Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What it Will Take to Restore America: Identify the Enemy

Jacques Ex Deos Libertas

Never in the history of our nation have we faced so great a danger to our liberties, to our way of life, to our Republic. We now face a fifth column, an enemy so evil and so desperate, that no lie, no form of trickery, no deception is too great for them; to them the ends justify the means. Many conservatives have labeled these enemies of the Republic as communists.  Although one of their own did invent the concept of communism, they are not communists. Many conservatives have labeled these traitors to America as socialists; this too is a fallacy, and though these people utilize socialism as a weapon as they have with communism, they are not really socialists either. Socialism was invented by them, promoted by them, and tweaked to its current form by them; but it too is only a means to an end.

There is no doubt that the enemy I am referring to is totalitarian in the extreme. They are the quintessential enemies of the Republic, of the Constitution, of liberty and freedom as defined in the Constitution of these United States of America. In fact, these people are the enemies of all of mankind. Their aim is to destroy liberty, to destroy freedom, to destroy this Republic and the principles of its Bill of Rights and the Constitution that guards our liberty and freedoms. These people are the most tyrannical, the most evil humans that have ever set foot on this planet to date. 

Who then am I referring too? What is their political identity? What are their goals and their ambitions? I am referring to the GLOBALISTS, a breed of human animal so vicious, so evil, so tyrannical they make Adolf Hitler look like a school boy. As a matter of fact, they funded, supported, aided and abetted Hitler's rise to power, just as they did with Mao, Pol Pot, the Russian Bolsheviks, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jung Il, Yasser Arafat, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Shah of Iran Reza Palavi, and a host of other tin horn dictators all over Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. They are in fact fascists, but a very different form of fascism than we have been taught to recognize.

Who then are these villans? They are the Global Elite, the stockholders of the largest international banks in the world, and the largest corporations in the world. They are also the stockholders and board members of the Federal Reserve Board, and the Federal Reserve Bank. They are both the well known and those not so well known: the Rothschilds family, the Rockefellers (specifically David Rockefeller), The Royal Family of England, The Royal Family of Spain, The Royal Family of The Netherlands, most of the surviving Royals of Europe are in this Cabal of Evil. Also the oldest Banking Families of Europe, America, and Asia. 

The Groups that do the bidding of these Global Elites are the Committee of 300, The Club of Rome, The Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Rockefeller Foundation, The United Nations, as well as other groups both political and social. The world leaders, businessmen, intelligentsia, government organizations and their bureaucrats are their lackeys. The unions are their lackeys, The Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 corporations are their lackeys. The mainline universities and most of the mainline think-tanks are their lackeys.  Examples would be the Rand Corporation, The CIA, and most every International Intelligence Agency, in America, Europe, and the West, to include Israel.

If we are to restore America to a place of individual rights, civil liberties, and the freedom to pursue our happiness, the identities of the criminal cabal must continue to be revealed.  We should continue to a shine the light of truth into their shadowy corners.

Sources for this article: - a listing of the committee of 300  list of the committee of 300 past and present. And the organizations directly under their influence.

What is their agenda?
Plain and simple - World Domination in every arena of human existence.

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Dan said...

People need to become more familiar with the academic subject of GAME THEORY. Mathematicians like John Nash (the subject of the book and film entitled 'A Beautiful Mind') have worked for RAND Corporation under Andrew W. Marshall to develop techniques in mass psychology to manipulate human beings like electrons in an electronic circuit (see the RAND Corporation / U.S. government document known as 'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars'). They have used postmodern scientific techniques to improve upon the ancient and classical methods of political control written about by philosophers from Plato to Machiavelli. Our parents, grandparents and beyond have all been manipulated like rats in a maze with controlled choices and motivations set before them throughout their entire lives. This is one powerful weapon in the arsenal in the multi-generational semi-clandestine war on humanity waged by these people.

By the way Karl Marx was a Rothschild agent and even a family member via Nathan M. Rothschild's wife, Hannah Barent-Cohen.

Dr. G. William Walster, Ph. D. said...

A great documentary to watch on this subject is "The Obama Deception". It is more about globalists than Obama.

Anonymous said...

How does one go about arresting the members of these groups when they control the courts? We know the players; how do we take them down without the death of say 5 billion? PHUCKERS! Give us answers!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, arresting these people is not the answer. The only real solution is to eliminate them, their families and associates completely. It's the only way to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Forget the court system; as one of their own (MAO) said "power and/or peace come from the barrel of a gun". Off with their heads!!, publish their names and let the anarchists do the dirty work of hunting them down on their estates and offing them. Want world peace then lets eat the rich.

Isu said...

Before we go all "Hotel California" just remember that We the People have always been more powerful than the Beast, but we willingly give up that power to try to appease a monster that can't be sated. All we really ever need to do is take back power. The Beast is helpless without the willing complicity of We the People to bow before its throne. The only thing the Beast fears, is that the People will rise as a great wave and take back control of their lives. That is why they must constantly reinforce the idea of royalty and special birthrights--the stuff of tabloids and Disney movies (think Lion King, Beauty & the Beast). These things mold our minds to accept the concept that Pharoah is vital to our survival and without Pharoah, we would all surely perish as the sun would cease to shine. We are our own worst enemy, not the Beast. Without changing the way we see ourselves as individuals and our source of rights, kill one beast two will replace it.

Anonymous said...

You called it dead on target; everyone else: PAY ATTENTION
The pen is NOT mightier than the sword.
The man with the sword wrote that lie.
Where the fug were all you so called truthers for the last 400 years as your red/brown/yellow brothers got 86'd, enslaved, humilated etc...
,,now that you are on the receiving end it ain't too much fun now is it?

"we the people" is complete horseshit.
Try: "this is how I live my life."
It is the only thing that works.
"this" to be defined by you and only you, and only for YOU.
fug "we the people"
ain't no such animal unless it was for breakfast.

Wes said...

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid:

These parasites can not be defeated, they are predators, they hide in plain sight and strike when your back is turned.

They can not be defeated, but they can be controlled, by the vote.

But you must be informed, research, read, study, discuss your information with your peers.

And then VOTE with your BRAIN not with your BIAS

Anonymous said...

Read the book "VOTE SCAM" and you will realize they can make the required number turn out to be anything they would like it to be!

Anonymous said...

"silent weapons for quiet wars"
Although this is an amazing piece of writing, it is not a government document found in a printer (Behold a pale horse is full of sloppy facts)The Author is mathematician, and economist Hartford Van Dyke, and he's probably still in federal prison for creating a gold backed currency, and putting it up against the federal standard. Just sayin.

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