Sunday, December 12, 2010

United Corporate-Police States of America

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

When former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura asks Homeland Security spokesman, Lance Clem, who in the Federal Government oversees the network of government funded "fusion centers," his answer is "no one." It is more than likely that corporations like the war profiteering Halliburton, slave running DynCorp and other globalist multi-nationals "oversee" and run them, as turned out to be the case in Pennsylvania when a private US-Israeli firm was caught profiling activists. This is a tyranny of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations. A tyranny to meet millions of Americans as they wake up to realize their "elected" representatives are nothing more than corporate rubber stampers, regardless of party lines and rhetoric.

The Federal Government has already deemed Americans as security threats, detained them without charges, and held them indefinitely without due process in purpose-built concentration camps. They were Americans of Japanese descent*, held during World War 2. If you think that it can't happen again, or the events of Nazi Germany can't be repeated else where in the world, including the United States, think again. It's happening right now, the stage is set, and only one question remains ... will Americans capitulate?

People might ask - why, if the government is so tyrannical, are shows like Governor Ventura's "Conspiracy Theories" allowed to air? Remember though, ghettos, concentration camps, mass murder and genocide in Germany weren't made possible because the Nazi's conducted a stealth, shadowy conspiracy. These horrific affronts to humanity were made possible by the German people's acquiescence and trust in their government that their very public policies of penning up "undesirable" members of society, sterilizing them under an aggressive, Anglo-American inspired eugenics program, literally tagging them, forcing them into slave labor and exterminating them were essential to "homeland security."

The price of the German people's ignorance, in some cases fear and cowardice, to stand up to tyranny cost them their nation, their prosperity and millions of their lives, homes, and livelihood. The price of allowing tyranny to fester in America will make 9/11, the excuse used to create the Hitlerian Department of Homeland Security, look like a footnote in history.

*It should be pointed out the role that the census plays before mass round-ups and genocidal purges are carried out. Both the Japanese in America and the Jews in Germany were identified as state enemies through the use of the census. America's recent, and quite un-Constitutional "redesign" of the US census, in the current climate holds frightening parallels to the build-up of past atrocities. 

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Anonymous said...

held them indefinitely without due process

Ever heard about American citizen Jose Padilla? President George W. Bush designated him an enemy combatant and, arguing that he was thereby not entitled to trial in civilian courts, had him transferred to a military prison.

That was 8 years ago! Look at all the Kangaroo court decisions as of lately thanks to entrapment by the real gangstas. No one cares because Muslims are now the target. Who cares! They're different, just like the Jews and Japs.

Anonymous said...

How sad, that this is happening all around us now. And people continue to hide their heads in the sand. As long as it isn't on their doorstep they don't care. There are far too few people waking up and preparing for what is coming. I have tried to warn everyone I know and get them to speak out and prepare. No one listens, no one cares. They don't believe, or don't want to think about it. They would rather sit on their butts watching tv than take an active interest in what is happening in this county. Our sovereignty is being eroded bit by bit by the elite and their governmental puppets. They want it all, and American citizens are handing it to them on a platter. We give them our money (taxes), we give them our children (public school), we give them control of our food (fda), we give them control of our minds (tv), we give them control of our ... well you get the idea. People are too lazy or self involved to take action, educate and prepare. Start growing your own food, get as self reliant as possible. Get out of debt, and yes you can stop paying those unsecured debts. The banks can create money out of nothing and charge YOU interest on it, genius. Invest your money in tangible assets and gold/silver before it's too late. Stop buying the silly gadgets and toys that they make you think you need. Sell what you absolutely don't need and put that money into buying bulk foods, seeds, and necessities. They will be worth their weight in gold in the near future, literally. God bless those who are awake and preparing, god help those who aren't!

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding! The sheeple will not awaken until they are completely dominated by the government, Remember G.W. Bush, " you are either will us or you are the enemy." It is all over but the screaming and kicking. World government 1, U. S. Constitution 0. Endgame.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe these conspiracy theories when you can't even get the basic facts right. Lance Clem is not a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security. He is a spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety. Maybe a little more homework is in order?

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