Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EU asserts power over France, takes legal action over Gypsies

Raf Casert
Associated Press

BRUSSELS — The European Union decided Wednesday to launch legal action against France over its expulsions of Gypsies, or Roma, to poorer EU nations but said it lacked proof that Paris acted in a discriminatory way.

The EU decision gives France more time to defend its expulsions of more than 1,000 illegal Roma immigrants, mostly to Romania, and its demolition of hundreds of Roma camps in recent weeks.

France's government cheered that part of the decision, and claimed victory in its standoff with the EU's head office over expelling of one of Europe's poorest minorities.

"The European Commission today has decided to open infringement procedures against France," EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said in an interview with The Associated Press. She said the procedures will focus on France's failure to apply EU rules of free movement of citizens across the 27-nation bloc. That could eventually lead to France being sent to court.

But the commission stopped short of ruling on whether France was being discriminatory. "On the discrimination aspect, we do not have the ... legal proof," Reding said.

The decision came two weeks after Reding linked the expulsions to the mass deportations of World War II. France deported thousands of Jews to Nazi death camps and interned thousands of French Gypsies during the war.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called her remarks "disgusting," setting up a high-profile clash with the European Union leadership.

The Commission decision Wednesday "was far from a snub, it was the opposite," French Immigration Minister Eric Besson told lawmakers in Paris. "The Commission took note that there was no discrimination."

"We should all be happy," he said. "France is emerging with its head high from its exchange with the Commission. It's good news for everyone."

Malik Salemkour, vice president of France's Human Rights League, which is a member of an umbrella advocacy group for Roma called Romeurope, said he was only partly satisfied with the decision.

French activists continue to petition the Commission with testimonies and statistics to show that France is discriminating against a minority community, that "all those who are being expelled are Roma, and all those who are being evicted from shantytowns are Roma," he said.

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Anonymous said...

It's not true that the EU has no proof of discrimination against the Roma. An official French government document of August 5, 2010
could not be more clear. The UE is ducking its responsibilities to pretect the vulnerable. Again.

Read the original document for yourself:

In eight places, it specifically targets the Roma. (Roms, in French) The first two places, it says "l'evacuation des campements illicites: ... en priorite ceux de Roms." Six other places, it specifically mentions "Roms".
The last 4 pages are teaken up with tables that the virtuous cops of France are supposed to fill out on the raids they have carried out, and two of those tables are titled Roma. The other two tables are labelled "travellers", a euphemism the ethnicity is uncertain.

The silence of high government officials about what this document demands, and the lies to cover their butts since, is an indelible stain on the French government and French society. The document went out AUgust 5 and was leaked around Sept. 12. Only one of the high-level cops who got this document, saw fit to go public in 5 weeks. Truly, the racism of the Nazis is not just in the past, doesn't just speak German, and is no longer called the NSDAP.
But it's the same race hatred for anything and anyone who is different.

Anonymous said...

Can't really blame the French for wanting to get rid of of bunch of criminals. Even in the US there's gangs of Gypsies who specialize in fraud, theft and shoplifting. It's a criminal culture for sure.

Anonymous said...

The "Roma" aka Gypsies are responsible for travel visas being slapped on Europeans coming into Canada. After an influx in the late nineties the Gypsies immediately began welfare scams and criminal activity on a large scale continuing the trends exhibited in their country of origin. They were expelled. The most common form of income for a female "Roma" is children. Beginning somewhere at 16yrs of age and continuing every 2 yrs. It is estimated that by 2020 small European countries will have a dominant (non working )"Roma" population collapsing their economy. Having "Roma" as neighbors for 30yrs tends to bring clarity to political psychobabble.

Anonymous said...

I am of Roma decent and I shake my head at all of the Gangs and other form of thuggery that so many of our people engage in.
It is truly a disgrace.
My family taught us to work not steal and we had to learn anglish and spanish since we lived near the US border.
But on the other hand every time I travel from one country to another I get hassled because of my ethinicity even though I am quite fair complected.

Anyway it is the person not the race please do not let some bad apples ruin the whole barrel.

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