Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leading environmental campaigners flip-flop to support nuclear power and GM foods

Editor's Note: This propaganda alert claims the environmental movement has been wrong for decades in opposing GMO foods and nuclear power.  It's a clear indication that the real environmental movement has been hijacked by the crowd that promotes CO2 as more dangerous than depleted uranium, or genetically-mutated pesticide-ready crops.  It's convenient for the establishment to force the world's population to choose between the lesser of their two evils, both of which thoroughly enrich them and continue to poison the planet.

Leading environmental campaigners have performed a u-turn on two key technologies they have opposed for decades by openly calling for greater use of nuclear power and genetically modified crops to help the world tackle climate change.

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Richard Gray

For years they campaigned against nuclear power and genetically-modified food. But now some leading environmental campaigners have performed a U-turn and said that they got it wrong.

The activists now say that by opposing nuclear power they encouraged the use of polluting coal-fired power stations, while by protesting against GM crops they prevented developing countries from benefiting from a technology that could have helped feed the hungry.

Mark Lynas, a campaigner who has been a member of action groups on GM foods and climate change, said the environmental lobby was losing the battle for public opinion on climate change because it had made too many apocalyptic prophecies and exaggerated claims.

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Anonymous said...

Typical Double think strategy !

Anonymous said...

And- when did you last hear them mention CHEM-TRAILS?It is about time WE send out bills for our breathing (and farting) without which there could be no trees,plants vegetables and friuts.

Anonymous said...

The protesters have their heads up their asses if they think protesting against GM foods has anything to do with world hunger. It's the governments themselves that are starving their own people. If the 1% at the top weren't so damn greedy, there would be no such thing as a hunger problem.

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