Friday, April 8, 2011

The Future Expansion of Unmanned Drones Over The U.S. (Video)

Coming soon? Predator equipped with Hellfire missile - Wiki
Michael Edwards
Activist Post

In a stark admission, two-star General, John Priddy, from the U.S. National Air Security Operations Center, confirmed in the video below that the continued expansion of predator drone surveillance is a stated goal for the coming years.  His comments were echoed by Al Palmer, Director of Unmanned Aircraft Training at the world's largest center at the University of North Dakota, "The world is going to spend $80 billion on unmanned aircraft between now and 2016." 

The idea for predator drone surveillance of Americans was kept under wraps until fairly recently.  Even after a 2007 local news station in Texas captured drone flight tests on video, it was roundly denied as conspiracy theory that unmanned drones would actually take flight over America.  Further investigation revealed that this flight test coincided with a plan already in place to patrol far inland beyond the legal 100-mile security border, also known as the Constitution-free Zone.

Then, early this year, Miami-Dade county openly admitted to ordering a 16-pound T-Hawk micro drone which clearly indicates a move to miniaturize surveillance in order to bring it right into the streets of America, rather than the continued military propaganda stating that unmanned drones will be used only for border control operations.

As Dana Gabriel and others have covered, Canada and the U.S. have formed a clear perimeter security and trade alliance which for all practical purposes removes the border between the two countries, thus allowing for drones to go beyond the previous 16-kilometer buffer zone and continue right to the border of Canada.   This ultimately allows for coast-to-coast surveillance.

Now that we know that "the ultimate goal" is 24-hour eye-in-the-sky surveillance by predator drones within civilian airspace from coast to coast, do we believe General Priddy when he asserts that this technology will be applied to "search and rescue" missions during natural disasters?  Or, rather, should we be asking if the next logical step is for these drones to be weaponized?

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Weaponizdis said...

Just the thought of armed airplanes flying above US air space is appalling; which in fact appears to be the new logical step. Now I know how the Pakistanis must feel.

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

homeland gestapo dream
police state dream

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Police State

Anonymous said...

just because someone can imagine and then build this technology doesn't mean it should be deployed. Where is the debate on the appropriate use of this technology? When - if ever - is it appropriate to use deadly force? There is something dispicable and even immoral - inhuman ~ about remote control killing.

We are now swatting human beings like bugs - and if we kill a few innocent civilians well oooopsie ~ too bad.

This is a G D Nazi wet dream!

Anonymous said...

Cool! More targets for my newly acquired Barrett 50 cal!

Anonymous said...

Can I shoot this down if I see it over the border and on our side?

Anonymous said...

There's always a good reason, then there is the real reason. They need high tech to find illegals crossing? The sad thing is, I'm afraid the majority of people who view this video won't see a problem. Cool man!

Anonymous said...

Just think a little bit.
Pakis do not fell anything like you think at all.
They feel kinda sweaty and gooey like curry mixed with shiq.
You have been watched for at least ten years now and the stupid fuckin pakis have nothing to do with it.

Sapiens said...

Carries 1% (a single percent) of the weapons load of
a national-guard F-4 Phantom II

Anonymous said...

If you think the drones are bad,you should see the black ops "spybees"! They'll blow your mind!
Makes drones look like something Fred Flintstone uses.

Anonymous said...

Drones are the modern day Satanic Nazi Buzz Bomb.It the weapon of choice of sniveling cowards.Does it surprise you that the worms and jellyfish would relish it's use on you? They got you to pay for it.They are hanging with the rope you paid for.
It follows suit America has been demoralized and destabilized and now invasion.

If you haven't seen what happened over the last 25 years to us then look at the blueprint.
How To Take a Nation Without Ever Firing a Shot

Anonymous said...

Search and Rescue my A$$!

fighting the lies said...

Yeah search and rescue with a hellfire missile? Please! How dumb do they think we are?

This is ridiculous though whats next, saying police need m-1 abrams tanks to help people get out of the mud? I mean COME ON!

WillieG1951 said...

The stated reason for this, is to get the "sheep" in step with the program, the real reason is to "keep" the sheep in step with the program should they happen to look up and see the truth!!

Anonymous said...

shoot 'em down....problem solved

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "Fatherland" The only thing missing on the side of the plane, is the iron cross. This is just the begging to control "We the people" Your freedoms are going bye bye.
Sig Hile!

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