Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beware the Rising Ire of a Forgotten Generation

S. Paul Forrest
Activist Post

Confusion, frustration and outright anger are the only words I can think of to describe and define the undertones of a generation forgotten in the tides of history.  These words are more than just a collection of letters with meaningless application; they depict the feelings and moods circulating through a group of people that have become disgruntled to the point of anger amidst the fog of deception emanating from our political systems past and present.

Distrust in our government grows by leaps and bounds, sparked by the actions of people who are bent on monetary allocation and blatant self-service.  These “politicians” are the soldiers of a two-party political system that has become a farce, using popular media as a tool to promote their brand of control over the people.  Republicans and Democrats alike call on us to protect the interests of our nation when they are, in reality, only asking that we give them the right to use us as fodder in their personal agendas.  The time has come for real change and the deconstruction of the old ways and practices of a bygone era that has failed us all.

Today, we live in a world that is so clearly confused with these items of self-interest that many have become overwhelmed by the implications for the future of the country.  Corporations are buying Washington piece by piece and it seems there is nothing we can do about it anymore.  Have we just been sleeping, head in the comfortable warmth of the sand, and not realized the slow creep of decay in the foundation of this nation?  Or, is it only now, like a slap across the face from a jilted lover, that we are finally awakening to it?

Recently, the lies and deceit which surged forth in this past mid-term election have only served to fill us with additional malevolence.  Corporate contributions, partisan attacks on naysayers, and purposeful lies to propel a dishonest agenda were at an all-time high.  Precipitated by the actions of modern politicians who claim to represent us, a new surge of movements and actions is unfolding to counteract the deception of an old era.  These movements have made clear that WE, as a people, will NOT accept the lies anymore.

The most potent of the platforms for change for these movements rests within the blogosphere.  No longer is modern media, with its corporate backing and purposeful misdirection, trusted.  New information is being delivered through electronic media which does not serve to censure the realistic words of a people.  Bloggers and Internet journalists are now the real informers of our society.  Many people still cling to the old ideals and channels of this deception, though, wondering why so many have taken the road less traveled.

The simple answer is this: For too long we have listened to meaningless rhetoric and promises of a better tomorrow.  For too long we have watched as our “leaders” deceived us to serve their own elite purposes.  For too long we have been lied to and told by our politicians and their media constituents that all they do and stand for is for our collective good.  For too long we have sat still and worked toward a change that served only those who would spit upon the masses without regard for our safety and only served to fill their coffers with the sweat of our labor.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the powers don’t recognize our rise, though.  In reaction to the blogger speaking their mind, the powers-that-be are poised to apply the label ODD.  Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a made-up illness that was introduced to define the behavior of "troublesome" children.  Now, it seems they are set to apply the label to anyone who will stand against them.  They have also introduced new “Patriot Act” bylaws that consider those who would speak out against their ill work as criminals; a direct assault upon the First Amendment of The United States Constitution.

The reality of it all is that corporations rule our politicians and our country.  If you truly want to know what a candidate thinks, research their largest corporate contributors; there, in the charter of said corporation, you will find the platform upon which candidates really stand.  It is best to ignore the campaign trail promises of change, and the hope you may have in it, for it is not the truth of the machine they are a part of.  The truth (the hard depressing truth) is so catastrophically detrimental to the American Dream that I cannot help but gasp at the implications.

In his novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald saw the American Dream as an ideal about discovery, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness.  In the 1920s, as depicted in the novel, easy money and relaxed social values had corrupted this dream.  It would seem we have not come very far from this age.  Today, like in Fitzgerald’s novel, monetary disfigurement of the truth has overwhelmed our country and is spreading with the ferocity of the plague.

The term “American Dream” was first used by James Truslow Adams in his book, The Epic of America, which was written in 1931.  He stated:
The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, and too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.
This may have been the image in the past, but today this dream has become a nightmare filled with ghastly images of a people serving as slaves to the interests of the elite ruling party.  It has become painfully evident that politicians care only about a letter after their names instead of the people they were entrusted to represent. In his piece, A Two-Party Death Grip, Chuck Baldwin stated:
It is clear, therefore, that conservatives are more than willing to support and defend someone they know to be unfaithful to both their oath of office and to bedrock conservative principles. In other words, it does not matter a whit to them whether their candidate tells the truth, obeys the Constitution, or even demonstrates fidelity to the fundamental principles of liberty. If he has an "R" behind his name, conservatives will support him.
The same holds true for Democrats.  It would seem that rhetoric is all we hear from our “leaders” anymore, and they daily employ deception in an effort to quiet the voices of reason from the people.  Everyday, new items and issues bubble to the surface in this swamp of deception.

But change is coming and it will be in the form of an irate mass of bodies which have been whipped into a shape by the master’s leather, deformed and seeping with the putrid scars of seething ire.   We will overrun the standard of elitism that has infected this country and will send a message to those who will do us harm for their own personal gain that “Enough is enough!!”  We have taken all that we will take and now, as the whip rises for one more painful burst upon the backs of this great country, we will collectively stand and say, “NO MORE!”  We say to you who will do us harm, “Beware the Rising Ire of a Forgotten Generation.”

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Anonymous said...

I'll no longer refer to anyone's behavior as odd for fear they may be forcibly medicated in the future. Thanks doc!

Anonymous said...

I have only begun to understand the amount of propaganda we are being feed over the last few months. At first I didn't believe it, but oh, Brother now I do!! I have cut off my TV and read, read, read. It's going to take a lot of work to take our "American Dream" back. We can; if we seek the truth and work toward being a self reliant nation again. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get started!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, which generation are you talking about? The Boomers? Gen X? The Millenials? Gen Y?

Also, re-read your history. The founding fathers set things up this way. They were landed aristocrats with a vested interest in keeping power concentrated among themselves. You are dreaming of a past that never was.

I agree with you, just pointing out a couple of things.

Anonymous said...

I became aware of the condition you write of in 1968 when the powers that be crushed the youth movement that was sweeping Eugene McCarthy toward the presidential nomination. The final blow came at the Chicago convention and the police riot in Grant Park. From that moment on, I knew that the political system was rigged and that voting for either party was an exercise in futility. In the intervening 42 years, the situation has only degenerated. The plutocrats are bolder, and their lackeys in all branches of local, state and national government are more servile. When something is broken as badly as all systems are in the US today, there is only one solution, and the day is coming when that solution is wielded.

Anonymous said...

I sorta became 'aware' that what they taught us in civics class in 1970 was a glossy rewrite pretty much as it was being taught. But it was a busy time. Then Carter, whom I at first kinda thought was a good idea, but wasn't. Then Reagan, heh, , Then, then then then. So, I look backwards, to find this 'country' that my folks always talked about. I lived here, and I lived there, I lived in more than just a few countries, at least for a little while. Still thought the US had it knocked, but knew it didn't hold a candle to northern western europe, though it rocked compared to pretty much anywhere else.
So, the 50s? Err, nope.
The 40s? Well, that was different. But still not the 'christian ideal'. I studied the 30s, the 20s, the 10s,
Nope, still don't see this prefect past. The 00's, the 1890s, Sheesh, are you kidding me? I guess this was about the time when all the libertarians thought life was so great, but it sure as hell wasn't. The 1880s? please, the reconstruction period, Are you insane? What about the war between the states? Surely that must have been our golden age. Nope. backwards, backwards and backwards. Nope, nope and nope.

and this last election? i saw folks come out in droves and vote in a new crop of plutocratic puppets. Oh yeah, what a win that was.

Good article, I enjoyed reading it. But all this talk about rolling the clock back to some ideal of the past, well, no thank you. The only way forward, is well, forward.

GBL said...

Like your post. It captures the zeitgeist.

However, your rallying finish left me with a question?


It's all good and nice to rally around the idea of making things better, but ideas are useless without execution.

sforrest said...

The idea of change is indeed wonderful, but the execution is left in a creep. "How?" you ask? Slowly and intently with attention and understanding that we are not being represented. This may have been true since the beginning as was stated in the comment previous to yours, GBL but with the rise of the internet, Global consciousness and a genuine concern for our common well being, it is coming to a head.
To the question of which generation; the answer is a very simple, Yes. I am part of the Gen X but my children and their children ad infinitum, are to be the inheritors of our movements and we, the constructors of this foundation, are the base upon which the future depends. I am talking about the generation of truth seekers, an age gaping collection of young and old who are at last gathering toward a common goal of exorcising the demons of our government and in the larger picture, our world.
Yes, the problem has been there since the First Congress in the US and since the idea of civilisation first emerged in the world. It is an intrinsic flaw in our genetic make-up but I have faith that evolution will occur and give the gift of selflessness so we can move forward toward a tomorrow where deceit is not the mortar holding our societal piers in place.
I may be a foolish man stuck in a dream of nothingness but I dream when awake and never stop thinking about a future which holds the promise of not only the American Dream but the Human Dream.

Anonymous said...

How? Max out your credit cards on food, tools, seeds, vitamins, security, etc. Then, send them back to the banksters and tell them to stick them up their ass. What comes around goes around, and money is the only thing that talks.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing will change the direction of this country. Visit the steps of the nation's capitol and physically throw them all out in the rain, snow or whatever it's doing that day.

Then, through original volunteers, begin drafting ordinary citizens to represent their peers/contituents for a short time to fall back to the simple ideas of the Constitution and the bill of rights. Laws written after 1789, should be doused with gasoline and burned. Terms of such draftees to the Congress should be very short and only once a year in order to limit the scope and pace of creeping fascism to ever occur again.

Anonymous said...

well we know for damn sure it isn't the boomers that are forgotten...they won't ever let us forget them. I wish they would all go away.

Anonymous said...

Were the hippies of the 1960's the tea baggers of today?

Anonymous said...

yes I was a hippie of l960's (modified hippie, as I had to make a living and wasn't "loose") and now as an older person I would be a Tea Bagger if I had the health to get out there and do it.

Yes, yes, and yes.

Sarah Pappin said...

This is an absolutely fabulous piece, and it is SO true that REAL journalism now lies in the blogosphere. People there are discussing things that NEVER make it to mainstream media, but these things they discuss are FAR more important that Lindsay Lohan's stent in TC. But do not underestimate the power of "underground reporting". As more and more people turn to it as a reliable source, mainstream media will have no choice but to direct their attention to the issues being discussed in the blogosphere. This is especially critical when it comes to environmental issues. The blog world is the ONLY world where urgent environmental issues are being discussed realistically and in detail. You CERTAINLY don't hear these issues being discussed at length in our two-party political system. And why would you? There's no room inside their political egos to give notice of a dying planet. GREAT PIECE FORREST! LOVE IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Duh, Do we really need for all 50 states to secede togather and disband the fedral or is it feral government and start over from scratch? Is it time to throw out the vampire baby with the bathwater? Are thetre actually enough light poles to lynch all the grifters who brought us to this mess? Nah, make that reeducation camps. Some people say that all we are voting for is which hand will abuse us, the left or the right. There are two groups in this country, the grifters and the rest of us. The concept of liberal and conservative is a joke and the american public is the punch line. The deal is that ALL generations are screwed excecp for the grifters. Time to get over divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

The "Hippies" of the 60's are now running this Country into the ground! Along with the Negro's "boys" SDS, the Weathermen, New Black Panthers etc.

Anonymous said...

"This matter is by decree of the Watchers,and the demand by word of the holy ones:to the intent that the living may know that The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men,and giveth it to whomsoever he will,and setteth up over it the BASEST of men."dan 4:17
The powers that be..are trying to make things ready for their god -the antichrist.Untill the people realize that this is a spiritual battle not just an American one or just a world one

Stan said...

Liked your article and your comment, S. Paul. Yes, the important thing is to continue to sense the better world coming, not just to play out the same old, same old, 'right' and left' stuck dichotomy. We have been brought to a Turning Point; in dialectical terms, a point of Synthesis. And now that civilization has gone global, it is a special synthesis: a Great Turning, as of ages; with various contradictions fully resolvable. The biggest of them: atheism (brought to a head by blind belief in 'religions') vs. a larger vision of life.

Because of various historical circumstances, we now are going to have to face a fundamental fact; which is: Either there is a 'God' - and all that that notion implies; in particular, that there is Plan in and Purpose to 'the universe', ie, to life - or there is not. If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might as well live simply for oneself, independent of the effect of that pursuit on others, as not; for the end of the closed system of life can, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed 'evolutionary premium' to cooperation, or whatever. If there is, however - and we have a considerable number of hints and evidences to that in our day and age - then certain things follow.

It follows, for one thing, that - as I said above - there is Plan in and Purpose to life. Unless one believes that the 'something more than Man' is an evil daemon, enjoying seeing us snared in his diabolical creation. Can we leave that supposition aside, and acknowledge the superior power and feeling of Love over Hate? So, something else that follows, is that we should be acting as if there were such a (higher) Being, and Plan; not as if there were not, as we are acting today.

In sum: It's time to leave the motivator of money behind (and especially the now falling-off training wheels of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other), and start being motivated by a higher purpose for giving of our best to one another, in contributing goods and services and our ingenuity to our global Commons; and that is: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

And then will 'left' and 'right' come together, and cooperate in common cause. The cause of creating on Earth an Eden; and knowing the place as if for the first time.

Anonymous said...

The elite have been brilliant in their bringing about their New World Order. Things are falling into place like a jigsaw. Now we cannot even have gardens because of a food safety bill some witch concocted. Soon we will be taking the mark of the beast without which we can neither buy or sell. These idiots-who are mostly soulless clones-have no idea of the hell that awaits them.

messianicdruid said...

A paraphrased reading of Deut. 28 sounds like the daily news.

{the so-called elites are not "doing it" to us, we are doing it to ourselves} [ 11-01-99 ]

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