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How to Survive the Collapse of America

Activist Post reviews National Bestseller, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, by author James Wesley, Rawles (makes an important Christmas gift)

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It's a sure sign of the times that a book titled, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques and Technologies for Uncertain Times becomes a National Bestseller.  First printed a year after the October financial crash of 2008 when the world awoke to the fragility of the "system," author James Wesley, Rawles offers a pragmatic and thorough guide to survive other potentially more severe future crashes.

The book does not go into extended detail about what may trigger the breakdown of civilization, but uses its precious 316 pages to inform readers of how to prepare for nearly any disaster.  Many survival books are great references to have in your library should a disaster take place, but this book is essential to read and implement well before disaster occurs.

Author, Jim Rawles, a former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer and founder of the very popular website, not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.  He lives on a fully self-sufficient and well-stocked retreat "somewhere west of the Rockies."  Upon reading the book, one thing is apparent: Rawles has written this book not as a "what if" guide, but rather a "when it happens" guide.  The tone of urgent pragmatism enhances the assumption that disaster is not only inevitable, but perhaps imminent.

Rawles suggests that the collapse of America will likely be triggered by economic circumstances, notably the death of the dollar, which will then cause a domino effect where civilization as we know it will breakdown into chaos.  The book describes the collapse of American society in brief detail, explaining that supply lines for food and fuel will likely grind to a halt, forcing a mass exodus of people out of cities into the suburbs and countryside.  He also outlines how the government will be completely crippled by this ensuing anarchy due to the rapid increase in desperation and decrease in essential services.  Despite this "most likely" scenario, Rawles also prepares readers to survive events like nuclear attacks on American soil.

This book becomes an invaluable resource in the incredibly detailed chapters about preparing for any collapse scenario; from your location and shelter, to food storage and production, water purification, tools and barter goods, medical supplies, bug-out bags, security measures, communication and much more. Rawles covers each of these categories, providing organized and thoughtful plans to implement self-sufficiency preparation.

It's worth listing the chapter titles to help better explain how very thorough this book is:
  1. The Survival Mind-Set for Living in Uncertain Times
  2. Priorities: Your List of Lists
  3. The Survival Retreat
  4. Water: A Key Resource
  5. The Deep Larder: Your Family's Food Storage
  6. Fuel and Home Power
  7. Gardens and Livestock
  8. Medical Supplies and Training
  9. Communications and Monitoring
  10. Home Security and Self-Defense
  11. Firearms for Self-Sufficiency and Self-Defense
  12. G.O.O.D. Vehicles and the Dreaded Trip Outta Dodge
  13. Investing, Barter, and Home-Based Business
  14. It Comes Down to You

Consequently, because the book is so detailed, it can be somewhat intimidating.  The second chapter labeled Priorities is immensely comprehensive and can seem impossible for readers to implement -- particularly those who feel the collapse is presently upon us.  However, Rawles' priority lists are indeed necessary for anyone who wishes to survive with relative comfort in the worst of times.  Readers should get to work on as much of the priority list as can be reasonably achievable.

Rawles is the consummate survival expert and consultant, yet he still says it is impossible to prepare on all the necessary levels without help.  And although he says he understands the instinct to go "lone wolf," he declares it is utterly foolish to believe you will be better off alone than with a group.  He states that this is especially true when it comes to security.  So, as we have pointed out in past articles, collapse survival will be tribal -- begin recruiting like-minded people now.

One especially important tip in the book that can be easily achievable for most people, and will help cover gaps in your preparation plan, is to stock up on pre-1965 dimes for bartering.  They are 1/10th of an ounce and contain roughly 90% troy silver.  In other words, if the dollar collapses and silver goes to $100 per ounce, then each dime will carry about $9 of trade value in today's marketplace.  Therefore, if you stock up on this "junk silver" while making other preparations, then you may be able to trade them for any shortcomings.

America's decline by all measures will likely snowball, gaining size and speed with each tumble, and ultimately result in an avalanche that covers her in a long winter of suffering.  In the end, this is a must-read book for anyone who feels that the fragile economic, environmental, and social system in America has tripped into decline.  Preparation is no longer just for the fringe of society, but for the whole of aware citizens.

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Anonymous said...

Rawles is an inspiration to me, and I have used his information for years to prepare for these types of eventualities. However, when his wife passed away (God Bless them) a couple of years ago from disease, it was a stark awakening for me. I realized that no matter what types of preparations we make for negative possibilities in whatever future may come, all of us may only have today to live because death claims each of us when it wants. Regardless of how many tactics we know or how much money we've spent on stockpiles of supplies or how much we think we can outsmart chance.

Wake up and live, people, expending all of your energy today to prepare for a scary event tomorrow ensures you no piece of the future. If more people were out an involved in the world today, bedamned what may come tomorrow, rather than mentally and physically hoarding for a false sense of security down the road, then perhaps we may not have a need to fear the future.

Anonymous said...

Good comment, also people need to STAND AND FIGHT. There is no-where to run to, so why run? I live in Australia and I DO NOT WANT Americans or Europeans who run from trouble to come here with their tail between their legs. STAND AND FIGHT, we are all in this together.

also check out for over 100 original articles that will see what level you are in the information. Uncensored!Do not "self censor", it's because of that, these people get away with so much. They reley on you turning your head or balking at serious information.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, Perhaps it is possible for you to consider doing both actions simultaneously? Reality check yourself please. Rawles has never advocated in print or, on the air waves, or in interviews or consultations to become "a hoarder, which in turn will allow you to rationalize a "sense" of being prepared. Rawles, says DO NOT Rationalize a state of preparedness, instead you must DO. Stay fit, be proactive in your community and current in your faith, and above all, be proactive in networking with like minded others, and get busy both learning new survival skill sets and in addition acquire the tangibles that are required for you to be successfully positioned and able to prepare for an uncertain future.
Get a copy of the book and read it!
By the way, We will each exit this world alone. God calls for and takes what he created to begin with...our Life, to His choosing of our time. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.
The best we can offer Him in thankfulness for each waking day, is to fully actualize and accept the human responsibility for our lives and our core needs, and the needs of those who we are also deemed familiarly responsible for.
To ready ourselves in a state of preparedness to the BEST of our human ability.
This is what Rawles advocates in his writings.

Stefan Verstappen said...

For a more practical and down to earth take on modern survival please see my book The Art of Urban Survival.



Thank you.

DC Josh said...

I have yet to pick this book up, but I plan too in the future.

In the mean time, check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

I'm in the "slow decline" camp rather than the "snow-balling" TEOTWAWKI camp. Look at Detroit. The decline of Detroit was a 50 year process, and it's still not quite over (there are people there who still think they will make a come-back..the silly fools).

There are risks that could speed up the decline rate (natural disasters, nuclear war, another financial collapse,etc). But I assign a low likelihood to those outcomes.

Anonymous said...

The whole Western world is in for a bad ride! Anybody associated with or dependent on the American dollar is going to get his ass kicked hard! The Chinese have won the war! The have vanquished the Americans! They have not been seduced into a WWII type battlefield. They have fought on the economic front only. They have won! Unlike a WWII battle, where victors are declared, treaties signed, ticker-tape parades performed, the battles on the economic front are kept secret from the proletariat by the losing side. Chinese people are now instructed to buy tiny Silver billets, for their savings as as opposed to paper money deposits! They are encouraged to buy Gold if they can, They are told to hoard it at home. Watch China attack the paper monies of the world, the fiat monies, the money of the Wall Street Brokers, the money of the Bankers, the manipulated money - all to be replaced by the Yuan! China openly trades, in Yuan, for oil, with the largest natural resource base left on earth, Russia! The Americans are left out of this loop! Saddam died for nothing! China promptly took his place in the fight against the gangsterized, fiat, corrupt, over-manipulated U.S. dollar.
The average American in the street will bear the brunt of the crimes committed against mankind by his government and the banksters of his country. His own country-side has been laid waste by the Corporatists, his waterways polluted, fields burned out in over-production for ROI, roads and highways falling into ruin, chemical waste ponds poisoning the land, he can hardly survive in the ruins but he must. His dollar about to fail, Gold and Silver at record highs, even his oil baron friends extract higher prices from him, yet he toils on, dreaming the American Dream, certain that one day in the distant future he too will earn over the "Magic" wage of $250,000.00 dollars a year! He still buys McMansions, certain that he would be uncomfortable with anything less, and according to his propagandists this is so, He still seeks V-8 engines and SUV's and pickup trucks this final phase of the gasoline guzzlers abound. Beware the calamity about to unfold as Q2 easing by the Feds dilute the dollar even more, to pay the rich man's debt, it will end up on the backs or the proletariat, the peon, the patriot, the ordinary American citizen, in inflation! You have already been sold out by the Uber-rich, Goddammit!

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