Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pot growers portrayed as terror threat

Jeff Stein
Washington Post

What were they smoking?

Federal, state and local officials carrying out a counter-terrorism drill in Northern California Wednesday played out a scenario in which local marijuana growers set off bombs and took over the Shasta Dam, the nation’s second largest, to free an imprisoned comrade.

According to an account in the Redding (Calif.) Record Searchlight, the 12-hour drill was part of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's Critical Infrastructure Crisis Response Exercise Program, begun in 2003.

“More than 250 people from more than 20 agencies took part,” said Sheri Harral, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Reclamation, according to the paper.

Harral said the drill took 18 months to plan and cost the bureau alone $500,000. The other agencies covered their own costs.

The paper made only passing reference to the scenario's designation of pot growers as terrorist villians.

In the otherwise realistic mock-terror scenario, the marijuana growers’ “red cell” set off bus and car bombs as distractions, took over the dam with three hostages, and then “threatened to flood the Sacramento River by rolling open the drum gates atop the dam,” according to the paper.

No matter how worthwhile a drill, said marijuana legalization advocates, envisioning pot growers as a terrorist threat in laid-back Northern California was ridiculous.

"That was so stupid," said Dale Gieringer, head of the California chapter of NORML, the decades-old National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

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Anonymous said...

The phony baloney War on Drugs meets the phony baloney War on Terrorism.

Thebes said...

They are absolutely right!

Our First President was BOTH a cannabis grower and an Unlawful Enemy Combatant against His Majesty the King of England.

He took up with all sorts, including the Sons of Violence and the Green Mountain Boys in defiance of the colonies' "legitimate" governments.

Our nation is proof of narcoterrorism.

Anonymous said...

ah, so now that the attempt to corporatize pot (and the pot profits) - aka prop 19 - has failed, they are turning to Plan B.

Anonymous said...

They just wanted to demonstrate how poor a job they can do, and demonizing a bunch of Californians just reminds us all again that it's all a farce, a joke, a nothing to make no one safer, and everyone angry. Remember this when they call you asking for donations, when their budgets are on the block. Remember that they DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. So when they cry and moan about "austerity" and how the police are "too big to fail," remind them of this, and the many other incidents, and say "You have proven your budget needs cutting. You have too much money to waste." And at a time like this, with the homeless piling up, our manufacturing being destroyed, and unemployment rampant despite misinformation about the numbers, this sort of bureaucratic waste to demonize peaceful citizens is SICK. Absolutely SICK. Apparently they need something to do while they plan their next terror attack on the American people, or perhaps they're conditioning us to once again blame someone, arabs, russians, ANYONE but the man behind the curtain.

TroubleCominEveryday said...

Its the government thats the terrorist.

Political Athiest said...

We're from the government and we're here to take some more of your liberties.

Anonymous said...

Yet again....distraction from the truth of corruption and tyranny!

CasaZaza said...

Posit this - On one side of the street is a man who has a license to grow medical marijuana. The police pay him regular visits to ensure the safety of the premise from break-ins, and provide any aid necessary for this legal government sponsored operation.

Further down the block is another guy who keeps a couple dozen plants of marijuana growing in his basement, he sells to recreational smokers and others seeking medicinal relief from the drug.

One guy is an upstanding business man - paying his cut to the government in order to provide people with the benefits from the sacred herb. The other guy is a criminal who would get beaten and imprisoned by those same cops and regarded as a terrorist by the even weaker minded among them.

Both provide a valuable commodity to people who desire the product, both parties gain from the transaction - the only difference between the 2 being the perspective governed by invisible lines of artificial distinction found within the folds of your brain.

Anonymous said...

In deed the true terrorists are the Gov. they are so full of lies & deceit. the few you can trust are so marginalized you can hardly hear from because of the rest of the liars afraid of the truth.

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