Monday, March 14, 2011

Obama: Torturer-in-Chief

Activist Post

Hey liberals, wake up and defend your principles. Your boy Obama is just as bad, if not worse, than baby Bush.  Demand justice and repeal of Obama's bullshit Nobel Peace Price. Bradley Manning before Obama on the left, and after Obama on right.

Please read this key article detailing his treatment

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Anonymous said...

Picture tell a thousand words.

From the looks of the "after Obama" picture, my guess is that the Pentagon thugs force fed Manning anti-depressants, and then deprived him of sleep for days/weeks on end.
Where is that coward Assange now? He gets the glory, while a private who exposes war crimes gets to die a slow death.
I smell a rat.

Barbara Lemley said...

Seems like lots of people are looking worse than usual after Obama got 'elected' (assigned) presidency.

Tom Sanford said...

Well, I'm sorry but this treatment was necessary to keep him from hurting himself...I'm sorry Bradley but we're going to have to torture you a little to keep you from hurting your self...Why can't anyone seem to see the logic in this?!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not defending Obama, but this looks like before/afters in weight loss commercials. And even if it is him, I can make a fucked up face and shut one eye slightly. Maybe he cut himself shaving.

Anonymous said...

That first picture looks like Corey Clagett. I sent him some stuff for Christmas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

manning should be fried for treason....

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to pay the piper!

Anonymous said...

Both are different men in my opinion.One is young,the other old,one has brown eyes,the older gentlemen has blue.Hmmmmmmmmm,I smell a rat here.

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