Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Great Gay Distraction Perfectly Timed for November Elections

Howard Beale
Activist Post

The establishment knows that gay marriage is one of the hot-button issues that drives voters to the polls. On Wednesday, U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker declared California's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, overturning the voter-passed Proposition 8.

We can now expect the news cycle from now until election day to be filled with this distraction from real issues like war and peace, and the hijacking of our economy by the criminal ruling oligarchy.  From the moment the news broke of the court ruling, the Drudge Report had no less than 8 headlines dedicated to the story.

The noise machine is cranking up, supporters are posting the story to all of their religious friends as if to say "in your face," the pundits are out in full force, and surely the religious opponents will work up an angry lather in the coming weeks and months. This has come at a convenient time for the "conservative" politicians to take advantage of this ruling to drum up support for November elections.

They'll claim it goes against states' rights and is wrong according to the Bible.  Well, gay marriage very well may be "wrong" according to some interpretations of the Bible, but in America we have a little-known document that supersedes the Bible called the Constitution.  The liberty movement is all for states' rights, but the states may not remove inalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution without a Federal amendment.

To a free-thinking person, it should be obvious that the Constitution would allow the same rights to gay and straight people alike. Furthermore, the notion that two consenting gay adults forming a union has any effect on the lives of straight couples, or society as a whole is simply preposterous.  These gay couples will still exist, still live together, and remain Americans no matter the ultimate outcome of the coming appeal process.

Incidentally, this manufactured issue is nothing more than a distraction designed to divide people.  Sadly, it will probably work.

The narrative that will likely play out will be one where the conservatives will regain the Congress because of enraged religious voters, while the cynical progressives will stay home and sulk over their disappointment in Obama and crew. Conservative establishment politicians will then claim a mandate and the tyrannical agenda will continue.

No matter what religious beliefs we have, we are ALL God's creation fighting against the same profound tyranny.  Religious or any other manufactured "hate" of our fellow humans is not what any religion should be. Be careful not to get caught up in this false debate.  If only issues of war and peace, and sound money carried as much weight and debate.

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cava said...

Being gay goes against NATURAL law. It doesn't contribute to the advance of society at all. Even if you are an athiest and believe in the big bang, you still shouldn't be for gay "marriage" because we're all animals, therefore survival of the fittest. The gays cannot naturally reproduce, therefore society has no benefit by allowing gay marriage. Secondly, how is it tolerance if a gay couple walks into a Christian photographer's (or anyone else who disagrees with gay "marriage") establishment and demands for him or her to take their "wedding" pictures under threat of a lawsuit? They are just doing it to make a point, and to force someone to participate in something that they find objectionable. Third, since when is a BEHAVIOR Constitutionally protected? We lock up pedophiles, thieves, rapists, etc. etc. No one is saying these people may not participate in this behavior, they're saying don't force the rest of us to recognize your behavior as "normal" as less than 2% of the total US population even identifies as gay. Talk about the tyranny of the minority. Fourth, it is a complete insult to honorable men such as MLK to equate "gay rights" with the civil rights movement. You are engaging in a BEHAVIOR that people find objectionable. You have a CHOICE. No one has a choice in their race.

sharidny said...

Caca needs to keep quiet about what he knows nothing about. 1) Being Gay is NOT a Choice despite what your preacher told you. 2) You completely didn't get what this whole article was about and are giving in to the distraction put before us. How about focusing on the real threats like Obama, the Media, The Right, and The Left, and the financial Elite and leave Us Big Bad Gays To Kiss and Fornicate with each other in peace!!!

sharidny said...

Btw Caca in 2006 there was a Census count of 8.8 million of us in the US which most likely went up now that we're not afraid of people like you. So your numbers are definitely wrong. But when it comes to your hateful ignorant remarks about me and my personal life and choices it doesn't dignify an answer. I'd much rather focus on the Truth movement and things that really count in the world.

A. Magnus Publius said...

Hey cava, since when does the whims of society trump the natural rights of the individual? You obviously would have no problem with Hitler exterminating Jews because Judaism is a religion - a choice - and not a distinct ethnicity.

Careful there, your Klan uniform is showing...

Steven said...

sharidny, the persons name posting is cava, not caca. Caca is Spanish slang for excrement. How would it make you feel if you are a Lesbian and someone called you a hurtful slang name for Lesbian? I guess my point is, your rights end at the point of my nose.

you should think about that before opening your mouth. It might also be a good idea to put your brain in gear, before opening same. just a thought.

Slammo said...

Hello!...Did any of you READ this article?

I would assume most of us who visit this site have more ideas in common than not yet...bicker-bicker-bicker-we're devided as they conquer.
The Bankster Owned Military/Industrial/Media Complex wants you to lose focus on everything but this comparatively trivial matter as we disregard every other aspect of the constitution in their march to our perpetual indebtedness

Steven said...

as a matter of fact, I did read it. That's the reason i admonished the sharidny person. Most people don't care if someone is Gay. One of my best friends was bi-sexual, it's a shame he's dead. so in all reality i have some knowledge of Gay people.

As Slammo said "We have more things to worry about than Gay Bashing." Keep your eyes on the creeps behind the curtains.That's where our real problems lie. no pun intended.

Maria Jose Tobar said...

I'm so glad people are able to come together in a civil union in Woodstock IL. The world has come a long way, hasn't it? But we still have a long way to go...

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