell the foreclosed farms to the corporate farm interests which haven't yet been able to pry all of the land out of the hands of the independent farmers.

The present government forgave those loans so as to not foreclose on all those farms which are mostly owned and worked by the same farmers who are so proud of their red shirts. To this day they don't understand that they were being sold down the river by their "sugar daddy" Thaksin.

The 2500 extra-judicial killings of "suspected" drug dealers without benefit of trial during the first 2 years of Thaksin's rule goes unmentioned, as does the intentional fanning of the flames of the Muslim south of Thailand by the gunning down of of over 70 muslim youths, the killing of another 38 in the mosque where they had sought sanctuary, and another 78 suffocated in the back of army trucks where they had been stacked like cordwood after being arrested for protesting the deaths of the aforementioned.

....and let us not forget the targeting and closing of tv and radio stations deemed problematic by Thaksin for daring to question or criticize his decisions, to say nothing of his personal vendettas against the newspaper publishers and editors who criticized him publicly in print.

Freedom of the press under Thaksin was to risk life and limb, to say nothing of all of your personal assets due to Thaksin's use of the Thai libel laws to drag anyone into court to dared to criticize him.

Lovely fellow that Thaksin, yes indeed.

Anonymous said...

I believe anyone who supports Thaksin is WILLFULLY ignorant! The evidence is so abundant that it is absolutely impossible to miss, even just reading mainstream media! I was in Bangkok during the 2006 peaceful removal of Thaksin and I lived about a 20 minute walk from where the people and soldiers were killed in April 2010. I heard the daily chantings, insane rantings and spouting threats of violence by the red shirts as well as some of Thaksin's speeches (full of unbelievable lies that were so obvious the red shirts had to have been completely and utterly brainwashed to listen to him at all). Even without an understanding of the bigger picture of the globalist agenda, there is no question whatsoever that Thaksin was/is bad news for Thailand. He essentially raped and pillaged his own country for his own benefit. Everything from literally buying votes to murdering the Muslims in the south (with obvious motives), to the MORE THAN 2,500 murders of supposed drug suspects (many of which were just opportunistic personal revenge killings by the police), land purchase corruption on massive scale, telecommunication corruption on a scale hard to fathom, oil, gas, on and on it goes! You really have to have your head buried very deep down in the sand to miss this one! Whoever said (comment above) that his wife, who is Thai, said that it was better under Thaksin is just as willfully ignorant and stupid as his wife and the duped farmers from Isaan.

Anonymous said...

Locally the PR machine keeps pounding the 'red shirts' can do no wrong - the 'democratic' struggles and the rest of the bullshit. The deaths in Thailand would never have occurred had the red shirts observed rule of law and obeyed the order to disperse. No Thaksin was purportedly paying between 500 Baht and 5,000 Baht (depending if the protestors were willing to be front line), and despite millions f Baht being handed out there are many complaints on those who have not been paid.

This is all about one narcissistic dictatorial man's greed to be paid to take control of a country, being supported by the US and other money merchants who will only think about lining their pockets and care nothing about Thai people.

Thaksin - also referred to locally as "Thoxin' and his mercenaries and thugs will be the death knell in this country if they were to come to power. Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware of the sheep in wolf's clothing.

Anonymous said...

Yes this really is a no-brainer, but you will have people fight to the death over how great Thaksin and the reds are. It is a total Hiterian personality cult. Even some of the pot-bellied foreigners there have drank the 'red koolaid' and are joining in. There was some goofball on the red stage from Australian - thought he was in the movie Avatar. If you see this on YouTube, make sure you aren't drinking milk, you will laugh so hard it will come out your nose.

And funny enough, even though the red shirts are now trying to make this about removing the King from power, Thaksin himself is running a hereditary empire with his cousin a general, his brother-in-law temporary prime minister, and now his sister being nominated to run as prime minister. Let's not forget he's got two brat kids that are attending and leading rallies as well. So the reds will get rid of an ancient monarchy with a historical and cultural mandate, and replace it with some billionaire nepotist - sounds like a plan only a 3rd grade educated rice farmer could go for.

Anonymous said...

Thaksin is an addicted, chronicle liar. He'll do anything to gain a better reputation, more money and especially power. In foreign press, he claims not to know the red shirts, never did any corruption and even been a priest!

He possibly could bring back Thailand to chaos and a downfall, with his stupid short-minded, self-serving politics. Do not vote Pheu Thai (=red shirts,=Thaksin)!

Anyone holding or supporting Thaksin, I'm pretty sure is not sleeping well. Gadafi, Berlusconi, Chavez and Thaksin, very similar and dangerous mind set.

Anonymous said...

In German we have a saying "that one can never trust anybody who lies" because he will never again be trusted.!!!! - And this megalomaniac of thaksin, egocentric and egotistical and despotic gutter/scum deserves whatever the Thai people will serve him up.
From the beginning he lied, cheated and corrupted the judges to be installed as p.m. and dragging down the economy, the morality, the cultural fabric of this nation. How can anybody with a relatively normal and sound mind be in favour of a non-character.
I trust in the good sense of the Thai people to follow the path of His Majesty the King and come up with a positively and surprising election result within a framework of civility and sanity.
21st of April 2011, 00.59 am // bhh

Tony Cartalucci Critic said...

Analysis of Globalists in Thailand see -


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