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10 New Year's Resolutions For Non-violent Activism

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi
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As the United States edges closer to becoming a third world country; anger, frustration, and cynicism continue to mount in the minds of the American population.  Americans are no longer optimistic about the direction of their country.  This pessimism seems warranted as authentic political solutions appear to be in short supply in our corporate state.

The democratic political system is now clearly run by crony cartelism.  The multinational banks have hijacked the economy and are openly looting the public. Mounting and impossible-to-pay off debt is crippling local governments. The entire spectrum of our rights continues to degrade as the close of 2011 saw the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which declares America itself to be a war zone, and its citizens potential enemy combatants. Meanwhile, crimes that would land regular citizens in jail are now openly being committed by the elite and their organizations with no justice. Perhaps most telling, the power structure is establishing a control grid to eliminate Internet freedom, and even to use cyberspace in offensive acts of war.  Given the current situation, it can seem impossible to affect real change. However, the exact opposite is the case.

The only reason the system is maintained is because the majority still acquiesce to it. However, change won't come by electing new establishment politicians, because no matter how noble they may be they still must play the corrupt game. Change won't come through violent protests or offensive cyber hacktivism, as that only invites and justifies the creeping police state.  We must stop accepting and supporting the system, individually, in order to change it.

Because our representative democracy has become a fraud, and the media and courts are clearly shills for the oligarchs, our only action appears to be non-violent rebellion; one person and community at a time. We can expose the crimes and immorality of the corporate state through civil disobedience and conscientious objection. We can punish multinational companies who commit flagrant fouls on humanity and the environment by boycotting them. Additionally, we can peacefully regain our liberty by becoming less dependent on the system for our basic needs.

Here are ten solutions through non-violent activism:

1. Buy Local Food: One of the most powerful cartels that has their tentacles into government is the food cartel. Their agenda has been to control the basic resources of food (corn, wheat, soy, rice).  The best way to conquer this cartel is by eating local; produce your own food, join and contribute to local cooperatives, and engage your neighbors and community for more local food solutions.  Local co-ops are also a great place to trade locally crafted goods and even services. Obviously, do your best to avoid GMO food and eat organically when you can.  Finally, be vocal and active in your opposition to GMO foods and the cartel control of the FDA.

2. Become More Self-Sufficient:  Our modern society has made us dependent on something or someone other than ourselves for most necessities such as electricity, food, water, medicine, security, and education. This dependence puts us at the direction or disposal of the cartel state. Therefore, the only entity that has the power to grant us liberty is ourselves; and we can take back our independence through self-sufficiency. Being self-sufficient means learning skills that will help you and your family survive economic downturns or other emergencies.  These skills may also help you to be less dependent on your job as they'll make you a useful independent producer. Lead your neighborhood and community toward production and away from dependence.

3. Get Healthier: The increasing pace of life seems to offer a wealth of distractions from the importance of living a truly healthy and free life.  Our modern world offers easy choices like fast-food in place of fresh produce; TV in place of reading, exercise, or meditation; Internet social networks in place of meaningful personal relationships, etc.  Identify the areas lacking in your own life and resolve to make the necessary changes that will increase your physical fitness, mental acuity, and your spiritual evolution.  These three areas are what truly sustain us in both good times and bad -- not smart phones, computer games, and the virtual world.

4. Buy Silver and Gold: America desperately needs a monetary revolution before the dollar experiment completely collapses. Like all revolutions this must start from a groundswell of rebellious action.  A good place to start is to convert your devaluing dollars to physical gold and silver.  This will punish the banks, especially JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve, as well as protect your assets. Furthermore, if the dollar continues to collapse, silver and gold may well become a viable currency in society once again, as it already is in some parts of Michigan. Buying junk silver is something anyone can afford to do and is highly recommended.

5. Expose the Agenda: The "agenda" is one of consolidation of wealth, power, and control in every facet imaginable. The international elite are approaching near one-world control, which they call full spectrum dominance of economies and societies.  In other words; national, local, and individual sovereignty is all but gone.  It is extremely important to engage your local community, especially community leaders and police, to reiterate their obligation to serve the local community under the Constitution, and not to follow illegal Federal demands. Above all, do not give in to the temptation of apathy as you begin to learn more about the systems of control.  These systems first count on your ignorance, then they count on laziness.  Finally, say what you stand for such as peace, liberty, and genuine justice with even more force than shouting about what you oppose.

6. Boycott: In the U.S. it has become obvious that a system has taken hold which is economically designed for one thing: consumption.  This is the value that each person has been given from birth.  So, one key way to assert your power and value in such a system is to vote with your wallet.  Every purchase you make either contributes to, or boycotts this corporatist structure.  Become aware of who the real owners are and what inhumane practices are behind the products you purchase, so that you can make intelligent choices that support your health and promote justice.  Additionally, it is important to learn the true contents of the products you buy, so that you don't fall prey to slick advertising and corporate misdirection. Join or create campaigns to educate shoppers and force better labeling of products so it is easier for others to consciously boycott them.  Lastly, beyond the brick-and-mortar world, 2012 could very well see the end of the Internet as we know it.  It is time to boycott companies that are actively taking part in the eradication of our Internet freedom.

7. Local Politics: Federal politics has long ago sold out to the higher authorities that fund their multi-million dollar campaigns. There is one bright spot in Federal politics for 2012 -- the massive support for Ron Paul and his message of peace and liberty.  However, it is your involvement in small town politics and community initiatives that can make the most tangible difference for you and your neighbors. The future will be built from the ground up, starting right in your own neighborhood. Everything from removing chemicals from public water, to throwing the TSA out of your local airport, or refusing military recruitment or fusion centers in protest of the war on terror, can be accomplished at the local level.  Each minor victory will send shockwaves to other small communities and the country as a whole, so be sure to document the steps you have taken to achieve victory, then share your story for others to emulate.

8. Military refusal: Do not contribute to fraudulent wars, and do not succumb to the pressure of feeling "unpatriotic."  There are countless groups of veterans who have seen through the government lies that have led to unnecessary deaths, as well as the financial destruction of the country.  There is, in fact, no more patriotic action that can be taken than to demand that our military be used properly to strengthen the country, rather than to weaken it. For some, there is absolutely no excuse for war, ever, and merely the act of showing up contributes to this affliction.  It is a profound resolution of courage to live by your convictions.  So, if opposing the fraudulent wars is your main issue, file as a conscientious objector and contribute to peace instead of war.  As Gandhi said, "There is no path to peace; peace is the path."

9. Don't Use Banks: The banks have proven to be some of the most immoral, dare we say "evil," institutions on the planet. Besides their Ponzi-style Wall Street casino and mortgage/foreclosure fraud, they also profit heavily from wars, Mexican drug gangs, and fleecing the public in myriad ways. Some are finding their actions so horrific that they'd prefer to default on their debts rather than give them another dime. That may be extreme given the consequences; however, we can at least vow not to take on any new bank financing of any kind -- mortgages, credit cards, or car loans, etc. Where possible, bank with local credit unions instead of the big banks that make up the cartel.  Another powerful action is to start or support a regional competing currency.  On the Federal level, we can tell our Congress reps to support Ron Paul's effort to legalize competing currencies nationwide.

10. Tax Resistance: Becoming a tax resister is a hardcore action of civil disobedience that comes with serious consequences -- unless of course you're Tim Geithner who gets to say "oops, my bad" in order to qualify as the head of collecting said taxes.  However, when the electoral process and two-party system proves to be a farce, corporations clearly win on every issue, and the will of the people is no longer represented in the media or the courts, people are left with little choice but non-violent rebellion in all its forms. Tax rebellion is often cited by conscientious objectors who oppose how the government uses taxpayer dollars to fund immoral deeds such as war, authorizing torture, building the police state, and fraudulent bank bailouts.  A second group of tax protesters refuse to file because they don't believe income taxes to be lawful under the Constitution.

Please make 2012 a more prosperous and peaceful year by committing to whatever level of activism you can.  Also, please offer your comments below and add to the list above so that we can all learn from one another about how to build a better a world.

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Anonymous said...

Why not add another effective method for civil disobedience like jury nullification. STOP convicting your friends and neighbors ... SEE

Anonymous said...

Non-violence is good but it has it's limitations. Eventually you reach the point where you need to start putting scumbag's heads on sticks. Sends a strong message to the scumbags you run out of sticks for.

Anonymous said...

Jury nullification is a good one.

Another- just waste Federal time and wear down Federal infrastructure whenever you reasonably can. See a USDA vehicle on the road behind you, contrive to slow them as much as you can.... that sort of thing.

Tax protesting gets at another avenue, noncompliance. If just a fraction of those disenchanted by the Federal govt's unconstitutional antics stopped all compliance and obedience then the government would fold under the weight of its own bureaucratic tail-chasing, the way the Soviet govt folded two decades ago.

Violence. One day it might be necessary... if my friends disappear in the middle of the night then it probably is. We as Americans have certain faults, and one is to see things as black or white. In this case we see obedience or violence, and when someone has had too much they typically act in a profoundly counterproductive fashion by doing something idiotic like killing 1 IRS agent while flying a small plane into a building. There are plenty of insurgency techniques that don't make you look like a violent thug, a person bent upon more than just mere disobedience might take to sabotage (though I don't recommend this, it is illegal). How would your neighbors look upon all the IRS building locks being glued, versus an airplane being flown into it- most of them would smile at one and fear because of the other.

Anonymous said...

... true info. is 'lifeblood of democracy' therefore, let the blood-suckers just suck on shit ... mostly couldn't tell the difference .. chemically.. & you'll need to understand what 'violence' really means, too..

Anonymous said...

A strike! Plan for months , stock up on foodstuffs to last about two years, and strike until the system crumbles.

Rick said...

Great advice, I support the "Don't use banks" theory and moved my meager savings to a local credit union two years ago. We could literally shut them down if more people followed suit.

Anonymous said...

End foreign control- End the Fed

Anonymous said...

The problem with non-violent resistance is that it's just another way to pretend you are doing something, without really doing something. Get in shape? Great advice, but few dictatorships are brought down via gymnastics. Expose the agenda? To who? Who doesn't know we are being screwed? Education isn't the answer. Action is the answer. The only thing people in power understand is power. Why do you think we have a 2nd Amendment?

DavY said...

The cracks are already appearing. Educate yourselves. Plan for a cessation of almost all services - however briefly - the bad guys will have to be dealt with wild west style. Stock up for when the food trucks stop rolling/ Plan on twice what you think you'll need. You'll be munching way more than you need while you ponder WTF happened. Be armed. Prepare yourselves MENTALLY for what that might entail.
Civilization WILL return but we have to make sure the bastards who made it crash aren't the ones holding their hands out offering to pick us all up off the ground. Return Constitutional LAW and pass an amendment that holds ALL politicians PERSONALLY responsible for what thyey do/ don't do and spend.

joseph said...

if we think it has happened-it has happened
if everyone thinks a bank is bankrupt it is. because everyone takes there money out then it become bankrupt.
we can use this in our benefit by spreading threw media these idea like-there is a new currency-all federal bank are going under- go local
spread this in this manner it it will become the truth

everyone should start talking and thinking like federal banks are all dead stay local and we will make this happen
bring back real elections-real voting

Anonymous said...

Pay as little TAX as possible, stay legal but go about things cleverly.Barter more, buy less, and stop consuming crap and especially consuming junk from China.Learn how to garden,cook well,repair and make things. Only buy from or trade from your own heritage.Network like the Jews/Zionist do, and lock them and others out.Don't deal with them,ostracize them and their wares and wars.

Anonymous said...

To the loonie nutcases posting here, I suggest you adhere to the following maxim, because most of you are morons who need someone to do your thinking for you: Establishment, Establishment, you always know what's best!

Anonymous said...

The system is going to collapse and tens of millions of Americans will perish despite being warned countless times. There is no avoiding this now. Focus on being around long after the horror. The future belongs to the survivors, not the dead.

Mr.SINGH... said...

May further be added "Government no-matter how powerful/EVIL, eventually only FEAR PUBLIC/People out-cry". Therefore your biggest non-violent strength/tool is to gather "PUBLIC SUPPORT" that would eventually come, unless you are simply 'minority' in ethnic divided community/agenda!

Anonymous said...

I stopped paying on my three credit cards. I got them for $65,000. Lets see them collect. Lets all join in and turn tables. We can drive them under. either you are in this revolution or you are not.

realcurrencies said...

This is what it is all about. It's very close to an article I did a few months ago:

Get the word out, this is the way to go for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Throw away Windows & Apple... Use Linux...

Anonymous said...

I think the "local politics" option in conjunction with the 10th Amendment is where we will see the most rapid devolution from corrupt centralized government. With balance-sheets deteriorating at all levels of government due to decreasing recession-era tax revenues, edicts coming out of D.C. will be insupportable unfunded mandates. Watch for more governments at the state and local levels to "just say no" to federal whims.

Anonymous said...

Many consider jury nullification the single most powerful form of non-violent resistance and the one that the drafters of the U.S. Constitution knew provided a failsafe switch for the republic. Here are details on how it works.

Dave Harrison

Anonymous said...

Most bloggers and commentators make the same mistake. You leave God out of your solution. Leaving God out is what got us where we are. HOWEVER it is better to submit to God and fail than to succeed without God, which isn't likely.

Anonymous said...

America is past redemption and soon to be a wholly owned subsidiary of China!Oil is key to this conquest from the East. China builds alternate energy like demons, China opens thirty new reactors as we speak, China is soon to consume more gasoline from limited world supplies than Americans do, China has Nuclear/electric bullet train networks and their associated infrastructures up and running, producing goods for world marketplace cheaper than Americans in their oil powered country possibly can.China is about to enter Africa in a big way, leaving American arms sales efforts in their dust! America spends $650 Billions ridding the world of Saddam, the same investment in conventional Solar Thermal methods in the South Western U.S.A.would have made America an energy rich country! Assholes!

Anonymous said...

Education, education, education...
Start by actually reading the supreme law of the land (U.S. Constitution). It is really not that burdensome. How many that posted can honestly say they have read and know what is written in the supreme law of the land?

"The democratic political system is now clearly run by crony cartelism."

This is a perfect example of the author pretending to know the US Constitution but only proving they have no idea what is written.
Article IV
Section 4.

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence."

Which democratic political system is this author talking about? Surely not the one guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. That leads me back to education.
Learn the truth about taxation in the USA. That too can be found in the Constitution. Millions no longer file the individual income tax return because we know it does not apply to us. We have nothing to return to Caesar. The individual income tax is what the congress critters call their legal kickback program. If you are really liable for the kickback then you must render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. But don't be fooled into thinking you are paying a tax when you volunteer to file an individual income tax return. The return is mandatory for those in the kickback agreement. For everyone else paying the amount they claim to owe, they are ignorant and fearful so they send money to Caesar and call that a tax that they are returning. Have people in the USA become so ignorant that they don't even know what the word "return" means?

Jury nullification is awesome. But a lawful juror is an informed juror and that takes us right back to education.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the Bankster, JP Morgan, who famously said of Gahndi: "It cost me a fortune to keep Gahndi in rags!"?

The Banksters "supported" Gandhi's "peaceful revolution" because they knew that they could a) score huge brownie points with the intellectuals, and b) to use Gandhi as a model to manage and control the natural human desire to exact revenge on those that hurt the Banksters themselves have hurt us.

With all do respect to the OP, surgical violence aimed directly at the Banksters and their political puppets is the ONLY possible way to rid ourselves of these ruthless vampires! Yes, we can do all of the things on this list...but a violent revolution, aimed directly at the Banksters (the Rothschilds would most certainty be at the very top of the list!)...THAT is the only plausible way to take this country back.

Sorensen said...

Solutions: End your need for high quantity of food - do "sun-gazing"(HRM youtube).
Do spiritual exercises - Eckankar?.
Become a lawyer!
Grow a garden.
Learn to use tools!
Create a circle of the like minded.

Eric said...

Aside from #4 (which I am hesitant to do because of gold value manipulation at the IMF) I'd say you hit this on the head! Great job!


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Pay as little TAX as possible, stay legal but go about things cleverly.Barter more, buy less, and stop consuming crap and especially consuming junk from China.Learn how to garden,cook well,repair and make things. Only buy from or trade from your own heritage.Network like the Jews/Zionist do, and lock them and others out.Don't deal with them,ostracize them and their wares and wars."

These are the kinds of people that any revolution must resist. My family tree dates back at least 6 generations in this country and in this culture. I'm a Jew, but only because that seems to be what everyone else sees me as. First and foremost, I'm an American. Nazis, we don't need--thinkers and doers, we do.

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late! the Corporatists own you, and some of them are communist Chinese moguls!
Paradigm shifts across the nation indicate we are in the last days of our struggle, witness: the ruins of Detroit once a high wage area! We drive Asian designed cars: our engineers preoccupied with nano-Shiite and trips to Mars?
America has an over-population of folks only capable of manufacturing jobs, yet we sent our know-how and investment power off-shore, and now pay unemployment insurance and food stamp penalties?
Those in power have already fomented anarchy and now suffer for it! America is financed by China now, and China has taken the lead in the world. The deed is done! We have nothing but a crumbling Third World left to take down.

James Woroble Jr said...

>>>"I stopped paying on my three credit cards. I got them for $65,000. Lets see them collect. Lets all join in and turn tables. We can drive them under. either you are in this revolution or you are not." <<<

Being that this 'money' was created out of thin air by the lenders and that they could merely keyboard up ten thousand times as much at will on an hourly basis, you have accomplished little more than hit Godzilla with a cheese ball!


RON said...

Revelation 15:2 (New International Version, ©2010)

2 And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea, those who had been victorious over the beast and its image and over the number of its name. They held harps given them by God

I think its saying victory from tyranny by making the sea as smooth as glass by getting our energy from its wave power.

the other part where the sea is blood perhaps blood is meaning our life blood.

There is room for billions of self supporting gardens on the oceans.

Anonymous said...

Think bigger than that.

Anonymous said...

what is happening in america.,will surely happen to all democratic countries as the consumption mentally gains momemtum,there will be a huge rat race for each and every thing...and this is what the governmental tax collectors want...

china is a different story...they are to have 2 billion as their population in a very short time., they have to feed them all.,unlike in capitalist america.,chinese government is far more responsible to its citizen.,instead of learning from china.,lets not hate it as a communist regeim

i like the 4..6..8.of the india. point no 4 is already in practice.,and thats why the recession didnt hit india much...india has never fought any interventional war.....they know what a waste it is (point 8 )

america is run by corporate's greed and its convieniently called as capitalism...nonsence...and arms manufactrers hold very powerful lobby...sad

Activist said...

Below is a comment sent in by reader, Patrick Mooney:

Forget Tax "Resisting"...or Tax "Protesting"...both of those labels are used to confuse the issue that most Americans do not legally owe the Federal Government any money at all in the first place.

The income tax is an "excise" tax. That's the only way it can remain constitutional. That means, if you didn't participate in a taxable activity, you don't have a tax liability. Working in the private sector is not, in most cases, a taxable activity, but a fundamental right that can't be infringed.

Why do so many of us pay Federal taxes then?...Simple: Fear, Ignorance and an exploited confusion of the tax laws.

Get your mind straight and read Cracking the Code, The Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America, by Peter Hendrickson. Ignore all the mainstream media's news stories about him and just read what he wrote. I have been investigating and following his work for 7 years now, and not one bit of it is in error.

You will never look at America the same way again...guaranteed! When you're ready to do something after you've read the book, get in touch with people like me...we're all over this country and growing by the Thousands each year.

The Federal nightmare can end without violence...but not without courage. Your other suggestions were good, and I agree with them. It is just that the info I shared, along with others' recommendations about jury nullification, that can end this sad chapter of history pretty quickly.

Happy 2011!

Patrick Mooney

Sally said...

One of the best lists I've seen. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Mooney raises an excellent point, but there is one huge problem. Most employers do not abide by a constitutional interpretation of the income tax laws. I have written EXEMPT on the I-9 form for both private and public employers, only to discover that the payroll tax is withheld from my salary regardless. Short of quitting in protest, what options does one have to withhold material support for empire building, bankster bailouts, et cetera?
I am sure many americans can appreciate the truth about the 'excise tax', but how can the institutionalized payroll tax be avoided in practice?

Anonymous said...

I've been doing all of this for over fifteen years...and look at the state we're in. I defaulted on my credit cards so long ago that I already qualify for new ones.

You won't feel so passive when they're marching you to the showers.

And then it'll be too late.

Anonymous said...

How about some Non-violent DISRUPTION?

1. Close down Wall Street....keep ...10,000 activists marching up and down the street like soldiers in rank and file with a drum corps.

2. Hang signs that say Fox News Is Lying To You on all public televisions showing Fox News.

3. When the weather gets warmer, nude sun-bathing on the White House Lawn. Every other woman has a sign saying, "No More Fake Elections. Campaign Finance Reform NOW."

4. Hold the Statue of Liberty hostage by blocking the entrance with activists and having a long list of demands, first and foremost, Campaign Finance Reform.

5. Hack into social networks and e-mail accounts with a message saying, "No more Business as Usual...End the Wars...Tax the Rich...Green Jobs Now." For 24 hours, only this message will be allowed.

6. Organize the Unemployed into Paid Cells of Full-time Activists for the return of Made in USA jobs...sustainable, environmentally sound, worker owned and operated enterprises.

7. Surround Homes to be Foreclosed and Cause a HUGE news-worthy event every time the bank evicts a family.

8. Set Up a Disruption Hotline...all non-violent ideas will be considered.

9. Stand Outside Big Banks with a list of Unfair Fees charged to workers and the number of hours or even DAYS they had to work to pay the usurious fees.

10. Feature a Rich Person of the Week on Facebook and Expose every last possible detail about how sleezy he or she is. Make that person's life Hell for a week.

11. Keep a running You-tube Library of victims of the Health Care System and send the videos to foreign and domestic News Outlets on a regular basis. Embarrass the USA on a global scale.

What have we got to lose? If we do nothing, we will have to sit through another FAKE 2012 Presidential Election and I don't think anyone wants that.

Anonymous said...

The income tax is not at tax at all. It is the name of the legal kickback implemented by the congress. I have Pete's book. It is not without error. It is also a pathetic display of Pete trying to appear extremely educated. My wife, a college grad, found it unreadable.

Here is just one example of many. From page VI of the forward: "Enactments which predate the current IRC are selected on the basis of their virtue in clarifying current language therein which is merely a restatement of the underlying law."
That reads as if it was written by the same smug lawyers that wrote the IRC. The average Joe and Joan American will not even understand that sentence. It clarifies NOTHING for them. It does, however, make Pete seem very intelligent, huh?

Pete tells people to sign and file the 1040 individual income tax return form. That is the worst advice you can follow. Filers are much more likely to be harassed than non-filers.

I've even personally communicated with Pete via e-mail exchange. Not fun, nor edifying. There are many others that wrote much better books on the subject than Pete. And theirs came long before Pete's.
IRS HUMBUG-IRS WEAPONS OF ENSLAVEMENT (copyright 1991) by Frank Kowalik is the one I recommend.

I'm pretty sure Pete borrowed the weapon idea from Frank and titled one of the chapters: "W" is for weapon. I asked Pete if he ever read Frank's book and he told me he never even heard of it. Yeah, right. Anyone that has done a thorough investigation into the subject has at least come across Frank's excellent work.

I call Pete's book: Coating the Crack, because following his advice will get you in the end.

Anonymous said...

America is supposedly a "Christian" nation. Would God support these things? Why do so many churches support a war they all know is immoral? Because it seems the government is more their god than an old man in the sky.

Sanjeev Mehta said...

While all reasoning and pointers you have given are understandable, the basic premise that noncooperation could be non violent or Gandhian is faulty. This whole Gandhian idea is hooey. India never got any thing, forget the Independence, by nonviolence. Dozens of countries achieved independence around the same time. It was thanks to WW2. So do not involve "Gandhi" in your efforts. It will mess up the movement. Yes American public has to act now. Do whatever need to be done. Violent or not.

Anonymous said...

Stop fractional reserve banking.
Make central banks illegal.
Stop usury.
Stop personal income tax.
Remove ALL foreign lobbies.
Secure the borders.
Dismantle EVERY unconstitutional government program.
Forbid the federal government from borrowing money.
Return to the 'Articles of Confederation'.
Pull you collective heads out of your asses.


mass said...

when the face of death smiles at you all you can do is smile back , we must come to end the federal reserved the IRS income tax and all those licenses to work

Tony said...

Great article, very insightful, and puts real power back where the real power should be, with the people.

All the best,

Bail San Jose said...

Ending the Fed is for ideologues who can't see complexity. The Federal Govt is corrupt and becoming more so, but withdrawing completely from participation is like a child's tantrum

Anonymous said...

Read "Fruit from a Poisonous Tree" written by Melvin Stamper. Mr. Stamper is an ex-marine, ex-police officer, ex-police chief and now an attorney who has done in depth research of the U.S. laws and published this important book that will enable you to understand what is really going on. Research the efforts of U.S. Representative Louis McFadden to expose the fraud of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors and U.S. officials in 1932, his charges of treason against those individuals, the enslavement of the citizens and looting of their real wealth and his ultimate death. Before you dismiss the importance of eliminating the Federal Reserve, you should do your homework. Then if you don't care about what the Fed has done to the people, what they are doing to the people and what they plan to do to you and your heirs; then you deserve what they do to you but your heirs don't.

citizen ron said...

in short, it's called DISENGAGING. disengage from government and all of it's forms of 'control'. you DON'T have to play by their rules. they don't, why should you or i? threat of force? their threats are meaningless until you cave in to their demands.

government wants war? fine, let the politicians fight it.

government wants higher taxes? fine, let the politicians pay it.

see? it's really easy. don't give the government any time or attention. it's crashing; let it crash. stand back and keep a low profile.

Anonymous said...

Shun the oppressors and their families. Do not associate with police, or employees of the various illegal federal agencies, DHS, TSA, DEA, FBI, CIA, etc. Tell them why you are shunning them, "I don't associate with scum or their families."

Anonymous said...

Yeah non-violent protest - that will work against a criminal cabal that owns the military.

Anonymous said...

Imagine post 2012 election and Ron Paul has defeated Obama and an impressive chunk of those up for re-election have been replaced with third party candidates. Think that would be a mandate for change?

It's cheap, and the legal way for us to overthrow a government that does not represent the people, does not have our consent, only garnering a 5% approval rating.

It would also be a blow to the so-called mainstream media, the democracy-destroying propaganda machine.

Add it to your new year's resolutions.

Anonymous said...

We need to UNIFY behind concrete actions. This is very difficult as so many have so many ideas. If all the sites and publications which support us could merge, we could find this unity I speak about. I think Occupy is and will continue to evolve. Right now we have a system which is exclusive. How can we help true leaders emerge who can challenge this mindset while unifying we the people?

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