7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned

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The objectivism of the scientific method seems to have been hijacked by corporations who often pay for scientists to support their products, as well as politicians who move through the revolving door between the private and public sector.  Even worse is that sometimes the consumer protection agencies themselves are complicit.  

The trust placed by consumers in scientific studies and federal oversight committees has been violated in service to profit so that products are allowed to enter the marketplace with reduced safety standards. The synthetic chemicals we encounter on a daily basis in our food, water, and environment are increasingly shown to be disastrous to our physical and mental well being.  Volumes can be written — indeed have been written — by experts in both mainstream and alternative medicine who have documented the sleight of hand used to hoodwink consumers and threaten our health. The categories below are worth deeper investigation as prime examples of what we might face as a species if this chemical bombardment continues.

1. GMO Foods

Monsanto started as a chemical company that brought the world poisons like Agent Orange and Roundup. Now they are more well known for their domination of Genetically Modified agriculture, owning nearly 90% of staple GMO crops such as corn, soy, and cotton. In independent studies GMO “frankenfood” has been linked to organ failure, and a recent Russian study has concluded near-total sterility in GMO-soy-fed hamsters by the third generation. Despite these and many other legitimate health concerns, it is unlikely that the Monsanto-controlled FDA will curb the growth of GMO foods, while the USDA’s biotechnology risk assessment research arm has a paltry $3 million at its disposal.  Of course the industry-funded studies show that the effects GMO on human health are “negligible.”

2. Food Additives

When most of us think of harmful food additives we think of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) which is still in many processed foods, but unfortunately MSG appears to be the least of the poisons now found in our food. In 2008 Melamine was found in infant formula and some food products from China; the FDA went on record to say it was OK, despite sickening tens of thousands.  Dangerous food additives appear in nearly all processed foods with even the most common food dyes Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 being linked to cancer.  Most recently 92,000 pounds of frozen chicken was recalled because it contained “blue plastic pieces,” while McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets have been found to have “silly putty” chemicals in them.  In fact, some researchers estimate that today’s chicken is so full of chemicals that it only contains 51% actual meat.

3. Fluoride

Not all fluoride is bad; only the type promoted by dentistry and added to our water and food supply.  Calcium fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, while its synthetic counterpart, sodium fluoride (silicofluoride), is an industrial-grade hazardous waste material made during the production of fertilizer.  Its past history includes patented use as rat poison and insecticide.   There are many blind- and double-blind studies that show sodium fluoride has a cumulative effect on the human body leading to allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, bone weakening, cancer, and neurological problems.  In this case, the EPA’s Union of scientists issued a white paper condemning fluoridation of drinking water.  However, as a hazardous waste, it is extremely expensive to dispose of as such.  And here might be a clue as to why this chemical, more toxic than lead and almost on par with arsenic, has been disposed of for our consumption.

4. Mercury

A dangerous heavy metal in its natural quicksilver form, but more so as the neurotoxin, methylmercury, released into the environment by human activity.  In both organic and inorganic form, mercury wreaks havoc with the nervous system — especially the developing nervous system of a fetus.  It penetrates all living cells of the human body, and has been documented most as increasing the risk for autism.  This calls into question mercury’s use in dental fillings, vaccines, and just about anything containing high fructose corn syrup — a near staple in the American diet . . . including baby food.  But the Corn Refiners Association naturally supports this chemical that is “dangerous at any level.”

5. Aspartame

The king of artificial sweeteners was allowed to the market in 1981 when the U.S. Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Arthur Hull Hayes, overruled FDA panel suggestions, as well as consumer concerns.  Aspartame is a neurotoxin that interacts with natural organisms, as well as synthetic medications, producing a wide range of proven disorders and syndromes.  So who installed this commissioner that would rule against scientists and the public?  Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of G.D. Searle; the maker of Aspartame.  Rumsfeld was on Reagan’s transition team, and the day after Reagan took office he appointed the new FDA Commissioner in order to “call in his markers” with one of the most egregious cases of profit-over-safety ever recorded.  Aspartame is now nearly ubiquitous, moving beyond sugarless products and into general foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and even products for children.  It recently has been renamed to the more pleasant sounding AminoSweet.

6. Personal Care and Cleaning Products

Everyday household items and cosmetic products are applied directly to the skin, absorbed through the scalp, and inhaled.  The Story of Cosmetics uses an animated video to tell a haunting tale of industrial violations and complicit “public safety” groups . . . and still only tells half of that story.   The list of common products and their chemical components is encyclopedic.  The sum total of the overwhelming presence of these chemicals has been linked to nearly every allergy, chronic affliction, and disease known to man.  Most recently, household cleaning products have been linked to breast cancer and ADHD in children.

7. Airborne pollutants

In a NASA article titled “Airborne Pollutants Know No Borders” they stated that, “Any substance introduced into the atmosphere has the potential to circle the Earth.” The jet stream indeed connects all of us. There is one category of airborne pollution that has been conspiracy theory despite a voluminous number of unclassified documents from 1977 Senate hearings:  chemical spraying (chemtrails) by both private and commercial aircraft.  Recent admissions by public officials strengthen the case.  Fallout from these chemical trails has been tested and shows very high levels of barium and aluminum.

Interesting to note that Monsanto announced that they recently developed an aluminum-resistant gene to be introduced.  Chemtrails might seem like abject paranoia, but there is a current example of chemical spraying that is undeniable: the spraying of Corexit oil dispersant over the Gulf.  This process of aerial application can be likened to crop-dusting, which we know has been going on for nearly 100 years.  Wars abroad even seem to be affecting global air quality, as military munitions such as depleted uranium have entered the upper atmosphere, spreading around the planet.  The observable effects of depleted uranium are not pleasant.  Airborne pollutants have been linked to allergies, genetic mutations, and infertility.

This is all leading to scientific, governmental, and medical management of the health and rights of the individual.  It is ironic (or coincidental) that when one becomes sick due to the unnatural products listed above, the mainstream medical establishment aims to treat the afflictions with more unnatural chemicals.  Furthermore, some of the people at high levels of American government and academia such as John P. Holdren, the current White House Science Czar, have advocated population control via “pollution particles” as far back as 1977 in books such as Ecoscience.  Holdren’s views of humanity could make one question the intentionality of the poisons in our environment.

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16 Comments on "7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned"

  1. you must work for Monsanto! It has been proven that GMO foods ARE bad for us !!

  2. LOL, plaet x, are you STILL going on about that? i am an astronomer and have been watching the skies for a decade, there is no planet x/nibiru it does not exst and never will. It is just a story used by the evil elite to kep us scared, paranoid and delusional, to keep us CONTROLLED. so for fuck sakes, shut th fuck up and stop making everyone else scared paranoid and DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!

  3. you’re and idiot and i feel sorry for you.

  4. do you know what slow kill means? it means that stuff kills you over time, the reason why most people seem alive and fine is the same reason people that smoke cigarettes seem fine. sure theyre fine now but they get lung disease andcancer later on. how do you know how many people are fine? thats an assumption, how many people can you possibly know? just because the people you know are fine doesnt mean a lot of people arent sick. a lot of people have health problems, they can start out minor and get worse and they write them off with many excuses that misdirect blame away from the system, they would never report how many people were really getting sick and dying even if it was a lot, they would just cover it up, never underestimate good and widespread propaganda and its ability to convince many people. when the population is large its easy not to notice how many people something harms or kills especially if it has an effect on people over time taking a long time to kill them.

  5. In order to eat healthy, you have to know what everything means on the label and all the deception. What happened to just eating something you like without worrying if they are going to poison you with something in the food. The meat isn’t healthy because how they raise and feed the animals. Vegetables aren’t healthy because how they grow them and what they put on them or how they produced the seeds. Water isn’t healthy because of all the toxins in it. Air isn’t healthy, because of what they are putting in the air. They keep giving us medications for everything which causes our systems to break down. We don’t need alcohol or street drugs. We got plenty of legal medications to kill us. So I would like to know how to stop craving eating. Haven’t figured that out yet. It is so hard for me to give up chocolate and sugar. I know that is killing me even without everything else in it. America is addicted to sugar not just me. Dialysis used to be rare, now it is what happens to the average American. Our bodies can’t cope with the overload. I try to cut down on sugar, but it is so many things hidden of course. Natural doesn’t mean natural. Who know if organic really means organic or does it mean “costs more than non-organic”. What are we to eat and drink? What is left. We have no clue what is in fast foods or what really is in restaurant food. The foods we make ourselves aren’t really safe because of the lie that meats that look bright red are really safe (Is it?). And the lie “natural” doesn’t mean anything except it is a good marketing tool. I’m not sure on the cure but to just give up eating and drinking water. Haven’t been able to cure myself from those two things. If we do survive, instead of getting healthier we are making doctors richer. I don’t see how the health industry can afford that, but I guess elimination of people is their purpose or somebody’s purpose. They come out with new medications they claim prevents sickness, yet in reality it causes them. We become their experiments at a great cost, but willingly we take anything from the doctor. I know my medications will kill me and ruin my liver, but I can’t seem to go without them. I don’t know the answer, but I know I will become a statistic. I would like to say to the food industry, “Please let me live.”

  6. Nah the thing about psychos is you won’t know until the last second when its too late 🙂

  7. but..why we have sometimes after rain our outside glass table full of small crystals after sun dry this table? Never happen before..just last 4 years now when they are flying here every day like crazy..sometimes 3-4 plane together there and back…all days, all night..before we saw here just few aircraft per day..same time, same direction….their “track” disappear after few minutes..till today…beside them…after few hours we do not see blue sky…I know..those “clouds” are moving..but here is rain from similar clouds….the crystals are sometimes very big….flakes almost like oats!!!???????

  8. yes we know they are doing this the question is why population control maybe

  9. GMOs are bad because the body views it as poison. Don’t tell me research that has come from the same people that used Agent Orange.

  10. it is a conspiracy to poison us all if we were all healthy we wouldn’t need to by their drugs.

  11. What about chemtrails?

  12. Those of you who disagree with this individual’s statement need to do some major research. Especially about vaccines. The original study done by Andrew Wakefield was retracted years ago and yet there are still people who believe him. These ideas are killing people and specifically young children. Stop being so naive and do your research people! Do not listen to this article’s pseudoscience.

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  14. Can anyone please send me a list of foods that are safe to eat. And where do I get them. After reading here, I emptied the fridge and pantry.

  15. You say GMO foods are not bad for you? I would have to use your own words against you and say you’re a “bad person” for spreading your own disinfo.

    All GMO crops are sprayed with Round Up Ready. Its main ingredient, glyphosate, has been linked to many different illnesses and there are many published, peer reviewed, papers by REAL scientists and pyhsicians that back up the claim.

    Please research Jeffery Smith Carry Giliam (Reuters) and Dr Stephanie Senneck (MIT) and educate yourself and save further embarrassment.

  16. I know this ancient, but I CANNOT BELIEVE pharmaceuticals is not on the list! If the average person knew how many people die every year from pharmaceuticals, not to mention drug interactions, they would think twice and do research before going that route! Educate yourself, you are your own healthcare advocate in the u.s. these days!

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