Monday, October 11, 2010

Is Iran Playing Geopolitical Chess with 9-11, and Winning?

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Let's set up the geopolitical chess board for a moment.  Iran is a rogue nation according to the Western world.  Which basically means that they sit on a sea of oil and don't comply with the demands of the Western-based multinational oil firms.  Iran has also made strong alliances with America's oil-thirsty quasi-enemies China and Russia, while finding a partner-in-rogue in Venezuela.

To further aggravate the West's agenda for global dominance, Iran's banking system is not compliant with the private international banking cartel, therefore they can't be enslaved by debt -- the preferred method of ensuring nonviolent compliance.  However, the West has recently captured a banking pawn by blacklisting the Iran-owned German-based EHI Bank under the authority of economic sanctions and accusations of benefiting from "weapons proliferation."

Oh, and you may have also heard that Iran has achieved nuclear power against the will of the West -- which seems to be the only storyline we're allowed to discuss in the mainstream media -- when will they have a nuclear weapon and how, when, and what is Israel and the West going to do to stop them?

Saturday's Associated Press release summarized the current situation which is unfolding more like a spicy espionage novel everyday with embedded spies, highly developed computer viruses, and CIA kidnapped defectors refusing to be spies and much more diabolical intrigue:
In recent weeks, Iran has announced the arrest of several nuclear spies and battled a computer worm that it says is part of a covert Western plot to derail its nuclear program. And in July, a nuclear scientist who Iran says was kidnapped by U.S. agents returned home in mysterious circumstances, with the U.S. saying he was a willing defector who was offered $5 million by the CIA but then changed his mind.
The United States and its allies have vigorously sought to slow Iran's nuclear advances through U.N. and other sanctions out of suspicion that Tehran intends to use a civil program as cover for developing weapons. Iran denies any such aim and says it only wants to generate nuclear power.
Although Iran has always maintained that its nuclear program is for civilian energy purposes, it seems that if you're a country who possesses natural resources like oil and wish to remain a sovereign nation, you must at least give the appearance of being capable of defending against outside threats -- much like Saddam's apparent illusiveness but actual impotence regarding Iraq's WMD.  Ultimately, the West wanted Saddam's resources, so they just took them by force.  And now, the West's oil companies are being "awarded" with rich drilling contracts. In other words, checkmate.

The AP article also made breaking news that Iran has agreed to nuclear talks with the U.S. and other U.N security council countries:
Tehran said Saturday that it was ready to hold nuclear talks with the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council – the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China – as well as Germany in late October or early November. Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the precise date was being discussed by the sides.
Why is Iran now willing to have open discussions with the U.S. and the security council?  Could it be that Iran finally feels like they have their foe's king in check?  It seems the move that puts them in this new found power position was Ahmadinejad using the grand U.N. stage to question the official events of 9-11, thus the pretext to invade Muslim lands.  He laid out the following three scenarios about 9-11 which prompted the U.S. delegation to walk out in protest:
  • That a "powerful and complex terrorist group" penetrated U.S. intelligence and defenses.
  • "That some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order also to save the Zionist regime. The majority of the American people as well as other nations and politicians agree with this view."
  • And, that the attack was the work of "a terrorist group but the American government supported and took advantage of the situation."
It appeared that the establishment media didn't really know how to handle Ahmadinejad's comments.  Of course they did their best to attack and label him as a conspiracy theorist, but they didn't want the story to get too loud.  Since the media blackballs any guests that question 9-11 and violently shouts down anyone who dares bring up the subject, they've been able to essentially ignore and shape the topic as ludicrous. Obama did his part to discredit Ahmadinejad's statements by calling them "hateful" and "offensive." Finally, the establishment media also tried to create the absurd impression that, "If you want further investigation into the biggest terror event ever, you must be with the terrorists and Ahmadinejad."  It seems that they are desperately running out of moves.

In turn, the problem for the establishment's version of events is that the polls show Ahmadinejad to be correct that the majority of the global population now questions 9-11.  One does not have to necessarily believe in any of the competing "conspiracy" theories to be 100% sure the official account is bogus.  That's precisely what gives Iran power.  A power they used again recently when a spokesman for the Iran Foreign Ministry reiterated the claim that more than fifty percent of Westerners were now "suspicious" of the "dubious" nature of the 9-11 event, as reported by Press TV:
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says half of people in Europe and America are suspicious of the September 11 events in the United States.
“Many in the West blame the US government in the occurrence of the September 11 incident,” IRNA reported Mehmanparast as saying at a press conference in the Iranian city of Isfahan on Thursday.
He also made a reference to the recent visit of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to New York for a United Nations General Assembly session on the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and said President Ahmadinejad’s “trip to the UN was a good opportunity to set forth Iran’s public diplomacy, which conveyed Iran’s message to the world.”
The spokesperson further pointed to the “dubious” nature of the 9/11 event and said, “The US government needs to allow for the clarification of ambiguities regarding the incident and to refrain from jumping into hasty conclusions.”
So, the more the establishment media continues to forcefully squash any legitimate questions about the greatest crime in modern history, the more guilty they appear of a cover-up.  Protecting their fictional account that was used to justify endless preemptive wars, torture, and the illegal surveillance of American citizens is becoming an impossible defense tactic. And Iran, armed with the truth that the official story is clearly untrue, now seems to have a stronger board position.  It will be interesting to watch if the West makes any concessions in the coming nuclear talks, and if Iran quits stoking the 9-11 truth debate -- "we'll keep quiet about 9-11 if you loosen some of the draconian sanctions on our country."

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Anonymous said...

9-11 will never be properly investigated by the current US regime because it would probably speed-up its own collapse. That something was "up" in the summer of 2001 was known by numerous intelligence agencies around the world. This is obvious and verifiable. An investigation would reveal ISI, Mossad & Saudi planning & manipulation, as well as purposeful security "adjustments" & stand-down by certain domestic US power-brokers.

Anonymous said...

By the time the economic collapse hits rock bottom and when the dust finally settles, the mass murderers of 9/11 will be hard to find. The Bush family is the largest land owner in Paraguay. Certainly with China being set up as the new headquarters for the world's financial engine, many of the culprits will be operating from there. Americans will be quite busy trying to build up our nation from a devastating blow.

BiBiJon said...

Essentially agree.

Ahmadinejad's 9/11 remarks are likely calculated to benefit Iran's security interests despite the vilification his General Assembly speech is guaranteed to receive in establishment media. Talking about a viewpoint which has currency even among a non-trivial segment of Americans, is a 3rd-world-crowd-pleasing, boldfaced insult to US government's legitimacy which Ahmadinejad probably hopes increases the costs for US government's continued demonization of his government.

Islamophobes' cause célèbre is unquestionably the 9/11 tragedy. Having given up on education as a short-term remedy, Ahmadinejad is answering the likes of Tony Blair who knit Iran, "9/11 changed everything", Iraq fiasco, and al-Qaeda into a seamless call for a war of aggression. He is directly confronting the emotional hot button that Tony Blair and others manipulate to whip up American rage against Muslims, hoping to avert the bombing of Iran until at least his next UN speech.

Anonymous said...

Israel wants to see the US economic collapse and with it the US$ so that the last phase of Dajjal begins, where Israel dominates leading to him exposing himself(Dajjal the Anti-christ). The weather control, food control, political thought control (capitalism), disease spreading mechanisms are slowly put in place to be used by Dajjal to spread his deception, and many will be deceived and will start following him but he would lead them all to doom...that would be the last stage and he and his followers would see their own doom....and this is going to happen very soon, watch the level of the lake of Galielie, as it dries out!!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding comments and one hell of a piece as well. This chessboard as I liken geopolical strategy is in my opinion favoring Iran. First, Ahmadinejad NEVER said he wanted to "wipe Israel off the map", CNN (CIA NEWS) and FOX (MOX NEWS)said he said it. He denied it flat out, here's a guy with a BIG mouth, on 9/11 on the Zionist lobby and control, if he said it, why would he deny it? This is about a nation that is not constrained by fiat currency, as well as being extremely oil rich. Sounds to me like Ahmadinejad is the good guy and I will NEVER support an attack against Iran.

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