Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Liberal’s Awakening to the Reality of ObamaCare

S. Paul Forrest
Activist Post 

On December 24, 2009, H.R. 3590 -- Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law.  Liberals around the world rose up in appreciation that Health Care Reform was finally coming to America.  The Bill was touted as a major victory for Americans without health care coverage and was ushered through the legal process in an expeditious way.  As the Bill now moves into action, many peripheral Bills and Executive Orders are being issued to emphasize the underlying methodology of the Bill.  One action in particular -- the regulation of organic foods and supplements, is coming to the forefront, awakening many Liberals to the realities of this Bill’s damaging course.
Most Liberals have in the past hoped for health care reform.  In particular, Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy had a dream of decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege.  He campaigned vehemently on a platform to create an America that cares for its own without having income as a barrier to quality of life.  Unfortunately, he died before seeing Obama’s Health Care Bill passed in Congress.  As it is now popularly known, ObamaCare was billed as the fulfillment of Kennedy’s dream but, in reality, even if the great Senator had been alive when it was ratified, he still would not have seen his dream come to fruition. The reality is that ObamaCare stands as an example of what happens when politics and blind ambition mix in a solution of two parts deception and one part ignorance. 

In the flurry of debate on the value of ObamaCare, many opinions and statements were given by both the Right and the Left side of the aisle. The Right stated that the plan is an expansion of big government with too much control, and the long term cost will be crippling to the country’s economy.  The Left has stuck to quoting the statistics of 45,000 people dying prematurely in America each year because they can't afford proper care -- and touting Kennedy’s name to garner the support of their base.  Both sides have fueled the fight with their version of the facts in an attempt to propel the American public to see the “realities” of ObamaCare, but only one was actually telling us the truth.

Republicans relentlessly argued that the plan would saddle the nation with unaffordable levels of debt; leave states with expensive new obligations; weaken Medicare; and give the government a huge new role in the healthcare system. The Left said that affordability and the covering of pre-existing conditions were the important factors involved, and this plan was a step toward achieving care for uninsured Americans. 

As the media circus grew around this legislation, and accusatory fingers pointed toward both sides of the aisle, it seemed that no one had actually read the Bill.  This became clear when Nancy Pelosi, the Leader of the Left, made the statement: "Congress has to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it, away from the fog of controversy." She was advocating the passing of this Economic Giant of a Bill without even taking the time to read it.  This was my first realization that something was very wrong beneath the streets of Obama Land.

Given this obvious attempt to pass this Historic Bill and advocating ignorance as the driving force for its acceptance, I decided to read the Bill to find the answers myself.  The opening sections outline a beautiful system for providing Americans with health care that is not only affordable, but complete in order to achieve the purpose of, “building on what works in today’s health care system, while repairing the aspects that are broken.”  In section (1) of the Bill, it states: "The purpose of this division is to provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending."  This, I believe, is as far as most people decided to read, if they read it at all.  After digesting the complexities of this Bill and after some serious self-reflection and swallowing of my Liberal pride, I came to a disturbing conclusion: The Republicans were right.

The Bill’s foreword (a simplified version of what is supposedly in the Bill) painted a picture of the very hope I had been expecting.  The real purpose to the Bill, however, is quite different than that cryptically outlined in the foreword.  The reality is that this Bill gives the President the freedom to set up Health Care Commissions to oversee the Health and Welfare of the People.  The plan unfolding, generated by overzealous propaganda by the Left and now touted as the greatest health care reform of our time, is well beyond the imagination of even the most twisted, Marxist mind.  The Health Care Reform outlined in the text is a collection of the most controlling, government expanding piece of legislation I have ever read.  

The reality is that H.R. 3590 sets up a system of governmental oversight and control that boggles the mind.  The numbers of panels and departments under the general cloak of this Bill are astounding.  Commissioners, Administrators, Ombudsmen and Committees of all shapes and sizes are enacted to oversee the implementation and continuation of this Act.  This Bill doesn’t just redefine Health Care; it completely redefines the structure of it.   The Bill translates into a system that allows the creation and proliferation of programs like what is outlined in H.R. 875 and the Food Safety Administration.  It is the very thing that I have heard a flurry of frustration about from the Left:  control over organic supplements and foods without their first being checked and labeled by a government agency.  H.R. 875 essentially sets up a system where people will not be subjected to foods or supplements that could pose a threat to their health.  

Similarly, Senate Bill 425: Food Safety and Tracking Improvement Act, performs the same control over our choices of foods.  This particular Bill plans to:  “Amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to provide for the establishment of a traceability system for food, to amend the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspections Act, the Egg Products Inspection Act, and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to provide for improved public health and food safety through enhanced enforcement, and for other purposes."  It is essentially the control and inevitable destruction of free organics in America, courtesy of the Lobbyists for corporations like Monsanto.  The irony is that these same people standing against organics are allowing genetic, antibiotic, and steroidal manipulation of our food without even a second thought.

The recent Bills and Executive Orders being implemented in the after-hours workings of the Obama Regime are all interconnected, purposeful moves to control the “health” of the population.  Our entire food system, and thus our health choices, are being decided without public knowledge in a land called Democratic; our vote has not been counted.  Unbeknownst to most Americans, H.R. 3590 specifically requires a committee to list the priorities for "lifestyle behavior modification" that the government will pursue.  This translates into control of our choices of diet.  Is this what Liberals were thinking of when we all together stood symbolically with Obama to bring Health Care to America?  Is this what we foresaw as the solution to our collective Health Care dilemma?  Control over choices?

According to Karl Marx, a defining characteristic of Capitalism is that it alienates man from himself, from the true nature of work, and from others.  This alienation may be partially moderated by consumption; by accepting the dominant ideas of what is the ‘good life.'  This philosophy is represented in the fabric of the Obama Plan.  Each day, he takes us one more step from freedom of choice toward a controlled environment.  In a 'pure' Marxist society, the State is a democratic system that manages all aspects of production -- essentially making the State the head of all industry.  The sad part of this is that we are allowing it to happen.

I am proud to call myself a Liberal, and I have to say that when the Right first started their campaign against Obama, calling him a Marxist and attempting to defeat every plan of action introduced by him, I was deeply frustrated.  I couldn’t understand the hate and messages that seemed to drip with racism and ignorance.  Today, though, it is a different perspective and a different emotion I am feeling.  Today, I stand deeply hurt and disappointed by the deception of this man.  Obama stood in front of us all with silver tongue and pearly smile promising Change to America.  He has brought change all right, but it is a kind of change that will leave deep scars on the backs of this great nation.  It is the kind of change that has set us in turmoil and split the sides of the aisle with a seemingly irreconcilable divide.  

In the past few years, I have read and researched constantly in an effort to defend our President, trying to argue that he is good for this country.  In the recent months, however, I have realized how very wrong I was to do so.  After many months of sailing aboard the USS Obama, I am clamoring to find the lifeboats.  With my Awakening to the Reality of Obama Care, and so many more of his initiatives of “Change,” I have decided to abandon this ship sailing into the fog of deception and take my chances on the open political ocean with windblown waters in the desperate hope that eventually my little boat will once again find the free, teeming shores of America.

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Saladin said...

It's a shame extreme partisans insist on learning the hard way.

~ j ~ said...

Excellent article. Really a very good read. My question is, will we be able to undo or stop the damage caused not only by ObamaCare, but also related and other legislation passed by this administration? Thankfully, there ARE many people, regardless of the title they give themselves (liberal, conservative, democrat, republican... whatever) waking up to the reality that our government does not listen to "We the People" anymore. But is it too little, too late?

Trooper Thompson said...

Great article. It's important to break out of the false left-right paradigm, and hold to what really matters: liberty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a second look at Ron Paul.

sforrest said...

I am all for Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Tea Party, and this is not meant as some sort of 'dig' at the author.
Take a look, just as you have with the Health Care Reform, at every single 'program' put forth by this Administration, and ask yourself...
"Will this take, or give you Liberty?"

j said...

in truth, the true liberals (as they are called) wanted single payer or medicare for all.....a system much like every other industrialized country in our world, already has.
the true liberals are just as disgusted with the soldout democratic side of politics as they are with the neocon-republicans....both sides are owned and controlled by the monopoly capitalists....ralph nader has been pointing this out for decades.
in truth, how can we ever expect wisdom coming from a people who can't discern the radical differences between Yahshua ha Nazorean (jesus of the new testament) and saul/paul, the founder of christianity....if we take this core error into account, we are then able see directly into the flaw that promotes evil,feeds inequality and private greed.....the Nazoreans (the keepers of the original way) know the controlling nature of religion and politics.
personally, when i hear the amiable platitude "take our country back".....i also hear the native americans deep chants for the restoration of the way the land use to be...before the white man came, with his diseases of christianity......when the land was stewarded by true cultures of sky father and earth mother.
when i look back over this article...i see the author is well meaning, tending towards true honesty and reflective...but americans in general are suffering from so many control factors >>the list goes from the interconnectedness of the FDA and monsanto GMO's,electronic addictions,banking scams,big pharma, etc.<<all at once like Adi Da Samraj reveals in his perfected book "Not Two Is Peace"

Anonymous said...

Hey, "liberal", how 'bout you drop the titles and become a concerned American? Do yourself a favor and go buy this bumper sticker: "Ron Paul was right... about everything."

Why are you just now waking up to the fact that this Health Bill was a Trojan Horse? The info was out there before the bill got passed. Liberal, conservative, whatever your title - you should have been more concerned and got past your brainwashed mindset of the left or right. People were fighting this bill for the right reasons - because it's not good for anybody - long before you "woke up".

I suggest you "wake up" again and drop the silly titles. Quit being left or right. Quit picking a team. Quit relying on the government to fix our problems.

And oh yeah, while you were so apparently enamored with Obama, why haven't you protested the fact that he continues the wars and policies set up my Bush? In fact, he's making them even worse! So if you really want to do yourself a favor. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

Laura Blake said...

Well spoken S.Forrest, my dear friend! If this last annonymous dude pulled his head out off his ass he would be able to see that you make an awsome cup of coffee that smells wonderful!!!

Trooper Thompson said...

Well said Laura. As for J, thanks for coming down from the mountain to walk amongst us mere mortals.

j said... the 2010-2012 american
voters have the intelligence/free energy/attention to vote for a true liberator, a truth teller ?
(like a ron paul,jesse ventura, ralph nader,???...)i say ralph because he has been saying for years (and backing it up with well documented proof) that the democrats and the republicans are 2 sides of the same coin.

are there enough of these wisdom-aware citizens to swing a vote to a radical reformation of our 'once great system' of paine-jefferson-franklin-monroe-washington ?
*relative to this 'once great system',which was only good for the so called "white people"...
as dick gregory has said
"the white folks are always wanting to return to the 1950's,1960's,1970's>when they thought it was good...but for us black folk, it was never good."
1950-1980 is a interesting reference because 1980 was the beginning of our last reformation under the ones who put ronald reagan in as our president...
ronald reagan, the B movie actor....while he was the head of the screen actors guild, he also was the FBI's chief informant,working hand-in-hand with the mccarthyism era of blacklisting...ruining peoples lives in evil accusation and "you'll never to work again" policies.

again, i ask, are there enough intelligent USA citizens bring about this real change ? personally, i hope sure so...
*if you haven't travelled and lived outside the american dream bubble> i softly say, the rest of the world doesn't think so, by a long shot...americans in general are seen as GMO dumbed down--self esteem junkies.



Anonymous said...

This is the problem - you call yourself a Liberal. There is no Liberal - there is no conservative. The parties positions have changed and if you or anyone considers themselves anything other than an individual then you will bring down the country by putting yourself in a camp and checking a box you think is correct for your point of view.

The parties and the words are poison using them is corruptive - categorizing yourself is what has caused the death of a nation.

Anonymous said...

Obama has more than a few screws loose. His obsession with Power and Greed is destroying everything left of this country.
Marx, Hitler and all the deranged would be proud of him.

"Thinking themselves wise, they became as fools."

batonpatriot said...

I say "WELL DONE" for WAKING UP! I know what it takes to confront realities of life, I was one too though also a 'swing voter' .Those who mention this is not a PARTY ISSUE, are correct in all aspects of the right and left paradigm...
We are all Americans, and parties is how the ELITE have kept us divided in one big false pretense for centuries, not to mention the 'racist' name calling and other games they create to separate Americans. United we stand, Divided we fall...and they know this VERY well! We cannot 'buy into' this nonsense any more, so the more that wake up the better chance we have of surviving the socialist/commie regime takeover of Freedom and Sovereignty. We have many issues designed to take it ALL from us, and though the HC bill is enormous with hundreds of new agencies being formed, it is still just the tip of the iceberg. The Federal Corporation and their subsidiaries BIG BANKS, now control the air we breathe, the food we eat and water we drink. THINK ABOUT THAT! So while we fuss and fidget over money, our very lifestyles and Health are compromised to the fullest extent beyond anyone's wildest nightmares. RESEARCH this too...find out WHO the geneticists are ei; Bill Gates, and what they have in store for the planet. Find out WHAT the military is doing to our skies and ASK QUESTIONS. Find out what is in our 'GMO' FOODS...AND WATER (like Flouride that Hitler used to kill people). There is so much more I can say, but this is enough for now.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, you've achieved something very rare for a statist. i hope you don't stop. there's more learning and reading for you. read and learn from the greatest minds the love of liberty and truth: aristotle and plato (socrates), and kant to start; the brilliant madison, franklin & jefferson and don't forget the anti-federalists like robert yates (brutus) and patrick henry; the great conservatives like locke and burke. and great economists like smith, hayek and von mises, and friedman and the chicago school. then you will begin to understand how things work.

Anonymous said...

This was supremely refreshing. I say this not only because I agree with what you have written, but also because it takes a lot of intellectual integrity to alter one's political views.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "buck up" man! It's only been 21 months of Obama's administration! There's much more to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it takes a lot of intellectual integrity to alter your political views, especially after we've been divided for so long as a nation. The truth will always bear that out IF you accept the truth for for what it is, and don't deny what's plainly in front of you. Honesty with yourself is always the hardest thing to do. But there is good news. Take heart Mr. Forrest, for the free teeming shores of America are just over the horizon, and I don't mean the coming elections. The true power of America (We The People) are waking up after a VERY LONG sleep. The work ahead of us is daunting, and will be harder than any of us may have ever imagined as we go about to task of setting things straight. Back on the course the Founding Fathers set, with The Constitution as our compass for personal freedom. The day may come when America fails, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.

Joe said...


The State legislatures are the final check against unconstitutional usurpations of power by the Federal government. Years of government schooling have brainwashed us into thinking the courts decide what is or isn’t constitutional. The State legislatures simply need to vote that the Act is unconstitutional and therefore is null and void and without force. Any single State can do this and the federal law cannot apply in that State. If the federal government files a lawsuit the State legislature then replies that they have nullified the unconstitutional Act and a court ruling is simply not needed. They then don’t waste time and money showing up in court.

I am not talking about a theory: this is in fact how it is to work. Thomas Jefferson called this action to be taken by a State legislature “nullification” and referred to it as the “rightful remedy” against tyranny. It also is the only lawful remedy to preserve a constitutional republic, to preserve liberty, to preserve the union, to prevent tyranny and the associated bloodshed that comes with it. The State legislatures created the compact we call the constitution from which was created the central government. It is then their right and in fact their duty to control their creation and form a shield between the people of their State and usurpations of power by the general government.

The Constitution is simply a document created by the States to enumerate and limit the power of the central government while reserving to themselves all other powers and while retaining their sovereignty and independence as a State. It is therefore their duty and no one else’s other than the people themselves working through their State legislatures to enforce those limitations of the central government’s power.

Because the States have not done this since the mid 19 century we have now a central government that has gone far beyond its delegated powers, has thrown off any restraint, and has and will continue to grow in to a totalitarian government that regards no limitations on its power or ability to oppress the people.

Once the government controls the food, the people will starve or die of illness. The State legislatures must act and starting with the healthcare Act to nullify all unconstitutional Acts of which there are thousands.

For more on this subject, read “Nullification” by Thomas Woods, and research other source documents such as the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 1898. Another place to check would be

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why we need to do a few things:

1) Tell all of our friends to vote for the candidate most likely to win their local or national election on Tuesday November 2nd who will most likely and most often oppose this U.S. President and prevent him from advancing any more of his agenda. Mr. Obama's vision for America is bad for the citizens of America.

2) Run for an office. Take a position in the PTA, or the Home Owner's Association. Set up a neighborhood watch in your local community. Go to church, or reconnect with the spirituality that works for you, and focus, pray, or meditate on "becoming the change we want to see".

3) Insist to the newspapers, and television stations through letters to the editor, or in the online comments section like this below an article, ADD YOUR OPINION. Try to remain as civil as possible. I'm not bad because I'm white, Mr. Obama is not bad because he is half black and half white. Maxine Waters is not bad because she is black. Sara Palin is not bad because she is white. Hillary Clinton is not bad because she is a woman. Mike Huckabee is not bad because he is a Christian. Etc.
Let's begin to focus on the words (or paraphrase of Dr. Martin Luther King, and judge a person on the content of their character and political policies, not the color of their skin. The border needs sealed immediately for identification and protection issues. I want our Northern boarder sealed with a physical wall too!
4) Participate in governmental matters if you wish to see America improve.

Anonymous said...

Obama is just a slick salesman for the powers of darkness (no pun intended). His second signing in ceremony was pure masonic lodge. The Illuminists are still in charge and until you recognise this fact you are still asleep.

In fact is he is using the FDR playbook as a kind of cabbalistic repeat of the revolution that first turned America into a socialist state in the 1930's. The transformation is almost complete and the many structures that have been erected by the "United States" the alien entity that occupies America, will soon be unveiled as to their true purpose, just as you found to be the case with H.R. 3590.

dale said...

I was forewarned when the author mentioned "twisted Marxist" but then I just had to stop when I encountered this totally ignorant statement:

" In a 'pure' Marxist society, the State is a democratic system that manages all aspects of production -- essentially making the State the head of all industry. "

The author was about to say Obamacare is such a Marxist vision.

But wait: Marx's vision was of the elimination of the state and the ownership of production not in the state but in the hands of the workers themselves. The state, for Marx,was the tool of oppression of the ruling classes over the working classes, and only when this class warfare was ended through revolution would the state disappear and a worker's commonwealth, decentralized and democratic, emerge.

This vision is the opposite of the Stalinist state capitalism the author portrays as "pure" Marxism. Pure Marxism is a classless, stateless society of self-governing workers associations
and enterprises. Statism is the opposite of genuine Marxism.

Lenin and then Stalin transposed this vision, which saw taking over the state only in order to dissolve it into a concept of state ownership of all capital (state capitalism). Stage 3, the dissolution of the state, did not happen. The state, under Stalin, became all-powerful.

That is history but it is not Marx's theory or vision. And so invoking a false concept of Marxism (that would be "twisted Marxism") to condemn "Obamacare" is a false step which has led me to abandon this line of reasoning.

I do not like Obamacare, but not because it is "pure Marxism" (that is not analysis but rather demonization, a vicious logical fallacy, a form of propaganda) but because it creates 40 million new clients for the private insurance industry but does not contain a public option to create true competition. The best system, based on the evidence of all modern nations, in terms of cost and results and coverage, is the single payer system, with government payment but private doctors and hospitals.

Obamacare is not only not Marxism, it is indeed a gift to the healthcare insurance industry, a gift to the wealthy corporations. Nothing could be further either from real socialized medicine (as in the UK) or the Marxist vision of self-governing workers in a stateless society.

The author claims he is a liberal but his real approach is to demonize what he calls "the Left", confuse this vast abstraction with statism, and defend the Republican plan to do nothing, leaving 40 million without healthcare except in dire emergency. In fact, the truth was exposed the day after Obamacare passed: the healthcare stocks rose. It was a victory for the continued domination, not of the state, but of the private industry which profits from human sickness.

dale said...

When the corporations control elections, government, policy, and law, that is not socialism: that is fascism.

Mussolini...The Doctrine of Fascism (1932):

"Fascism is the merging of the interests of the corporations and the State."

He also used the term corporatocracy, the rule of the corporations. He dissolved the democratic Italian Parliament and replaced it with the Charter of Fascist Corporations.

Fascism is not socialism because it embraces the class structure of society (which socialism seeks to dissolve) and the power of the corporations (which socialism seeks to dissolve). Fascism also glorifies war and uses pre-emptive war as a means of justifying military aggression. This aligns fascism with rightwing ultranationalism (socialism tends to be internationalist) and requires the existence of a perpetual enemy and thus perpetual war, which is achieved by demonizing a chosen other: immigrants, Jews, Muslims, "terrorists" (Nelson Mandela was labled a terrorist, as are those who fight to defeat foreign invaders, as in Afghanistan, Libya, or Iraq).

Socialism is pro-equality; fascism embraces inequality (of classes and races).
Socialism is pro-union; fascism crushes unions.
Socialism espouses multiculturalism and diversity; fascism advances racial and class

America is not going socialist but rather fascist. Big Industry has created Big Government to bail them out, to fight their wars for global economic hegemony, and to socialize the masses of disabled and unemployed left behind by global capitalism, as well as to pay for the cost of environmental and health damage the industrial system creates, as well as the cost of the resource wars which sustain capitalist growth.

The danger is not socialism (social democracy in Europe or Canada has not led to serfdom)but fascism, the integration of corporate interests and power with the power of the State. When wealth controls government, we have not socialism but fascism. And it is a fact that more than ever money dominates our political process from elections to legislation to special favors ,loopholes, and subsidies, to war.

This is not sociaism but the perversion of democracy and the realization of the early dreams of a fascist marriage of big business and the state. It's happened. It is socialism but only for the rich and powerful. For the rest of us, it is fascism, the end of democracy and the stripping of basic rights, from habeus corpus to the right to collective bargaining.

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