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5 Proposals to Combat 'Global Warming' That Should Make Us All Cringe

Taxing the air we exhale, rationing human necessities, a global one-child policy, geoengineering (high-altitude chemical spraying), and now nuclear war have all been proposed to combat global warming.  Have climate theorists lost their marbles, or just their humanity?

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Eric Blair
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There has not been much middle ground found between global warming believers and the "it's a hoax" crowd. I started as a believer after watching An Inconvenient Truth I struggled to even look into the alternative view because the establishment had so successfully made the deniers seem insane.

However, having now done extensive research, I can attest that the "hoax" crowd has just as much, if not more, compelling evidence on their side as believers do. Furthermore, most global warming deniers won't disagree that the climate is changing or shifting in some noticeable way, only that man-made CO2 is not the primary cause.

This article is not intended to debate the questions surrounding the man-made global warming theory, but rather the proposed "solutions." Most believers genuinely care about the environment and view deniers as selfish "takers" who care not for mother nature. This is not the case at all.  In fact, I would argue that most deniers feel just as passionately about environmental issues as believers.  The difference seems to be that deniers focus their energy on tangible and measurable problems in the environment like water, air and soil pollution, GMO food, excessive pharmaceuticals, chemical spraying, and results from oil spills and gas fracking to name a few.

None of these very real threats to human and environmental health are addressed by the global warming crowd, save for possibly air pollution.  When one dissects the proposals to combat global warming, it seems clear that the environmental movement has been hijacked by CO2 propagandists for an ulterior motive.  Even though hardcore believers seem to have a healthy distrust for bankers, corporations, and their puppet politicians, they have a very difficult time challenging the establishment's science or solutions pertaining to global warming.  They seem too busy defending the theory to make the connection to what they're actually supporting -- which is a cabal of big banks, big oil, and big brother seeking further control of society by hyping unprovable environmental threats that they never actually intend to fix in the first place.

At the very least, eyebrows should be raised since “hacked” emails exposed that the science data had been manipulated to fit the theory.  Alarm bells should go off when we learn that, as Vice President, Gore designed the proposed Cap and Trade system with Enron’s criminal CEO Ken “Kenny Boy” Lay years before the global warming theory had been introduced to the public. And for progressives, a full blown revolt should take place knowing that the scandalous international Banksters and Big Oil have shaped Cap and Trade to line their pockets. Finally, as with any modern legislative proposal, it is designed as a Robin-Hood-in reverse scheme where provisions appear to tax personal human choices, while major corporate polluters are exempt.

Regardless of what we believe about the man-made global warming theory, it certainly appears that the establishment's fix fits their problem-reaction-solution model of social engineering where many proposed solutions distort humanity's moral compass.  Below are 5 proposals to combat global warming that should make all environmentalists and humanitarians cringe with embarrassment for supporting them:

1. Taxes to International Bankers: Does anyone still trust the international bankers after their wholesale looting of the general public?  Do genuine environmentalists actually believe it's a good thing to have this criminal institution in charge of collecting and regulating carbon taxes? The thought of being forced to give more power and more money to the banks seems utterly foolish to support, no matter what environmental catastrophes we may face.  The carbon market is almost entirely voluntary and is still in its infancy, yet there is already major financial fraud occurring which is par for the course for the banksters.  We should be ashamed to promote them as any part of a solution.

2. One-Child Policies: After vilifying China's one-child policy since its inception, the Western world is now warming to the idea to combat CO2.  In fact, Canada joined China in publicly calling for a Worldwide One-Child Policy during Copenhagen climate talks in 2009.  Forcing this type of law on a previously free society will surely result in forced abortions and other horrific consequences.  It is the epitome of tyranny for the State to take away such basic rights to life.  It seems that the numerous heavyweights pushing this agenda are hell-bent on population reduction in spite of the global warming theory.  If forcing your friends and neighbors into a one-child policy makes sense to you, you may have already lost your humanity to a theoretical fear.

3. Geoengineering: The AP reported during the 2010 Cancun climate talks that "we may need geoengineering as a 'Plan B,' if nations fail to forge agreement on a binding treaty to rein in greenhouse gases." Geoengineering (sometimes referred to as chemtrailing), is high-altitude chemical spraying.  They are the unnatural crisscrossed long white trails left by planes that take days to dissipate. Their patents are high in nanoparticle aluminum and barium, both of which have been found in dangerously high concentrations in otherwise pristine locations.  For decades this program was top secret, and environmental activists were called conspiracy theorists for questioning it.  Now, it is being promoted as the savior to global warming, claiming the extremely poisonous chemicals reflect sunlight away from earth. To learn more about what you would be advocating for as 'Plan B' to stop global warming, please watch the very reputable new film What in the World are They Spraying?

4. Rationing: At the COP16 climate meeting in Cancun during record cold temperatures this winter "Some climate change experts say World War II-style rationing in developed countries may be needed to bring down carbon emissions to fight against global warming."  We all know who is most affected by rationing:  the average little citizen.  I'm reminded of the character Winston Smith in 1984 getting his allotments of fabricated coffee and fuel-like alcohol while the controllers lived in the lap of luxury.  Perhaps, if we're lucky, the State will take control of local farm harvests for rationed distribution circa the Soviet Union. Ahh, freedom is on the march with this proposal.

Animation/Wiki Commons
5. Nuclear War: Last, but certainly not least, the idea has been floated that a small nuclear war may save us from the global warming bogeyman.  Yes, for the good of humanity and the environment, let's blow a couple of million people to smithereens and radiate thousands of square miles to force the cooling of the earth.  This is not some fringe group proposing this, but instead NASA, the National Geographic and Ted Turner-owned Time magazines floating the idea.  They say, "Models suggest that though the world is currently in a warming trend, small-scale war could lower global temperatures 2.25 degrees F for two-to-three years following war."  It seems this scenario will do nothing to reduce CO2, but simply block and absorb heat from the sun.  In fact, they admit it may add carbon into the atmosphere.  If you can't tell how wrong this concept is on multiple levels then perhaps it's more appropriate to refer to you as a world-is-flat Neanderthal.

Despite differences in theories, can't we all agree that these proposals seem downright tyrannical, if not evil?  They all seem to further crush the poorest among us, while eliminating basic individual rights, to openly promoting reducing the human population. And that means you too by the way.  Believers won't be exempt from the darkest wrath of these proposals.

And worst of all, none of these proposals will do anything to solve authentic environmental degradation, or even CO2 concentrations for that matter.  So, it's all right to believe any theory you wish, but just be more informed and honest when defending the establishment's proposed solutions. They are not designed or intended to protect you or the environment from global warming.

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Anonymous said...

"None of these very real threats to human and environmental health are addressed by the global warming crowd,.

You're pretty clueless. As a member and researched of climate change facts, I and many other are EXTREMELY concerned about these other 'very real threats'. They are all interrelated and directly associated with human activity (just like the carbon dioxide you don't seem to think is a real threat).

Your article is quite terrible, very poorly researched and written, truly disingenuous at best.

The hacked email scam has already been well documented, proving that this was badly overblown and did not change the climate facts one iota.

Anywhere there is the smell of money, you're going to find politicians and cons corrupting any efforts. Nobody thought carbon-trading was anything but a con, designed by cons, manipulated by cons, but this fact and your pointing out this topic does absolutely nothing to further your point (whatever THAT was supposed to be).

Geoengineering, one-child policy, and rationing... which you say that "none of these proposals will do anything to solve authentic enviromental degradation".

Wanna bet?

I'll discard geoengineering as a stupid idea, but one-child policy? Or rationing? Nobody likes these ideas because it forces us to look at the facts of what humans are doing, facts which you so conveniently discarded.

Let's see -- fewer people consuming, polluting, degrading fewer natural resources in constant decline -- which you alleged "won't solve anything". You're pretty stupid if you really believe that. Of course it would help - dramatically. Only an imbecile would think otherwise.

It is irrelevant that you may not LIKE this idea (neither do I), but that wasn't your point.

Same with rationing, putting the humans on this planet to some sort of limits instead of treating this Earth like a giant ATM machine with a garbage dump around back. You really don't think that will work either?

Well then let's just keep on plundering, populating and dumping, since in your misguided views there can't be anything wrong with that.

This is probably one of the worse pieces I've read on these topics, which makes me wonder why you bothered to write this at all.

Anonymous said...

Eric...you are a thinking man among pondscum. Thank you, HSH

tal said...

I also started as a believer, believed for years and refused to look at the alternative view since it had a 'right-wing-taint'.

The game-changer for me was the realization we were being herded into the pro-nookular camp. As harmful as I believe coal to be and as devastating for the West Virginia countryside, the morass of the nuclear industry is worse (and more permanent).

Once I actually began looking at the data it was clear there was NO case for "man made global warming", but trying to enlighten others has been fruitless.

Good luck.

Morris said...

Geo engineering is going on and has been for 12 years.
Also know as weather modification.
And Chemtrails.
Do some research to see what you find.

james said...


Thank you for putting those belligerent conspiracy theorists in their place!!!

Anonymous said...

The "global warming" crowd are also eugenicists and the way they think is that both problems,overpopulation and global warming can be rectified with their sickening solutions. Vaccines, chemicals added to the water and food chemtrails and oh yes a "small" nuclear war. These are the evilist of men and they run the world.

Henry said...

Global warming is the fall-guy for the pioneer, messing-with-the-earths-protective- magnetic- field. How can you blow holes in the magnetosphere with HAARP AND THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT? Earthquakes, volcanoes erupting every second day, floods, fire and total disruption of the earths weather patterns. Let's start by insisting on full disclosure of the HAARP program, before we start getting bombarded with solar wind......Also, while we're at it, let's investigate SILENT SOUND(SSSS) before our minds are cooked, like it was used to make 200,000 Iraqis ( Harakiri fighters )surrender in Desert Storm and like we needed digital tv in every home in the US. Digital image can be completely hijacked and carries subliminal messaging. Like in Desert Storm. Maybe the Cartel Capitalists will get away with it after all...and turn us all, more into sheep than we already are..............

Anonymous said...

....full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Egads! Carbon dioxide causing global warming? A fraction of one percent of the atmosphere? Stop the volcanoes! Tax the Icelanders into penury! Wait a minute, the banksters beat us to it! What about methane and dihydrogen monoxide? Both proven more insulative than carbon dioxide. Lets take care of the global banksters first, then unleash the suppressed technologies, eh?

Bill said...

Any mouse #1,

I am afraid it is you who either has been duped, or are carrying the torch and trying to dupe others into believing this nonsense. Human activity has nothing to do with so - called " climate change". The climate is in a constant state of flux, it always has been and always will be.

Your comment was poorly written and disingenuous at best, I don't know why you bothered to post.

Anonymous said...

My concept of stopping floods from La Nina in Australia is simple.La Nina is warm water near us which may be cooled if we tow an ice berg or two into it before it evaporates to cause intense raining and flooding.Ice bergs are a danger to ships but why not have captains in the wheel room to monitor whats ahead.Our coral reefs are also danger to shipping but they stay put.

Anonymous said...

the first comment makes me think the poster of that believes that 19 guys hi jacked 4 planes on the same day and flew them into buildings..

Anonymous said...

Great article!

I am ashamed to admit I was a believer too at one point. Politicians and bankers are good at manipulating us.

Anonymous said...

Trying to get a believer to peek behind the curtain of truth is like trying to get a very religious person to give up their faith. I don't waste my time. When enough of the truth comes out, then they can either sink in the sea of lies or discover the mountain of truth. Most don't know they have been hood-winked until it is too late. It's a shame...and those who believe humans are creating a damaging amount of C02, why not be a great example to your fellow followers and start with your own elimination...if you REALLY believe that to be the TRUTH.

YourOasis said...

Anonymous #1: As for one child policy, NO ONE has the right to tell me, or a mother or anyone else how many kids we should have. You seem to fail to understand that special interest groups, corporations, and government has and should have no power over governing our PRIVATE lives and how we manage it. This implies that by merely EXISTING were destroying the planet? In other words, it's a form of culling the population: genocide or better known as eugenics. How is that justifiable? I'm against pollution and for the protection of animals, and ecosystems but we need to survive too. Besides, it has been shown that 70% of land on this planet is still uninhabited. So our population is not the problem.

Secondly, we NEED carbon dioxide in order to survive. It's what we breathe in from the trees. Did they not tell you that? It's basically a tax for just breathing, for just existing as if were parasites that shouldn't have been born. That's a psychopathic way of thinking. The carbon/energy taxes will ruin the poorest among us. I hope you will able to afford the energy bills in the near future because you might need 4 jobs to pay for it, if there are any jobs left.

I hope you know that those "climate change" scientists are really religious fanatics. It has become a religion where NO ONE with an opposing view can respectfully debate with them. The opponents are immediately squashed. How's that for democracy? Once that happens within a group, you know the jig is up.

The only ones polluting and destroying our planet are the CEOs, the trillionaires and billionaires, the bankers, and governments. I hope you know when this comes to pass THEY WON'T be rationing their food or limiting themselves. Quite the contrary. (It's been well documented that Al Gore consumes tons of energy in his own mansion.) Think about that.

"Nobody thought carbon-trading was anything but a con, designed by cons, manipulated by cons," - actually it was. it has been used by con artists in Europe where European taxpayers lost billions. It was published in of their local newspapers. and the carbon taxes will go straight through the Rothschild's private bank in Switzerland. Their PERSONAL family bank. If that doesn't smell bad, then I don't know what does.

Slave_Mind said...

Anonymous said... LoL

I have No Problem admitting I really just listen to what they tell Me on major news networks without researching anything because the Journalists have done that for Me. I am too busy with My 2 jobs to to care (very exhausted) not to mention the stress of loosing My house and constant fighting with wife. I take the mind numbing drugs prescribed because My doctor knows best because they tell Me so and I believe. We voted Politicians into Office; We owe them all Our support cause We voted them to take care of the Problems for Us. So what I have been told by Major News outlets is We have caused all the weather cycles since We have been here on Earth, not the Sun. We are the cause of all the Plants growing cause they consume CO2 and respire O2. We are the cause of all the toxic chemicals constantly dumped into rivers, lakes, oceans, and sewage systems because We voted in politiciians who created statues to regulate Us and not the corporations (the true entities causing the Major pollution). We are the cause of all the Worldwide Murders from Our directly or indirctly (CIA/ NSA/ Mossad) causing WARS upon populations of People who were not directly harming Us what so ever but We supported these invasions with Our complacency ... Anyways Leave Me alone to drink My beer and watch the super bowl ( I have 5K riding on it ).. Maybe buy a new flat screen ... screw the house ...
p.s. check out my pic on craiglist ... I need some more diversion from LIFE ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Your Oasis. Anonmymous #1 is probably an idiot or a troll working as a shill for the elitists.

Climate change (without addressing Weather Manipulation) via Chem Trails and H.A.A.R.P. This truly sickens me.

How about the Gulf of Mexico or GMO crops, fluoridated water, strange funguses and other things from Plum Island and DU (Depleted Uranium) from our perpetual wars.

AND, these elitists certainly have NOT mentioned a thing about people actually chemically poisoned such as those ill with Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, BP, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or the 9-11 Rescue workers.

AGENDA 21: Folks, please beware of this. Every time you hear about AGENDA 21 and "Sustainability," it's also about rationing us, controlling us and stealing more money to give to the upcoming global government.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Anonymous #1 is a NWO plant, and best ignored. These are the lies, the "beliefs", the new "religions" that were all predicted in the Bible; these are the things that are turning people's minds away from God and manipulating them into accepting NWO doctrine. Even the wisest shall be deceived. Yes and they have been. But the tide is beginning to turn; the veils are slowly lifting and the Truth is shining out.
So it shall be, and MUST be. There will be more crap to come, but hold on tight....there is one thing certain in life and that is CHANGE. And in this case, the change will be for the benefit of the little guy.

Kamo said...

In the abstract the right to have as many children as one likes is part of being free, if the necessity to work to provide for them doesn't put an end to it. However we in the western world have consuming habits that are equivalent to those of ten people in poorer nations, therefore having lots of children in the western world is more problematical than in poorer nations, insofar as their effect on world resources and the environmental degradation is concerned. Just think about how many disposable diapers it takes to raise one single child until he's toilet trained...
Furthermore, the rationale that everyone brings up, about freedom etc. takes only second place when considering the state of the world today. Even if you love taking care of little ones, think about what world you're bringing them into. Is is really doing them a favor to bring them into a world where basic necesities are no longer a give, such as CLEAN water, and natural food? A world where there is mass unemployment, corrupt leaders, poverty etc. What kind of life will they have when already the young adults fresh out of college are forced to move back with their parents, not being able to afford independent living? Every time I see bvery young children I can't help wondering what life they will have 20 years from now. So the issue is that people should consider these issues before deciding to have children and if they have a lick of sense they will understand it's not a good time. Self restraint. If no one is able to exercise self restraint then the government will have to impose it and it won't be nice.

the Blinding said...

YourOasis, you are dumb. Plants make oxygen for us to breath in and we exhale carbon dioxide for them. I hope to God you aren't allowed to reproduce. We have enough idiots on this planet, thank you.

Joe Myrick said...

How long will it take and how much deceit will it take before you people get off you but, and do your own study of ALL events that have gone on since the early 1900's to today, where the escalation of these events have risen. These events which have left a path for you to track, are as clear as a bell if you are sincerely looking for truth. Clearly, it has been learned many centuries ago, the reaction of the masses when there is a calamity. This same reaction has been studied, and strategists of ill intent use them to bring into existence their planned world order concepts. You are fooled by your own biases, which keep you from seeing the truth no matter the quantity of evidence. If there is a global climate threat, rest assured that is not going to be an accident, but an attempt to deceive you with a solution that secretly furthers the globalist agenda, of a one world order, and a one world currency. If you are fooled it is of your own doing, as you will be given over to the lie that you are determined to believe in, and the truth will flee from you. This is how God pays the evildoer, by allowing him what he wants, even if it is against his love for mankind. He created us to be free. He continually works to set us free from the liar, but after you harden your heart he surrenders to your desire to be left alone. The climate issue is going to be the latest great religion of mans existence, and it will deceive many. God, who is Jehovah by name has made his command for us not to worship the thing created but only the creator of the thing. Go ahead and pursue his jealousy. You will be sorry, as He is the creator of all things, and you cannot escape his anger, while you run from his love.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Kucinich was the only one in Washington to address the extreme damage to our planet and atmosphere with his-
- House bill in 2001, "Space Preservation Act".
Look it up and ask yourself WHY 'O WhY don't the cooling/warming/change alarmists NEVER mention weather modification/ warfare in their writings and rantings. Now these are matters worth ranting about, duh.
How would you like to be outside the US and have the aircrap .org raining down on you compliments of NATO? bluenomore .com is a great site run by an Aussie ~ check out his links and learn if you really care.
Oh, and linked to whatupwiththat .com show the IPPC/UN scientists requesting $$$ from Big Oil. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rod Tritton said...

Eric, brilliant, if a little emotional, but you neglected to mention the biggest hole in the believers story: CO2 is not a pollutant!!! So it is not as you say: "save for possibly air pollution", as the nett result of carbon trading actually increases air pollution.
CO2 is a plant nutrient with no upper concentration limit and for animals is only a problem at about 50 000 ppm where it starts to exclude oxygen, not because it is toxic. Our carbon footprint is irrelevant to our problems on this earth, it is our pollution footprint that is critical. And I remember from botany experiments at university, CO2 is a plant nutrient that in increasing quantities will increase plant growth.
Thanks for all your efforts at spreading real information.

Activist said...


Thanks. Of course you're correct, but my intention was to not debate that argument. This topic is not an easy one to get "believers" to even look at the information. I know, I was one of them.

Again, thanks for visiting and commenting.


OldProspector said...

The liar that run our nation know very well what is heating up our world.
We are having a number of new undersea volcanoes which as the fresh lava hits the water, it transfers the heat.
Anyone remember that billion dollar nuke sub; USS SAN Francisco the on April 22, 2005 that hit an undersea mountain?
What the Navy allows subs to wander about?
Nope, the mountain rose 1400 feet (+/-) in a matter of weeks.
So why is the world now producing new undersea mountains?
Because we have a visitor Nibiru/Wormwood,Nemisis.... right on schedule :^(

Anonymous said...


As we are humbly bowing, noses on the ground
we are unable to see what’s happening around!
We cannot see the blatant lies and sheer hypocrisy
told to us by those well trained in mendacity!

We are all made of carbon, that much do we know!
Their talk of carbon footprint means they want us to go!
They make us feel guilty, sad that we’re alive,
they poison air and water but hope they will survive!

Nikola Tesla was a master, a master of invention,
to give the world clean power, that was his intention!
He once built a tower to transmit electricity
Morgan bank was worried, it would have been for free!

They went and smashed his tower, threw it to the ground
and then his home and papers were rapidly burnt down!
The foundations can still be seen where once his tower stood,
a symbol of clean power for the world neighbourhood!

They tax us and they blame us for using energy
but Tesla had a grand plan, to give it all for free!
The power was clean and it was safe, as was his intention,
but as they couldn’t bill us, they smashed up his invention!

They frighten us with CO2, clean energy they hide,
they build up atom power, global suicide!
And who really stands to gain from threats to me and you?
The ones who shout the loudest about CO2!!!
(Wednesday 31 .March 2011)

Anonymous said...


Dinosaur farts caused climate-change,
led to the age of ice!
Mammoths caused global-warming,
their heads red hot with lies!

Climate is the new religion,
“Gory Al” the new high priest!
Oh, how he fills his coffers
as we bow to the beast!

He sells us “carbon offsets”
indulgences anew!
To save us from damnation
and from C O 2!!!

That carbon kills the planet
is one of many lies!
To look at the pollution
watch the chemtrails in the skies!

And the radiation
that will maim and kill
and yet we bow to “Gory Al”
as this wind blows so ill!

Dinosaur farts caused climate-change,
led to the age of ice!
Mammoths caused global-warming,
its fun inventing lies!
(Wednesday 23 .March 2011, Wezembeek-Oppem)

talent100 said...

This piece is right on the money. What they always like to call conspiracy theory is actually conspiracy FACT. 5000 years ago the planet was considerably warmer than it is today and there was also much more Co2 in the atmosphere and no one was driving around in cars then. According to saint Paul McCartney, cow farts are doing more damage than cars and yet I don't see any of these warmists campaigning to have them all culled. A "small" nuclear war definitely looks on the cards. Goodbye middle east. Might be one reason why they have buried every seed known to man deep in the arctic ice wrapped in foil packets. It might also explain why they have built DUMBs and underground cities. Either that or planet x (niburu) really is hurtling in our direction. As for one child policy, already western civilization is dying out because people aren't having enough children to replace themselves. 1.3per couple, I believe, on average. It seems people like anon would rather see the human race extinct so the planet can recover without us. They should put their energies into getting chem spraying stopped, or protesting about fracking with all it's related environmental damage. But no, let's just pick on car drivers and smokers and while we're at it make energy so expensive old people freeze to death in their droves every winter. As for Al Gore and his film full of fake science, while he was preaching all that, he owned a huge mine belching our polution and three enormous homes all lit up like christmas trees. The man is a liar, a fraud and a hypocrite.

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