Thursday, November 25, 2010

America: The Silence of a Nation (VIDEO)

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Anonymous said...

I frequent this sight for links to important articles, yet I get tired of filtering through the anti-semitic crap.

For those who have any common sense and can still think for themselves, here is the plain truth on the Middle East conflict.

Activist said...

Anonymous: Please don't lie and say you frequent our site. We very rarely cover the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and when we do, we are very careful to stick to the geopolitical debate and leave religion out of it. Many times, we believe Israel is unfair geopolitically and uses a brutal hand while claiming righteousnesses. We refuse to be called anti-semitic for pointing out crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Israel and all of its shills can spread lies and dis-info about Arabs/Muslims on a 24/7 basis, yet when anyone points out a VERIFIED FACT about something Israel did and/or does, "anti-semitism" becomes the cry! Israel should be held accountable for its actions just like any other nation! If and/or when Israel DOES start acting like a member of the human race will be the day when it starts to garner REAL security and respect from other nations and not at the point of a weapon or the protection(and money) of the USA.

Human beings respond to kindness a lot better than they do to repression.

Anonymous said...

there is a difference between us & israeli army & poticians and the actual us & israeli people. by pointing to the obvious crimes of those armies does not mean in any way that the actual us & israeli people are accused. there are a lot of us & israeli people who want peace, but their voices are covered by the interests of those in power. we are all brothers and sisters, division among us is manufactured and sustained artificially.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick and tired of agents for Israeli mossad who work the internet accusing anyone who criticizes Israel of being anti semitic. I'm not a muslim. I'm a caucasion USA born citizen and if it were up to me Israel wouldn't get one more dime of U S aid.

Red Porch said...
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Anonymous said...

Activist, I'm on your sight several times a day, (no lie).

I didn't say you have anti semitic posts "all the time", I am simply disturbed by those who report on the dark cloud of oppression settling on our country, (which is very disturbing indeed), yet more times than not also have anti semitic tendencies. The global hostility mounting against the Jewish nation is alarming, it is almost "in vogue" to be anti Israel and is illogical on it's surface. Dennis Prager does an OUTSTANDING JOB laying this out with great simplicity....this is not rocket science and only takes a little discernment/common sense.

The fact that little tiny Israel is even a nation today is a miracle!! We never hear about the Romans or Persians (hmmm, I wonder why)....dark days ahead for Israel, but God will continue to fight for them, not because they are superior in any form or fashion, but because of a promise He made to Abraham thousands of years ago. God keeps His promises and is very involved in the affairs of men. All that is unfolding and will continue to unfold is a testament to the truth of Scripture.

By the way, you get a thumbs up for posting my comment ;-)

Anonymous said...

I see it did not take long for the zionist shills to play their ever popular anti-semitic trump card on this discussion thread. fact is, most people are not falling for that crap anymore. There is no defense for what Israel has done and continue to do to the Palestinians. It is worst than the Nazi holocaust by far because it has been progressing for over 60 years without intervention. And the reason for this is simple: The leaders of the USA and the main stream media are all whores for Israel. The only positive side to this genocide is that more and more people are becoming aware of it thanks to reports like this one. Peace and may God always Bless the Palestinian people!

Anonymous said...

Israel and Zionist Jews are Anti Gentile..

anti-anonymous said...

Sorry, Activist, you get a thumbs down for posting the B.S. comment from the Anonymous idiot who believes (or PRETENDS to believe) that a "promise" made to Abraham justifies the murder of Palestinian children.

Anonymous said...

How is this anti-Semitic?

DumbGoyNot said...

A few months ago I somehow got into an email debate with a college professor about the origin of today's so-called Jews. He insisted that because Kevin McDonald supports the theory that they are indirectly descended from the Hebrews that he considered it to probably be the truth (even after I presented excerpts to him from Arthur Koestler's 'The Thirteenth Tribe' which exposes the Ashkenazi's as the imposters they are). I ended the debate by asking him this question:

If you were the Synagogue of Satan (per Revelation 2:9 and 3:9), and owned practically all the major media in the world, wouldn't you rather be known by the world's people as 'God's Chosen' than to be know as the Synagogue of Satan?

He never wrote me back.

Anonymous said...

All that is unfolding and will continue to unfold is a testament to the truth of Scripture??

Now that's a novel alibi. My "God" told me it's OK to steal your land and if you don't like it, then kill you too. How lucky and convenient for you. God is not only a Real Estate Agent but gives you a license to kill and steal and other people's property. Oh But wait - you say it's really your property since your supposed forebears lived around there - not a few years ago - but 2000 years ago. Another slight detail not worth quibbling over, I'm sure..

Except one little problem. The same cloud being who told you it's OK to lie, cheat, steal and kill to take what you want, also said you have to wait until the Messiah comes back first - or else he's going to get really pissed off. Like really pissed.

Something tells me your ethnic cleansing of Jesus' little cousins - and genetically speaking, probably little great great great grandkids - didn't make him all that happy with you bastards either.

So let's talk about miracles.. like the type that reach about 1 Million degrees and the core and produce a really pretty mushroom cloud.

That's more than likely the kind of miracle "He" has in store for you and it's not a matter of if, only when.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:49 said,
There is no defense for what Israel has done and continue to do to the Palestinians. It is worst than the Nazi holocaust by far because it has been progressing for over 60 years without intervention.

Your statements are incredible! Worse than the holocaust?? Wow!

I've never been called a zionist shill before (whatever that is).

Watch the youtube for an accurate history lesson. Know this, God sits in heaven controlling the affairs of men...His Word is true, eternity is real. This God (whom some of you shake your fist at) will have the last word, seek Him while He may be found.


Once again, I implore, seek Him while He may be found.

xman said...

These crimes of humanity against the Palestinian people, who can stop them?

Can the US stop them? I don't think so because Israel controls the US instead of the other way around.

Can the Pope in Vatican stop these crimes committed by Jews? Is there a connection between the Jews and the Vatican?

As I said before, all roads lead to Rome!

UnionFaruque said...

Israelis are NOT Semites and the Arabs are.
Anti-Semitism is the totally false and ill motivated WMDs of condemned Zio-Nazis.

Who Is a Semite?

Further to Do You Know Who Is a True Jew? and What is a Judeo-Christian culture?; can we establish who is a Semite?

Sem•ite (s m t) KEY NOUN:

A member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and northern Africa, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians.
A Jew.

Bible A descendant of Shem.

A group of people who falsely claim to be Jew and they may not have even 0.1% Semitic blood or mixed with hundreds of European bloods cannot be a true Semite!

Anyway, under what law, moral or authority a Semite is superior to non-Semites?!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Hedges,

PS: The idea of a promise from God to a group of His creatures is in a clear opposition to the concept of Faireness which is an attribute of God. If a boss in an office favors one of his employees, everyone will stand and say this is not fair, the boss doesnt have the management qualities for his position!
Harming a cat is not accepted by God and it is an act that will be punished; otherwise again God is not fair to His creatures (cat in this case); so how about planning/budgeting/enjoying harming humans in Gaza? God will not forgive such an act because He cant be unfair to the Gazans.

Anonymous said...

People who believe that a book of biblical fairy tales citing the adventures of talking snakes and people who live to be 900 years old -ie: the so called Christians" that collaborate with these Zio-Nazis, are really the major part of the problem here

It would be comical if the implications weren't so dangerous and the history so shamefully ugly.

If it weren't for these fanatical, deluded crackpots and criminally insane hypocrites of the "Christian Right", the Terrorist Regime of Israel would never enjoy the protections and exemptions from International Law, common human decency and billions in financial swag that it receives from the USA.

The sad truth is that the financial cost and damage to American Moral Authority for supporting this Racist Terrorist Regime is incalculable as a result of those who see themselves and Israel as, somehow, The Chosen and more worthy, deserving and "divine" than others.

They, truly, are the 21st Century Nazis.

Ironic.. no?

There can be no peace while they're allowed to continue making a mockery of truth and justice in the name of God.

xman said...

Alumbrados which is known today as Illuminati.
Josh Reeves also commented about Alex Jones.

What is the connection between the Jews who are in power in Israel and Illuminati?

Anonymous said...

Ant Semitism is a miss nova . Jew (ish) , the suffix ish is there for a reason. not quite the real thing .If something is called blue(ish) we can concur that it is not blue. Study history; Khazars coverted to Judaism for political reasons 740 ad. The same geopolitics are running the world today. Time to walk up and smell the coffee. Truth is available if we look for it. Revelation 2:9

Anonymous said...

Thank you Activist, for posting a moving and eloquent statement. Religion is irrelevant.Israeli behavior would still be reprehensible even if they were all born again atheists. Israel seems to think it is doing the rest of the world some sort of favor keeping the Middle East at a raging boil. With Israel for a friend who needs enemies? Is that the point, does the war machine need more and more enemies?

vegetablesoul said...

kudos to you for posting this and all the silly rhetoric comments. why censor stupidity? its entertainment by todays standards. anyone who is brave enough to read here should also be open minded enough to not take an eloquently worded speech against tyranny altogether... he does make mention of US doing the same and supporting israel with weapons and money, so how is that anti sematic? we continue pouring money into the israeli war machine despite our insane financial killing innocent civilians in the mid east is more important than providing for our own. american tax dollars funding genocide, just as they did during the nazi led holocaust. i enjoy your site for simply revealing the truth in all important global my favourite alternative news site! it's not a jewish nation anymore than US is a christian nation anymore... power power power. these people don't believe in God, they believe they are god. that is the problem here.... rapture, promised land israel babylon jihad christ...are all states of mind, shown through action/ compassion. what the Palestinians endure i hope we never have to directly relate to, but the way this country is cowering in fear behind our government, and they behind the UN, i fear we might soon relate to the Palestinian everyman. unless we wake up and demand an end to this madness called war genocide whatever word you choose, stop bickering over religion, accept whats true and real and defend it with our all.... the only true thing in this world is love, all else is a mask of evil.

Anonymous said...

I do believe and know that we have too many dual citizens in our governmment calling the shots who do not have loyalty to this country. I also know many facts about 9/11. For years and years, for some reason, we have had people involved in the government of our country whose allegiance is not primaily here. I do not know the reasons why, what is gained by this. I do know that this is downplayed, yet in plain sight, and cannot be spoken of.

I do not think this site is accurately labeled as at least one person did above - I won't even say the word - for it pops up every single time anyone says anything remotely questioning Israel.

Some of the closest friends I have ever had are Jewish. What I write above has nothing to do with them.

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