Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Economic 'Martial Law in the Streets' Moment Approaches

Eric Blair
Activist Post

In the fall of 2008, during the lead up to the TARP bailout of the financial industry, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warned members of Congress that there will be Martial Law in America should they fail to pass the multi-trillion dollar looting of the taxpayer.

Well, despite the American public being overwhelmingly against the bailout, the blackmail worked and the banks got their money. If it worked once, why not try it again?

With the economy no better off for having borrowed trillions to "stabilize" criminal financial institutions, the national debt ceiling is rapidly approaching.  As some Republicans begin to float the notion of blocking this extension of credit, the Treasury Department, Democrats in Congress, and Ben Bernanke issued apocalyptic warnings clearly showing how pathetically fragile the U.S. economy is.

These threats, reminiscent of Paulson's 2008 ransom demands, once again appear to be offering two black-and-white choices: Armageddon or more debt.  The coordinated pitch for higher debt levels is echoing the same urgency as the TARP looting, as Treasury Secretary Geithner said the government is insolvent and will run out of money in about two months' time unless Congress votes to raise the federal debt ceiling.

The AFP reported Thursday that Senate Democrats warned that the government would "shut down" if the debt ceiling was not raised.  Chuck Schumer (D-NY) explained what that would mean if a shutdown were to occur: "citizens couldn't get their checks, veterans couldn't get their benefits, military payments would stop."

Ben Bernanke doubled down on the debt-fear campaign in a rare press conference where he said, "Beyond a certain point . . . the United States would be forced into a position of defaulting on its debt. And the implications of that on our financial system, our fiscal policy and our economy would be catastrophic."

Fiscal conservatives who oppose raising the debt ceiling say it is just delaying necessary belt-tightening and massive spending cuts, and say that raising the debt ceiling further only forestalls needed austerity moves to avoid a more catastrophic collapse in the future. House Republicans presented a plan to cut $32 billion from the budget, which is laughable given the impossible-to-pay-off debt levels.

The U.S. national debt is approaching the ceiling of $14.29 trillion; unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare are estimated to be around $100 trillion; and the total cost of stabilizing the financial industry is reportedly upwards of $23.7 trillion.  And these numbers say nothing of the fraudulent $600-trillion derivatives scam. No amount of tax increases, spending cuts, or economic growth will be sufficient to satisfy this equation.

The notion that America can somehow pull itself out of this mess if average citizens, who had no part in creating the national debt, would only "tighten their belts," seems preposterous.

None of the options are exactly attractive to the already over-burdened taxpayer. Indeed, the people are being given a lose-lose-lose scenario: 1) the status quo of slow economic demolition through raising the debt ceiling; 2) crippling austerity cuts and public asset looting; or, 3) catastrophic collapse.

Although the banks and their pocket-change politicians describe market conditions that would result in a collapse should the ceiling not be raised, it seems obvious that the only power capable of drastically changing economic conditions are the banks themselves.  Therefore, market conditions appear to be an increasingly insignificant part of a bigger illusion.

As if the sun would not rise if a piece of legislation was not passed, the gun-to-the-head urgency will likely result in raising the debt ceiling.  If the level of resistance comes close to the near unanimous public disgust over the TARP bill, you can bet we'll hear new warnings of "martial law in the streets" in order to keep the illusion in tact.  If for some reason collapse is unavoidable, the U.S. military is actively war gaming "large scale economic breakdown" and "civil unrest" should they choose otherwise.

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Steven said...

We have a bigger Army, and just as well(small arms)armed as Uncle Sugar does. Martial Law? I don't think so.

Molon Labe!!

Anonymous said...

The end will be default anyway......why continue to pretend that creating more debt is GOOD? Let the slimy government go without money; they've got untold billions in secret accounts anyway.

John Hammell said...

Don't kid yourself. Anytime in history a nation has monetized its debt it has always caused the currency to collapse. Whats driving all of this is UN Agenda 21. The ruling elite intend to collapse America by destroying our currency and triggering martial law. 1 in 7 Americans are on food stamps. What happens when we go into hyperinflation due to QE2 whereby the Fed is creating 600 Billion out of thin air to nearly double the number of dollars in circulation? With oil and gas prices expected to double in the coming year the writing is on the wall. People will do anything including loot supermarkets if thats all they can do to feed their families. That will trigger martial law, its inevitable, but the ruling elite planned it all and they don't care how many guns we have because they can use microwaves for societal control to get people to surrender en masse just like the US Army did in the first Gulf War-

Anonymous said...

Mr Biddle of the Philadelphia-based National bank Threatened Andrew jackson with this same scenario in the 1830's.
The Fed is a pernicious, diabolic plutocracy of traitors, "A brood of Vipers" as Andrew Jackson would say. Why do they want America to emulate Weimar Germany with debt and inflation? So that they may take their assignat collateral of hard assets and federal property. The Wall Street bail out recipients who own the Fed, and for all intents and purpose the US Treasury, want to become the elite plutocratic patricians, who will make Ameerica a mere fief and vassal inthe neo=Holy Roman Empire/ New World Order. The Fed has intimidate Washinggton ever since they sent Meyer Lanky's hitmen to kill JFK , after JFK tried to remove the Fed and restore US Treasury notes in 1963.
Michael Guy

Anonymous said...

Its the joos,stoopid....

whatbox? said...

People will not revolt. They've been dulled beyond belief to reality. Medicated, flouridated, programmed....dulled.
And as long as the SNAP program is in place, all is well. AS long as the nice people in the government are giving out food stamps, all must be well.

It's when the food shock finally hits that people will snap. Because no food app on your iPhoney can convince you that your belly is full. At least not yet.
Till then, mesmerized and en-chained...


Anonymous said...

The new world order isn't new & isn't order. The only way to defeat them is through non-compliance.

Anonymous said...

The members of the military will be at home protecting their own families.

Anonymous said...

Just before the collapse, max out the CC. Go for broke and then disappear. leave the banksters holding the bag. You know what you will need to survive:buy guns ie: AK -47, M-15 lots of ammo and ready food and survival gear. There are many ways to survive off the grid. Don't forget your "bug out bag" or have your vehicle of choice stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice.You will need to feed, shelter and protect yourself and or your family against whatever hostile situation may arise.
Collapse is imminent, it is a done deal and unless you're prepared you will go down with the rest of the sheeple.

m said...

The big problem that has not been mentioned is CAFR. All communities, counties and states keep two sets of books. One for the newspapers and one off the record. Some cities have billions of stolen dollars. Where is the money? The local bureaucrats are not sophisticated investors. They bit on the mortgage backed securities hook, line and sinker. They have lost all of the stolen taxpayer's money and they can't complain, they stole it to begin with. Los Angeles lost 2/3 of their nest egg. When the people wake up and find out what really happened they will be furious. Egypt furious.

Anonymous said...

Amerika is toast. LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Let us have an audit of the Federal Reserve before making any commitment to raise this that or the other thing. The chickens are coming home to roost. We the American People are fed up with the power grabs, the lies, the shoving of the liberal agenda down our throats against the majority's will, etc. The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve can sit down and shut up because we, the American people do not believe a word out of their dirty, lying manipulative mouths.

Why are Congress, the President and his administration defying the American people by not bringing back the jobs that are enhancing the Chinese, the Indian, the Turkish economies while ours is going down the toilet? If these jobs are helping those countries, then why are we not bringing them back to elevate our economy? We have an enemy in the Whitehouse!

Drillerdoug said...

OUR enemy is NOT in the White House ! OUR enemy is US All who have sit back apathetically while OUR government has gotten bought and paid for by the Khazar bankers, and the so-called Jews who run Holly Wood have brought OUR morals down lower and lower, BECAUSE WE DID NOT SAY NO NO NO GET YOUR TRASH OFF MY TV AND OUT OF MY MOVIES!!! College education nowadays is the worst joke on this once great nation EVER!!! OUR government pays out God knows in "grants" that go where? TO THE SAME DAMN SNAKES THAT HAVE STOLEN OUR NATION FROM US All ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Do you see your gas price rising? Do you see your food rising? More is to come. Watch the looters breaking into your neighbors houses. Do you have guns? No? Oh that's right you don't believe in guns. Are you not an American? This country was founded on guns.

Anonymous said...

If and when the system collapses, I would not care to be Bernanke. He'll be hunted down like those old SS soldiers after World War II.

Anonymous said...

The people will declare martial law to the politicians, the bankers and if need be the military as well.

D. L. said...

To the guy above who said Americans won't revolt because they just have to use their food stamps...well, the both local supermarkets in this small town are NOT taking food stamps (considering a population where about 1/3 receives the things) until further ntoce bvecause of "technical difficulties"

Anonymous said...

Never received that email to confirm my subscription???

Glynn Rogers

K Smith said...

I participate in national effort to track inflation at the grocery store and the gas pump. The annualized rate of inflation for food, personal essentials, and gas for the 8 weeks ended January 5, 2011 is 12.4% .

Buckle your chin strap. We are in for a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

Congress should not raise the debt ceiling. Why bother having one if they can just vote raise it whenever they run out of credit? Congress should make a priority payment on the national debt and appropriate from whatever is left over. That's how budgets are supposed to managed. The national debt and the government's unfunded liabilities are so huge they can never be paid or met. Default is the only option. Will it be outright or will the government try to print itself out of debt and spark hyperinflation?

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, I have some GOOD NEWS. What you all don´t know is this. The God of Abrahan, Issac and Jacob is going to place a prophet in control of the United States, (as president), so that the Good News of Jesus Christ can be preached without interference from the NWO crowd and proponents. The early stages of the last great awakening has already started. It is Acts 2:17. Please go read it.

Our new president is going to get to office by leading the coming revolution where the constitution gets re-written where the Supreme Court judges are going to be voted in and out of office by direct vote of the people. Also, we will also be able to cancel any decision the SCOTUS has ever made by the canceling it at the voting booth. The court is going to be found guilty of telling a big lie. Found guilty of uncorrected judicial treason by kicking God out of school and government. They are going to be held accountable for it

The whole thing is going to be sparked by the admission of the US government that ALL of the Apollo moon landings were faked.

The statement of proof is this. The Lunar Excursion Module, or LEM, was never loaded on any of the five flights. When this comes, out the country is going to go into a seething, boiling, irrevocable revolution.

Thus Saith the Lord.

David Reischer said...

Fourth Turning Baby !!!!

Anonymous said...

DrllerDoug has it right..
The whole world is being looted by the Khazars..
Check them out..
They are all of the 'Chosen'..

MajikFire Hornet said...

I really must object to the rank "anti-semitism" in this thread. It is absolutely NOT true that the globalist oligarchs and banksters are all Jews, i.e. "khazars". Just most of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree those are our three choices.
I'll take what's behind door #3.

Anonymous said...

As one Gulf Coast family who are now suffering the health effects of the BP disaster, we're too sick & tired to fight anymore.

The corporate-owned media is determined to ignore the fact that Agenda 21 has already begun. No one recognizes that they are spraying toxic compounds over 23 miles inland on land & homes, people, animals, property, so that now everything is contaminated. Whole towns are suffering respiratory & peripheral nerve damage. Nobody cares. We don't get media coverage like Haiti or Tunisia or Egypt.

We saw the civil unrest & economic challenges coming in 2007 when I first returned to the US. Now, we've sold the cars & boats, selling household goods now, & are eating all the groceries & survival supplies I stored up the last 2 years.

We're retiring & leaving the Union of Slaves in less than 90 days, to a place where they EXPORT their excess food...

Until you've lived abroad in a so-called "Third World" country, you don't realize how many, many more freedoms their peasants enjoy compared to the Amerikan sheeple.

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