Monday, November 29, 2010

Citizens of Europe Rage Against the Machine

Austerity measures drive 100,000 protesters to the streets of Ireland, another 100,000 in Italy as Europeans continue to rage against the international banking machine.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The international bankster machine seeking to colonize Western nations through debt is now meeting resistance from Greece, to France, to Ireland, to Italy, to Spain, to Portugal, and to the U.K.

These new protests in Ireland and Italy follow a crippling 2-week strike in France where citizens took over fuel refineries and other vital infrastructure, more strikes in Greece which took over the Acropolis, and a massive student protest in the UK that caused physical damage to government buildings. All of these protests were sparked by governments reducing benefits or increasing fees and taxes on a population that had little to do with the private gambling of banks.

These European protests are intensifying as the international bankers move to collect their "pound of flesh" through austerity and sale of public assets.  As Europeans are becoming acutely aware of the dubious plan to loot them and the anger at their corrupt elected officials for bowing to banks has reached a boiling point.  In all cases the governments are enforcing austerity measures on the people after the private banks over-leveraged themselves to the breaking point, threatening to bring down entire nations.

For years the bankers churned out easy credit to these nations while they invested public and private funds into worthless credit default swaps and derivatives. As if orchestrated to perfection, they pulled the plug on those toxic assets, essentially bankrupting the more fragile developed countries, followed by calling their debts due.  Now they're demanding that European governments be forced into IMF bailouts that impose drastic austerity measures on the populace.

By forcing tax increases and reducing benefits for the citizens of sovereign nations, the IMF is essentially rewriting their laws.  Well, it appears that the citizens of Europe have had enough.  The massive protests, strikes, and riots that have swept through the streets of many European countries have resulted in growing calls to reject the bailout money used to prop up failed banks and corrupt governments.  The Irish people prefer to default on the debt which drove the EU 'completely mad'.

The protesters are getting support from someone who is experiencing the outcome of resisting public bailouts of private banking debts.  The President of Iceland recently remarked that they're in much better shape than Ireland because they let the private banks fail and their currency naturally devalued, allowing them to regain some competitiveness relative to their neighbors:
“The difference is that in Iceland we allowed the banks to fail,” Grimsson said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Mark Barton today. “These were private banks and we didn’t pump money into them in order to keep them going; the state did not shoulder the responsibility of the failed private banks.”
UK's Libertarian politician, Nigel Farage, once viewed as a fringe player, is now getting international recognition for forewarning his European comrades about the troubles in the system.  He's quickly becoming a hero to the banker resistance as his credibility reaches new heights for being proved right -- much like his U.S. counterpart Congressman Ron Paul. His rants in the European Parliament are going viral on YouTube as the people are waking up to their servitude to banks and a lack of true democracy and sovereignty.

Nigel Farage speaks with such confidence against the EU, as he should, given that a recent mainstream media poll showed 99% of UK citizens want out of the Euro.  The battle against the banking cartel is clearly happening with Europe as the spearhead.  As Europeans continue to fight back against corrupt international banksters, lazy Americans continue to live with a much lower standard of living and do nothing to challenge the system.

The rage in Europe and quiet streets in America is causing the euro to fall against the dollar.  The dollar was all but declared dead in the lead-up to the Fed's QE2, but now the eurozone debt crisis has taken center stage.  The European Council is set to meet again this December to amend the Lisbon Treaty to essentially legalize more bailouts.  Some insiders are calling it an impossible mission to get all European countries to agree on fair amendments.  The outcome of these December meetings will assuredly be pivotal in determining whether the euro "experiment" will survive.

If it crumbles, so then does the structure for a global currency.  Indeed, the front lines in the battle to conquer plans for a global currency and the end of sovereign nation states is being waged by the angry citizens of Europe.  Bravo comrades, keep up the fight!

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Anonymous said...

Erm: the UK is not IN the monetary union called the "Euro". London's City bankers exploit the currency gap between "Sterling" and the "Euro" for profit, piling on fees and manipulating exchange rates. The point of UK opposition to the Euro is to smash Europe as a compatitor to UKUSA and return to the good old days of the currency fairgrounds, hot wars and private hell. UK is a squalid place where public life is sordid.

Anonymous said...

The IMF will "bailout" Europe? With whose money?

Anonymous said...

The point of UK opposition to BOTH the EU and the Euro is so that we can, once again, govern ourselves without the interference in our affairs by european non elected people. We want our sovereignty back and we want also to stop our country public services being sold off to the highest bidder. The UK is not a squalid place but I have to agree that public life has become sordid. The only public figure who has one ounce of sense and love for our country is Nigel Farage. He fights on and may he continue to do so until we put an end to this self-servicing European Union.

Anonymous said...

I'll believe the rage when I see Rothchilds and their fellow banking parasites hanging from the trees.

Anonymous said...

Break JP Morgan BUY SILVER (I've got 40 silver coins)It will also harm Goldman Sachs !!!!! Silver will rise a lot in the coming months and years so come on what are you waiting for?!

Anonymous said...

This little clip from You Tube ,originally broadcast on German Tv,might interest some of you here,"Expense Allowance Scandal from M.E.P's
(wir english subtitles.

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

99 Luftballons


Anonymous said...

Maybe the false messiah is head of IMF who we will all be in debt to? Joke but I wouldn't be surprised

Anonymous said...

The End is Near !. . .and Closer than you think . said...

A civilization based on a system of parasitic usury-economics will ultimately destroy itself, because fractional-reserve banking combined with compound interest represents some kind of perpetual-motion machine. Our economic system was not designed to, nor was it intended to, function honorably for the benefit and general prosperity of all; it was specifically designed to create a nation of debt slaves under the control of a molesting central bank. The perpetrators of the system understand fully that it is finite and must inevitably collapse in a state of insoluble debt, but by that point they expect to have gained full and indisputable control over everything. The 450 richest people in the world have financial assets equal to the combined wealth of the 3 billion poorest; half of all humanity. The only possible explanation for this is that the international economic system has been subverted and corrupted by fully intentional activities, directed towards undermining national governments and creating institutionalized, privately-owned central banks throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

With the UK being the 3rd biggest buyer of Dollars, is should be clear to All, that the UK is Outside the Euro, for no other reason than to be Uncles Handy Money Laundry :)

Sorry to disillusion you tweedy types, who imagined it was all about National Sovereignty :(

Anonymous said...

Lazy American's do nothing? Exactly what is being accomplished from the "raging" European? There still doing w.e. the fuck they want & will still continue w/the bailouts.
Riots & protests have come & gone all throughout history.

Anonymous said...

It is always a positive thing to try to find REASON and then UNITY if you really want to acomplish ANYTHING. Stop squabling over who's doing squat and realize we are ALL equally in this pot of stew and we are the meal.

amsterdamer said...

China has said it will bailout EU good luck w/that.

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