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Is The Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens?

Roswell UFO Museum
Nicholas West

UFOs and extraterrestrials have long been treated as the ultimate conspiracy theory by the establishment.  Therefore, the growing chatter of mainstream news stories about UFOs and aliens seems very peculiar. Why the attention all of a sudden?  Is the establishment conditioning us for the arrival of extraterrestrials?  Could they have an agenda for doing so?

Recent reporting of genuine events such as the multiple UFOs that forced the closing of separate airports in China; stories covering the release of new UFO books written by credible ex-military; UFOs tampering with nuclear devices; the discovery of a "habitable" planet near Earth; a bizarre story about the Pope's astronomer saying he would gladly baptize an alien if asked; and the pending appointment of a U.N. space ambassador are bringing some legitimacy to the conspiracy.

Quick story: when I was a 21-year-old carefree hippie, a friend and I jumped in my Volkswagen Westfalia camper and headed west for a mountain-biking road trip.  One of our destinations was Roswell, New Mexico to see what remained of the UFO hype from the famed encounter in the late '40s.  We had a guidebook which mentioned a UFO museum that we were getting more excited to see by the mile marker.

We arrived in the seedy little town of Roswell in the morning, passing many buildings with alien and UFO likenesses painted on them. We found the museum without too much trouble and stretched our legs to the entrance.  After I had paid my admission and walked in, I suddenly realized that there weren't going to be any artifacts there.  I felt sort of like a fool for being excited in the first place.  Instead, there were grainy photos blown up of famous UFO images and a recreation of the "alien autopsy" using mannequins.  Needless to say, we left the museum disappointed -- mostly at ourselves.

We sought hard evidence to confirm our suspicions about the existence of intelligent alien life . . . and found none. In the book Probability 1, mathematician Amir Aczel used all known data, such as similar stars to the sun, and similar planets, to calculate the probability of intelligent life outside our solar system.  As the book title says, it is mathematically certain that we are not alone. However, this was just another theory, which is similar to government documents or photos about UFOs, in my view -- neither one has the credibility of an artifact that would prove alien life beyond the shadow of a doubt.

I imagine that most rational people have considered the possibility of life beyond Earth, but are still waiting for concrete evidence before committing to that reality.  An apparently undeniable event must occur for the masses to fully "believe" the new nature of reality.  Should extraterrestrials actually exist, there is certainly enough motivation by the controllers to keep them under wraps, as their existence dramatically threatens their earthly power structure -- especially the integrity of powerful religious institutions -- unless of course they co-opt the event for their own gain.

The skeptic in me found one curious sign that this imminent arrival might indeed be orchestrated from this world:  these "visitors" are apparently concerned primarily with CO2 levels.  No matter which side you are on in the climate debate, I have to think that entities making such a long journey, and which presumably possess a higher intelligence, might look first at freeing Humanity of the global tyranny and war-like tendencies it lives under (and the tendency for our leaders to spread both), rather than arrive with the very mundane plan to address a political issue of non-galactic consequence.  But that is exactly what a new book by a retired NORAD officer predicts for the grand arrival on October 13th of this year according to Yahoo News:
Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a 'critical mass.' 
A newly-published 352-page book (Challenges of Change) by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities.   According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.
This press release would have been absolutely laughed off by anything resembling mainstream media just a short time ago.  

Bill Cooper's 1991 book, Behold A Pale Horse, describes a different agenda:  the Elite's plans to fake an alien invasion in order to unite humanity under a one world government against a common enemy.  But he explains that the timing hasn't been right because:
A major finding of the alien study was that the public could not be told. It was believed that this would most certainly lead to economic collapse, collapse of the religious structure, and national panic, which could lead to anarchy. Secrecy thus continued. An offshoot of this finding was that if the public could not be told, Congress could not be told.
Cooper even issued an attempt at a life-saving disclaimer to this revelation:  “If they kill me, you’ll know everything I said was true."  Bill Cooper was murdered by a "SWAT raid" shortly after 9-11.
NASA's declassified Project Blue Beam proves that the Elite maintain highly developed plans to fabricate an alien invasion event for the end game of global control.  "In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale." (Source)  Advanced holographic technology now makes such a "movie" entirely plausible.  In fact, it already has been researched by the U.S. Air Force to use in war, as was reported 11 years ago in The Washington Post.

The general public will likely be terrified and unite behind our leaders' manufactured storyline to confront and protect us from the aliens.  Therein lies the motivation for the Globalists to engineer such an event. Simply by being aware that such a plan has been thought up by the controllers will make us less susceptible to potential fear tactics and propaganda should such an event occur.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article, fair. Listeners of coast to coast am with George Noory Who claim to have seen crafts the size of foot ball fields say it has changed their lives. I dont know that feeling, but would say that by witness accounts most- (if it was real) would not be ready for contact. In Project Enoch (maybe fake or dis-information) our govt would need to release artifacts 1st to make a religious group question its belief. Fake or not it makes sense, as of now most of my friends who look at this subject thinks its Satan, evil, and of the earth.

Anonymous said...

"In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles)"

So it's totally useless in daylight and when it's cloudy. Those Elites think of everything.

Anonymous said...

The probability that extraterrestial life exists is indeed close to 100%.

The possibility that they have the ability to travel is a lot less likely (they'd have to either have a way to exceed light speed, or they'd have to be extremely long-lived...).

And the possibility that they are that advanced and still have an interest in interfering with life on earth is even less (it's not like most humans have much of an interest in influencing the direction of an ant colony...)

While there's still a possibility that they have both the capability and an interest in being here, any story claiming they are should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. It's MUCH more likely to be a fake, designed to push the interests of the liars in governments and the military-industrial complex.

Maybe too many people are realizing Al Qaeda is not quite what they claim it is, and the extraterrestials are the new "terrorists".

Anonymous said...

Even if there were advanced life forms visiting us it's doubtful that they would even bother with us. It would be like us trying to communicate with ants or some mammal and trying to help them and their society. I'm more inclined to believe that humans are behind UFO's and what people are seeing are just advanced crafts. It could be that they were created by reverse engineering of some artifacts that may have been found, but we will never know.

steve said...

Nothing further will happen in relation to this non-story. I now bid you farewell and will return to Planet Llubtish in peace and certain knowledge that human life on earth is doomed. Doomed I tell you.

Saladin said...

Obama will have to shut off the internet for SURE in the face of such a dire emergency. It wouldn't do to have a bunch of meddling bloggers spilling the beans now would it?

rike said...

Seek the Blue Resonant Human?


Long story short grey aliens are a cover story for other clandestine operations. Ala Uri Geller @ SRI ... the development of psychotronic weapons, synthetic telepathy etc..

A cover story much like Satanic ritual abuse ... SRA. In 1980 both 'The Roswell Incident' and 'Michelle Remembers' where published ... both hoaks. Just look at William Moores confession at 1989 Mufon conference that he was a government disinformation agent.

Take a look at the people responsible for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation ...

Activist said...

Not many people are still buying the terrorist threat or the Iran threat, so they may need a new bogeyman soon to keep up their acts of tyranny. Should be interesting!

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Nick West
Activist Post



Anonymous said...

Dr. Alberto Rivera, a former top Jesuit in Vatican also exposed this fake aliens that the Elite and the Luciferian Jesuits will use together with Catholic saints hologram later on. The Jesuits have done this before but on a smaller scale but now it will be done worldwide through satellites.

Also, don't forget about the articles called "The Vatican Jesuit Link to the New World Order - Part 1 and Part 2.

You can google all of it, and also you can check out chick publications about Dr. Alberto Rivera. During his time, nobody wants to publish his revelations, so the the comics publishing company (Chick) helped him out.

Nutritional Consultant said...

This Story has alot of truth to it I know that i envisioned this stage act in the skies and it seems to be followed by the end times reckonings oppressing the survivors from the the cataclysms.

Anonymous said...

Will these aliens have all their papers in order?

Anonymous said...

The Poster who commented that this technology would be totally useless during the day doesn't see the global vocano testing preparing to fulfil the bibles predictions of darkening the world in the clear day = They show signs and wonders so great they could deceive the very ellect of God if possible. Remember the Haarp test in Iceland that caused the shut down of flights over europe . It was a test as was 9 11, the Global earthquakes, and the tsunamis are all to fulfil the return of Jesus scrptures to unite the World around the Anitchrist Mason Lucifer.
This technology = Holographic Sky show has been perfected and would certainly cause massive fear which was the test performed on 9 11 = Trauma based Mind control through Microwave Mind control Haarp See more proof here =
A large portion of our World has already been chipped and Mason Cointelpro parrots are always saying "they are going to chip us" when in fact it has already happened across the West. If the War on drugs cops have told you to follow your conscience it is God ... your have been chipped , I they have told you to used sex as a weapon on Drug suspects ... You have been chipped as they are linking all Minds Globally to a Super computer called Eschelon and they have the ablility to listen to your thoughts and answer your prayers. They call this computer system God. Thats why they say follow your conscience it's God as they speak into your head at the volume of this inner voice we all have.

Through fear and these chips a person can become completely controlable = Placed into a trancestate Via frequencey technologies Via these cips = Research Digital Angel Chips and
Read this article and take note of = Dr. Ross Adey has found out that by using 0.75 milliwatts per square centimeter intensity of pulse modulated microwave at a frequency of
450 MHz it is possible to control ALL aspects of human behaviour!
How many people realize what it actually means? Total loss of privacy and total outside control of the person's physical body functions, mental, emotional and thought processes, including the implanted person's
subconscious and dreams! For the rest of his or her life!

Anonymous said...

You hear people claim to have alien craft encounters so often anymore it is just not believable. If aliens are visiting this planet in such numbers that any one of the 300 million people you can meet in the U.S. has already had an "encounter" then I would surmise that it is clear THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS FLIGHT TECHNOLOGY THEY ARE NOT TELLING US ABOUT. There are no aliens people. I personally, along with four other individuals, witnessed a craft that was in the shape of an oblong ball with many lights in multiple bands around it fly slowly over an area south of the town I grew up in for 2 hours. 2 hours. 2 hours. 1 A.M. to 3 A.M. It looked like the craft from close encounters of the third kind and guess what? It moved in the direction of the largest Air force base on the Atlantic and disappeared. It clearly was some kind of military aircraft. The lights were coordinated in color-codes used in the U.S. There is no way it could be that close to an Air Force base and our Government not know about, and not scramble fighter jets to intercept unless it was "ours". Accept it, the U.S. military is NOT going to tell you what they are doing. NASA is going ape-sh t searching for planets we can "inhabit" and Haliburton was awarded the WORLD'S FIRST INTERPLANETARY MINING CONTRACT FOR MARS BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT under Bush/Cheney. You do not have to be a detective to see where I am going...

Tatiana Covington said...

Either life exists elsewhere in the universe or it does not. If it does, then either there is technologically advanced life elsewhere in the universe or there is not. If there is, then either we have visitors from afar or we do not.

In all three questions, it's one or the other.

grayshki said...

They'll use the "threat from aliens" as another reason for the New World Order, for global "security". But first, they have to "introduce" that aliens exist.

Lee Iovino said...

Video Response

Anonymous said...

so, maybe we each hold a piece of the puzzle and have to love and share to put it together. as collective humanity we all have a little different perspective on all of this. pretty neat. sites for fitting the pieces together are: this one,, infowars,, cutting edge ministries, ronald weinland, center for global research,, haarp, cern, pnac dia satanic murals, etc,, strangedaysstrangeskies, alex jones prison planet. so happy trolling for truth while it can still be found. top it off with the book of, annie

rike said...

grayshki said: But first, they have to "introduce" that aliens exist.

This has all been planned for so long ... from at least Fred Lee Crisman ... agent provocateur ... involvement at Maury Island. June 1947 ... three days before the famous sighting by Kenneth Arnold and a month before the Rosewell Incident. 1947 the same year the National Securities Act was signed creating the CIA and the shadow government.

The 'changing image of man is being manufactured' from the shadows and aliens is just one facet. What I haven't determined is ... if the shadows rule the banks ... or the banks own the shadows.

"The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe."

.:BB:. Blue Resonant Human ... RIP

Anonymous said...

Aliens landed a long time ago. Our beloved Government has some how gotten their selves in trouble with the ones that are here. Something big and scary is around the corner. It is obvious that it will be no one on this earth who calls the shots anymore.

CE4 President said...

How about checking out THE evidence, and ONLY evidence to what this Alien thing is all about. This is the unwanted piece of the UFO puzzle, even those in the UFO research community, who you rely on for truth don't want you to see.

Anonymous said...

David Icke in his book 'The Biggest Secret' say the aliens are reptilians from the 4th dimension or lower astral. He says they are the Nephilim in Genesis.

christian peper said...

No matter If the alien “invasion” occurs or not, we can’t let these abusive police off the hook. Members of law enforcement have been lording over us too long and the billionaire bankers laugh at how they have gutted the constitution with the fraudulent war on drugs and war on terror. It is time for the people to take the country back and say “no more” to the billionaires and their attack dogs in law enforcement.

Viod said...

I also found this little bit of news about UK schools drilling students for a UFO Drill

Anonymous said...

You see, normally, when you see any object(UFO like an example) you assume, that this object belong to the space/room area where it is present. But what if the space surrounding the object(read UFO) is the property and belong to the object itself?

Never underestimate the power of ignorance, never underestimate the power of very stupid people in very large groups.

Remember only a few hundred years ago or less, people would laugh their but of, when imagine a jet, car, mobile phone. And when people thought that Earth was flat as a pancake -else we would all fall of, right?! - suddenly gravity was discovered, something new that made it all make sense.

Well just a thought, we are far more than we are made to believe we are.

Anonymous said...

Sitchen documents that we are *all* alien hybrids, and government leaders are hybrids with a little more of the favored (alien) genetics - so the "Is it aliens or is it government?" question is moot! It's both at the same time. And as Pogo says, "I've seen the enemy, and it is us."

Forex Tips and Strategies said...

We are surrounded actually.....just watch any of the STS missions on Youtube.......there are THOUSANDS of UFO's flying around at the same time as the Shuttle. Thousands. Big ones. Look up the STS TETHER incident. You see UFO's over 4 miles wide. They have always been here.

Anonymous said...


Thailand said...

I don't care either way...ufo's or not..
I just hate all the government lies.

Anonymous said...

ahhh Thailand me be your boyfreeen you love me long time?

Anonymous said...

lol this all smells of Christian fundamentalist- Anti Christ Conspiracy theory crack pots? why are so many conspiracy theories started by christian Fundamentalists ?

Anonymous said...

Two words: Bullhockey,Hogwash!

Anonymous said...

So much for that LOL

BrettBergFirstContact2011 said...

FAKE WAR will not happen DAvid Wilcock investigated this in depth check out his info on DivineCosmo

It's all gonna start to get a lot better - hang in there and see through the BS - our star family our about to walk with us and help us through into the Golden Age - we now become enlightened - love and light

Anonymous said...


humans... overrate themselves

the same superiority complex, together with a loneliness complex that has resulted in the invention of religion :
"a very powerful being(s) has created us i.e. we are important and not alone"
is what fuels the ufo illusions, it is intrinsically scary to look into the universe and not know anybody. the truth is that life at the center of the galaxy is much more exciting but here, in the 'burbs nothing happens, ever.
we'll have to wait thousands of years, till we develop the capacity to travel to the center of the galaxy, where the people are.
to imagine that an intelligent species has nothing better to do than to travel thousands and thousands of light years to look at anthropoids barely able to fly, and completely incapable, so far, of developing a RATIONAL SOCIETY, is a delusion worthy of an asylum, only surpassed by the old story of the powerful being who created them in their image... ha, ha, ha.

much more logical is what I was reading in certain websites, that the governments are trying to instill fear on the people to be able to pursue their bloody wars.

I think that the series V coming out and 2!! alien invasion movies in the beginning of this year prove that.

of course that to get get to this point, where people will be consciously and unconsciously afraid of extraterrestrials, a society of extremely gullible idiots needed to be created, that's where all the 'reality' shows about ghosts (another superiority complex : they don't really die), of the last few years comes in.

dulce base said...

I hope they release information because I think it is time we know. There will not be a panic because there in no danger. Who knows if the goverment are in a secret contract with keeping quite. I am ready to know already!

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