Canadians Just Prevented Full Dairy Raid on Michael Schmidt

By Heather Callaghan A dairy raid just took place on Michael Schmidt's raw dairy farm in Canada. All eyes had been on Schmidt for years as he is a beloved farmer and food freedom activist who was constantly targeted by agents, along with Canadian sheep farmer Montana Jones. Agents confiscated his items and started loading…

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Day After Warning Russia About Civilian Casualties, US Bombs Afghan Hospital

By Nick Bernabe Up to 20 civilians were killed by U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan early Saturday morning that hit a hospital in Kunduz. According to reports, another 37 people have been injured and many more remain unaccounted for. The hospital is operated by a French affiliate of Doctors Without Borders, Médecins Sans Frontières (MFS), and…


Vaccination: how the West invades the world

By Jon Rappoport “The first great wave of missionaries brings a fairy tale of a religion to ‘the less fortunate primitive people’. The second great wave of missionaries are the priests in white coats. They too bring a fairy tale: medical treatments for problems they can’t possibly solve. The self-generated delusions of these doctors about…


Raid Ends In Standoff – Raw Milk Farmers Fight Back!

By Dan Dicks The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food strikes again, protecting people from themselves because heaven forbid somebody voluntarily decides to drink raw milk. Raw milk, that is unpasteurized milk, is illegal to buy and sell in Ontario but that hasn't stopped Michael Schmidt and his farming crew from defying this blatant violation…


Business of War: Drone Market Expected to Double by 2024

By Nicholas West The global drone arms race shows no signs of slowing down. As nation after nation invests in drone technology in order to keep up with the latest developments from their rivals, we are only seeing an expansion of new technologies that all but ensure conflict across the globe will continue.  In fact,…

Airstrikes By U.S. Ally Have Killed 500 Children Since March

By SM Gibson One of the United States’ strongest allies is currently inflicting as much carnage as any other nation in the world. Instead of being vilified for their part in a staggering amount of human rights atrocities, the critics go mute and the bloodshed is rewarded. The news regarding Saudi Arabia this week is too abundant to include in any…


Ron Paul: Presidential Election Is Entertainment “Orchestrated by Major Media”

By Nick Bernabe Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has unloaded a harsh criticism of the 2016 presidential election. Appearing on RT’s Boom and Bust show Thursday, Paul commented on the media’s control of the U.S. electoral process, Donald Trump’s candidacy, and the stock market. Some of his harshest comments came when Ron Paul was…

On Cue, Israel Suddenly Claims to Uncover “First Suspected ISIS Cell”

By Bernie Suarez In a bizarre announcement no doubt designed to coincide with Russia's bombing campaign against ISIS, Israel now claims they suddenly "uncovered" the "first suspected ISIS cell" in Israel well over one year since the ISIS show began, during which time ISIS has remarkably never attacked Israel. Unfortunately for Israel it's well known…

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