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The Genetics Of Tyranny: Psychopathology, Parasitism, and Totalitarianism

© By Richard William Posner
Richard William Posner
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Whilst doing research online I sometimes come across some really fascinating, albeit unrelated, information. One small joy of life in a world that becomes grimmer each day. 
While scrolling down any given web page, reading an article for information pertinent to the current research, I may notice a heading or a phrase with a link to another page, which I find intriguing even though it's not specifically relevant. Often it’s just a waste of time, sometimes it’s so enticing that I abandon what I’m doing and become engrossed in the new find.

Just Lucky I Guess
In some of my writing and in comments I have made on the writing of others, I have alluded to my opinion that the psychopathic condition of people who seek dominance over all others is the result of a genetic aberration. It now seems my conjecture may not have been without merit.

In one such comment I stated my supposition that inimical traits -- predatory, tyrannical, ruthless, pitiless -- found in virtually all members of the ruling, upper, or elite class are not dominant among humans in general and only manifest in a small portion of the population. I also expressed my view that it is our intrinsically cooperative nature and our innate desire to be helpful that makes such a large segment of the human race susceptible to victimization by a small minority of individuals who are afflicted with what I consider to be a genetic flaw.

My comment: 

For my part, I will say this; I do not accept that human morality, for the vast majority, is based on hate, envy, greed or self-interest. In fact, quite to the contrary, the basic benevolence and cooperative nature of most people is what has allowed a very small, depraved and abhorrent group to prey upon the majority of the species for millennia.
I like to think that this negative trait will eventually be eliminated by evolution, provided our species can survive long enough. That small group of deviant individuals is like a parasite within the body of humanity. They have managed to pass along whatever genetic flaw they possess through the ages. They can only survive if there is a significantly larger population of healthy, sane and basically good people to maintain them.
I recently found some credible data that offers agreement with and support for this opinion.

Totalitarianism And The Parasitic Psychopath

The Psychopathic Survival Strategy

 “You see, evolutionarily speaking, psychopaths should not exist. Throughout history it can be seen that human beings have needed to co-operate and care about one another in order to survive and produce a new generation that will carry on the processes of society. Most human dynamics are based on people trying to work out their problems and come to resolutions agreeable to the greatest number or, at the very least, in the interactions between two people. The issue of trust is paramount. Someone who betrays your trust is someone you cannot live or work with. Therefore, psychopaths, who are untrustworthy, should have long ago become extinct. But that isn't the way things are. It appears, in fact, as if psychopathy has increased!” Source
So how is it that a few parasitic, psychopathic individuals, incapable of providing for their own needs, can yet manage to carry along a recessive gene for so many generations? As I postulated in my comment above, this small minority requires a large, "normal" population to support their existence.
Evolutionary psychologists regard psychopathy as an inherited personality style that has evolved because glib, deceitful individuals—as a minority within a larger population of trusting folk—often reproduce with much success.” Source
From the same source:
Other investigators, such as neuroscientist R.J.R. Blair of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Md., regard psychopathy as the result of a still-unspecified genetic disorder. The inherited defect interferes with the workings of the brain's emotion system, which is centered in the amygdala, a structure especially concerned with perceiving dangerous situations.
Personally, I see no conflict between these to two conclusions. They seem, to me at least, mutually inclusive. The second gives us the source of the defect while the first explains how those thus inflicted have managed to pass it on through the centuries.
Perpetual Parasitism

There are other examples in nature of parasites with evolved dependency upon a specific host species. If the host species becomes extinct, so does the parasite. It is unable to survive with any other host. 

Some species of parasites are termed species specific. This means that they can complete their life cycle in only one species of host. Should they enter the wrong species they are unable to complete their life cycle and die, all generally without the host requiring treatment. Source
-->It seems clear to me that the psychopath/society relationship is that of highly specialized parasite/host. That the psychopath operates externally to the host in no way disqualifies it as parasite. The common mosquito is without question parasitic, as are the tick, the leech, and many other bloodsuckers. I think this human/human arrangement is unique in at least one regard, however: I know of no other situation wherein the host and parasite are, apparently, of the same species. 
The psychopath/parasite cannot survive without non-psychopathic humans to prey upon. It needs the support of other humans, as do we all, but is incapable of functioning as a cooperative member of the population. Nor can it survive on its own or within a group comprised only of psychopaths. Although often highly intelligent, they frequently lack any real abilities or skills, but rely instead on deceit, malicious cunning, and ruthless self-interest enhanced by a complete absence of conscience or remorse.

What’s nice about this explanation is that it not only explains why psychopaths exist, but also why we’re not all psychopaths. If there are few enough psychopaths in the population, then being a psychopath makes sense because you’ll mostly have winning confrontations with nice people. But if there are too many psychopaths, then the gains from taking advantage of nice people will be swamped by the losses from confronting other psychopaths. In equilibrium, you’ll get both psychos and nice folks, with each strategy generating approximately equal returns, and with the precise balance determined by the relative payoffs of different interactions. Source
The Matter Of Degree

At the extreme, the psychopath simply resorts to outright violence to satisfy its needs. These cases are by far in the minority however. They may be a separate variety, a sub-group, which is not completely parasitic in some instances. In any case, however horrible their acts may be, they are not nearly as deadly as those who function within the system of government and business disguised as “aggressive”, “ambitious” and “savvy” type-A go-getters.

There's currently a bull market in corporate psychopaths, according to psychologist Paul Babiak of HRBackOffice, an industrial-consulting firm in Hopewell Junction, N.Y. Organizations undergoing major changes, such as downsizing or mergers, provide a chaotic atmosphere that savvy psychopaths exploit", Babiak holds. "They cozy up to a firm's power brokers, manipulate coworkers, and intimidate underlings on their way up the corporate ladder, stealing everything possible along the way.
Not all psychopaths resort to violence, however. Highly intelligent people with psychopathic personalities find fertile, nonviolent opportunities in conning and manipulating others, in Porter's view. Source
The ratio of parasites to host must be kept quite small, or the entire host population might be wiped out leaving the parasites unable to survive. In the past, when the drain became too great, the host population has attempted to exterminate the parasite, hence the repeated cycle of bloody revolutions throughout history. Evidently, the effort at eliminating the parasitic infestation has never been fully successful. 
Threatened with extinction, the psychopath displays great skill at hiding in plain sight. A psycho-camouflage of sorts is employed, allowing the parasite to mimic a sense of sorrow, dismay or other feelings not actually present in the psychopathic character. Some always manage to survive by temporarily blending with the host population.

The Disease Blames The Afflicted

The most ironic aspect of this condition is that these life-draining parasites, riding on the body of humanity like great, bloated ticks, are the first to scream bloody murder should anyone among the host population require aid in a time of distress. They express indignation and outrage at any action, program or institution that can be seen as benefitting the general welfare. Such people, they insist, are freeloaders and moochers and such programs a drain on society. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Part of the skill-set I suppose.


I fear we are now approaching that point where the parasite is perilously close to overwhelming the host. I only say approaching, since I think it will take a little time yet to cross that Rubicon. I have no doubt we will if things continue on their present course. That could mean destruction for all, including the parasite.


Governments of the world, monolithic multi-national corporations, and the international banking cartel are overrun with psychopaths in the highest positions of power. Their parasitic insatiability threatens to consume our species.
It has always been my hope and abiding conviction that humanity would evolve beyond the juvenile, even primitive stage in which we currently seem to be mired.

It seems, at the very least, that we are about to enter into a great transitional period. It promises to be a time of unthinkable hardship, possibly leading to our extinction. 

A second possible scenario might produce a small number of human survivors who arise from the rubble, free at last from the oppressor gene to build a new world and the first truly human civilization.

The third and sadly most probable possibility is that within that small tribe of human survivors will be two or three psycho-parasites, hiding in plain sight, waiting for just the right moment to begin the cycle all over again.


Rid at last of the aberration that caused so much damage, in so little time, Gaia will heal.

Though Life will still be taken that Life may continue, never again will it be done with malice or hate.
Nor will death be born of greed, lust or envy.

No ideology, no arrogant certainty of righteousness will ever again bring needless pain, suffering and death to those who’s chosen path is not the same. 

Pain, suffering and death will remain, but only in the service of Life, without animosity, prejudice or enmity. 

Life and death will once again be equal partners. 

With the passing of the only creature ever to favor death over Life, the balance will be restored.
No longer will death be a commodity to be sold for profit. Once again, it will be the price for the continuation of Life, an even trade.

Peace at last.

Go ahead people, do your worst.

Richard Posner is a writer, computer graphics and image editor, and is skilled at electronic music applications.

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Richard William Posner said...

Here lies humanity, who would not live in Peace and, therefore, no longer lives at all.

Anonymous said...

"A second possible scenario might produce a small number of human survivors who arise from the rubble,..."

It seems you're looking at all this objectively, as if you're speaking of ancient history, or the Russian Revolution, because, you're not tak,ing into account the horrible pain and suffering of each individual as they die. I'm looking at the scenario as a Human Be-ing, who will have to go through it, as well as my family and friends and neighbors.

".... free at last from the oppressor gene to build a new world and the first truly human civilization."

Civilizations are NOT civilized, but is put togethera by powerful Warlords, which herd the populace under a whip and jackboot. And the whole cycle of parasidism, starting again.

"Go ahead people, do your worst."

It's obvious you're a man writing this, because you're not taking the pain of women, bringing a new life into the world, and the toil and hardship of raising children and keeping them well, and alive.

Ans so, you're able to discount life, a whole bunch of it, and throw it aside, like bowling pins. It's easy to release semen into a womb, withdraw and go on your merry way, while the seed is grown by someone else. How easy it is to say, "Bring it on."

Anonymous said...

Think Stuxnet virus and who created it, and note the words of Voltaire from hundreds of years ago:

"They are, all of them, born with a raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and Germans are born with blonde hair. I would not be the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race."
(Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

Richard William Posner said...

@ Anonymous

I agree completely that there are no human civilisations on Earth. Never have been in my opinion.

I would think my name at the top of this essay would make it clear that I'm a "man".

What you're saying is completely irrelevant to the content of the essay.

While I agree that I'm incapable of comprehending what women endure in childbirth that has nothing to do with the data I've presented here. I'm no more responsible than you or any other member of our species for the fate we are bringing upon ourselves.

I'm a 64 year old grandfather, raising, with my disabled wife, our grandson of 7. He's been with us now for five years. Do you think I'm happy about the future our insane, wasteful and destructive consumerist "civilisation" is creating for him?

I discount nothing. I'm merely a student who's trying to pass along what I've learned to any who might find it useful. If you do not, then discard it and seek elsewhere.

I apologise if you've been somehow offended by what I've presented here. I'd suggest you look within to understand why that might be. I'm sorry if you have been victimised or marginalised by the antiquated patriarchal society we live in. I, for one, would prefer a much more matriarchal model.

"Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of the truth."
Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

Mr Posner, Are you just having trouble verbalizing the word "jew". I agree with everything you say in you lament but you stop just short of saying the magic descriptive word.


Anonymous said...

"It's obvious you're a man writing this...Ans so, you're able to discount life"

You are blaming the victim of the psychopaths.

You are a Toadie!!!! The only thing worse than a psychopath are those who enable them.

I suppose roll me over is your slogan when the psychopaths lay their destructive path.

Stefan Verstappen said...

Excellent article. Getting the word out about how devastating psychopaths are to society and why they seem to congregate in positions of power is vital to our survival as a species.

Please see my video; Defense against the Psychopath here

Anonymous said...

Absolutely indeed.....There is no better way to describe a zionist jew...

Anonymous said...

Excellent article - the crux of the human condition can be summed up by the question Nickelass Rockefeller once put to Aaron Russo (RIP) - "Why do you care about other people?"

And to 'Mike' above - don't be so selective - take a good hard look at Chateau de Amerois and what goes on there. There are two main 'groups' of psychopaths, not just Zion.

You might find this helpful, too:-
John Coleman - Conspirators Hierarchy

aldo arisen...

Anonymous said...

Go ahead say it.It`s the Red Sea Pedestrians.Always was and always will be now that their objectives have essentially been realized.I wonder though,who will keep the machines running when the Aryans are gone?

Anonymous said...

"As for the final result of the Messianic revolution it will always be the same...the nations will be converted to Judaism and will obey the law, or else they will be destroyed, and the Jews will be the masters of the world." (G. Batault, Le probleme juif, p. 135; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, pp. 203204)

"Played golf with Joe Kennedy (U.S. Ambassador to Britain). He says that Chamberlain stated that America and world Jewry forced England into World War II." -- James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy (later Secretary of Defense), Diary, December 27, 1945 entry.

Richard William Posner said...

@ Anonymous 2

I haven't done enough research on the Stuxnet virus to address it with any confidence. However,it certainly seems appropriate to consider it the result of psychopathological ambitions.

Monsieur Arouet was rather prescient wasn't he?

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Richard William Posner said...

@ Stefan.

Thanks for the comment and the email.

I'll be checking out the video momentarily.

Richard William Posner said...

Anonymous Mike,

Your comment is beneath contempt.

Richard William Posner said...

@ Anonymous 4

I guess you should get together with anonymous #1 and see if you can work through your hostilities together.

Anonymous said...

The psychopaths that believe they are higher evolved people are actually lower on the evolution scale. Like wild animals they lack sympathy, empathy, compassion and the many other higher emotions of caring for their fellow man. I’m not talking about their offspring or family members, but strangers needing help, caring or just plain friendship without any personal gain. For this reason they fear and are confused by non-psychopaths and so must control what they can‘t understand. Heck, even domesticated pets and farm animals show more compassion that these low-life’s. MLW

Richard William Posner said...

@ Anonymous MLW

I think that sums it up fairly well.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Read Lobaczeiwski's "Political Ponerology" about the study of evil for political purposes...that is, psychopathology. What started as a treatise on Communist Poland turns into one on the Bush's, Cheney, the Clintons...BTW, the author is Jewish. Not all Jews are fact I'd say most aren't even close, and, if you took away the Talmud, even fewer would be.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Posner:

Why is Mike's comment beneath contempt? You admitted that Voltaire's comment was prescient. Who do you think Voltaire was talking about?

Anonymous said...

To Posner: I am curious as to why it has to be a gene, and not just materialist assumptions having different values than those who assume idealism and dualism? It seems as though your argument is fatalistic, such that one's genetic make-up determines an ethos, which necessarily denies all chance of spiritual illumination. Where is this scientific research in favor of your scientific argument?

Anonymous said...

"Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion"point in case.

Anonymous said...

Nice angle, for more in a similar vein please see:
metanoia mothman777

Anonymous said...

Bring it on? Be careful what you wish for.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

I dislike psychopaths too much to talk about them at length. I know the NWO=OWO are the pinnacle of worship along heirarchical lines of harmful psychopathology. The Butch clan and Rockyfolders seek total control of as much of earth as possible, with breakable alliances involving Europe at times. View 'The Illuminati, Vols. 1-4' for tips as to how and why.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why is Mike's comment beneath contempt?

pasi arasola said...

Thanks for the thoughtfull essay. I have only come accross this theory once, in the works of W. Burroughs. Since then I have invested a lot of thought and reading time in the subject.
My first question would be about the stanford prison test, would it not propose that a majority of us are capable of attrocities? I think Goleman outlines the neural mechanisms involved with the I-it concept.

Political concervatives also have a more active amygdala compared to liberals, but in nature both are nesessary for survival of the species. This applies to bacteria as well as mammals. (this line of argument stems from howard blooms 'global brain'.

Anonymous said...

People get killed everyday,it doesn't mean a psychopath did it.The problem could be that the common person is just standing around waiting to be whacked.Its like they are just asking for it.At bus stops and railway stations all distracted with their backs turned.All you need is a little hatchet or ice pick.Its a very dangerous world,yes indeed it is.People should be armed.What would predator think?I think he would agree that its very bad and getting worse.Everyone should be armed and everyone should have a plan to kill everyone they meet.This is crazytown folks,you know nothing about your neighbor or the people on the street.Remember that you just don't know.So why not have a plan.

Anonymous said...

I'm encouraged that another person alive today has connected the dots between psychopaths and the pathological need to dominate others.

"Vote for me!" is the mark of the narcissistic psychopath.

Anonymous said...

People have always eaten other people and blown them up and stabbed and shot them,cut off heads and what have you.Its basically what people are willing to live with.Its your madness.Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to remember that for all the death, destruction and hatred we see demonstrated every day on the news, that actually humanity is overwhelmingly peaceful.

These violent actions make it onto the news because they are so rare and out of the ordinary. Those things are not what is happening all the time to everyone.

Take the time to look up from that TV news programme and go out for a walk in the sunshine. Do you routinely see a majority of people attacking and killing each other? Or, do you see people peacefully going about their daily lives without harm or hindrance? Out of how many days in your life are the police involved due to violence or hatred? Apart from a small minority of unfortunate people who live with damaged people who have mental disorder, I would guess that most of you almost never ever encounter hatred and violence and death in your own day-to-day lives. Some of you will encounter such things in your lives only very rarely.

Although you will scare yourselves reading about overwhelming hatred and death in the alternative media and watching a non-ending carnival of death on the mainstream global news, this is a false reality and represents a tiny and totally unrepresentative section of humanities' dark side.

It is not the common reality.

Give thanks for that and feel grateful that you are part of an overwhelmingly loving and peaceful species who care for each other as a way of caring for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

The elite are satanists. In other words, they are devil worshippers and thus the sworn enemies of Humankind. They are callous and immoral indeed but the fact that their allegiance is anti-humanistic is what they are about. They are the opposite of what Humankind really is, a divine species with a transcending Destiny. Haven't you realized that the Human species has a purpose in this world to realize Our Destiny? We are the yin and the satanists are the yang.

Jeffrey of Troy said...

Thank you for calling them what they are: parasites.

Many want to use the term "predator" (like "sexual predator"); this implies the rest of us are prey. Training humans to think of ourselves as prey is Evil.

We are a predator species; we have eyes in the front of our heads (for depth perception, for hunting), our nutritional needs show a long history of eating animal, etc. Predators eat prey, that's nature; but predators are not prey. Those who cannot tell the difference are not fit for existence.

So you're right: the correct name for these psychopathic primates is not PREDATOR, but PARASITE.

Anonymous said...

I am Satan! And your god will not win this time......OUG:)

Richard William Posner said...

There are too many anonymice here to sort out.

I'm glad to see this subject has generated some attention. There is always something to be learned from what others have to say.

Thank you all for reading and offering your thoughts.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.. think of it, always."
Mahatma Gandhi

Brad said...

How do you know it's genetic? A significant fraction of the population is sociopathic. They naturally gravitate to positions of power. If Charles Manson hadn't spent so much time in Crime University (prison) as a youth, he might have gravitated to Washington or Wall Street. What happens is that the so-called parasites acquire an extremely distorted sense of entitlement (maybe from other parasites) and, with their sociopathic personality as a jumping-off point, easily justify their largess and oppression of the masses.

Richard William Posner said...

@ Howard T. Lewis III

I'm not all that fond of them myself.

It seems it's only a matter of time until every square inch of Earth becomes someone's private property.

Thanks for the reading tip. I'll look into it.

And thanks for the read and comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes he will. White Rabbit

Richard William Posner said...

@ Jeffrey of Troy

I don't think we started out as predators. Opportunistic as we are I think scavenging eventually led to the realisation that large animals could provide a great deal of food.

Whether we will remain omnivorous as we evolve is another matter. If we evolve that is.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve.

Richard William Posner said...

@ pasi arasola

I'm not familiar with the study you cite. I will research it.

I suppose that very many people could be driven to commit such acts. That is, however, not quite the same as being predisposed and wanting to do so.

What's your source regarding the difference between the conservative and liberal amygdala?

Richard William Posner said...

Brad, I don't know anything.

"Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence."
Robert Anton Wilson

There is a growing body of evidence that leads to the possibility of psychopathy being the result of a genetic defect hindering the proper fucntion of the amygdala.

I disagree with your assumption that a significant portion of the public is sociopathic. Show me some numbers.

Charles Manson for president!

These characters do have an extremely heightened sense of self-importance. They consider themselves totally superior to those upon whom they are completely dependent for their very survival.

It's part of the disorder and a genuine psychopath is born that way. It's not an acquired trait.

Anonymous said...

Genes don't work in such deterministic ways. Only genetic ideologies do. Rethink. Reboot. Run same data on how social and environmental conditions encourage certain. Any book on genetics by Colin Tudge or Nabhan ("Why Some Like It Hot") should be enough to dismiss this genetic determinism.

Genes turn on or on in environmental contexts, instead of being so hardwired. So I think environmental/social contexts are far more important in 'incubating' such biological/social expressions in people.

If you want to remove a psychopathic run society, requires better institutional design: putting together institutions that check against them.

Anonymous said...

@Richard William Posner

You sir are naive.The true nature of the problem is known and has been known of for many centuries.This very "problem" has been forcibly evicted from various parts of Europe literally hundreds of times over the centuries.I truly think YOU`RE the one who needs to look deep within and see how unconscious conditioning has kept you from looking where you (obviously)don`t want to look.If you want something of actual value to read,I suggest "Benjamin Freedman`s warning to America",and "The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview" in order.If you dare.

Tunombre said...

I agree with the interpretation that human nature is more of cooperation and peafeful activities, and if you take into consideration the general aspects of human development and reproduction you will see and conclude that. It is also common to many other species in various degrees of complexity.

Tunombre said...

Mr. Posner:

A very simple empirical truth, that does affect changes in a population over time, is selection pressure.
And that becomes empirical from observation and the study of nature and everything in it. So, if success is equated with devastating predatory skills (or properties) because the environment demands it for shear survival it could eventually become part of the nature of the species. But the outcome will depend on the type of the demand or selection pressure. So if the selection conditions are diluted or changed to favor plurality the needed healthy variety will outlive the dangerous situation by sheer numbers and capacity.
The selection for ‘success’ is on for psychopaths so they will visible accumulate and conveniently deliver the ‘goods’ along the way. The selection seems to be on for 'power' (money, fame and the promise of godhood status). So to dilute the effect of a misunderstood power is one approach and since it is man made it can be changed by humans. Examples: the economy methods and the technological advances are not compatible with the status of the population today.

Either society organization is changed to fit the human race or humans are fit the society model in place. And most of us KNOW that the model is not real.

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