Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Oil's Tree Huggers

Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

It's not entirely accurate to call the Belfer Center merely a big oil representative that forms the spearhead of promoting the theory anthropogenic global warming and the resulting farcical, Ponzi-scheme environmental policies proposed to deal with it. They also meddle deeply in the affairs of foreign nations, have banking magnates lining their advisory board, as well as lobbyists like Belfer adviser Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers salvaging the failed efforts of a US-backed now exiled Thai prime minister.

Belfer Center is a mixed bag of self-serving corporate agendas. As an international think-tank located within one of America's most "prestigious" universities, it turns out to be nothing more than a den of deception and intellectual dishonesty, as we'll see as we peel back the cheap veneer of legitimacy.

Named after Robert Belfer of the Belco Petroleum Corporation and later, director of the failed Enron Corporation, the Belfer Center describes itself as being "the hub of the Harvard Kennedy School's research, teaching, and training in international security affairs, environmental and resource issues, and science and technology policy." Robert Belfer still sits in as an International Council Member, begging one to wonder what sort of "research" is going on within the halls of a center named after a man synonymous with big oil and big fraud.

Belfer's director, Graham Allison is also an astounding example of self-serving American corporatism steering US policy. He was a founder of the Trilateral Commission, a director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a consultant to the RAND Corporation, Director of the Getty Oil Company, Natixis, Loomis Sayles, Hansberger, Taubman Centers, Inc., and Belco Oil and Gas, as well as a member of the advisory boards of Chase Bank, Chemical Bank, Hydro-Quebec, and the shady International Energy Corporation, all according to his official Belfer Center bio.

Other questionable characters befouling the halls of this nefarious nexus include Belfer alumnus, Goldman Sachs creature, globalist pusher, CFR member, and now World Bank president Robert Zoellick. Sitting on the board of directors is CFR member and former Goldman Sachs consultant, Ashton Carter. There is also former director of Citigroup and Raytheon, former Director of Central Intelligence and CFR member John Deutch, who required a pardon by Clinton to avoid prosecution over a breach of security while fumbling his duties at the CIA. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Rothschild of Atticus Capital and RIT Capital Partners, Paul Volcker of the Federal Reserve, and former DHS top-goon Michael Chertoff all serve as Belfer Center's "advisers."

Last but not least, there is John P. Holdren, also a Council on Foreign Relations member, science adviser to both President Clinton and President Obama, and co-author with Bush science adviser Paul Ehrilich, of the now notorious "Ecoscience." When Holdren isn't brand-building for "Climate Disruption," he is dreaming of a Malthusian fueled totalitarian global government that forcibly sterilizes the world's population. He feared, erroneously as all Malthusians have done throughout history, that overpopulation would be the end of humanity. He claimed in his hubris filled, fact deficient book, "The No Growth Society," that by the year 2040, the United States would have a dangerously unsustainable population of 280 million he called "much too many." The current US population is over 300 million, and despite shockingly incompetent leadership, it is still sustainable.

Considering this, and that Holdren's fellow board members leading this center of "research" are nothing more than a collection of career bureaucrats, bankers, oilmen, suspected criminals and fraudsters, he himself then comes across as an "oafish-fraud," for a lack of a better term.

These have been the halls within which America's "climate policy" has been refined, documented and presented during the various public relations stunts in Kyoto, Copenhagen, Cancun, and throughout the legislatures of the United States. It is quite obvious that the combination of Holdren's quackery and the involvement of the most parasitic and corrupt corporations on earth are doing nothing but exploiting people's genuine concerns for the environment.

We should come to expect as much from our government and our universities as big money's tentacles wrap themselves around our nation's institutions and bend them to their own self-serving will. Through Belfer's halls pass not only the subpar leaders of America today, but also the sub-par leaders of America's tomorrow.

Belfer runs a fellowship program churning out throngs of America's next Robert Zoellick's, Fareed Zakaria's, and Philip Zelikow's, ensuring the continuation of their agenda well into the future. That is of course, unless we strip them of their self-proclaimed legitimacy, publicly expose the despicable conflict of interest undermining their prestigious mandate, and make it once again shameful to be a villain in America. Harvard's Belfer Center should be as synonymous with fraud as the Enron scandal the Belfer Center's namesake helped preside over in 2001.

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whatbox? said...

Harvard U gave us Dubya. They've clearly had a low-threshold (I think Dubya got used to being selected back when) for who comes in.

The business school turned out the corporatists who in the last 30 odd years gave us the broken, broke and vicious world of business we have today.
Harvard Medical school has pushed the Allopathic, western medicine, rockerfelian agenda since it's inception.

Kennedy School of Grabber-mint? A double speak infused cruel joke it there ever was one.

Harvard is to the soft side of the establishment what MIT is to the hard side.

They have served their masters well.


Anonymous said...

Bravo for finally giving the hub of academia's
contribution to the Evil Empire its due. Let me
ad the likes of attendees, professors, Financial contributors and administrators such as; Henry Kissinger,Chairman Mao, the Clintons, George Soros, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Jeffery Skilling, John Holdren, Robert Zoelick, Robert Belfer, Lawrence Lindsey, Jonathan Jacobson, Pug Winokur,and others of Enron fame.
In The Buying of the President 2000, Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity reports;
"Harvard who counted Enron as a principal financial supporter, has published 1,000 reports advocating deregulation. William Hogan, the research director of HEPG, specifically advised the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to adopt the “Enron model.” Even after the crisis of 2000, HEPG continued to oppose any regulation, such as price caps on astronomically high energy costs. The massive corporate fraud carried out against the American people would not have been possible without the critical aid provided by academia. In the case of Harvard, those championing the fraud had a personal stake in its success. Many of the members of Harvard’s governing board have had intimate ties with Enron."

tal said...

Read "The Harvard Boys Do Russia" if you haven't already

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