Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikileaks Founder Walks Off CNN Interview

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange walks out of a CNN interview who tries to find problems with the organization.  The interview doesn't get far enough to discuss any real issues about the Iraq war leak, which was probably the intent of CNN.

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the bonocelli said...

Oh for criminy sakes...he's just another propaganda puppet. Assange is tool of the elite. Otherwise, he would have a pair of cement shoes and a one-way ticket on a cruise. So, he's on CNN now. Wow. That just confirms it to me.

Why all the wikileaks before the election? Why now? Could it be they want another distraction from the next financial tsunami? Why are the distracting us with this BS? That is the question. The new and improved wikileaks provides us with nothing new, and if it did, he would have the power to indict and send people to jail.

The power is not within the information, but what you do with it. I could give you the plans for a free energy machine, but unless someone builds it, the information remains worthless.

Here's the bigger issues. Banks are crapping their pants with foreclosure gate and the huge fraud behind it. Obama did a pocket veto on the foreclosure moratorium, but you can bet your sweet ass that after the elections, he'll revoke it. He has to. His life is on the line with the banksters. NOBODY crosses them.

The other issue. Oh, how about the largest ever weapons package going to Saudi Arabia? 40+ billion $$s of goodies. I mean some kick ass stuff. Oh, and let's not forget the weapons package going to Pakistan, or the second aircraft carrier heading to the Persian Gulf.

Here's some videos. They are pretty good. Make them viral!!

THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON? Ignore the other BS they are attempting to thrill you with.

Good day!

the bonocelli said...

LOL....I guess others are seeing the fraud in this Wikileaks BS as well.

buch leser said...

The released documents show the daily life of the conflict, as U.S. soldiers have experienced it. In addition, it appears from the thousands threat analysis, attack reports and arrest records but also reconstruct exactly how has unfolded, the Islamic brother struggle between Shiites and Sunnis, how society brutalized, such as abductions, executions and torture of detainees routine was. Even activists from neighboring Syria, Iran and Jordan mingled the documents revealed in this war. It is shown again and again. A war benefits no one. Only the people suffer.

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