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How To Find a Bunker If Doomsday Is on the Way

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As signs of the End Times both man made and natural become impossible to ignore, it seems that an increasing number of people are willing to take survivalism to its ultimate conclusion: the doomsday bunker.

It is still a relatively small market, but builders of fallout shelters and survival bunkers of all stripes are recording record sales in the wake of increasing natural disasters, chaotic political upheaval, and the threat of coming earth changes.

One company, Hardened Structures cites the following client demographics:
  • 30% believe in 2012 or end-of-the world scenarios
  • 50-55% are concerned about economic collapse and political unrest
  • 20% wish to protect against military, data storage and EMP threats
Knowing that U.S. officials themselves have prepared for the very same cataclysmic scenarios through their Continuity of Government agenda, it would be wise to take a look at what the survival marketplace has to offer for those of us who don't have the ultimate bunker, Cheyenne Mountain, at our disposal.

A recent story highlighted luxury bunker living, replete with a wine cellar and nearly every manner of creature comforts.  However, there is actually a wide range of survival shelters available at various price points and purpose.  Do you want to prepare for short-term threats such as earthquakes, storms, or political unrest?  Or a doomsday scenario such as 2012,  nuclear strike, or massive earth changes?  Do you want a personal family bunker, or fractional-ownership community living?

Bunker living isn't for everyone, but for those who are curious about what the options are, and at what cost, here is the latest:

Budget: Less than $10,000
One of the least expensive and perhaps practical ways to protect you and your family in a short-term emergency is a portable Protective Tent from Underground Bomb Shelters.   Starting at $8,800 plus shipping, their LSS-80 Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection System can be made fully operational in less than 15 minutes.

Temet LSS-80

Budget:  Less than $50,000
Option 1: Do-It-Yourself -- The video below shows a functional shelter created from an 8-meter long shipping container done on the cheap.  If prepared properly this will enable survival of anything other than a direct hit.

Option 2: Ready-Made -- According to Hardened Structures, their most popular shelter is a $38,000 unit with a steel shell and blast door with air-filtering system. It is engineered to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical disasters, as well as catastrophic storms.  These structures are waterproof, and can be expanded to accommodate additional residents employing a modular approach.

2012 Genesis Series

Budget:  Less than $100,000 (Family)
These premier underground shelters are built with steel both reinforced and insulated.  One shelter holds over 2 years food supply for a family of up to 5 people.  Shelters can be clustered together for more people and storage space.  Available for 5, 10, 15 people or more.  Shelters also can arrive completely stocked.

Budget:  Less than $100,000 (Community)
For the crème de la crème of community fallout shelters, one company has risen above the rest: Vivos in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  Their ultimate vision is one of a network of shelters near major cities where people could retreat in case of nearly any conceivable magnitude of disaster.  They already have designed an underground community that can house up to 200 people for one year of living. Units are sold on a fractional-ownership basis starting at between $25K - $50K depending on geographical location:

Budget: Unlimited
Luxury Survival Condos:  Developer Larry Hall has chosen Kansas as the place to house his 15-story condo complex with units ranging from $900K to nearly $2M.  Living space is roughly 900 sq. ft. for 3-5 people and double that for 6-10 people.  Beyond these luxury survival condos, all manner of custom construction is available, with suppliers stating that they have received orders into the many tens of millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, less and less people have the means to afford a fully equipped, long-term survival structure, even if staying underground for months or years on end sounds like a viable option.

If you have constructed, or purchased your own short- or long-term doomsday bunker, please contact us about the process, product report, or tips to reduce the cost -- and we will post your experience anonymously if you wish.

In the meantime, absent the ability to prepare for a doomsday that may or may not happen, it is wise to take reasonable precautions against rising food costs, supply line disruptions, and the host of natural disasters which are on the rise.

* Note: Activist Post does not endorse or receive compensation from any of the companies mentioned in this article.  Products were selected based on quality of information and presentation only.

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Anonymous said...

No one is interessting in the poor white. Most will not have 10k.

Donate at least a prayer.

dogismyth said...

I think the PTB know already that a cosmic event will occur in the near future, such as a gamma wave from colliding stars and/or a gravitational wave which follows the gamma wave. There are some articles on the internet that discuss this (viewzone). Study cosmology and astrology. Everything else seems to be a purposeful distraction, like the financial issues. Ignorance is not bliss in this scenario.

Morris Townson said...

Comet Elenin tail (filled with meteors that will fall/crash to earth) will pass by this fall starting in late September through November. It is not 2012 that I worry about it is 2011.

Anonymous said...

Wow, living 6 feet under before you're actually dead . . . with other "undead". Kind of creepy.

Anonymous said...

If they survive the initial catastrophe I believe people living in isolated underground cramped quarters would succumb to madness within a matter of weeks/months. Not to mention possibly becoming trapped under water or massive mud slide.

Anonymous said...

Shades of 2000. I remember how, at the stroke of midnight, the world would end. All the nuclear missiles would automatically launch, there would be no food, civilization would end.

Get real! An extinction event is long overdue and much needed. All the whining liberals, the Animal Rights groups, the Anti-Gun groups and the Peace At Any Price morons will be the first to go.

This world is now so bad, it isn't worth living in anyway, so BRING IT ON!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how gullible people are that they could survive in one of these for any lengthy period of time without electricity to run the air filter. Generators for electricity? A few days. Solar? Maybe a little longer until a some big winds tear them down. Live in an area with snow? Too bad when they're covered with snow. Cloudy for days on end? Not going to work. They would be good for a few days. Better as a wine cellar or for storing stuff away from the Ozombies or to hide until the hoard passes. These people selling these things are the worst of the worst scumbags by playing on the fears of the gullible. Scum I tell ya!

John said...

Here's another option for thos seriously looking into shelters.

Activist said...

Terrific John, thank you for the link!

Anonymous said...

yeah, only the wealthy, "cream of the crop" will have one. Hahahah Good luck in your brave new world, you nuclear families of pussies and bastards.

Anonymous said...

When those who depend on their pre-fabrications, their amenities of comfort and fancy vacations, are left without those who have performed their work for them, their walls will fall in for they are unable to shore them. Clink your wine glasses and make a toast, to those that we despised, but needed the most. You cannot survive because money has gotten you by to this day. Money is of no worth very soon. Enjoy!hahhahahahhah see you in hell.

Anonymous said...

Every survivalist knows that survival bunkers will be one of the first targets of starving thugs with guns, and if necessary carbon monoxide hoses or even backhoes. They know where the food and women are stashed and make no mistake they'll come for them, there will be no one to stop them, in fact if you're in a city the police will one of the worst predators (remember New Orleans.) You best get your ass deep into a national forest someplace and bury a years supply of dried food, otc medicine, a 22 magnum rifle with a thousand rounds of ammunition (very affordable,) at least 100 AA alkaline batteries to run your radio and led light, basic tools (axe, bowsaw, shovel, high quality hunting knife, and a file to sharpen em,) couple dozen Bic lighters, cooking and eating utensils, roll of nylon twine, roll of mechanics wire, roll of duct tape, couple of quilts, cold weather shoes, and fishing tackle. Sound like a lot, it's not, it'll fit into a couple of 55 gallon plastic barrels. It can be buried in a day, covered with several layers of plastic, thoroughly splashed down with ammonia and abandoned (NEVER go back to check on it) till needed. The cost, about one tenth of what you'd pay for a backyard deathtrap. And a final tip, don't take even your best friend with you to do this, and memorize your place markers well, if you don't know how to triangulate with a simple compass, LEARN, your GPS may become worthless within hours of a global emergency.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Right..The hordes will be coming for the well prepared and equipped.And they won't be nicey nice about it.The veneer of society is very thin, and this complacent Nation, so deeply interested in life's pleasures, is going to have a chance to learn that.. signed, Night Hawk

CSA said...

Well here's a thought; How about learning the skills that helped our ancestors survive & thrive, then live where others won't dare and cops and bombs can't find.

Anonymous said...

i think it would be neet if someone has a contest to get a free bunker installed with everything in it

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