Friday, October 1, 2010

Will the Dollar Rebound Before Being Dissolved Into Global Currency?

Eric Blair

Every time the dollar begins to decline, I wonder, "Is this it, is this the end to the fiat dollar?"  The fundamentals suggest that it should be finished, but just as the world is about to declare it dead, miraculously a global storyline seems to emerge just when needed and foreign investors rush back in for "safety."  A clear example was the steady drumbeat of a sovereign-foreign-debt war that resulted in reports of whether the Euro would even survive, while the dollar enjoyed a triumphant ride up victory mountain.

Since the "world" declared the Euro debt crisis saved, the focus has shifted to exposing America's deficit problems, which has led to the dollar collapsing to its 5-month low against the Euro. There seems to be a growing realization by foreign countries that a volatile dollar as the world's reserve currency is unhealthy for their nations and the global economy as a whole -- especially as it pertains to vital commodities like oil and food.  This increased awareness is causing foreign governments to invest more in other currencies, gold, and even vast stretches of agricultural land -- while beginning to advocate for a more stable global reserve currency.

Some are defining this volatility as all out "international currency wars." The Telegraph reported on Brazil's fears of a currency war:
Brazil's finance minister Guido Mantega has complained repeatedly over the past month that his country is facing a 'currency war' as funds flood the local bond market to take advantage of yields of 11pc, vastly higher than anything on offer in the West.
'We're in the midst of an international currency war. This threatens us because it takes away our competitiveness. Advanced countries are seeking to devalue their currencies,' he said, pointing the finger at America, Europe and Japan. He is mulling moves to tax short-term debt investments.
There seems to be little hope for the dollar rebounding as the Fed's quantitative easing not only continues, but must increase dramatically to make up ground from lost investors and higher deficits. Can anything reverse the trend and boost the dollar once again? Perhaps the powers-that-be don't want the dollar to re-strengthen, as indicated by Stephen Lewis from Monument Securities in the Telegraph article, where he said: "The Fed is playing a risky game toying with more QE. There are already signs of investor flight into commodities. The danger is a repeat of the spike in 2008, which was a contributory cause of the Great Recession. Further QE at this point may prove self-defeating."

If history is any indicator, the only thing that may temporarily strengthen the dollar is another manufactured disaster, or global uncertainty, which may entice investors back to U.S. Treasury bonds because they're still widely considered the "safe haven" investment during a crisis. The U.S. is still viewed as the world super power and most innovative economy despite its current economic woes and insurmountable debts. Therefore, during times of international crisis or collective doubt, the big institution investors tend to flock to the dollar, apparently under the assumption that America is best equipped to weather global storms.

Recent news that Ireland's sovereign debt needs a $40 billion bailout, along with the renewed austerity protests around Europe, or perhaps a major gold scandal may begin to reverse the dollar's decline once again.  However, the severely debased dollar is unlikely to rebound to previous highs given the international awareness of America's financial problems.  Understanding that the goal of the global elite is to move toward a global currency, ultimately they must kill the dollar and other major currencies.

When the world has suffered enough pain from maintaining the volatile dollar as the reserve currency, they will demand, if not beg, for something more stable.  The IMF is pushing to implement the Bancor, which has been introduced as the currency name for the basket of currencies called Special Drawing Rights (SDR).  In America, when the dollar reaches near worthless levels, the desperate public will likely grasp at any solution.  Much like during Katrina when the newly homeless were given ATM cards by the government, we may see the IMF roll out Bancor ATM cards. This will accomplish two goals of the agenda at once:  a global currency that is cashless. But maybe not before one more good crisis.

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jbpeebles said...

The dollar won't get rolled in with currencies outside the Western Hemisphere. The Amero is destined to be created with the next big dollar devaluation. (Called crisis or disaster capitalism, this system of cronyism is already in place.)

The Amero will be introduced as a way to stabilize a money-based crisis, such as the resolution of a sovereign debt devaluation.

Evidence of a move to the Amero has been out a while. It would be a Canadian Dollar/US dollar/Peso mix. New debt would be issued in Ameros by all three governments.

Now Canada does have a large natural resource base which could solidify the Amero's standing. Essentially this means it has the power to tax extractive enterprises.

Meanwhile the US has comparatively less to offer due to its balance of trade and huge liabilities. Mexico I presume would offer its people.

I wouldn't say the dollar will be worthless. it'll just be worth less. But this could encourage the move to the Amero--if Americans lose faith in the purchasing power of the dollar.

Another heads up: I don't know if we can predict these events. There's been end times talk for centuries. It's better to prepare. Start now. Have enough water, food, firewood, and silver (maybe 100 ounces.) I'd recommend the 90% Kennedy or Franklin Half-Dollar. Or you could convert some cash into gold: more portable but subject to forfeiture...

Also, you need to know people to barter, an alternate to money. Connections will be key. No Mad Maxs or Elis can survive. Sooner you're prepared, the less you have to worry.

Remember also that crisis won't last forever. There'll be better times, so maintaining morale is vital, like any survival situation.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that canadian prime minister stephen harper has already rejected the proposal of Amero during g w bush era. its history..forget it.

Activist said...

I don't think there will be an Amero before a global currency. I'm not sure there's time. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems the Bancor is the direction the elite are taking us in.

Thanks for taking the time comment!

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Anonymous said...

I have studied this financial problem for years...
Is there such a threat to the future survival of
the USA without the Federal (not) Reserve (not),
that the Federal Reserve would threaten the very
survival of the USA, without it's control over
America? I believe that is very possible. Fear.
We are destroying ourselves, from inside.

What an evil people we have, running this Country.

Bill Reichard
Patriot American
Vietnam Veteran

Anonymous said...

Im sure a global currency controlled by the UN is better than what the criminal amerikkkans can offer.

Anonymous said...

We already have two global currencies, silver and gold. Let me suggest the denomination be the gram. This is market originated money, the best kind and also specified in the original U.S. Constitution.

Activist said...

It's not the UN that's offering global currency, it's the privately-owned IMF. Any private institution that controls currency will create enslavement by debt, and ultimately own everything.

Create or join barter system co-ops!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


Anonymous said...

It's really funny that any country with crappy currency could say, ok we will invent a new currency, america is finished and you have another thing coming if for your benefits you introduced a new currency, nobody will accept. The american government is chalked FULL of criminal terrorists, this is truth!!
america already lost this battle before it started!!

Anonymous said...

I like "Activist's" point about how the global currency cries are loudest from the IMF. The IMF is largely a puppet of elite U.S. interests.

It's interesting to see how well conspiricy theory surrounding the U.S. Federal Reserve, central banks, and global government stack up to true life events.

Activist said...

The Elite know that their agenda is in a race against time with the growing awareness. The private nature of global central banking -- especially the Fed -- if the ultimate key. Having the power to print and control currency for private gain is a crime against humanity of immeasurable proportions.


Anonymous said...

As an American, I apologize to the world that we have not yet stood up to the leaders of our country, and taken back control. Please remember that many of us despise them, and we're ashamed of the decisions and their actions. I hope the citizens will one day fight back with arms and demollish the criminals. So please don't pass judgment on us all. We're not all idiots, and we are embarrassed by our govt, and how we've been ill-represented.

I thought the dollar was for sure going to collapse in November this year. I thought that since spring. Just so tired of it all, and want it to play out already. Sick of preparing, I guess. And tired of the media lies and half-truths they feed us every damned day.

Bless us all, and may we all embrace the basics with ease.
-female 30

Anonymous said...

I think its best to move to Asia. RMB now is under-values, and there's no reason for China to re-value it. You guys better start to learn chinese and its major dialects!

windcatcher said...

World Banksters: 21st. Century-Age of Tyranny or Enlightenment?

Our founding Fathers were wise men, they were self taught in the classics of Knowledge and Integrity. Our Constitution is a masterpiece of checks and balances to keep corruption out of government and establishes the Rule of Law (worthless without Integrity). -- All corrupted by World Banksters and Big Oil.

The separation of power between our three branches of government, Congress and the executive was brilliant (worthless without Integrity).—All corrupted by World Banksters and Big Oil.

2010 is a very fast pace year, beginning on January 9th , the corrupt and Treasonous, Supreme Court ruled that Multinational Corporations are now Citizens and have the same rights as Citizens.
“Government for and by the people” has now become “Government for and by the Multinational Corporations”. A Oligarchy of New World Order Treason granted by the top Judiciary against our American Constitution which embodies our American Independence, Freedom and Democracy.

Will the lower Judiciary in the state and federal courts bring the Traitors and War criminals to Justice or will Americans be thrown into Tyranny and the Second American Revolution? If the later, the robed ones will have failed us by not moving forward in time with corruption and Treason charges and the prosecution of the conspirators; to save and apply the Rule of Law.

You are Guilty, your Honor!
This month, October 2010, the Treasonous Federal Reserve, (privately owned by the World Banksters) has declared war on the American dollar by printing more tax dollars and American debt in “Quantitative Easing” to drive down the value of the dollar.

This is the final economic “coup de grace” not only for Americans but for nations in the world that have their currency tied to the American dollar. The World Banksters want to destroy the American dollar as the world trading benchmark currency and replace it with a Totalitarian New World Order currency.

They win! America is bankrupt and its Citizens are enslaved to the World Banksters by debt! Just like Greece, France, Spain, Iceland, Britain and many more countries that are falling under their Fascist reign.

They are not American!

They are New World Order Traitors to the United States of America!

Hyperinflation will crush small business and steal all of our American savings and retirement and then indenture us, and our children just to pay the interest (forever) on the World Banksters created National debt.

The Federal Reserve and the World Bankster Totalitarian New World Order will have effectively destroyed Social Security with hyperinflation when the monthly disbursement to Senior Citizens will equal a basket of food for the month.

Is there no Will or Integrity left in the Department of Justice, State Judiciaries or the FBI to bring the conspiratory War Criminals, Mortgage Fraud Criminals and Totalitarian New World Order Traitors in the Bush/Obama administrations to Justice and the Rule of Law?

Will the 21st. Century be the age of Enlightenment or the age of Tyranny?

If it is the age of Enlightenment we first must bring the Traitors to Justice and begin rebuilding the American economy as a Free Nation with new inventions and industries. We can accomplish that simply by Nationalizing the Federal Reserve and printing our own National Dollar and by bringing the criminal World Banksters to Justice and making them repay every dime they stole from the Taxpayer by Fraud. We owe nothing!
By giving science grants to inventors and liberation of the technology held from use by the government; American industry and business will grow an economy that is more advanced than the use of fossil fuels in technology.
If it is the age of Tyranny and World Totalitarianism, we must fight to survive. Fellow Americans, focus on the Traitors who brought US of A down and our heritage. We all know who the Traitors are, we need to bring them to Justice, one way or the other.

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