Friday, November 5, 2010

Independent News Site Fraudulently Blacklisted by Internet Explorer After Negative Bill Gates Article

Is the Internet Blacklist already being enforced via web browsers?  Microsoft's Internet Explorer recommended that visitors should not access Activist Post today, claiming the site contains threats to outside computers.  First, we want to assure all of our visitors that this is blatantly FALSE. Our site does not contain any viruses, malware, or data-harvesting capabilities.  We have a voluntary and confidential sign-up mechanism for our free weekly newsletter, which apparently now falls under the category of illegal data mining according to Microsoft.

Our website runs on a Google Blogger back-end which immediately declines any material that may be "malicious."  This back-end also makes it easy for us to scan our entire site for potential viruses or other problems.  This scan is, and always has been, 100% clean.  Furthermore, our technical team ran a check at Website Grader which tests various aspects of a site, including cleanliness Activist Post scored a 97% (FAR above the average).  Yet, Microsoft has taken an anonymous tip from a user as enough evidence to deter access to our site.  Meanwhile, other browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have similar malware protection, yet none of them flagged Activist Post today.

The Website Grade for!
What's interesting about the timing of this possible censorship is that it comes on a day when we posted an article that reflects negatively on Bill Gates.  It appears that his empire carries out vendettas by deterring access to websites not favorable to their overlord.  We did receive a complaint through our contact form from a reader listing the e-mail address:  This email address is not valid and the domain is not currently registered.

All of the information about the cleanliness of our site, and the potential false tip, was easily obtained by our tech staff within minutes.  Why couldn't a behemoth like Microsoft do the same?

This appears to be the latest tactic the establishment will use to shut down access to alternative voices, making visitors believe that the site is "harmful" to their computer.  We have been informed by Microsoft that this is basically a guilty-until-proven-innocent situation, since we certainly weren't contacted to counter any claim in advance of the warning they posted. 

Internet Explorer users represent 42% of our visitors, while representing a similar overall market share.  For alternative sites that are 100% user-funded through visiting sponsors and donations, this can be a damaging blow that has the potential to force people out of business.  Welcome to the free market of ideas.

Our technical team is working hard on restoring our site to Internet Explorer users.  Presently, it is fully accessible and safe to view from Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.  In protest of such shenanigans, we hope that readers will drop IE and use a different browser, as this type of censorship is likely to continue from the Gates Gestapo.  One can also send a statement to Microsoft that our site has been clean in your experience.  Click HERE to submit.

UPDATE:  We're hearing reports that site accessibility with Internet Explorer has been returned.  If you continue to have problems accessing our site with that browser please do the following: In Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu, select "Smart Screen Filter" and choose to "Turn Off Smart Screen Filter."  After completing this, accessibility should be returned immediately. 

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Anonymous said...

Microsoft is a bunch of Nazis - if you want to be safe from their censorship, give not just a better browser, but also a better operating system a try -- Linux is 100% free and free of censorship. I've made very good experiences with Ark Linux (

Anonymous said...

Please be advised of the following, no malice or criticism intended:

A few days ago I started reading "The Fuzzy Logic of Useful Idiots" written by Giordano Bruno and posted on your site. I clicked on Read Full Article at the end of the column, and because it was continued, I clicked Read Full Article again. What happened, I think, is that I was redirected to a different site, not the writer's, or maybe what I saw was a pop-up offering full scanning of my computer for viruses and spyware. I could not close it and a mock-scanning started. At the end I was notified I had several Trojans. Much as I tried I could not close the 2-3 pestering windows. Eventually, I had to terminate the process in Task Manager, which crashed my Firefox. When I reopened the browser the page appeared reduced in size, about a square inch, and opened with the same site/pop-up, which I had to terminate in Task Manager. I closed all the windows and rebooted my computer. I ran AVG, CCleaner, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware, which took quite a while. Everything was clean and I could resume surfing. My son has a MacBook and he received the same pop-up (not by visiting your site), which offers protection for PC's! The moral, for the time being: I will refrain from reading the whole story. I'll stay with the tip of the iceberg because what is under the water can sink the Titanic.

Anonymous said...


1 Don't use Internet Exploder
1a Don't use Windows, period.
2 Don't use ANY g00gle product
3 Stick to Open Source software
4 Get Linux and have done with the whole corporate paranoia nonsense.

For those who still think Linux is only for geeks, try - a linux version for the barely computerate - with this flavor, you don't even have to install it as it runs fine (if a little slow) from a LiveCD from within Windows, if you really must!

Stop being part of the problem if you're really serious about 'saving the world' ;-)


Anonymous said...

one of the reasons why I use firefox! simple as that, no need to complain or waste energy on negative thoughts, keep it cool, just ignore the product, simple as that

Anonymous said...

I detest Bill (the eugenicist) Gates and all microsoft stands for. Although I run a OSX86 version of OSX on a PC I built and can utilize Safari (good but defaults to Google for searches so I rarely use it), Firefox but prefer Opera. Also use Opera on my Linux Ubuntu drive. While OSX is flashy, cool and is most sophisticated, Ubuntu is very solid and getting more and more capable all the time. Microsoft's Windows 7 remains a pain in the arse and vulnerable to myriad viruses whereas OSX and Ubuntu have yet to give me any probs with viruses and associated Microsoft crud.

Anonymous said...

Opera for me. Never had a problem with any site not already blocked locally.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a sign for the 42% to give up their wicked Windows ways and become free by switching to free software.

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to throw gasoline on a fire but, sometimes that's a lot of fun lol, this might go deeper than the IE browser because the symbol/icon that you see in the upper left corner of that screen grab suggests a function of Windows Security Center because that symbol/icon belongs to that software.

Open services.msc and temporarily turn off Security Center and you will see this symbol/icon in the system tray.

Maybe do a wild card search *.* of your hard drive for files containing the text to see if any results pop up that are related to Windows Security Center.

On a personal note, I hate the social status quo of this world when anyone who disagrees with anything or offers constructive criticism on anything is publicly considered and labeled to be an act of hate, subversion, sedition, racism, et al. Whoever or whatever is behind this desires to condition all of humanity to be of one mind, one opinion, one politic and one religion.

I know who these people are but as usual, I don't dare say it for the baseless accusations that I and this site would have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Vielen Dank an die Mitglieder des Activist Post!

Lassen Sie sich nicht unterwerfen, wir aus Deutschland bieten ihnen jede Informative Hilfe an, die wir ihnen bieten können. Aufgrund des riesigen Gebots an Desinformation in allen bekannten Groß-Medien, ist jede Alternative zu neuer Bzw. alt aber Entschlüsselten Information ein Segen für alle Wahrheitssuchenden. Wir bitten daher alle Leser Activist Post zu unterstützen wo es ihnen möglich ist. Bitte unterstützen sie auch alle anderen Alternativen Webseiten, die sich für den Weg der Wahrheit entschlossen haben. Vielen Dank für ihre Aufmerksamkeit! Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland!

Anonymous said...

Blacklist Bill Gates... Bill Gates reflects negatively on Bill Gates. OOOOOh... he's so brilliant, a self-MADE kajillionaire... what tripe. Proves the system was rigged. I don't suppose it is too difficult to obtain vast wealth when you are being assisted from "on-high".

Bill Gates is a malignant growth... a GMO. I stopped using IE years ago... Firefox too simple and easy and you don't have to use anti-viral, anti-spam, etc. mal-ware.

Good riddance to McAfee when I witnessed it allow a program in five minutes after I clicked to NOT allow it (hint, was working late with my word-pro, so I knew I didn't want any unknown downloads -I was not on line, actually). I think the plan was I would't actually see that come in and would be lead to think it was something I picked-up on some "vague" suspicious site. That's how they do it... Blame the victim always.

I use startpage (formerly ixquick) for browser and search so I am not dropping my address where I visit (so far as I know). And with Firefox, I don't use security and, oddly, my system is free of problems for a couple years now.

In short, I firmly believe it is the anti-bug companies that sell you on the idea you need "protection" (think mafia arm-twisting protection money) so you pay for them to now give you those dreaded viruses. They like that the best... practically drool all over themselves.

Activist said...

Thanks to everyone for the great comments.

Anonymous said...

People who keep on usin exclusively Internet Explorer aren't curious of anything, except of their own comfort.
They do not want to hear about any different opinion, except if it goes with their personal interests.
So...why worrying about people who keep their eyes shut?

Anonymous said...

The reason why you had the blacklist, was due to the virus attached to the article "The Fuzzy Logic of Useful Idiots". As the post describes above, when the full story article link was clicked, there was a virus attached to the link,as described above. That is why your site was blacklisted. The question is were you aware of the virus? and why was it attached to one of your articles? can you answer these two questions please.

Activist said...

Anon -- happy to answer your questions:

We were not aware of any virus. And nothing was "attached" to any article of ours. We simply linked to the original source as we do with nearly every post we put up, and the original source fine according to Internet Explorer. 

Koeishto said...

In response to "Anonymous," the Giordana Bruno article was on and I received a message that said "website has a reported a problem" and immediately, I was kicked into a false microsoft Windows Security Screen and the little red shield came on and began to scan. I watched in amusement as it clicked off a laundry list of trojans, worms and viruses. I let it run its course and then wrote down all of the names and then simply exited out of the browser. That usually kills it. What they want you to do is click "clean 'em up" and that is where you get hammered. All of those critters get fed into your system. THEN, another screen will come up and for a nominal fee of anywhere between $29 and $79, this site will come to your rescue. Magically, it just happened to be in the neighborhood and heard of your plight. Of course, they will need your credit card and what happens is that you get no anti-viris removal AND they will gut you credit card. Usually, the source of the mischief originates out of: Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Southeast Asia. I have found that this happens at a variety of sites - and - if you return, it rarely happens again at that site.

I doubt seriously that Bill Gates is behind this type of mischief. Now, I was, indeed, blocked by IE 8.0 to this site and screen captured and printed to a PDF and sent it out with a warning to my extensive e-mail list that microsoft was up to mischief. Firefox had no problem running under XP-Pro getting here.

Yes, Linux is great - love it, myself and Ubuntu is OK. I use Slackware Linux and have a dual boot machine. I have two hard drives, one with XP-Pro and one with Linux. When Slackware loads, it asks you if you want a dual boot system. This saves you the hassle of going into Bios and determining which drive boots. Linux will give you a tidy option on the monitor - choose your drive and off you go. Linux is basically virus proof and it is really a mighty task to program critters to invade. The open source allows geniuses from around the world to keep this up to date! Openoffice is a really great office suite: word, spreadsheet, publisher and power point. It will handle anything that Office 2007 generates and it really is free and looks exactly like what you are used to! You can get it free at along with Firefox if you are not already using it.

The globalists will really ramp up their interference until they figure out how to permanently pull the plug on internet as we know it. And - they WILL try and could very well succeed. Just prepare as best as possible. Do not throw away your modems or fax machines just yet. They saved Boris Yeltsin from a return to the old Soviet Union. All communications were sent by fax or bulletin board systems!

Be Prepared! Learn and reach or teach others!

Activist said...

Update -- We're hearing reports that site accessibility with Internet Explorer has been returned. If you continue to have problems accessing our site with that browser please do the following:  In Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu, selecting "Smart Screen Filter", and choose to "Turn Off Smart Screen Filter". After completing this, accessibility should be returned immediately.


You're back via IE!

Anonymous said...

There is another leftish site I visit where I also picked up a program that imitates Windows Security, leading to an offer to buy anti virus. This is not the only event with that site. There may be an effort to get rid of sites that are politically incorrect, not necessarily only from MS.
In any case I avoid MS products wherever I can just on principal.

Anonymous said...

I have a apple and can't get on with safari this morning 11-7-10

Activist said...

I also have Mac with Safari and I am not having a problem. Strange...

Anonymous said...

The Federal Government can't keep their people out of child porn sites, but want to tell the American people what they can and can't view on the internet? Seriously?

Activist said...

Excellent point!

Anonymous said...

The method for scanning and blacklisting sites is automated, friends. The claims that Microsoft is somehow censoring you because of a post is pretty ridiculous, and displays a sub-standard knowledge of computer science.

There has been a steady tick of un-favorable news about Microsoft for decades now, with no reports of blacklisting. You would have to believe that Microsoft is out to get you, but not anyone else.

The simpler answer here is this website was compromised, either directly or indirectly, and the the system did it's job and blocked you.

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