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Dismantle, Don’t Reform The Welfare Warfare State

By Free State Project What is the free society for which libertarians yearn? Is it a warmed-over, reformed, reigned-in version of the serfdom system under which we live? On the contrary, it is a society in which people are free to live their lives anyway they want so long as their conduct is peaceful. That… Read More


Lawsuit Against Secret NSA Spying Loses Because the Evidence is Secret

By Carey Wedler A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that a lawsuit challenging the NSA’s warrantless, bulk collection of Americans’ data cannot move forward. Ironically, the reasoning behind the ruling is that the plaintiff cannot prove his information was specifically collected — even as the suit’s fundamental premise challenges…


The 1947 Roswell Incident Theory You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Melissa Dykes At least, this was new to me. Not saying I agree with everything this journalist wrote in her book recounting Area 51, but she definitely had some information I had never even heard of before, backed up by documentation. And then there’s this supposed explanation for the 1947 Roswell crash incident (and…


NYC Taxi Cartel Wants Bailout After Uber Destroys Their Monopoly

By Reason TV In May of 2011, Uber began operating in New York City. For the next roughly two and a half years, the taxi industry kept thriving. In November 2013, Medallion Financial, the publicly traded company that’s run by Andrew Murstein, saw its share price hit a thirteen-year high. But as more and more…

Creator Of “Fair DUI Flyer” Arrested at Florida Checkpoint

By Joshua Krause Earlier this year, Florida attorney and civil rights activist, Warren Redlich, created the “Fair DUI flyer” in response to the proliferation of unconstitutional police checkpoints across the United States. By holding the flyer up to your car window, along with your driver’s license and registration, you can quickly assert your rights and…

How This NY Mom Made the Case for Her Son’s Religious Vaccine Exemption

By Heather Callaghan An unidentified, Russian immigrant mother who practices the Russian Orthodox faith, has secured a religious vaccine exemption for her autistic son. New York has a bill on the table to eliminate religious exemption and to root out those who weren't refusing vaccines on strictly devout, religious grounds. Yet, this woman's plight goes back…


SWAT Team Raids Home, Kills Man Over $2 Worth of Pot

By Jay Syrmopoulos A Florida family seeks justice after their son, Jason Westcott, was killed by members of a SWAT team during a “drug raid” on his house which yielded only $2.00 worth of marijuana. An ‘internal investigation’ absolved officers of any wrongdoing though police only found .2 grams of marijuana in Westcott’s home. “They…


Multiple Agendas Surface in Wake of Virginia Shooting Hoax

By Redsilverj YouTube reporter Redsilverj breaks down the many New World Order agendas unfolding around the Virginia reporter shooting hoax; from gun control to Internet control and every other type of control in between. Sources from Video Virginia shooting raises questions around whether Facebook and Twitter should shut off autoplay when graphic videos circulate Virginia…

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How the US Can Stop ISIS Without Setting Foot in Syria

By Tony Cartalucci Increasingly difficult to cover-up or spin, it is becoming apparent even in Western media coverage that the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) is not sustaining its fighting capacity from within Iraq or Syria, but rather through supply lines that lead to and from adjacent nations. These nations include Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and most…


Back to School Vaccine Hysteria Culminates in Hunt for Unvaccinated Kids

By Heather Callaghan Due to increased mandatory vaccination legislation, parents are being politely threatened by the corporate-sponsored press, the CDC and the school systems that they had better get jabs for their children. In many cases, such as in California, it's the law. In cases where it's not completely mandatory, veiled threats and social pressure…


Who Would Really Want to Live in the Eugenics Record Office?

By Aaron and Melissa Dykes Recently we went to take the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory tour, mainly just to see if the place owns up at all to its long and infamous eugenics history. The short answer is no, it wasn’t mentioned in any way whatsoever throughout the tour, and the history of the buildings…

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