Friday, December 10, 2010

Homeland Security Recruiting Neighborhood Busybodies as Informants

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Washington, DC—There were the infamous Gestapo, Stazi and Red Guard. They all sought and maintained civilian armies of snitches to help their rogue governments maintain absolute power. These government thugs wanted any information they could use against the victims they selectively targeted.

Today we have the Department of Homeland Security that is quickly stepping into this role in the United States. They are massively expanding their authority, reach and budget to smash dissent, and any resistance to government repression and violation of our Civil Rights.

If you have not noticed, our government has suspended the Fourth Amendment in the name of anti-terrorism. If you haven’t noticed, It’s our own government that has become the terrorist.

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Anonymous said...

It's time for everyone to grow up. Our nation is facing terrorist threats every day, and while our government continues to provide its citizens with the best state-of-the-art protection found anywhere in the free world it's often not enough. Terrorists know how to evade even the tightest security grids to strike without warning, often using whatever is at hand--a steak knife or pair of scissors or even a box cutter--to wreak havoc on any unsuspecting group of individuals, including seniors, the disabled and, most heart-wrenching of all, innocent children. The suddenness and unpredictability of a terrorist attack is one of the most frightful experiences you can imagine. But we can change all that by working together to stop terrorism. Notify local, state and federal authorities whenever suspicious activity is observed, however benign it might appear to the casual eye. Be alert. Terrorists do not easily give themselves away. The answer to their nefarious plans is action. Don't wait until they strike. Tell the experts what you know. Terrorists won't wait for you to make the first move. Beat them to the punch. Make that call today.

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