Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Economic Collapse Leading to Privatized Police and Corporate Mercenaries

But Who Will Protect Average Citizens?

Eric Blair

Pastor Terry Jones was recently sent a security bill of $180,000 by the local authorities for his "burn the Koran" uproar.  Pastor Jones is clearly another religious hack pushing hatred and division instead of love and peace, but he is still an American citizen with the right to protest and burn whatever book he wishes. His stunt was divisive and an obvious attempt to stir the pot, but for the police to charge a tax-paying citizen for securing an event that never happened is just, well, mind-boggling.

Sure some people who may be disturbed by Jones' prejudice and hate will say, "Right on, the public shouldn't have to pay for protecting that idiot."  Much like they did when the Balloon Boy's father was charged restitution for the turmoil he caused.  Ultimately, both turned out to be fabricated non-events driven by ridiculous levels of media hype.  If the public seeks compensation, it seems more appropriate to target the mainstream media's advertising sales during their 24-hour media glorification of these non-events.

Charging private citizens seems to be a growing trend by public police forces, apparently to cover their budget shortfalls. Anchorage police have begun sending bills to people if officers have to make more than eight trips per year to their homes.  In the UK, police sent a man a bill when their car was damaged pursuing the victim's stolen vehicle. These are extreme cases but the precedents threaten to turn the police into a "private" security force.

Consequently, as police and sheriff departments face more cutbacks, they are also increasingly telling citizens (and criminals) what types of crimes they'll respond to.  In a recent article titled Third World America, Macleans reported:
In February, the board of commissioners of Ohio’s Ashtabula County faced a scene familiar to local governments across America: a budget shortfall. They began to cut spending and reduced the sheriff’s budget by 20 per cent. A law enforcement agency staff that only a few years ago numbered 112, and had subsequently been pared down to 70, was cut again to 49 people and just one squad car for a county of 1,900 sq. km along the shore of Lake Erie. The sheriff’s department adapted. “We have no patrol units. There is no one on the streets. We respond to only crimes in progress. We don’t respond to property crimes,” deputy sheriff Ron Fenton told Maclean’s. The county once had a “very proactive” detective division in narcotics. Now, there is no detective division. “We are down to one evidence officer and he just runs the evidence room in case someone wants to claim property,” said Fenton. “People are getting property stolen, their houses broken into, and there is no one investigating. We are basically just writing up a report for the insurance company.”
Coincidentally, governments are being forced into more cutbacks just as police units are introducing the idea of charging victims for their security services.  In other words, as local and state economies worsen by design, we can expect to see more cutbacks and more "billing" for public security.  Some experts have predicted  "IMF riots" to take place in America if the economic collapse continues.

We know that big corporations like Monsanto and Disney can afford private mercenaries such as Blackwater -- fully equipped for high-level espionage, with a full-blown private air force, and even tactical weapons.  But who will protect average American citizens against such corporate-government thuggery, let alone desperate petty thieves, if not the local public servants?

As America continues to implode, it appears that security will go to the highest bidder, leaving average citizens to fend for themselves.  Perhaps we should have seen it coming with the start of the privatization boom of security and intelligence gathering since the War on Terror was declared, which resulted in a massive "Top Secret" Surveillance-Industrial Complex.  The ramifications of this privatization are only now becoming clear, as it was reported that an Israeli-owned organization was in charge of tracking, tracing, and databasing peaceful American activists on behalf of the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania.  It's already obvious that property taxes are no longer sufficient to pay the security bills.  

Paul Craig Roberts warned in his article "The Year America Dissolved" that local security will likely be controlled by warlord clans after the collapse. First, it seems be taking the form of local mafia gangs collecting "protection" money from businesses, churches, and citizens. Perhaps it is time we listen to Ohio Judge Alfred Mackey who, after deep cuts to the local sheriff's department, advised citizens to carry guns for protection.

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John said...

Won't be long before when you call 911 the first thing they will ask for is your credit card info.

NetRanger said...

Amazing! The audacity of a tax supported bunch of criminals in blue sending him a bill? So, I guess if someone steals my car and they donut-gorging, tax feeding criminals in blue don't find it, I can charge them for the replacement? Sounds fair to me. After all, I finance their department and they didn't do their jobs.

Screw them! If the pastor had asked them or demanded them to increase security, that would be one thing.

Comparing this to the balloon boy thing is not at all comparative. That guy lied and knew he was unnecessarily involving the cops and EMTs when he knew he didn't have to. Were it actually an accident of a mistake, I would say he didn't owe either. But, the balloon boy thing was a deception. The Koran burning was not.

In the end extra security for doing whatever is THEIR JOB. It would like if I went to work and instead of consuming donuts and yaking with my buddies at the donut shop, I actually went to work and diagnosed problem on my network, then told my boss I deserve overtime for actually working. Screw them and the pirate, er, uh, cruiser they rode in on.

NetRanger said...

...and another thing. (You got me going now...)

The reason these cops are so predatory and audacious is because it has been the goal of government to make Americans dependent. The way they did this was create police forces that make you think you are safe, when in reality, they have created the danger by talking people into not doing their own security. Arm up! Every household should have three guns:

Priority 1: 1 break or pump action 12ga shotgun with 100 rounds of ammo.

Priority 2: 1 9mm auto or 357 revolver with 500 rounds of ammo.

Priority 3: 1 break, bolt, pump or auto .22 rimfire rifle with 1000 rounds of ammo

The only way to stamp out crime is to do it yourself. The cops don't have a responsibility to keep you safe. The only reason they even try is to keep their job. Arm up! You're going to need it. The state is running out of the money they used to fool you and soon, you really will be on your own. Better have the tools to handle it.

If you do arm up, get some training or train yourself. Safety first then use and proficiency.

Good luck! Be safe.


Toaster 802 said...

Got militia?

Between it and the Sheriff's posse, that was law enforcement and community protection in our past, and looks like our future...

kenlowder said...

I wonder if they will be charging the guys family that they killed in seattle for the bullets that they used to kill him?

Anonymous said...

FALSE-----> "Blackwater -- fully equipped for high-level espionage, with a full-blown private air force, and even tactical weapons"

Oasis of the Toucans said...

It's almost time..............

Anonymous said...

You my friend are an idiot! You rant about those wearing blue eating donuts and not doing their job, but what you don't comprehend apparently is that us street cops don't make those decisions moron. Those are made by some politician be it Police chief, elected Sheriff or city/count commsion. I agree with your premise that someone such as ballon boy dad should be charged and Pastor Jones should not, but how does that have anything to do with your local street level cop/deputy not doing their job. What? Did you have your car stolen and never recovered? Sorry, shit happens pal. But more likely it was because your local agency is short handed and was busy takeing a report call in your area for some other moron who can't get his kid out of bed for school or maybe some other neighbor who had a rectal itch and demanded nothing less than police presence because he pays his taxes. Things in our line of work have to be prioritized because we cannot be at all places at all times. Wake Up!!! You should be taking your own security seriously, as if no one is doing it for you. Because if not you are no different than the hords that are relying on the welfare state to feed and provide for them.

Anonymous said...

The solutions to many of these issues is almost always the same, more government, more taxes, and more regulations got us in this mess. Less government, less taxes, and less regulations and the citizens taking back their rights and responsibilities will get us out. Illegal immigration: solution, empower the citizens to protect their homes, states, and borders. Homeland Security: solution, empower the citizens to observe, report, and protect their homes, states, and country. Economic collapse: solution, prepare communties to save food, develop local militias, etc. These are roles that the government could aid in or at least get out of the way, organizing and empowering citizens to take care of themselves. Freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility would flourish.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful u are not getting all the government u are paying for.......... the less cops on the street the safer the average American is. Get a gun and learn how to use it.

learn to defend your self

Anonymous said...

The neighborhood watch concept must grow to meet the needs of the community. There is a reason large cities were extremely rare for nearly all of human history. In the production of goods and services there is a marginal maximization point. It would seem that the marginal maximum for both economic liberty and safety from crime naturally occurs where the population is the size of a larger rural town; 3,000 to 25,000 people. Outside of that range things get worse.

Anonymous said...

the average citizen does not want to kill someone, the woman being raped is not prone to kill her attacker by jamming her finger into his eye socket and brain to end the attack. people have been pacified by eating junk food and drinking poison water and soft drinks "aspartame is poison", etc

Anonymous said...

And yet on the other end of the spectrum, we have spontaneous roadblocks with a dozen cops to check for DUI, drugs, etc.

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