Friday, April 29, 2011

Commoner Kate and Prince William Are Cousins!

Brandon Turbeville

Everyone loves a good love story and Americans are no exception. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why so many Americans are now fawning over the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. With many planning to stay awake late into the night to watch the marriage ceremony, it is almost as if one of their own relatives were getting married. Ironically this is the reaction coming from a country who once fought a bloody war for independence against the same family.

But while Americans and Brits alike stand in awe over the concocted love story of the English Prince who risked everything by falling in love with a commoner, please permit me a second to rain on this pathetic parade. 

Regardless of the fairy tale being pushed by the mainstream media, nothing has actually changed in terms of the Royal family. In the past, Kings and Queens ruled over the peasants with Royal decrees and open disdain for their subjects. Now, however, under the illusion of democracy and a general population obsessed with wealth and vanity, the serfs have been acclimated to love their own servitude. Don’t be fooled, Prince William is still a member of the same disgusting elitist family that has oppressed England and many other nations throughout history. 

Prince William’s story goes without saying. Anyone who knows anything about the British Royal family knows that William is about as “Royal” as one can be.

However, Kate Middleton, the Princess-to-be who is constantly described as a “commoner” is actually anything but. Recent news reports have discovered what the Royals have already known – Commoner Kate is actually a blueblood. The monicker of “commoner” is merely for the benefit of a “profane” populace that now feels that their earthly gods known as the “Royal” family have the same feelings and emotions as themselves. 

Indeed, It turns out that Kate has quite the impressive family background.

Her relatives include various celebrities such as Guy Ritchie (the ex-husband of Madonna) and TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Yet Middleton’s relatives also have more than mere connections to the entertainment industry. 

Genealogical research reveals that she is related by blood to the author of the “Star Spangled Banner,” Francis Scott Key, as well as famous WWII General George Patton. Another distant relative, notorious Freemason and American President George Washington, in addition to her connection to “several families who colonized Virginia in the late 1600s,” also ties Middleton to some rather prestigious bloodlines. It seems the future Queen of England has a great many connections to America’s past.

But Middleton’s connections do not stop with America’s colonies. She is also related by bloodline to the infamous Sir Thomas Leighton, Governor of Guernsey and enthusiastic supporter of hanging, drawing, and quartering. 

Some more interesting names that pop up in Middleton’s ancestry include Hobbes and Davenport, with the latter gaining some infamy in the United States in the early twentieth century.

Nevertheless, if one were still doubtful about whether or not Commoner Kate was truly as “common” as she is being portrayed in the globalist mainstream media, one need only look to one of her current living relatives as proof of her blueblood connections – Prince William.

That’s right. Commoner Kate is actually the cousin of her fianc√© Prince William! Although this genetic relationship is not being lingered upon by the fawning media, the marriage between Middleton and William Saxe-Coburg/Gotha (the true name of the British Royal family) illustrates the obsession that the elite have had for decades on “keeping it in the family.” 

While Middleton and her relatives might not be as high profile as some of the other elitists throughout history, it is also true that a family who wishes to maintain the “purity” of their bloodline must often branch out whether they want to or not. It is well-known fact that constant inbreeding produces mental illness and genetic defects. Indeed, it is possible that Prince Philip and Prince Charles served as a wake-up call to the Royal family that it was time to branch out – even if only a little.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom  and 7 Real Conspiracies

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ccoburn said...

18th cousins, 7 times removed or some BS like that. The author should get a life.

It is true that some of Willie's ancestors were tyrants. But I'll dare say that the author has ancestors he's none to proud of too. Everybody does. It is idiotic to bear a grudge against someone because a few hundred years ago his ancestors did something.

Willie is not a tyrant. He seems to be a decent enough young man. He is unfortunate in that he was born into a family with a business. He will never be able to escape that. But to hold a grudge against him because of his ancestry is churlish and stupid.

Anonymous said...

It seems (according to this unknown `author')
that Kate is related to practically everyone under the sun

but then such a `prestigious' degree to boot- forget Yale, or Oxford (who has heard of those wannabes)- for REAL quality edumication, nothing beats Francis Marion University

and see they got themselves an award after they got this new fangled electrics gaslamps put in even

shame they haven't gotten that google thinkin black box machine there yet...

google `Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award' and see the results- seems Brandon has quite the `net' reputation...

clicking on the first 10 links (actually the first two are all that's required- but I don't want to be accused of being biased)

shows the `quality' of his `edumication'....

Anonymous said...

I like that comment. I appreciate the use of churlish as well. Where's facebook's thumbs up when you need it?

Anonymous said...

all those coments guys, are brainless and by mainstream media brainwashed. Research a bit, there is no difference, they all are the same, rulers, and we are all the slaves. Royals will never change their ways, they will only present that to us in different way so we can think that we can be one of them sometime. Unfortunately those are idols to most of human population.

sorry for bad english and good luck

ccoburn said...

The British Royal Family is just a tourist gimmick. They have no actual power and haven't for over a century.

I agree that politicians are evil. And to the extent that the royal family make people actually embrace their roles as slaves, they perform an evil function.

I would have agreed with an article that points out that extravagant spectacles like this wedding are designed to distract the public in the manner of the Roman circuses of Nero and his ilk. I would have agreed that these things are designed to make people love their subservient role and to adore those who lord it over them -- for while the royal family has no power, a love for Her Majesty fosters a love for her government.

But to attack William personally because of his ancestry goes too far.

Anonymous said...

Alot of people fervently believe he's the antichrist too.

Anonymous said...

"The British Royal Family is just a tourist gimmick. They have no actual power and haven't for over a century."

Keep living in denial.

Anonymous said...

Better get used to your new reptillian overlords!

Anonymous said...

Nothing becomes a law without the queens signature, that seems like a lot of power to me :(

inahs said...

"Nothing becomes a law without the queens signature, that seems like a lot of power to me :("

Exactly, which means there is no democracy. And why do you want to idolize such royals when they depend on the taxpayers to maintain their style of living. I bet if they stopped paying them, Britain wouldn't be so bad now, I seriously don't know how Britain and the commonwealth nations live. While they themselves do nothing for the poor or donate their own money? Don't even mention the prince's trust. That's all for show.

As for the other commenters: have you met Prince William personally? I haven't but the fact he was raised by a grandmother who wanted to steal money from the poor to heat her own home, his upbringing sounds questionable to me.

As for them being cousins, I'm not surprised. It's very common, they've done so for centuries and it's no secret. FDR even married his third cousin and he was no royal.

rosie said...

Just about everyone in England is now descended from King Edward 111.
(Ian Mortimer)
He really could be called the 'father' of his nation.
So most of us saw two cousins of our own married yesterday.
The whole thing is quite silly if you take it to extremes.

Oh-Llama Been Saddened. said...

Yes, to add anything of substance to validate ones 'argument', but be certain to attack the credibility of any author revealing sensitive information that can potentially damage the relevant agenda(s) set out by an establishment, aka "The Elite" - a common tactic of the lowly shill, well known by all intelligent, critical thinkers and lovers of truth and personal freedoms.

Your time draws near, (oh-so-expendable) shills.

Anonymous said...

the queen is also prince philips (her husband) 3rd cousin.

Anonymous said...

No power, ?largest land owner in the world, wealthiest family in the world, no power?, someone needs a education.

Anonymous said...

To the person who attacked the authors education, I must object. Are only the graduates of the Ivy Leagues entitled to a public voice and opinion? I should say not, as all "real' people should. These type people have lorded over the rest of us for centuries and I, for one, have had enough of it. If an article is well written and logical, I fail to see where the author obtained his education from is pertinent. It could very well be that a university like Francis Marion instills less PC brainwashing than places like Yale; thus an opinion from such a graduate may be much more in tune with reality.
Your comment, Sir, whoever you are, made you look like a pompous ass and one that I'm sure would fit right in with the royals and their kind.

Anonymous said...

Absolute BullS hit...

Anonymous said...

Well I'm related to Adam, Eve and Noah. - most famous people in history, I could go on but all this name dropping is really quite tiresome. suffice to simply kiss my royal petunia and I'll be off, my right royal subjects await me ....

Anonymous said...

and to have their wedding on the same day as Hitler and Eva Braun? just a coincident. check out The Treaty of 1213 to see how you been lied to. This piece of history shots the Royal business in the foot,

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