Monday, December 20, 2010

White House Gives Go-ahead For Elitists to Control DNA

"Barcode Gene" identified in plants -- animals next?
Michael Edwards
Activist Post

It is official: in the name of "clean energy, pollution control and medicine," the White House is prepared to let scientists, spearheaded by the J. Craig Venter Institute, "manipulate DNA of organisms to forge new life forms," according to a recent AFP article.

The Orwellian language used by Barack Obama's Presidential Commission For The Study of Bioethical Issues is a study in wordiness, misdirection, and obfuscation that is typical when trying to cover up the true intent.  For example, on one hand the Commission acknowledges that the J. Craig Venter Institute has found the ability to forge new life forms, but also states that Venter's team didn't create life, since the work primarily involved altering an already existing life form.

Since we won't get straight truth from the mainstream media, science, or the government, it is better advised to look at who Craig Venter is, and what public statements have been issued about this agenda that literally could transform the human race from a naturally evolving species into a manipulated computer code.

As far back as 2003, a BBC article titled Warning on Gene 'ID Cards' cited Craig Venter as a leading scientist in gene mapping who, at the time, was offering the "very rich" a chance to buy their map for $710,000.  This sets up, in effect, a division of gene class where elites would have access to potentially life-saving information, while the underclass could be discriminated against by insurance companies and employers.  The short article concludes with an even more critical warning by Dr. Helen Wallace of GeneWatch that, "What we could end up with is a massive DNA database by the back door."  And this was almost 8 years ago.

In the intervening time, the possible misuse of such a database became clear in 2006 when collaboration between the  J. Craig Venter Institute and Google resulted in a ZDNet article titled Google Accused of Bio-Piracy.  Plans were revealed to "create a searchable online database of all the genes on the planet."  The source of this story came from a Pulitzer Prize winner, David Vise, but to this day it seems that neither the J. Craig Venter Institute, nor Google have acknowledged any ongoing partnership.

The Institute announced in May of this year that it finally had created the first self-replicating, synthetic bacterial cell, dubbed Synthia by the media.  Most people probably concluded that this was a rather innocuous, self-promoting announcement designed to receive funding.  However, if one looks deeper into this press release, one should notice the words "synthetic genome."  This is an admission that goes beyond simply altering an existing life form, as the Institute asserts, but illustrates the ability to replicate the entirety of an organism's hereditary information.

The technical breakdown of this initiative is exceedingly important, but is better left to experts in the field.  Regardless, the assertions of the J. Craig Venter Institute have found the "software of life" are being taken seriously by the White House at a time when revelations about how computing, medicine, technology, and the police state are converging on an almost daily basis.  In just the past month, the following stories made headlines:
  • Lawsuits have been filed in Austin, TX by parents who have discovered that DNA had been secretly taken from babies and sold to pharmaceutical companies and/or the Armed Forces for genetic research as far back as 2002.
  • Unions have started to implement biometric ID "threat assessment" cards at the behest of Homeland Security in a "cooperative effort between public and private authorities."
  • Iris scan technology is being used by NYC law enforcement to create a biometric database in homage to Minority Report
  • GM Mosquitoes have been released in the Cayman Islands to combat Dengue fever, while noted depopulation advocate, Bill Gates, has been funding the initiative.
  • Connections have been made between the above-mentioned Dengue fever mosquito release to the history of CIA bioweapons research, as well as various NGOs and Globalist think tanks that will apply the funding of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation toward "flying vaccines" as a solution to the "problem" of viruses. 
It is worth adding that part of the stated purpose of the first artificial cell, Synthia, is "faster vaccine production."

The flowery language that comes from elite circles about Utopian equality ring empty in the face of their documented history of discriminatory programs and depopulation initiatives.  Giving over our blood, and now our life force, to elites who long ago distanced themselves from the concerns of the average man and woman does not bode well for the health of humanity.

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worldnews said...

I have notice this, as before. The governments should just enslave and sterilize, get it over with and hopefully avoid preplanned thermal nuclear war to decrease populations.

The wait is over in my perspective views. People in this country are hallucinating at an alarming rate at varying violent levels nearing anarchy. I feel absolutely no need for any wait what-so-ever anymore.

This is all getting critical into chaos a police state and federal martial law will not be able to handle.

Sterilize, genetically segregate, enslave, and make the NWO happen before it is to late.

Shawn Earnest.

a female Faust said...

soon to be cross-posted at ah, mephistophelis. and a feed added.

Activist Post is excellent.

to Michael: keep up the Great Work, sir.

to the first comment - experience tells me not to even dignify this with a response, but - the problem here is with the standards, the criteria by which life-threatening choices are made. from a standpoint purely of efficiency, from a hypothetical pro-eugenical pro-depopulation do-it-for-the-future mindset, we cannot know with absolute certainty if our assumptions are correct. we as human beings know very little, and are notoriously prone to error. i would wager the next hundred years will completely overturn many of the beliefs that are held without question today, in almost all the disciplines.

depopulation, however, is not reversible -- we stand to lose far too much. and that is the mildest argument; to call it an understatement is itself understating the matter by far. it was merely an argument with which i hoped, irrationally, to trigger some semblance of basic ethics in misguided opinions such as that expressed prior.

back to Michael, but in the same, uh, vein: it is of particular interest to me, this question of how such choices are made. some of my ancestors were actively hunted, in an attempt to wipe them out entirely -- all of my ancestors have been considered inferior natives, members of inferior races, by the ruling elites. very hardy biologically, though, robust, fecund, and, historically at least, long lived. i also made the 99th percentile by various standardized test measurements, and have ranked, without exaggeration among the top persons in my class, nationwide, for the entirety of my educational career.

which standard, then, has proven itself more advantageous for humanity?

by one i would have never been born, had it succeeded: my parents would have been prevented from marrying; ancestors before them were thought to have perished, a colonial miscalculation; other ancestors historically exiled and persecuted repeatedly.

by another standard, leaving aside for a moment that i am beautiful, i think i can safely offer myself as evidence. ecce signum: THE FUNDAMENTAL ASSUMPTIONS OF HISTORICAL EUGENICS ARE SEVERELY FLAWED, leaving nothing to cover the nakedness of heinous acts planned and in process as well as committed.

be seeing you.

a female Faust said...

the correct link is:

and -- to Activist ---

-- --- -- your recommendations with respect to this medium, below, are in excellent taste.


Activist said...

Hello F.F. -- Thank you very much for the link, the kind words, and your thoughts. I don't pretend to understand the mind of a eugenicist -- sorry "bioethicist." However, it seems to me that your personal history would be disregarded by any one of them, simply because the mindset of depopulation advocates is Collectivism. In this reductionist paradigm, everything becomes standardized and literally de-moralized. The fact that a few Einsteins might be sacrificed along the way to attaining a machine-like Godhood -- well, that's just tough luck. The good news, in my view, is that liberty (diversity) is chaotic, thus supremely difficult to control. Even the control freak in this article, Craig Venter, admits to not knowing exactly how this will work out. Well, keep the good news coming! -- Michael Edwards

James Stuart Sinclair said...

I just posted a comment. It has not appeared. Why is this? Why should I bother to spend time trying to contribute if I am just going to be ignored?

Anonymous said...

Playing God is very dangerous indeed. As for programmes, mentioned here, to depopulate the world deliberately, I believe that there will be repercussions. I agree with Michael Edwards that "liberty (diversity) is chaotic" thank goodness and what is being advocated here sounds to be to be totally immoral.

Anonymous said...

U need to learn a lot about eugenics. Until then ure nothing but some paranoid idiots who are spreading panic.

Howard T Lewis said...

Now the 'mad scientists' among us can be beside themselves with joy.

Steffan Locker said...

dear ladys and gentlemen,
when the nwo depopulation is going into the last fase; it will be drawn into the light of the public. even the most moralic "gutmensch" will do anything for his gen-code to survive. a new era of "survival of the fittest" will begin. so it is in your power now to let this elit-creationist idea die in the cradle or we all will suffer more than imagination could predict... Twitter #anon #wikileaks #paperstorm

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not taken as flippant, for it is not intended as such... but as I have experienced the challenge to dust off the awareness of the duties of maintenance, with regard to Liberty, side movements such as sustainable food have arisen. One such group has a motto, that I think bears fruit for all Liberty aspirants...
"You're best defense... is a well fed neighbor"
So, it is time, to act together, and throw off the iPods... It is time to educate each other what will NOT pass as arrestable offenses in our smallest units of government.
Only then, will we not act, in OUR own best interest, and close the drapes when they come for our neighbor.
WE..... need WE... more than ever, now.

ericj said...

Reading this thread ties in with some questions that I have as to how the whole 'blood donation' industry really works. If anyone has any insights from having worked in administration at such an entity or anywhere in the chain reflecting status as an 'insider,' please email me at with "BLOOD INDUSTRY" in the email header. I'm doing some informal research and some corresponding questions.

stayinn said...

Good post and i love this site

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