Thursday, July 1, 2010

USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Several recent headlines indicate that food prices will continue their swift climb upward. These troubling new reports show that agriculture production and stored grains are critically low and experts are now predicting food shortages on a grand scale.

Look at a few mainstream headlines: Drought threatens global rice supply in the India Times; VA farmers say heat taking toll on crops, Associated Press; Severe food shortage follows lack of rainfall in Syria; and, finally, Corn prices bolt as USDA downsizes crop estimates, which states that, "Commodity professionals were caught off guard Wednesday by a U.S. Department of Agriculture report showing 1 million fewer acres of corn planted this year than earlier projected, and almost 300 million fewer bushels of corn in storage." And these articles don't begin to address crops being damaged by the toxic rain from the Gulf oil disaster.

We are back to recession economics and rapidly heading toward a deeper, longer “Third Depression.”  With all recent economic indicators setting new record lows and deficits at record highs, this ship is only going one way folks, down, down to Chinatown.  This WTC-Building 7-style-controlled-demolition of the U.S. economy has long been engineered by the borderless banksters and has been set in the same way to collapse at a free-fall rate.  With all of the manufactured confusion it may be difficult to know where best to invest your limited assets, but it seems to be clear that Food is on the march.

There were several trend forecasters and financial firms predicting upwards of $200/barrel of oil before the Gulf oil gusher. The “analysts” said this would occur because of the perception of scarcity and a weakening dollar. The oil disaster and the subsequent outrage at Big Oil will surely take care of selling the perception of scarcity, while the Federal Reserve and Congress will surely take care of weakening the dollar.

We’ve seen this Beta test before when oil prices reached their peak of $147 in 2008 sending the price of food to the stratosphere.  Food staples like rice nearly tripled in six months and at times increased 50% in just two weeks, primarily because of record oil prices and a weak dollar in 2008. During this run-up on prices, big box stores like Sam's Club and Costco were rationing the number of bags of rice customers could buy.  You can bet that Food Crisis Beta 2.010 will be far more severe.

This third factor of actual Food Scarcity, coupled with high oil prices and a feeble dollar, will multiply the severity of increasing food prices.  Whether this scarcity is being engineered to further cull the population or is a genuine imbalance in supply and demand is not important.  The fact is that this reality is playing out in the matrix.  Being aware of this triple-threat to food costs creates an opportunity to soften the recessionary blow, and perhaps offer some economic freedom from those who would like to reduce us all to serfdom.

You don’t have to be an End Times survivalist to believe that storing food is pragmatic.  Everyone with expendable cash can and should design a good food storage and rotation system and buy bulk food as an investment -- in addition to creating self-sufficiency.

Many rationalists are touting guns, ammo, and gold as good small-scale investments given the despicable agenda unfolding in our matrix.  Certainly those are critical investments in an economy dwindling down to the rationing of necessity, but not everyone is into guns or can afford bundles of gold.  And gold, at the end of the day, can only be traded for necessity.

These recent food alerts seem to indicate that food may be the best short-term investment for the “Average Joe.” It's simple:  if the retail cost of rice doubles, as it did in 2008, then you (the investor) make 100% return in something that's immediately tangible and usable.  It’s time to pay the tax penalty for cashing out your mediocre "I-bought-in-to-the-American-Dream" 401K and invest in Food!

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billy said...

Bravo. First article I have seen on such an obvious unavoidable threat headed our way. I was thinking food will go up at least 1000% before long.

Activist said...

Billy, Thanks for the props. I can't believe more people aren't discussing this very important topic.

Post American Objectivist said...

Great article, and I also like the allusion to George Orwell in the authors pseudonym. I'll be sharing this.

Activist said...

Thanks for the compliment and spreading the word. Liberty, Peace, and Love will prevail!

Joey said...

Activist, to mirror others...good stuff.

On your point "I can't believe more people aren't discussing this very important topic." It is because the food is always on the shelves in abundance, at reasonable prices and has been for many people's entire lives. Why would they expect anything different? We are at historical lows in the U.S. as to the percentage of our incomes that we apply towards food. Many people are complaining by rising food prices but have not seen any pain yet.

Activist said...

Joey, terrific point! For years the US has subsidized oil and food staples like corn and soy - especially GMO corn and soy, which has kept prices artificially low to begin with. The run-up on prices in the past forced us "useless eaters" to consume unhealthy garbage. A meal deal at Mickie D's cost the same as a pineapple - most people choose the meal deal, super-sized no less!

mike said...

this is a very good article thank you !

Papa-san said...

I definitely appreciate the affirmation of my personal beliefs in this matter!
In December of 2009, my wife and I began talking about the economy, Obama, our government, etc.
We determined that we were going to begin purchasing extra food in order to store it for just such a situation. We have been loading up on certain staples such as rice and beans. (All of you need to know that this particular combination, when consumed together, becomes a complete protein in the human diet, and can sustain you for a significant period of time. You will not require meat to remain healthy.)
We rotate it as we go so that we can always have the freshest stuff possible. As it stands, we have enough food stored (and hidden) to sustain my entire family for a period of two years, and we continue to add to it for the express purpose of investment. (Look into finding a few old freezers. It is REALLY easy to turn them into incredibly stable dry-storage once they have been buried a few feet deep, and some ventilation is provided.)
We also thought about getting/raising chickens. Upon further contemplation, we decided against them. The reason for this is because of their potential to call attention to us by the noise they make. (If we have a bunch of starving people come through here looking to beg, borrow, and/or steal food, we want to keep them from noticing us.) What is the solution we came up with?
Rabbits. They are easy to raise, are prolific breeders, and have minimal feed and space requirements. (The hay they need is currently selling locally for two dollars for a 60 pound bale...) And, they are almost silent. A looter would have to be within a few feet of them to know they even existed!

Finally, to top it all off, we have a rather significant 'armory' available to us in order to protect all of this!

Papa-san said...

Oh, yeah,
You will want to get ahold of heirloom vegetable seeds so that you will be able to grow your own. If Monsanto and their ilk manage to get their legislation passed, they will be the ONLY source of seed, and it will ALL be the genetically modified type... The kind that will not allow you to save seed for the next year. This is one more way they plan on enslaving people, and if you don't prepare IN ADVANCE, you will not be able to later on... Well, you'll be able to buy some from me, but it probably won't be cheap...

moses737 said...

All of this is being done deliberately to enslave the masses under their One World Government in the very near future. For they will demand that you take their mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand very soon!! Read Revelation 13 and 14. And how if you take their beast chip; you will forever be cursed by God because it will mean that you have chosen Satan as your god along with his antichrist beast leader son!!

moses737 said...

The New World order antichrist beast system is coming to full power very soon. For they will enslave the masses and have their One World Government. And they want to commit great genocide against 4 billion people on the Earth. Because it will be hard to put their mark of the beast chip in 6 billion. And 2 billion will be a much better number for them. But that mark of the beast chip will turn you into their brainless autonotomic slave. They are already wiping out the middle class. As we have lost 150,000 jobs for the month of June already. And their aim is to enslave the whole world and bring it under their fathers Lucifer domain.

Along with his antichrist beast leader son who will bring peace and prosperity to the Earth. But it will be a very short peace of about 2 to 3 years. And then, like the devil that he is; he will be great bloodshed and wars. And then he will demand that everybody take his zombie making mark of the beast chip in their forehead or hand; like it says in Revelation 13 and 14 chapters of the Holy Bible. Especially Revelation 14:9-11, which says that if you take that mark (chip) you will forever be cursed and in hell forever and ever!!

modrall said...

Wealth distribution is totally corrupt, because the most honest, hard working, ambitious, intelligent and innovative people may be poor while lazy and corrupt people may be rich. Let’s face it, the Elites running this country are dangerous predators who pose more of a threat to America’s national security than CIA sponsored Osama bin Laden and his CIA manufactured Al Queda network, the Israeli funded PLO, the Taliban, or any other foreign terrorist group that ostensibly “hates us because of our freedoms.” History has already proven that wealthy and evil elites mercilessly use our children for cannon fodder in their bogus wars. Why? So they can line their pockets with more blood money and power. Power is to the elite what heroine is to a street addict. Banks create money from nothing and demand it back, with unnecessarily high interest. The elite deliberately create problems such as wars, market depressions and other crises. This is so that they can control, confuse and distract people, and also benefit from the interest on the money that they lend to fund and then stop these crises. Also it is so that the world will accept their "solutions" to the manufactured "problems", which are really only steps towards their plan of ultimate control. Genetic engineering and destruction of natural resouces and ecosystems such as the Gulf, gives them even more power over food, crops, seed collecting and farmers and helps them to consolidate the masses into closer areas for easier control. Corrupting and weakening the population will make it easier for the conspirators to get the people to accept their conditions, such as carbon taxing the air we breath. They poison our children with contaminated vaccinations that can severely compromise their immune system. And our children are forced to attend schools, which are nothing more than social engineering, government/corporate indoctrination It boils down to this: iin order for the elite to maintain their privileged position of power, they systematically keep humanity developmentally arrested by suppressing the truth and Romans 1:18 said that "evil men suppress the truth." The elite’s arsenal of military and biological weapons, economic strategies, near complete control of organized "christianity" through secret societies such as freemasonry, shriners, corrupt church "fathers", elite owned Bible seminarys, etc., and social engineering that create most of the suffering and misery on this planet is simply staggering. They can engineer famines, turn natural catastrophes deadlier, and manufacture "accidents." They can collapse any economy. They can create and release deadly diseases and contaminate our water and food. And they can hide their crimes while creating more social trauma, because they own and control the federal reserve, the politicians (both "parties") and the mainstream media. And it is in these facts where the global elite carve the ends of world history toward their goal…A New World Order to be run by their messiah, the Antichrist. I agree 100% with Moses737. We need to worry more about our spritiual "houses" than how much food and gold we have stored. This present life is but a vapor but the next one will be eternal and will be spent in one of two places.

daryn said...

I think rabbits provide less calories than your body uses up to consume them. I think you would starve eating rabbits.

m_astera said...


My understanding is that rabbits are a very good source of protein but deficient in fats. So, they are a fine food source but one must have another source of fats, such as canned butter or olive oil.

Poppy seeds have a lot of oil and can be grown in short-season climates.

m_astera said...


So, your god would condemn a person, even an innocent child, to eternal damnation and torture for accepting a government chip when the alternative was starving to death?

Think I'd find a different god. Yours is creepy and evil.

Lori said...

FYI - from a farmer. Our hay crop is down 60% right now. Customers are already being told the price of a large round bale of hay will be increasing by 40-50% for this season's hay. The burden of raising livestock for food is going to get passed on folks. We will have to charge more for ground beef - like it or not. The lack of hay will also cause problems for folks who like to raise horses. They can ill afford to feed their horses now. More abandoned horses are expected this year as the cost is becoming prohibitive. We are in Northern Michigan, and as you know, Michigan has been in a depression for the past two years anyway. Getting kind of late for you to grow now people. Be prepared to grow next year, but for now, you need to stockpile whatever you can afford to, learn how to can food, invest in a pressure canner. Make sure you purchase a good supply of canning lids. They are not re-usable. The jars are, but it is an investment that you have to make. Ball blue book is also imperative. This is just common sense stuff, whether there is a food shortage or not. Please take care of you and your family. We won't be able to.

John said...

Anyone here ever see a movie from the 1970's called "Deadly Harvest"? It puts forth the scenario that global cooling causes food shortages, and officials cover up how bad it really is. We can expect no less from our officials today. After all, look how the BP oil disaster in the Gulf is being covered up.
Good idea about rabbits, but they don't lay eggs like ducks.

Activist said...

Guys, Thanks for the great comments! They really help to drive this issue. Keep up the fight!

HYPERTlGER said...

The absolute capitalistic hierarchical food powered make work enterprise or city state is of course absolute capitalistic.

It follows the path of least resistance...It takes more than it gives.

The choice to take more than you give is demanding the overproduction of human beings.

Interest attached to the medium of exchange is not a cause but an effect...But once you do attach are then at the complete and total mercy of the compounding interest equation.

money was ultimately a food substitute and food is power.

the medium of exchange is power

The equation demands a supply the required power the equation demands there be enough people.

Since the equation demands exponential must supply the equation with exponential growth or everything will collapse.

But since the is no way sustain the exponential growth rate of the population forever...the collapse is inevitable.

The only way to avoid the logical conclusion or collapse of the choice to take more than you give is to not choose to take more than you give.

All that the absolute capitalist system can do is inflate greater than previous inflation to maximum potential.

Or take more than it gives until it can't take any more.

If you try to avoid reaching maximum potential and stop that is maximum potential.

All it can do is inflate greater than previous inflation to maximum potential and then inflate less than previous inflation to maximum potential....collapse or implode.

You all can stop reproducing or die when you run out of food.

But if you try to avoid reaching the maximum potential of the absolute capitalist system to inflate greater than previously by stopping...that is maximum potential and the whole thing you all currently call civilization collapses sooner rather than later.

civilization as you all know it is collapsing because there is no way to sustain taking more than you give forever.

The current global trade system was set up in 1944...and all it was designed to do was inflate to maximum potential and then implode.

That's all it can do...and that's all it did the past 65 years...inflate to maximum potential.

The only thing the top did and is doing...Is keeping you all in the dark about it.

Artist said...

I live in the country in Michigan and there are so many food sources growing naturally, I plant things I want including broccoli and tomatoes, There is a limitless supply of seeds for sprouts to survive on. I only wish I get enough good organic wheat berries, I love bread, it goes with so many other foods. good luck everyone.

Perthy said...

Conspiracy theorists highlighted this crisis a couple of years ago.Seems that now it's mainstream it must be true.Perhaps if people want to be informed they should check out the alternate sites, whilst they still can.

Survival Acres said...

Food sales are up here, but you don't need to come to us, just pick up what you can.
Put grains and dry foods in airtight containers to keep out moisture, humidity and bacteria.
Use oxygen absorbers or dry ice inside.

I've written many times on my blog that food is a better investment then gold, we've seen prices double in the past few years. You will always need to eat, and trading gold for essentials won't always work (I won't accept gold or silver as payment and most other food sellers won't either).

Banks are dumping their gold in fact, at a "torrid" pace:

Frankly, food demand should be very high right now, but it's not, I think too many people still believe that "it can't happen here", and the self-destructing economy is making things very hard too. ~Survival Acres~

Nathaniel said...

If you're thinking about storing seeds to plant if there is some sort of food shortage in the coming years, I'd recommending trying it small scale now. You don't want to be learning about how to soil preparation, dealing with pests, growing seasons, etc. when your life depends on it.

Also, I'd think focusing on how to preserve crop seeds would be rather important.

Additionally, you should be thinking more in terms of calories / hour of labor and how easy the food is to preserve. For instance, cabbage is very low calorie, but is extremely easy to grow, and my family stored a few hundred pounds (you can't eat that all at harvest!) in a pit in the front yard. We just wrapped them in trash bags, threw a piece of plywood on top, and buried them under a foot of soil. Kept all winter long just fine.

living said...

It is the "have nots" that are banking on this fear based propaganda. It is bullshit. Many people are secretly hoping this will happen so they dont have to live in this system anymore, most likely because they are not making it on their own. I remember the hear mongers who dug bunkers in the San Gabriel mountains during the cold war and lived up there for years believing "the End " was upon us. Remember to maintain a healthy balance. It is ok to be moderately prepared, but dont stop living.

Activist said...

living, you may be right - but fundamentals are fundamentals. Food is a good investment. All of our readers are sorry that you chose the blue pill with a big gulp of coolaid.

nunya said...

Please don't eat cabbage stored in garbage bags. Trash bags sold in the USA have a pest repellent infused into the plastic. It is toxic and over time would harm your family.
You are MUCH better off using food grade plastic or nylon bags available from places like Uline. (Yeah, for the haters of capitalism.... Unline is one of those evil for-profit companies. Don't confuse oligarchy through corporate cronyism with capitalism. )
Similarly don't use plastic trash cans or non food grade bins or hardware store buckets for food or water storage. That applied even if you are using mylar bags. The benzine and acetone in the release agents in these products will pass through mylar. There are those who would contest that. They are wrong. Dead wrong eventually.

Rabbits are an excellent source of fast growth protein but as stated before they lack much needed fats unless you eat brains, bone marrow and eye balls; which is still minimal but for now is easy to stock up on supplemental fats as mentioned like vegetable or seed oils.
Chickens really don't make that much noise and a few eggs would really boost the needed fat consumption.

Research wild edibles in your area. Learn how to recognize and harvest them. I'm not talking about just buying a book; do that but also see if classes are available. It's easy to muck up the job just using a book.

Beans and rice are good and crate a complete protein and amino acid chain but the addition of some dried corn is a big help as well.
If you buy dried corn learn how to nixtamalize it. It is NOT hard and corn is still very cheap in bulk.
Bulk wheat stores extremely well and can be sprouted for extra

Buy seeds for things like bell peppers, tomatoes and various squash and root veggies like turnips and beets.
The peppers and tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin C(don't want scurvy) and the squash/root vegetables gives other vitamins plus you can eat the root greens.

Powdered milk or shelf stable milk is a good idea too.

For those as the author points out are not into guns:
Get into them. I understand non aggression and zero aggression and try to practice them but if you try to hurt me or mine......... well.... just don't. I like to think the human spirit and the sense of reason that goes with it which separates us from the animals will prevail eventually but I have also been in areas of strife throughout the world and know what desperate people do to each other. Get armed and learn how to use them. While you still can.


This is not fear. It is preparedness. There is a major difference. The US Government itself tells us we are in for major disruptions, not if, but when. See NASA on a solar event or solar flares. The government cannot support everyone in that event. It can't even really help much.
I am not afraid of that because I have done as much as I can so far to prepare. I have not stopped living and in fact feel more free now than I did before. Self sufficiency is it's own reward.

What will you do if the lights go out suddenly and stay off for months?

Sara said...


Hoser said...

The fourth problem is that the stupid world is burning its food supplies in the form of ethanol. How dumb is that? Brazil's fuel is 60% ethanol, what happens when and if a severe drought happens there?

Dali Dayna said...

Yeah, and this may be 'new' news for the Sheeple . . . (thank you Activist for doing your part) . . .

Otherwise, old news for the rest of us, but the question remains . . . "when we will wake the f' up and actually do something about our dilemma, except write about it?"

We can all read and comment . . . but what are we actually doing . . . and sharing of lasting importance??

Not meaning any disrespect "Activist", but this is just another post that reiterates all others. Do you have any inventive advise here?

Activist said...

Dali Dayna,

Thanks for your comments. I'm pretty sure I didn't invent it, but here is some decent advice:

Liberty, Love, and Peace will Prevail!

the bonocelli said...

oh for heavens sake. The faux food crises has become real all of sudden. Geez magee!!

Wall Street blinded? Are you nutz? Perhaps you should look at the futures and a few ag ETFs and you'll see they had plans to cash in on this months ago. has talked about it for over a year. USDA has been deceptive and IMO has hidden the truth.

No measures were taken or ordered by the USDA to prepare.

Its the same old sh$t. In 2008 its was oil going through the roof when the economy was winding down. Now we will have speculators forcing prices higher because all of a sudden the media has stirred the propaganda pot. its another round of intimidation and fear brought on by our masters.

They knew it was coming. They planned for it. And now that they are well-positioned, they want to see us panic like the witch hunt is on.

Why the super drought in Russia? Why the super intense rain in Pakistan? How convenient that Pakistan has literally been destroyed by rain/floods just at a time when we wish to pursue further military operations in the country but to the behest of the public and a few gov officials.

Read up on HAARP. In fact, watch the final 30 minutes of this video. You would be better served by watching the entire video, but i know that's probably asking to much.

Like I tell my kids every day...its all bullsh#t! Everything. And that's because its all by design. Everything.

Sude said...

SUDE team is well aware of the latest developments in modernization with stress on economy, efficiency and quality. The products are Zero Bacteria Food Grade Ball & Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic and Electrical Actuators etc.

Tammra Andersen said...

You can't eat gold, food is going to be the most valuable supply you can have in hard times. Supply lines are drying up, and being taken over by the Gov. It would be a good idea to have a supply of food if everything goes bad. here is a link where you can get food that not only tastes good but has a 15 yr. storage life. You can get it delivered anywhere in the US in less than a week for now.
Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Continue reading on Terror threats rising as FEMA orders $1 Billion in dehydrated food - National Finance Examiner |

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