Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elderly Man Evicted from His Land for Living off the Grid

Rady Ananda, Contributing Writer 
Activist Post 

CLASS WAR FILES: On Nov. 30, the Madison County (Indiana) Planning Commission evicted a 72-year-old man from his 38 acres, reported  Wish TV. County Prosecutor Thomas Broderick says the Alexandria resident, Richard L. Thompson, broke all kinds of laws — no electricity, no septic system, no running water, and (lions and tigers and bears!) he lived in a camper on land he bought from his parents.

In what is clearly a land grab, since not much tax can be assessed on unimproved land, the authorities promised to come on November 30th, but did not show. However, that day Mr. Thompson agreed to sell his land and move. “I want to get the hell out of here now. There’s too much hate here.”

According to its website, the Madison County Planning Commission advises the Board of Commissioners on development regulations and implements those regulations which govern land use and building construction in the unincorporated areas in Madison County.

The Planning Commission also has the power to waive the public sewer and/or water requirement, which it refused to do in this case.  Instead, it filed suit against Thompson in July of this year in Superior Court 2.

Global Political Awareness posted this contact info:

If you would like to contact the Madison County officials to express your outrage please click here.
To contact Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels office, please click here.

Phone Contact:
Madison County Community “Justice” Center at  765-649-7341
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels  1-317-232-4567

People have been calling the various government offices and several plan to attend the Madison County Commissioner’s meeting next Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 10 AM in the Commissioners Courtroom in the Madison County Government Center, 16 E. 9th Street, Anderson, IN 46016.

One person who called the Planning Commission (765-641-9480) said that it issued the following statement, prepared by the county attorney:

“A zoning violation was filed against Mr Thompson by the planning dept after an investigation commenced. After two hearings in superior court, the court entered an order that Mr Thompson vacate the recreational vehicle as his permanent residence. Mr Thompson has the right to appeal through the courts. As of Nov 30 Mr Thompson said he was moving out of the RV. That doesn’t mean Mr Thompson can’t go back on the property to feed and water his horses. Also Mr Thompson can park his RV on the parcel; he just cannot reside there as his permanent residence.”
Prosecuting Attorney (765) 641-9585 Thomas Broderick Jr

Just over 130,000 people live in Madison County, which covers 453 square miles in central Indiana, per Wikipedia. Alexandria has 5,600 residents with an average household income of just over $40,000 a year, per City Data.

Madison County Board of Commissioners are elected in staggered terms, each serving a four-year term. The current seats are held by:

Jeffrey L. Hardin (D, 2009-2012). Hardin was arrested last year for allegedly beating up his daughter. In 2008, LaSalle Bank began mortgage foreclosure proceedings against him.


Paul F. Wilson (D, 1999-2010). Wilson lost his re-election bid to Republican Stephanie Owens in last month’s election. Owens will take office in January.


John M. Richwine (R, 2009-2012). Richwine also serves as a director of the Chamber of Commerce for Anderson and Madison Counties, and is a board member of Workone Central, covering eight counties.

The Planning Commission comprises nine members, five of whom are local residents appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The other four are drawn from local government: a County Council member, a County Commissioner, the County Surveyor and the County Extension Agent.

Current Planning Commissioners include Wesley Lickens, Paul Wilson, Phil Isom, Larry Crenshaw, John Simmermon, Mark Gary, John Orick and Patrick Manship.

Evictee Dick Thompson owns a bird, a dog, and a couple horses. “I’m a country boy,” he says.

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Anonymous said...

To the people of Madison County Indiana.... You are a disgrace for not standing with this man... and the Sheriff should have stopped this... If the people of Madison County allow this type of behavior from it's local government, don't expect help from anyone else when they come for your land too... This is so wrong... So very wrong...

Anonymous said...

This is what is wrong with America. Too many NAZI liberal scumbags sticking their nose in everyone business. These Marxist scumbags need tar and feather. Stupid people with liberal mindset of the Government has a right to steal American freedom is what is wrong. Time to spread the message to all Bur a rats keep you fat ulgy NAZI nose out of my business.

Anonymous said...

Richard if you need help in the fight let me know and I will do what I can! My name is Jeff and I am in Wisconsin. Email me at flexzan@yahoo.

rodney said...

People are born ignorant calling them names is emotional ignorance, ignorance is not bliss from either side of the fence, Money power greed is what people want to hear, this man was not about that,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:09pm, the guy doesn't have electricity. I don't think he'll be able to email you.

Anonymous said...

At least Jeff's heart is in the right place.

Anonymous said...

Modern amenities such as sewer, water and electricity have only been recent inventions and became common in the past 100 years. So what principal is this that he should be made homeless and treated as such. Truly the world has gone mad. The governments desire to control all the people in every aspect of their lives is criminal and should be punished. This man should live as he pleases so long as he harms no one.

Anonymous said...

Just over 130,000 spineless people live in Madison County. I am glad they all live there!

Morongobill said...

To all the off-gridders out there but in particularly the off-grid bloggers: you better speak up, you may be next. Our legal system works on precedents, this was a powerful one set in this case.

And these councilman, what a bunch of scumbags, especially the "daughter beater."

Anonymous said...

yea sounds like a little girl in big boy pants. i wish he would come over and beat my daughter ya know give me some man lessons not this group should wash they mouth out with buckshot. however you reap what you sow and the morons who live there put then in charg and they also like the job that has been done as only outsiders have been disqusted. and what about amish?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry.

Since the american sheeple have bailed out banks in the U.S. and around the world and corporations, we will all be paupers and living off the grid soon.

Ta. Ta.

Anonymous said...

soon no one will have land or toilets the
way things are going.

Anonymous said...

Here's another viewpoint. Google his address. See that red "A"? Now, see the vertical border between the empty field on the left (Richard's Property) and the green yard on the right (somebody's home)? Follow it down till it makes a right (westerly) 90 degree trn (about 200m). Follow THAT to the right until you get to the point where the border turns SOUTH. That corner (right next to someone else's house) is where 'ol Richard has been crapping, peeing, and dumping whatever else he feels like.

See that house about 100m away to the North? It has to abide by the same zoning restrictions that Richard has to abide by. See all the OTHER houses? They do too. Richard moved in THIS YEAR and KNEW about the ordinances. Let me ask you ... what would you do if someone set up a campsite right next to your house and started crapping there?

Anonymous said...

Let's all hope that the Voters are watching and come the Next Election they Vote these Turkey OUT. Forever. Put someone in those jobs who respects the rights of others. I suppose they'll hit Him for not having Bathrooms for the Livestock next. This is not what I spent 26 Years in the Service fighting for. They can go to far. And I believe this qualifies.

Anonymous said...

May YHVH vindicate this man and crush his enemies. As for all who design evil against this man. Speedily nullify their design. Act for Your name sake. Act for Your Right Hands sake! Act for Your sanctity sake. Act for Your Torahs sake! That Your beloved would be given rest. Let you. Right Hand. Save and respond to him!

Dean Striker said...

For gosh sake, the man owned a small farm! He was self-sufficient and probably very content until all this!

SHOW ME the law requiring electricity! Bet Mr Thompson had alternative. No water? Animals cannot live without water, he had a source. No sewer? So? Millions of homes have no sewer, yet golly there are fine alternatives.

Did a nosy leftist neighbor sleep with Hardin? A rotten bunch of sickos are running Amerika.

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