Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MUST SEE: A Radical Experiment in Empathy, Sam Richards (VIDEO)


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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true that most people will be able to relate to this lecture and have empathy for what is being done to others globally. The problem is that it's not most people who are directing the killing and robbing of other countries. It's the corporations and the war machine that have control of the world because we let them.

Don't you think it's time to stop this nonsense?

I would join a people's army of patriots to revolt against the current system if I could be sure millions of other patriots would stand behind me as we marched into OUR White House, OUR Congress and OUR Courts and booted the thugs out.

The other problem is the apathetic who either don't believe what is really going on or think nothing can be done. How do we get them to come on board? Why are they so damn careless?

As Michael Badnarik says, "When they are putting you on the bus to go to the camps it's too late to speak up and say no. You should have said no when it first began."

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