Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Ultimate "RED" Herring: The Russians are Back!

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

The evil, Red communists apparently are back to subvert the sacred institutions of America.  Mainstream media's contrived naïveté to the idea of deep-cover sex spies from Russia is nothing but a planned diversion for what is the long-standing practice of many nations blending into the halls of corporate recruitment in order to join the Globalist network.  

Whether or not the media is trying to peddle a new Cold War is largely irrelevant; we should consider the source.  The media itself is groomed in the very same institutions, and has long been on assignment to defend the establishment corporate control system via well-documented CIA operations of propaganda management.  That being the case, the insinuations of a new Red Scare from a blatant disinformation channel should swiftly be called into question.

More noteworthy is that these spies were not caught corrupting standing officials of American government, but rather were outed in their attempt to get deep into the very system which promotes Globalism.  They "had jobs that put them in contact with opinion makers, corporate executives or aspiring technology industry workers," according to the Bloomberg report, indicating that this was a long-term endeavor.  The initial target, Harvard, is one of the prime recruitment sources for The New World Order.  Within the overall recruitment structure, Harvard can be viewed as  the global business division rounding out the controlled education network consisting primarily of Princeton (intelligence consulting division), Yale (political grooming division), and Stanford (science and medical division).  These institutions form the matrix of the Globalist agenda to control all aspects of world management. 

The mainstream media wants to keep us fixated on the fact that these spies are from Russia in order to dredge up an old enemy and the remembrance of mutual assured destruction Cold War rhetoric.   The more disturbing, more covert, modern reality is that Russia is merely continuing proven espionage tactics to stay on the gravy train of access to recruiters, and to strengthen their position in planning for their own economic New World Order.  Just as Israel's spy network used fake art students to infiltrate, and China sought access to U.S. weapons technology by using visiting students and scientists, Russia has always been a premier player in the spy game of jockeying for global intelligence supremacy.   

We would do well to ignore this red herring of a new Red Scare, and instead keep in mind that the borderless banksters who represent the tyranny of Globalism, are free from religious or political dogma.  It is all business, all the time.  The latest Russian spy diversion is nothing more than that:  business as usual. 

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djlikwidsky said...

Competition between "nations" is a moot point. Nations and nationhood was a secondary type of religion created to ensure that ALL people subscribe to some kind of religious dogma. Flags are false idols as are the very nations (being simply IDEAS and not physical beings). This isn't a "Christian" idea, either, since all mono and polytheistic gods are also false idols forcing you to focus your thought energy at a fake being. Same goes for nationalism. All nations are simply territories of the impending global fascist State.

Activist said...

Thank you for your comments, and very well said.

Anonymous said...

Former director of the CIA, William Colby, said it himself in 2004: “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of significance in the major media.”

Really... A former CIA director would say that? No, of course not.

William E. Colby: (4 January 1920 - 28 April 1996)

Just to be clear, this article attributes a quote supposedly from 2004 to a man who died in 1996. Thought someone should point that out.

Anonymous said...

Former director of the CIA, William Colby, said it himself in 2004: “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of significance in the major media.”

Really... A former CIA director would say that? No, of course not. Unless, that is, he said if from beyond the grave since he died in 1996. I am not necessarily disputing the fact that the CIA has ties to many members of the mainstream media. But falsely attributed quotes only hurt your cause.

Activist said...

Thank you for catching this. This quote came from a note someone had sent and it seemed applicable. Clearly I wasn't paying attention and I definitely should have verified. Unintended misinformation on my part; it's a minefield out there and I'll endeavor to be more cautious. My main point stands of course, but this quote will be removed and I sincerely thank you for posting. You encouraged me to trace this quote, and for those who would like more information, please see here:


Anonymous said...

Wow that was an impressively quick and well reasoned response. Kudos to you sir.

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